Best Brand Name for Photography Industry

The brand name is the energetic power you have when attracting potential customers to your product and this is the first impression that promotes the growth of a company related to the photographic field. Many individual brand names have conquered the entire world in a very few years whereas some brand names pathetically fail to instill an impression. A prominent factor distinguished in their letdowns is their failure in choosing an appropriate name that matches the trends that come up in the photographic industry.

The top 10 brand names in photography at present

01. Udemy - 8.47


9 years ago by Eren Bali Built, Gagan Biyani & Oktay Caglar founded Udemy. This has become a  pioneer in publishing very popular teacher guides on photography. The word is a combination of the two words “You + Academy” and such a way, it is “your academy”. The name is perfectly matching to a self-learning e-space, isn’t it? 

Behind the quick popularity they achieved, there is always the simplicity of the name. The absence of generic words too affected their site’s rank at the top. So it is clear that Udemy was a winning brand name for the company.

02. Adobe - 8.68


Adobe is not only the tool of sharpening your photos but also the introducer of the first online photograph selling space. It was named as the Adobe creek that was flowing behind the founder, John Warnock’s house. As it is a super brand name with a score of 8.68 it proves the simple nature of the brand to pronounce and to memorize easily. It has been more familiar with the consumers’ day to day usage because the name is free of numbers or special characters that make spell errors.

03. Alamy


Alamy is an incredible trademark in the online market today with a variety of sales. It has gained vast popularity in the past 20 years of their career and if you look at the brand name you will find that the secret is behind the name. It obeys the brand naming psychology.

This creatively emerged name has a highly memorable and pronounceable ability. The company has made a favorable environment to make it spread worldwide by choosing a brand name without any kind of negative intention.

04. Patkay


Pat Kay, an Australian photographer, decides to name his site by his own name. Not only a photo sale it also provides tutorials on the fields photography and travel. It has been able to mark its identity in the field because of the aid of the memorability that lasts with the name. Vocabulary score count gives it a value of 8.11. As the same, the name is not an imitation of any other popular brand. The perfectness of the brand name has made this professional travel photographer be remarkable in the field. 

05. GoPro


GoPro, the action camera manufacturer was launched by Nick Woodman. He says that the business idea came into the mind of Nick once on a surfing holiday. As the uttermost will of Nick and his group of friends who were sick of surfing was to “going pro” in the game the company has got his name. Having a high pronouncing ability of 8.98 has led to a quick embrace by the customers.  The company had no issues of a blackmarked or spammy history as the name was newly invented.

06. Foap


This is a space to sell your photos which has gained a lot of attention on their journey of 7 years. Foap can be named as a wisest choice in brand naming. It is easy as ABC and with a pronounce value of 8.74 in vocabulary score. YOu will have no spelling mistakes when typing the name. The users do not want to make it remember by hard and the probability of directing to another site by misspells is very low here. Another plus factor here is the absence of numbers or symbols in the name making it a super brand name.

07. Fotomoto


Although this is not a market of photo selling, they handle all the things in traction such as printing the order and delivering, etc on behalf of the owner.  Ahmad Kiarostami and Nasser Manesh founded the company in 2009. Fotomoto is a friendly spell with a memorable rhyming. There was no company with the same name when they started and thus it is secured under having no history- the must factor for the goodwill of the journey.


This is a popular website that gives the service of making an own photographic site for a professional photographer. Over the past 10 years of their successful career, the brand name they choose has been a great help. (Format is a generic word but has been able to stay in the top boundaries. If a company has a capability of spending a high amount on the marketing processes then that is all right to use) The name is easily remembered. The site is easily recognizable when in a Google search because it has not used any symbols like hyphens or numbers that make the search engines confused.

09. Alison


Mike Feerick started this popular site among photography e-learners, in 2007. Brand name Alison is a good choice because it is not an imitation of any prevailing site. Further, the brand name is friendly with the search engines because no generic words or keywords can be seen here. Thus this super brand name does not confuse the search engines in their detecting processes.

10. Canon


World-famous Canon cameras and lenses were founded by Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida, and Takeo Maeda in 1933. At the beginning it was known as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory and later in 1947 it was renamed as Canon Camera Co., Inc. Canon Inc. has been in use since 1969. The word Canon is a name that interprets the Buddhist Bodhisattva.

Canon has obeyed the rule of not presenting keywords. In that way, although it is made in the far history, the brand name  Canon is easily recognizable for search engines in this era of online marketing. From the brand name- Canon, it does not give a single clue about its products that are highly admired qualities of a super brand name.

Sites with worst brand names in the industry

01. carols-world.blogspot


This site has been in operation since 1992. Although this photo selling gallery and guide on photography has a history of 28 years carols-world is a brand that lies back in the rankings. Carol Schiraldi has made the worst mistake here by using the name of multiple words. A brand is easily remembered when only it is simple with one word. carols-world.blogspot does not give such an impression. The complexity of the word has made the brand too far from its popularity. That is something we highly recommend not to do.

According to brand name qualities including a hyphen will make a huge loss in the web traffic. It is also a huge mistake done here.

02. michaelanthonyphotography


It is not at a glance a brand hence that has made the worst loss in their startup. Sentenced types of names will make you far reach from the crowd. Don’t you feel that three words make an irritating pronouncement?

Here photography is a dictionary word. It is thoroughly advised by the brand name specialists not to use such words because it causes high marketing costs. Users do not find any uniqueness in such a way and therefore a huge threat of being unpopular is always possible.

03. classicphotographers


If you search, What makes a brand rank at the lowest places in search results, you will find the following.

  • Having keywords - Keywords are the words that are used in common to search queries regarding the particular field
  • Including  generic words - This means the exact dictionary words that we are using in day to day life
  • The use of numbers or special characters - A fact that confuses the search engines and the typing of searchers.

Accordingly, this brand is out of the boundaries of band naming as keywords and generic words rile have been violated by them. It has made a very big effect in the rankings.


This unpopular brand name does not extension which causes a huge threat to their future expansions. Uniqueness & ownership comes with  .com.This is a comprehensively determined fact when referring to the history of giants in the field of internet marketing. 

Why depend on all common & usual words, when there is strength in finding an aggressive startup name? hippyandbloom did it wrong by leaning on a name with generic words. It has become the misfortune within them in this highly competitive era of e-marketing.

05. procolorschool


The experts in the field advise using a one-word brand name because it is the easiest way to remain in the memory of the customers once in a while. But the repetition of violating that highly warned fact in the brand naming strategies can see here too. Multiple-word used brands have made their own failures. Pro, Color, and school are also generic words that made the loss of all the positive capabilities in site rankings.

06. ultimateexposures


Vocabulary score doesn’t give a score even for this lengthy brand. That means the memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name are harmfully very low. We highly reject ultimateexposures as a usable brand name. A professional brand name should always be a single word. The ideal character count of a brand name is four, five, or six. Brand names above 8characters are not recommended as professional brands.

07. Elenasblairphotography


Look into a company like Canon above. Then tally it with the name Elenasblairphotography. You must end with finding a big difference. The popular company had the space to use Canon cameras or something else, but as they had the knowledge of marketing in the competitive era of e-commerce they have shortened the previous name even. If you choose a short name only you will survive in the race. The combination of words has also not done in a friendly manner for Google algorithms as they have used generic words.

08. agrandaizph


The brand name is with a very low pronunciation of 1.86 and thus it is against the rule, the brand name must be a mouth friendly word. We don’t recommend a brand that is under the value 6 at any concern as of the examinations done in the field. Try it on your own and realize, this word is not that smooth!

You can try this brand spell via a robot-like Siri or Cortana. You will realize at the end of many attempts, that this is not a name those can pronounce. If it is not friendly with those then for sure the name will not last in the peoples’ vocabulary too.

09. dayinlifephoto


The unsuitability of the name when in people’s usage is shown from having a least score of 2.89 in the vocabulary score. The aim of an online store must be popularity if you want enough profits.

dayinlifephoto is like a total sentence! Multiple words do not bring any luck. People’s attraction, recognition, and memory about your name are the winning points that a startup holder must consider into.

10.  selling-stock


Do you think that almost all the users will type this correctly? It is exactly not. Hyphens always make a mess in typing. There will be misspellings and you will lose in making permanent customers. No one in this era will not try to keep a shop’s name in mind by hard.

The use of keywords in the field of photo selling will not bring a good rank to your store unless you spend millions of dollars in marketing. Addition of words that describe the product directly is against the prevailing trends.

Available best 10 brand names suitable for the industry

1. Brengu


Are you a maiden entrepreneur who is going to launch a retailer of wedding photography? You will agree that Brengu is the perfect match after reading the explanation below.

Let’s count on the meaning first.

br is from bright which can be as the event of giving out or reflecting much light; shining.

eng is taken from the word engaged. That means having formally agreed to marry. Therefore the overall meaning can be taken as

“we add more value to the moment of your engagement.bright future will rise for both of you. We bless!/ we beautify your moment.”

This is a name that you can occupy for a lifetime. That means the person who purchases this will be the .com domain owner of Brengu. Google will not reject your brand name and will support your ranking as this does not compose of exact generic words or keywords. That way this brand name is friendly to all the strategies of naming.

02. Giusue


The two words, Gift and Usual have engaged in creating the new brand- Giusue. Gifts among the usual days are the special moments of our lives. This brand name matches the photographic industry because photographs are the valuable gifts that a person receives in his lifetime.

As you know the meaning now, proceed with let’s proceed with the exploring brand name qualities here. The vocabulary score gives 8.22 for Giusue. Having a pronunciation and memorization value above 8 makes it a super brand name. Giusue is a perfect example of a single word brand name. This brand name has no negative connotation. The brand name is free of legal issues as this comes along with the .com extension making your uniqueness.

03. Grojoo


grow- to increase in size or amount, or to become more advanced or developed

Joo- you

we develop your self

As of the above explanation on the meaning of the name this name can be taken for a  school of photography or for an online tutorial site.

We know that brands with exact dictionary words have the least capable of success. Taking that brand name policy into consideration Grojoo has been created. The name is totally a new word. Grojoo is free of any issues of pronouncing or memorizing allowing the correct path to an enormous public attraction.

04. Lojiko


The starting two letters of this name were derived from the word love and the ending letters jiko mean cooker used commonly in East Africa. A cooker is an equipment that makes raw things done to eat/ use. That means to make a perfect result. All compiled together this can mean,  

“ The loveliest place to make a perfect capture in your life’s dream”

Lojiko with its vibrant meaning is very suitable for your initial footsteps in the industry as a photographer. Specially, the name satisfies the simple nature of a super brand name. Lojiko is a name that even robots can also spell. Therefore you don’t need to keep any doubt being a mouth friendly word for the online customers.

05. Remlly


The meaning of Really comes as “We make your big day a lifetime endure”

Can you guess the way it formed?

Rem is from Remember. lly is the abbreviation of Liking Love You, used in texting.  Remember means enduring and lly means, unconditional love. Thus a great bond/ wedding. 

The name is in accordance with all the brand name qualities such as a positive connotation, no generic words, and keywords, no history, having the .com uniqueness, etc. Be an expert in the field of wedding photography with this courageous brand!

06. Kotoj


Kotoj is a perfect match for a new launch in photography. Check the following definition, you will agree that it is so.

Ko - Kodak, stands for capturing

toj -  abbreviation of Tears Of Joy, implies a most precious time in one’s life

Kotoj says that “We are always there to capture your most precious movements”

Mouth friendly quality and good memorability are two high measures within the name. It is also a name with an all-time favorable meaning in any language.

07. Rafold


Meaning first! 

Rafold is a name that emerged by combining ra from rate and fold. Overall meaning can be described as high quality with the flexibility of bringing anywhere / A a real mate of traveling. 

Now you got it! Yes, this name will make a brilliant move with a company of cameras and lenses or a retailer that sells those.

The high pronouncing ability of the brand can be proved by checking it with a vocabulary score. If you do so, you will take a mark of 8.7. The name also does not have any history of being used by any other company. “” is available and the person who purchases this will get the lifetime ownership that is accepted legally. This word has formed following the must principles of brand naming.

08. Prijoh


Taking pri from price and joking this name has been created. Price means the value and the joking means the happy times. Altogether the combined word has the following meaning.

We, Prijoh make you keep your happy time on your hands adding more value for it.

As you can see the name has no numbers or symbols and it is a one-word brand name taking the highest advantage of simplicity. Visitors to the site will effortlessly remember you. Isn’t it a mind touch for a professional photographic store?

09. Nufoxo


Are you a wildlife photographer with a thrust of launching an online retailer? Then this is worth a try with appropriate creative meaning. The name Nufoxo comes as follows,

Nu comes from Nut. Nut represents the smallest things in nature where the cuteness is found, while fox refers to the animal. Thus refers to wildlife. Likewise, the brand name Nufoxo means the collection of cutest things in wildlife.

This name is not dependent on keywords. Hence this will get more attraction from both search engines and people. The simplicity of the name which has a vocabulary score of 8.92 will be very effective in making the brand popular.

10. Mijoky


Look the super creative way the name has evolved!

Mi has been taken from the milky way which implies the meaning universal. A universal thing means the greatest. Jok is from Joke which connects with laughter. In that way, the brand name Mijoky has the meaning “ the greatest place ever to capture your life’s most important laughs''

You don’t want to think more and find more if you are looking for a competitive name in field photography.  Mijoky is a must-try as of our recommendations Because it has been strengthened from all the 10 brand name qualities. 

Worst brand names in selling for the photography industry


Have you ever thought of the arising of a competitor with the same brand name? On such an occasion you will lose a considerable amount of constant customers. That is why the rule of .com is used in the field of brand naming. As per the Us law that is prevailing in the online market the ownership of a brand name comes with the .com TLD. As they have used the .cn and .org they are not the owners of this name. 

The brand name is a common word used name, which has been highly advised not to do by the brand name specialists. The site has lost a lot of opportunities too by making these faults.


Photo1usa is not a word of mouth. As a result of the number usage, this has a tough pronunciation. Only easy pronounce words are surviving in the field today. This brand also does not have a healthier relationship with the Google Search Engine Bots because of the dependence on a generic word. Don’t get this type of name unless you have billions of capital to spend in marketing.


.com uniqueness is a fact that makes your site come up in the google search results and also the legal safety. So always avoid other domains like org or . net or .us etc. They are not worth enough for a profit targeting company.

Photographyzone is a total uncordial word in our spells. Even the vocabulary score is very low. If someone chooses this type of name definitely it will keep the store far away from the crowd and will make your throwout from the demand.

04. InnerCircle Travel Photo

With no creativity, there is just a combination of 4 generic words with no meaning. The users must give an extra effort to memorize this name. Lengthy names are not the way to get attraction and attention. Typing and searching for the shop will make huge trouble. So with regard to all these refused facts in brand naming strategies, this is surely a way to your misfortune.


The specialists in the brand naming field highly state not to depend on special characters. But they have used hyphen going against the super brand name qualities. This will lead to misspellings in typings and it will end in making the Search Engines confused.

As the dictionary words are also used here, the name is a total way rejected by Google according to the updated policies in 2012.


  • If your brand name is consuming keywords and generic words you will miss lots of opportunities you are looking forward to getting. Always make sure to select a brand name free of such rejected words.
  • Always be simple with your brand name. 

By comparing with the above brand name qualities it is clearly seen that those have not really cared in this odd brand name. Therefore, schoolforphotography with less memorability will make you absolutely unconfident in the e-commerce space.


Using country codes is not a way secure. There is a chance for the imitations. But the field itself has introduced a law to make you secure. Use .com if you do not need troubles on the way after you have already started profit earning.

autophotography is not a mind touch any way. It is too odd and has a very law pronouncing ability.

08. PeaceOfMind Travel Photo

As it is very difficult to keep the name in mind, the brand name will remain far outside the reach of the people. Your dream of becoming an identical brand in the field will last only like a dream forever if you use this type of too lengthy name in this competitive field. 

Another search engine unfriendly behavior is the use of generic words. They had been so careless by entering four generic terms in the name. It is the simplicity that matters not the number of words!


Why do we repeat the use of numerals is not a way to be significant?

Startup names with numbers are really weird. Search engines will be confused indeed. It is very unhealthy for your rankings. has made that severe mistake.

And can you see any appropriate meaning in the word magnet? That is something that does not move with the field of photography. Don’t use meaningless names that make you lose the creativity.


This particular brand name consists of two words as Wedding and Best, which makes it inappropriate for a winning brand name. It also goes against the policy of branding regarding the use of generic words. “wedding” is the widely used common word when in the search queries to find the wedding photographers. The vocabulary score of this name is 3.48. As it is very low this is a must not use in a new startup. To be recommended a brand must at least be above score 6.