Best Brand Name For Online Marketing Industry

Online marketing is highly needed in today’s business world. The competition in the online space of selling and buying is increasing rapidly. Therefore the companies came up with the need for a perfect start-up name, a great business plan, and good time management, etc. To overcome those problems this separate industry aroused within the platform of E-Commerce. As for the other industries, brand name matters here too. The brand name is the energetic power you have when attracting potential customers to your product and this is the first impression that promotes the growth of a company related to SEO.

Companies with a super brand name in the present market

01. Yodle


Nathaniel Stevens, Ben Rubenstein, John Berkowitz, and Kartik Hosangar started the service provider with the capabilities to make a tiny startup to giant companies in 2005. Having a super-cool brand name has done a major role in making Yodle, a recognized company, which come up in America’s best list.

The golden rule of simplicity has been highly obeyed here. The brand is very easy to pronounce and it is unique. Yodle is the owner of that certain brand name as it has gained the .com domain extension. That way they have resolved the problem of later competitors with the same name.

02. vizion


The company that was started in 2005 serves a wide range of marketing services from Search Engine Optimization to Pay Per click. Mark Jackson with the “vision of bringing experts not interns” has started vizion interactive. The company has purchased the brand “vizion” along with the .com TLD. In that way, it has a steady place in the market and the company also does not have any legal issues.

03. riolt


riolt has been able to spread its service in many countries although the career began in 2016. This Professional South American SEO platform is owned by Mª Verónica B. The name is a plain sound that makes a very easy pronounce. Trouble making numerals or any other special characters cannot be found here. The correct follow done with the brand name qualities has made an enormous help to their quick success.

04. Stryde


The secret behind their success within a short period of time was the great entrance with a super brand name. The company was started in 2013 by Greg Shuey, Kirk Green, and Nelson James.

What makes this brand name a super? 

This name has a high vocabulary score of 8.5. Names with a score above 8 are called super brands as the pronounceable power and memorability are at its peaks. Therefore Stryde is an easy reach to the public.

Although there is another company as which is in the construction field the SEO company has no issues when in legal issues as they have become the real owner of the brand name by obtaining the .com extension.

05. grofire


James Webster founded grofire 9 years ago. Today the company is a pioneer in web designing, marketing, and SEO services. The brand has been able to capture a remarkable mark in the user’s vocabulary as its’ memorable value is more than 8. According to brand name qualities, brand names that are above this scale are super brands. When it comes to the Googles; recognitions it can be identified easily as it avoids the use of keywords, numbers, and special characters.

06. Moz


This is a son and mother founded consulting firm. Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig started the company as SEOmoz in 2004. According to Moz, they used the name to express their desire of bringing integrity to the SEO industry. Later in the years when the policies changed in the branding process, they understood the disadvantage of using a keyword that is used in the search niche of the field. Lifting the term SEO they changed into “Moz”. This significant brand name has a memorability score of 8.48 and the name has become both user and search engine friendly as of those precautions taken.

07. onely


This has become a glittering title among all of the contestants in the field although it has a short history of the career journey. Onely is an SEO agency founded in 2019 by Bartosz Góralewicz. By using the .com domain extension the company has increased its uniqueness and safeguarded the ownership. Its high pronounceable ability has made it user friendly and easily reachable.

08. cartoozo


At the very beginning when it started 10 years ago, it has got a brilliant high jump to the field by using a super brand name. Having a vocabulary score of 8.1 makes it a highly catchable word at first sight. Cartozoo is not a common type of name in the field when compared with the other companies that use the same words. The website has been wise enough to obtain the .com extension along with the brand name so that they have no issues in case of any imitation on their brand.

09. crevand


Crevand was started by Jim O’Donnell and Daniel O’Donnell in the year 2008. In the past 12 years of their career, they have become a leading company that provides a variety of services including SEO, online marketing, etc 

The name is a creative design and relevant to the field although they do not use any keyword describing their services. Crevi in Latin refers to the meaning, arise, and growth. By taking “Crev” from Crevi and combining it with “and” from the word Brand, Crevand has been formed. The brand name quality of  “positive connotation” has been followed here.

10. egochi


This service provider on websites designing with SEO and digital marketing was started in 2009 by Jobin John. Vocabulary score counts a calculation of 8.54 to egochi. The name also does not use any keyword so that it has become search engine friendly. Therefore this can be named as a super way of using the brand name for the popularity in making profits.

Worst brand names that are using in the field



As there is severe competition among the stores, some even try imitating a popular band with another TLD and be popular in a way not ethical. Therefore the use of .com extension is the only way you can have help in such legal matters. Here the company has not gained that .com uniqueness, so they are in an utter risk of ownership. It becomes more unsuitable with the use of generic terms. At the same, the name does not match with an SEO or marketing company.


Do you feel it easy to type when searching? 

Everyone will end up with misspellings when in names of these types. Brand names that use hyphens, commas, or any sign or emoji lack in customer attraction as they need an effort in typing and memorizing. Remembering by hard is a rare thing when relating to the online market as there are plenty enough places to fulfill the same desire. They have exceeded the principle of not using generic words in a brand name, that had made the brand rejected by Google too.


It is a well-known fact that .org is used for nonprofit organizations. Although bostonseoservices do not offer the services for free, still it depends on the .org extension. The use of “SEO” which is the keyword of the niche, has made it detected by the Google Search Engine Bots as a spam act. This title is both user and search engine disadvantageous.


Brand name specialists suggest and have added to the super brand name qualities, 

  • A brand with the intension of making the mind blow must not contain any numbers or special characters such as hyphen, slash, @sign, exclamation mark, etc. ( there is a hyphen usage )
  • Brand name must be rid of generic or partial generic terms. This is to keep the search engines friendly as Google rejects such words. ( web, family are commonly used dictionary words)

When comparing with the above two policies, it is clear that those have been violated here and had made their own bad break.


This company emerges to help other small businesses have not really meant the brand name qualities at their own startup. By using numbers the poor knowledge of them regarding the brand naming principles is shown. No one feels mouth friendly with such a word and it automatically will go away from the usage. This is not a creative name either and is only a dependent of a commonly used dictionary word.


Having 4.93 in the vocabulary scores is not a way to be used as a brand name. The vocabulary score is based on the memorability and the pronouncing ability of a brand name. Therefore if it gives a value less than 6, that particular name is not worthy enough to use in a profit targeting company. The use of the keyword has made this brand name considered as a spammy site according to the policies of Google.


As this is against the brand name rule of “simplicity” awkward-media cannot be recommended for a startup company. A brand name must be a single word to make it steadily embedded in a users’ mind. The hyphen also made it more complex in memorizing and typing making the shop end with less search traffic.


When expanding their boundaries of sales the meaning of the brand name of a company directly matters. Can you find any connection between savage and SEO or marketing? It is a must to be unique to get the attention of the crowd but negative connotations are extremely not the way. That will only make the rejection by the public, not the popularity. Furthermore, multiple word combinations are also a reason for the unpopularity of this company.


This is a company that gives professional knowledge and training for SEO. But they have also not paid any attention to the search engine friendliness and user easiness when reaching the shop. This name is not a good name to be used as it contains numbers, keywords, and generic terms violating the golden peaks of brand naming.


Attraction by lengthy names is very poor. The new entrepreneurs must keep in mind the point of smartness when making a new brand name. With a single word, you can make your traffic increase. There is no benefit that a multiple worded name will bring you. All the four words used here are generic words and thus it has made the search engines difficult to distinguish their site and rejection has occurred.

Superbrand names that are available for use

01. Hemtro


hem- hem in someone/ to surround someone very closely

tro- from the trojan horse

Trojans are the ancient Greeks. They believed that wooden horses were a peace offering to their god. Thus it stands for security and a constant prevalence. Hem refers to the closeness/beloved one. Accordingly, the meaning of Hemtro comes as we are your beloved one to stand for the rapid growth of your company.

Hemtro matches with an SEO platform and marketing based firm as of its meaning.

hemtro is a brand new word. Knowing that dictionary word type names are with the least capable of success it is clear that this surely will be a winning name in the field. As the same, being a mouth easy word, this brand name does not have any issues of pronouncing or memorizing.

02. Jedoly


Vocabulary score recommends this as a super brand name suggestion as the pronunciation and memorization value of this brand name is 8.75. jedoly satisfies the way of simplicity highly. This brand name has no negative connotation. If you purchase the name you are the owner of this brand name as it is combined together with the .com extension.

Jedoly got its name from the words Jed and Olympus

Jed is always referred to as a brilliant/superb person, also called the king of gods.

oly is from "Olympus" where the abode of gods is, according to Greek mythology.

Jedoly makes you the god of gods, which means that it is the best place to improve your skills and be excellent. This brand name is very much matching with a firm that teaches and trains SEO.

03. Loberm


Lob means, throw, or hit in a high arc. erm is the abbreviation of “Enterprise Risk Management”. The combination of these terms makes the meaning as, “Make an unbelievable high jump in your career with our unique ideas.” 

This is a powerful entrance that qualified with the 10 brand name qualities. You will be not rejected by the search engines if you use this super brand name. Having no generic terms is the quality stands for it. With the correct performances, you will be in a higher rank. Loberm is a word that Robots also could easily pronounce. So it will definitely catch the audience for your firm of SEO consulting.

04. Nijopy


Are you tired of searching for a meaningful brand name profitable in the field of online marketing? Then you must take a look at the following explanation of Nijopy.

nij which stands for the National Institute of Justice and op the two front letters of the word optimization-  the action of making the best, have been combined together in composing this brand name. The institute represents education. That means knowledge. So the meaning comes as, “knowledgeable crew that has the strength of making your company, the best” 

Brand name qualities are the thorough follow done when in creating this name. The pronunciation and memorable value of this is 8.7. This is a mind-blowing name at first sight. There will be no mistakes in typing when searching and that will lead you to high search traffic. Because of the single word, nijopy becomes an easy way to reach.

05. Nujoll


NUJ refers to the National Union of Journalists while oll is from the abbreviation of online learning.

Nuj refers to journalists- the perfects in writing. oll is online learning. Nujoll, we are always there to make your website prominent.

This is a proper match to a Platform of SEO, digital marketing, and web designing. It is clear that the name is not depending on the definite dictionary words and any keyword to describe the service that is going to be provided. It also avoids numbers and special characters obeying the rule of naming. We highly assume Nujoll will be a profit maker with no issues in the brand name!

06. Prijel


Let's look into the meaning first. 

Prijel means “We are dedicated to design the smooth flowing of your business”. In making the title, Pri has been taken from “Prink” and jel refers to the “Journal of Economic Literature”. Prink means the smartest. jel determines the way of business. thus the flowing of business.

It is very for someone who gets the ownership of this name to stay in the top ranks of the Google search results. Because the brand does not combine any exact dictionary words or keywords and therefore it is not directed as spammy acts at any count. Being very short it consequently has become customer-friendly and easy to type and spell. Prijel is the most precious name that you can ever have for an SEO service provider!

07. Trinpu


This is how this title has been formed.

Tri is from trichology

npu is the abbreviation of Network Processing Unit

trichology means the study about hair and scalp. Thus the head. A place with a lot of connected wires and their ports, is just like a head.head is the control unit/ the point that makes the path. npu is a term for networking. Thus refers to analyzing.

Trinpu- The masters in analyzing your successful journey. This is a way super cool to start with. You will surely be leading the role among the contestants in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

The name is beyond the principles of naming. You can search for it, that there is no pessimistic impression shown through the name. That is a must need for a brand name if you are wishing to spread your service worldwide. There is also no placement of exact dictionary words. So Trinpu will mark your name inside the trending lines.

08. Wipbu


Here is a super awesome name for a newcomer who is wishing to start an SEO firm. Can you guess the meaning? Take a look below, we have done it for you.

wip from Wipe + bu from Build = wipbu

Wipe means a step to clean. “clean your mind and build up a new path to be successful. This is high time. we give the strength” is the overall meaning here.

 Siri, Cortona, and Alexa can easily note the sound comes in Wipbu. If robots can spell then without any flip outs it can be spelled by humans too. The title doesn’t contain any numbers or any other symbols making a favorable offer in the search results and web traffic.

09. Rogrep


By consuming the two words Road and Green Rogrep have been created. Green color relates to nature, life, renewal, and energy. Therefore the meaning evolves as  “Let’s have a vigorous neverending walk, through success”. As the approval of our specialists, this is an adorable title for a leading platform of SEO and business planning services.

We responsibly state that this is not an imitation of any other popular brand name in this industry. The name is with a high pronouncing capability with a score of 8.34. You will not have to spend so much effort in marketing the company as this will be an easy mind-catch for the customers at first sight.

10. Refizo


The four letters refi have been taken from the refine which implies the meaning of clean. Zo represents zoom. zoom gives the meanings of move or travel very quickly. In that way, the brand name Refizo has the meaning “ we make you achieve a clean profit quickly with our plans”

Don’t you find the matching feel given by the name to a competitive company in the field of SEO? This is a good chance for the best performance in the field as it goes together with all the brand name qualities. Refizo is with the recommended character count. So that there is no issue to be worried about the memorability and pronouncing ability here. It also avoids generic or partial generic words, keywords, and numbers or special characters keeping no space for a misspelled typing.

Brand names that are the worst type to purchase


Check it with the vocabulary score first, 

  • The answer comes as 4.64. It is the best clue that this is a poor brand name with low revising ability.
  • This is a hard spelled brand name. The typical way of combining two words had made the brand such hard.

In order with such mistakes, we don’t agree that this is a wise selection.

02. GoldMedal1SEO

Thi name is not an easy type as it contains numbers and a mix of capital and simple letters. This is a must not way when naming a brand.

You can recognize that there are three generic terms. Gold, Medal, and SEO make it inappropriate. “SEO” the main keyword, when referring to the field has been utilized in presenting the brand. Don’t use this brand and make your own setback.


According to the naming psychology, this is also a rejection. .com domain extension is the only way to make your brand unique. Any other extension does not have the right of making the ownership. The use of keywords is also a point, why you should not try this name even.


  • You will miss lots of opportunities by having keywords and generic words. Always make sure to create or buy a name free of those minus points.
  • Always be simple with your brand name. 

Compare the above mentioned two must qualities with the title seooffices. It is clear that those have not been taken into consideration here. So this brand name with less memorability will make you absolutely unconfident in the e-commerce space.


Long terms do not afford any fine start. We don’t try to remember such lengthy names although their products are standard than others. Search engines too face trouble here as those cannot distinguish between the keyword and your shop’s name. So we do not forward this kind of brand name for a blooming company.


The name is irrelevant to the field and the use of generic words will make this brand unpopular. As the updated policies of Google directly this name will be rejected by Search Engine is not recognized as a way of achieving ownership in consonance with the laws prevailing in the online market.

07. SEO4 Worth

Users will end up with many spelling mistakes when typing this name as it is a combination of various types of characters- capital and simple letters and a number. The keyword usage that makes the brand rank lower can also be seen here. If you are willing for a profit-earning company a name selection like this will make all your dreams collapse.


Brand names with multiple words are not in demand as the users must find an extra effort in remembering those. You are not the real owner of the brand name if you select a brand with the .cn extension. other than .com any other extension can’t stand for the ownership. So don’t focus on a name with any other TLD and waste your money.


Creators have included the word ” SEO” directly. That is an act of neglecting the search engine friendliness. The name is in a complex way to be reminded. Thus this is not a memorable name at a glance and this can be proved by the score that is below 6 from the vocabulary score calculation. This brand name they suggested for an online SEO company stands far away from brand name qualities.


The uniqueness has vanished from the beginning with the use of a wrong domain extension. .today is not the recommended universal extension.  Make it simple by using a single-worded name as the recommendation of brand name consultants. Hence the name with the two words is a thing to be avoided, we thoroughly reject these kinds of name suggestions for a profit targeting company.