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Catchy Brand Names For Your Personal Care Business

Evaluate Your Cool Personal Care Business

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The brand name of your Personal care business is the most important part of the business as it lets the customers distinguish the service or products from others. As well as it is the way that meets you with your target audience. The following brand names were listed out by our brand name consultants with experience of more than ten years in the brand name industry.

Professional Brand Name Ideas For Your Personal Care Business

The following brand names consist of all the brand name qualities. These brand names are easily memorable with a high vocabulary score and the phonological loop value. The character count of all these brand names as per the recommendation of the brand name experts. The legal ownership and the uniqueness is available as their domain extension is .com.

Brand Name Domain Extension Vocabulary Score Phonological Loop Value
Vitely .com 8.7 89.3%
Givoda .com 8.9 91.3%
Bilvu .com 8.74 89.7%
Megova .com 8.95 91.8%
Sert .com 8.76 88.7%
Carezy .com 8.7 89.3%
Plegli .com 8.14 82.5%
Liplea .com 8.25 84.8%
Firros .com 8.19 84.2%
Mugrio .com 8.46 86.9%
Trimxo .com 8.45 86.8%
Negrim .com 8.45 86.8%

Creative Brand Name Ideas For Your Personal Care Business

The brand names listed below can be used for Toothpaste stores, Contact lenses shops, Mouthwash product stores, Hand care product stores, Footcare products stores, and any type of business that is related to Personal care. 

They consist of keywords and generic words too. If you evaluate them in the above tool, you will get to know the suitability of it.

Personal Care

Your Personal

Personal Bud


The Personal

Healthy Life

Best Care

Healthy Gift

Personal Hub

Cheap Medicine

Helpful Hearts

Immune And Inspired

Kindly Care

Happy Family

Good Start

The Wellness

Best Beginning

Treat You

Care First

Green Personally

Savior Personal

Harmony Care

Beeline Medical

The Clinic

Daily Care


Balanced Belly

Nursing Hub

Your Doctor

Natural Doctor

Free Life

Disease Free

Personal Club

Kind Heart

Fresh Blood

Fly Free

Daily Vitamin


Best Protection

Honest Home Service

Always Help

Calm Care

Personal Expert

Caring Hand


Heavenly Home


Helping Hands


Care Greatly

The Brand Names To Be Avoided To Your Personal Care Business

  • Foot Support For You
  • Healthy life 1
  • Longer Life With Us
  • Care With Us
  • Healthy Life For Everyone
  • Family Personal Care
  • Personal Is Important For Us
  • Don’t Miss To Care Life
  • Difficult To Care
  • Hard To Protect Personal

Oops! All the above brand names are not brandable. The vocabulary score of all these brand names is less than 6 which is not enough to be professional. As the above brand names are combinations of generic words, we can not expect beyond the dictionary meaning from them. If your Personal care business has a brand name that has a hidden positive meaning it is a good reason for customers to be attracted to you forever.

Local Brand Names Of Personal Care Stores

USA UK Italy India
Wellcare Medical Supplies Care Shop Forever Living Products Personal And Glow
Allied Personalcare Products Inc Personal And Care Kiehl’s Himalaya
Philips Medical Systems Nu-Care Products Parashop Italy srl Pixies - The Beauty
US MEd Medical Store DM Italia AMWAY Products
Apiar Personalcare N.R.S. PersonalCare Rays Spa Sara Personal Care Private Limited
Personal Care Supply Pro Omega Medical Supplies Ltd Aqua & Sapone Medikabazaar
G.E Personalcare Just Care Beauty L'Erbolario K Link Personalcare India Pvt Ltd
3M Personalcare Protec Personal Care Product Team Leader di LR Italia Oriana Arcerito Networker Om Personalkart
Online Medical Supply Store Bunzl Personal Care Aesop Brera Kosmochem Home Personal Care
Siemens Personalcare Medical Shop Aesop Corso Magenta The Body Shop
  • The brand names above are famous for toothpaste stores, contact lenses stores, slimming cream stores, foot care stores in the USA, the UK, Italy, and India respectively.

The Brandable Brand Names In PersonalCare Industry

  • The following four brand names are well famous in the Personal care product and service industry.

Brand Names Description
  1. Olay
  • As a derivative of the term "lanolin", the main ingredient, the name "Oil of Olay" was created.
  • The character count of this brand name is exactly four which makes the brand name professional.
  • This has no bad brand name history. So it proves that “Olay” is one of the professional brand names in the industry.
  1. Aetna
  • The brand name “Aetna” has named in a very professional way, by taking into consideration all the brandable brand name qualities that should consist of a professional brand name.
  • The name (word) is unable to be found through the general dictionary.
  • As the characters have arranged not affecting the brand name quality of simplicity, it is easy to memorize and pronounce with an 8.66 vocabulary score.
  1. Visine
  • The brand name “ Visine” has no negative meaning. They have no legal matter as the domain is .com.
  • The robots can spell and write this brand name easily.
  1. Dior
  • This famous brand name is easy to pronounce and memorize. The phonological loop value is 96.4%.
  • Dior owns the .com domain which shows the uniqueness of the brand name.
  • The brand name “Dior” shows the quality of simplicity as it has four character counts.

The Ways To Expand Your Personal Care Business

  • Recognize the needs of your customers

The first and the most important factor in expanding your personal care business is recognizing your customers’ needs. Develop and provide services or products accordingly. The following two methods can be applied to identify their needs. 

  • By personalizing your personal care services
  • By Motivating them to feedback


  • Providing a great service

If you provide a great personal care service to the customers who come near you, within a very short time period the customers can be increased. You must always try to win their first impression as it is difficult to get a second chance for that again. The following ways should be applied to make your customers’ service great.

  • Keep your best commitments on the service
  • Show appreciation and gratitude to your customers 
  • Listen and act when your customers complain
  • Go above and beyond what your customers expect.
  • Treat your employees


  • Get the help of social media

Social media is the most powerful and beneficial mode of promoting your Personal care business beyond your region. It is easy to reach your customers as everyone uses social media mostly as it is a time-saving method. This method will help you identify new customers and create a better profile of your Personal service business. Therefore recognize the keywords and the latest trends and act accordingly. Social media is the ideal place for it.