Best Brand Name For Photography Industry

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The photography industry is one of the most catchy businesses in the world. Having a creative and catchy brand name for your photography business is also important.

A brand name should always be easily remembered and memorable. Our brand name consultants have carefully analyzed the photography industry brand names and listed out a few premium and unique brand names that are suitable for your Photography Business.

Premium Brand Name On Photography Industry

These professional brand names are suitable for any photography related business including nature photography businesses, street photography businesses, fashion photography businesses, etc. All these brand names are unique and simple which are ideal for your business.

Giusue logo




remlly logoRemlly

brengu logoBrengu



Yapix logo




grojoo logoGrojoo


Unique Brand Name Ideas

This brand name list is designed for all the photography industry-related businesses that have small geolocation and have a local customer base. For example urban photography businesses, wedding photography businesses, etc.

The Image
Photo Feature
Dream Capture
Extreme Photos
Photo Foot
Pic Gallery
The Plus
Capture Moon
Studio Zoom
Foto Secure
Golden Frame
Ideal Choice
The Royals
Perfect Snap
Photo Bomb
Pic Zone
Picture Path
Lense Queen
Picture Square
Captured Moments
Events Studio
Picture Perfect
Snap Gallery
Art & U
Bliss Event
Lence Love
Image Stock
Photo Life
Photo Week
Frame Me
Pure Beauty
Happy Filters
Say Cheese
Blesses Moments
Magic Pic
Natural Picz
Own Filters
Pro Cam
Lasting Impression
Lavish Picz
Colored Lenz
Best U
Pure Filters
Click On
Memory Bliss
Best Click

Need More Sorted Brand Names?

This is the best brand name collection for your business if you are looking for more filtered brand names according to the subcategories of the photography industry.

Nature Photography Companies

Catch The Nature
Just Catch
Focus On
Suitable Lens
Land Capture
The Miracle
Dreamy View
Nature Part
Sensitive Shot
Wild Photo
Beach Side
Orange Shade

This brand name set is designed for nature photography related businesses including landscape photography businesses, wildlife photography businesses, online nature photography businesses and more.

Special Events Photography Companies

Pin Me
Golden Catching
Happy Photo
Take The Best
Dream Wedding Studios
Pearl Smiles
Perfect Moment
Photo Pick
Victory Images
Win Capture
Action Capture
Sport Magazine

These brand name samples can be used for onsite event photography businesses including wedding photography business, sports photography business and etc.

Urban Photography Companies

Blue Image
Quick Print
Addarable Graphy
Eagle Eyes
Unique Story
Busy Freeze
Common Capture
Specific Usual
The Daylight
Building Exposure
Great Shot
New Angle

This is the best hand-picked brand name list for your urban photography related business that is also compatible with other subcategories of urban photography business including city and urban photography, street photography, lifestyle photography, etc.

Commercial Photography Companies

Lovely Photography
Sightly Photo
Elegant Pic
Working World
Business Lense
Golden Life
Unique Tone
Fashion Shoot
Modal Snap
New Proposal
Food Mark
Snack Camera

This brand name list is suitable for commercial photography related business including product photography business, fashion photography business, real estate photography etc.

Creative Photography Companies

Artistic Photography
Nice Photography
Decorative Photography
Glamorous Photography
Cute Photography
Fine Photo
The Artist
Imagery Life
Quote Capture
Creative Vision
Zoomed World
Beyond Border

These brand names are perfect for creative photography-related businesses such as abstract photography, fine art photo business, documentary photography business and etc.

Industry Giants









format logoFormat





The Best Domain Extension Out Of .Com And .Net

That is the main point in brand naming. Many businesses use various domain extensions.  But legal ownership and uniqueness show only the .com domain. Simply, .com is the accepted domain extension of uniqueness. 
Giants in the photography industry use .com as their default domain extension. While Nikon uses and DJI uses, Canon also uses to make every traffic count. This is the story of almost all the successful companies in the photography industry.
If you use .net then there is a risk that someone else will come up with the same brand name and different extension. But the advantage that you gain is less. So it is a must to use the .com extension according to the brand name qualities.

Things Should Consider When Naming Your Business

Points In Detail
Keep Short Almost all start-ups feel it is hard to find a bradable brand name. The selective brand name for your startup must be short, memorable, and easy to pronounce.
Creative & Meaningful Creative brand names are always catchy. Famous brand names in the world have meaningful meanings (Nike - The Winged Goddess of Victory
User-friendliness This is a very important trend as the customer does not give an extra effort to focus on one brand name. but many companies consider user-friendliness initially before naming the startup so that they can attract many lead customers and can support robotic searches such as Siri, Cortana in order to market their product and the trend goes on
Unique You can not stand legally if your brand name does not own the .com domain

Important Facts To Be Concerned When Branding Your Photography Business

  • Avoid using keywords in your brand name

Using keywords to your brand name will reduce the awareness of the target audience and the brand names with keywords are less-catchy. Between the brand names Photo Bee and Nikon, what catches your eye the most?

  • Avoid imitating popular brands

Never use an imitation of a popular brand name as your brand name. As you’re in the photography industry, using a brand name like Kannon for your business will not get you a benefit over the well-established brand Canon. Always try to do something unique and new which will always result in a positive way.

  • Avoid using special characters or numbers to your brand name

When a special character or a number is included in a brand name it becomes harder to pronounce as well as remember.

An Incredible Increasing Of Owing The .Com Domain Extension In The Photography Industry

Using .com as the domain extension has been increasingly grown than other domains. The brand name comes up with the qualities of uniqueness and legal ownership if it has only a .com domain. This is not only in the photography industry but in many industries users are familiar with .com domain extension. That is the reason to choose the .com domain. At the beginning of the start-up, the proper domain must be purchased as it is hard to change later. That’s the reason why brand name experts recommend to go for the exact match .com domain for your brand name when you’re purchasing a brand name for a photography-related business.