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Most of the real estate company owners do not give much time and thought to naming their businesses/ companies.  Why? Most of the time the reason is the lack of knowledge about the importance of a brand name. This is a common issue for all industries. 

As a solution, we have listed 400+ brand name ideas including real estate investment company name ideas, property business name ideas, real estate website name ideas, realtor business name ideas, real estate team name ideas and more.

We have also listed premium real estate brand names for those who are interested in getting a brandable brand name for their real estate businesses.

Creative Real Estate Company Name Ideas

We think these brand names will help you get a good idea about how you should shape your brand name for your real estate company. None of these brand name ideas are auto generated, but handpicked by our brand name consultants for real estate companies. These brand name samples also can be used for local real estate businesses.


Pro Experty

Single Family

Famly More

Pro Residence

Goood Neighbor

Land Biz


Property Sale

Real Move

Occu Landz

Lad Dealer

Real Sellers


High Land

Land Agent

The Landlords

Estate Agency

Constro On

Land Lend

Best Premi

New Hope

Farmland Sale

Land Resell

Sky Holding


Best Choice

Treasure Lands

Price Saving

Capital Gain

Land Globe

Land Lock

Estate Broker

City Heart

City Nest

Roof Top

Top City

Office Estate

Loyal Estate

Proud Owner

Buy High

Big Block

Real Store

Space Estate

The Flexible

Flexi Buildz

Trust Invest

Space Rent

Pro Group

Real Properties

Realty Value

Group Diamond

Real Lands

Property Partners

Golden Estates

Sole Lands

Realty Partners

Property Invest

Platinum Group

Lawful Partners

Olive Gardens

Green Woodz

Land Brokers

Real Value

Home Gardens

Pro Residentials

Renatel Builders

Trust Leasing

Triumph Lands

Win Property

Golden Key

Dream Homes

Farmland Partners

Pro Rentals

Trust Invest

Property Ensure

Realty Builders

Lake Gardens

Pure Lands

Property Holdings

Real Estate Holding Company Names

If you are starting a real estate holding company, your brand name also needs to be as trustworthy as your service itself. Make sure your real estate holding company brand name evokes trustworthy and loyal emotions.

Golden Lands

Real Holder

Lucky Realtor

Trust Real

Royal Realtor

Sun Holdings

Star Properties

Pro Lands

Solid Holdings

Diamond Real Holdings

Marvel Homez

Blue Stake

Silver Band

Platinum Holdings

Ultro Lands

Pro Holdings

Holding Build

Master Holdings

Silver Chain

Alpha Holdings

Real Estate Website Names

It is important to have a brand name that looks good on your website. A catchy brand name matters in maintaining a healthy online presence of your real estate company. Most of the customers tend to google your brand name and learn more about your company. So create a brand name considering these factors.

Dream Real

True Estates

Estate Diary

New Landz

New Owner

Land Lordz

Land Story

Every Proper

All Yours

Golden Keyz

Estate Gallery

Land Capturs

Grab Lands

Quality Soil

Grand Lands

House Keyz

On Land

Land Buy

Sky Properties

Crown Lands

Haven Lands

Plus Property

Land Everest

Proper Partners

Bright Construction

Castle Contractors

Regal Creations

Elite Builders

Golden Solutions

Infinit Construction

Titan Roofing

Velora Contractors

Luxury Creation

Regency Builders

Greenstar Group

Empire Solutions

Passion Homes

Cityview Solutions

Silver Island

Sunset Property

Greenwood Properties

Apex Homes

Orchid Villas

Alpha Properties

Real Estate Investment Company Name Ideas

Real estate investment companies are very popular in the real estate industry. So here are some name ideas for your inspiration.

Real Invests

Land Invest

Property Bank

Land Buyers

Real Estators

Estate Investz

Investment Company

Dream Invest

Future Path

Land Banker

Home Deposit

Key Invests

Invest Real

Pro Save

Elegant Lands

Treasure Property

Proper Save

Wise Invest

Builder Invest

Land Matter

Titan Realty

Land Investors

Pro Invests

Asset Invest

Invest Max

Prime Realtor

Quality Invests

Prior Investment

Property Investment Company Name Ideas

Here are some cool name suggestions from our brand name specialists for your property investment company.

Property Pros

U Property

Invest It

Plus Lands

Your Property

Fine Lands

Lux Invests

Trump Property

Smart Invest

Pro Asset

Crown Property

We Care

Save Asset

Prime Invest

Trust Property


Invest Group

Home Property

The Treasure

Lucky Property

Realty Company Name Ideas

Looking for a good name idea for your realty company? Here are some super name ideas from our naming experts.

Trust Realty

Real Realty

Bright Construction

Castle Contractors

Regal Creations

Elite Builders

Golden Realty

Infinit Construction

Titan Roofing

Luxury Creation

Regency Builders

Greenstar Realty

Empire Solutions

Passion Homes

Cityview Solutions

Silver Line

Sunset Realty

Greenwood Properties

Apex Homes

Alpha Realty

Wholesale Real Estate Company Name Ideas

Brand name is the first thing you need to start a wholesale real estate business. Below listed are some cool examples for wholesale real estate company names.

Whole Real

Crown Wholesale

Whale Real Estate

Whole Company

Great Real

True Company

Whole Realty

Big Realty

Realty Company

Silver Wholesale

Wholesale Company

Top Realty

Wholesale Realty

Whole Property

Proper Sale

The Property Sale

Golden Company

Real Whole

We Wholesale

Best Wholesale

Catchy Property Management Company Names

Here are some catchy property management company name ideas for you. Make sure your brand name idea is distinctive from your competitors’ brand names.

Property Care

Plus Property

Unique Properties

Golden Properties

We Managers

Pro Managers

High Managing

Property Count

Property Plus

Max Properties

Leaders Realty

Crown Managing

Silver Knite

Heaven Builders

The Paradize

Property Time

The Basics

Property Royal

At King’s

Standard Property

Best Real Estate Company Brands

Why do you need a professional brand name for your real estate company/ business? There are many reasons why you should get a professional brand name; to attract more customers, to create a good reputation, to get a unique impression etc. But most importantly, to overcome the competition. As a start up in the real estate industry, a professional real estate brand name helps you to stand out from the competition and also reduce the marketing expenses of the company. 

So all these brand names are created with the help of universal brand name qualities. The following brand names are some examples for brandable real estate brand names. But if you like, these are available to be purchased!!!









Can I create a brandable brand name for my real estate company?

Yes !!! you are the person who knows your business better than anyone. So you have a huge idea about the core of the business, its mission and goals. So you can create a great brand name by yourself considering all these factors. To create a perfect brand name, you need to have a good knowledge of brand name qualities. Brand name qualities make professional brand names. So study the brand name qualities which are very easy to apply and get a super real estate brand name.!!!

Did you know 77% of people consider buying a particular product or service based on the brand name?

Property Business Name Ideas

Here are some property business name ideas from our brand name specialists. You can get these name ideas if you have no plans to upgrade your business into an online platform.

Dream Properties

Pro Managers

Land Managing

Home Managers

Property Care

Property Control

Good Lands

Land Abroad

Grand Property

Pure Lands

Pro Landers

Property Pluz

We Manage

Pro Care

Proper Managers

Land Lords

Handy Lands

True Properties

Property Manager

Heaven Lands

The Landmark

Real Living

Big Block

Team Estate

Thou Square

Big Estate

Manu Estate

Dream Constro

Real Estate Team Name

Not sure what name is the best for your real estate team? Try the following real estate team name ideas from our naming experts.

Real Associates

Team Realtor

Team Realty

Property Team

Realty Group

Real Artist

Land Group

Property Prior

Asset Associates

Soul Realties

Realy Associates

Dream Property

Real Owners

Home Team

Home Group

Geo Associates

Best Realtor

Ideal Estates

Prime Team

Land Consults

Real Estate Agency Name Ideas

Try to convey something huge with your real estate brand name. Some brand names limit your business from growing. For example, if the brand name includes a particular location or city name, it is hard to grow beyond that geographical area with that brand name. So be mindful when naming your real estate business.

Blue Sky

Property Holders

Pro Lands

Land World

Dream Stone

Legal Lands

Real Planet

Home States

Land Partners

Property Plus

The Lands

Real Biz

Your Realtor

Bis Plus

Realty Biz

Land Sale

Property Active

Land By

Land Labs

Proper Property

Realty Corporation

Real Residence

Home Builderz

Realty Buzz

Beyond Lands

Biz Lands

Blue Collar Buildings

Property Sector

Home Staging Company Name Ideas

The below listed brand name ideas are some handpicked examples form our brand specialists for your home staging company. Get inspired from these brand name suggestions or you can select one of these unless you plan to start a business website.

Home Sellers

The Nest

Your Own

Home Key

Sweet Home

Unlimited Homes

Your Home

Dream Homes

Home Owner

House Solutions

Home Plan

Home Dream

Brand New

The Family

Happy Fam

Fairy Homes

Real Solutions

Home Crown

Royal Homes

Home Town

Rental Property Business Name Ideas

To stand out from the competition you need a distinctive and catchy rental property business name. We have listed plenty of rental property business name ideas just for you. Get inspired!!!

Rent House

Pro Rentals

We Rent

Crown Rent

Rent Party

Rent Extent

Rent End

Super Rentals

Property Luck

Star Rentals

Royal Properties

Expert Property

Property Keep

Life Rentals

Brilli Events

Rent Lord

Property Lux

Heaven Rent

Rent Super

Absolute Property

All these rental property business name ideas are created for local rental companies. If you have plans to expand your business check out our best brand names.

Good Real Estate Business Name Ideas

What makes a good real estate business name? “Attractiveness” is a very important requirement of a good brand name. Here are some good real estate business name ideas from our naming tool.

Happy Fields

Smart Park

Fine Lands

Pro Properties

Property Spot

Land Sheet

Mass Lands

Sky Measures

Golden Space

Property Power

Smart Roof

Better Holdings

Real Zone

Quarter Land

Smiley Lands

Happy Place

Crown Gardens

Ture Properties

Land Mark

Your Land

Unique Real Estate Company Names

Looking for unique real estate company name ideas? Below listed brand name ideas are some examples for unique real estate company names.

Real Partners

Land Advisors

Property Advisors

Real Homes

Realty Team

Dream Landing

Property Advisors

Home Landing

Dream Teamz

Handy Lands

Home Loans

Pro Advisors

We Team

Real Dream


Team Real

True Lands

Pro Partners

Genuine Lands

Team Homes

Residential Real Estate Company Name Ideas

There is a favorable demand for residential real estate companies in the real estate industry. Here are some cool name ideas for your residential real estate company.

Blue Prop

Stars Property

Safe Haven

Test Mind

Family Dream

Fam Build

Dream Residence

Your Key

Single Home

Perfect Condo

Home City

Family Love

Sweet Home

Heaven Residentials

Calm Village

Lux House

Prime Residential

Home Pro

The Nest

Fam Inn

Big Plan

The Warehouz

Real House

Real Property

Future Build

Manufacturer Lands

Productive Lands

Property Extra

Beyond Lands

Biz Lands

Blue Collar Buildings

Property Sector

-Names Of Real Estate Companies In The USA

Here are some popular real estate companies in the USA.

  1. Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World
  2. Coldwell Banker Ozark Real Estate Company
  3. West USA Realty
  4. The Real Estate Company
  5. Pro Players Realty USA
  6. Maxwell Realty Company

Commercial Real Estate Business Name Ideas

Below listed brand name ideas are suitable for commercial real estate companies such as medical real estate businesses.

Rental Build

Galaxy Store

Men Store

Cut Buildo

Real Retail

Shop Design


The Officials

The Dream

Hotel Builders

Hotel Dream

Dream Establiss

Realtor Biz

Property Holdings

Real Property

Pro Asset

Proper Lands

Golden Key

Pure Lands

Clear Properties

Catchy Landscaping Business Name Ideas

Landscaping is an art that requires proper knowledge and experience. If you are running a landscaping business, clients love to see those talents in you. It is not something only to show at the end of work but from the beginning. So, choosing an engaging business name is the way to show them you are the right place to go for landscaping needs. Let’s look into the catchy landscaping business name examples we came up with.

Real Landscape

Royal Landscaping

Heavenly Dreams

Dream Solutions

Evergreen Landscapes

Soil Masters

Flouria Landscaping

Primo Landscape

Naturia Scape

Green Dreams

Fertile Gardens

Precio Landscaping

Landlo Property

Luxury Greenlands

Exotic Properties

Sunrise Landmarks

Land Makers

Our Lands

Make Landz

Landing Experts

Classy Moving Company Name Ideas

Here are some moving company name ideas for you. Make your brand name idea not too long.

Falcon Movers

Move Experts

Moving Buddies

City Solutions

Move Smart

Family Movers

Ship Express

Gentle Movers

Smooth Logistics

Expo Packing

Apollo Movers

Pack Me

Care Movers

We Move

Good Shift

Fast Moverz

FREE Brand Naming Guide

We developed this information part for those who are interested in creating a brand name for their real estate business. In here our branding specialists share their years of expertise in the brand naming field. Study the following information well and get yourself a great real estate brand name!!!

How to come up with a good real estate brand name?

Our brand name masterminds recommend the following steps to get a good brand name for your real estate company.

1. Make a list of brand name ideas

This is the first step of the brand naming process. List out as many brand name ideas as possible. Think of your business niche (whether it is a property management company/ real estate company/ construction company etc) when you think of name ideas. Consider trending words of the industry to create more niche related brand name ideas. Study your competitors’ brand names (we have listed popular brand names in the industry) to make sure you get a better brand name idea. To create a catchy brand name idea, check out the tips we have provided below. And make a list of brand name ideas for your real estate company.

2. Filter the best brand name ideas with the brand name qualities

List the brand name ideas alright…but how to get the best brand name out of it? The brand name qualities. We need you to get a professional brand name for your real estate company, so select a brand name with all the brand name qualities. You can check your brand name ideas easily with our free real estate brand name ideas evaluation tool.

3. Make sure the selected brand name is not registered

The easiest way to check whether your brand name is already taken or not is to get it checked from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If your brand name is available, register your brand name to make sure you can get legal support if someone copies your brand name. If the brand name is not available, you have to move for another available brand name.

4. Domain name availability

An online shop is a must for a business these days to handle the online customers of your real estate business. For that you need a domain name (.com domain names are more beneficial for real estate businesses). Check from whether your domain name is available.

If the exact match domain name (domain name is exactly match with your brand name) is available you are lucky!!!. If not, try these ways to recover your domain name.

Here are some popular words in the real estate industry. You can use these words or partial words when brainstorming brand name ideas for our real estate company.

Competitor Name Analysis

By analyzing your competitors in the market, you can learn many things. One of them is creating a better brand name. By analyzing your competitors brand names you can create or select a better brand name idea than them. But never try to imitate their brand name. Try your own, creative brand name for your real estate business.












welltower logoWelltower

Why do you need a professional real estate company name?

A professional brand name comes with a standard. And getting a professional brand name is beneficial to your real estate company. Some of the major advantages are listed below.

  1. A professional brand name makes your company distinctive from other real estate companies in the market. 
  2. A professional brand name can attract more new customers to your real estate business.
  3. Introducing your real estate company internationally is easy with a professional brand name.
  4. A professional brand name will give your website the perfect look if you open up an online space for your real estate company.
  5. A professional brand name has a higher word of mouth quality
  6. A professional brand name is one of the best marketing tools
  7. You can easily reach your target customers with a professional brand name

How do I create a catchy real estate business name?

To get a catchy real estate brand name idea, consider the following tips in your naming process.

  1. Avoid funny words in your brand name.
  2. If your brand name is too long, use acronyms. But make sure the shortened name can be pronounced easily. For example, GPT Group.
  3. Shorter names are sweet. For example, Dexus.
  4. You can use your own name too which is a brand naming trend, for example, Simon Property Group. But our brand name experts always recommend getting a unique brand name for real estate businesses.
  5. Most real estate businesses have geographical names in their brand name. For example, American Tower. But our brand name consultants advise not to use local city names in real estate brand names as they are too limiting.
  6. Choose a brand name that relates to the real estate industry. For example, Welltower. But our brand name specialists only recommend this naming tip for the real estate businesses that do not expect international customers.
  7. Move with a pronounceable brand name like Segro; do not choose a brand name like Klepierre which confuses the customers.

Avoid “text” words for your brand names such as you with u, four/ for with 4, two, or to with 2. For example, Land 4U. These numbers or letters can generate two different meanings for two different customers. So avoid these text words or webby words in your brand name.

Which domain name looks good on your website? .com or other?

You need a domain name when you are moving for an online platform. There are over 1500 domain extensions available for websites. But only less than 20 of these domain extensions have been used by the majority in the past decade. Originally five domain extensions were introduced by the ICANN they are, .com, .net, .org, .edu and .gov.

Our brand name consultants recommend getting the .com domain extension for your real estate company. With the .com domain extension, your domain name is safe. Why is the .com domain name better?

  1. People trust domain names with the .com domain extension. For example, is more trustworthy than
  2. .com makes your real estate business unique. When you get the .com domain extension for your business, you have legal ownership of the brand name. For example, assume your domain name is and some other has The legal ownership of this brand name becomes yours as you own the .com domain extension.
  3. .com domain names are more memorable. People always assume a particular domain name should end up with the .com domain when they are not sure about the domain extension of that particular brand name.

So select .com domain extension for your real estate company…

Sometimes you cannot get your domain name when it is already registered by someone else. So when you select a domain name for your real estate business, check the domain name availability as the first thing.