Best and worst brand names in Music.

Your career success in the field of Music as a blooming company is directly bound with the brand name you choose. It is the fact that detects the number of customers attracted to your product. Here there are many profit-earning trademarks and meanwhile, there are also some startups who have lost on the way. It was clearly identified that the faults made when creating their brand name is the main reason as of the examinations done by the SEO specialists.

Best brand names in the present market

01. Vevo


This American video hosting platform was established in 2009. They were able to attract a vast amount of customers within a short period of time. They now serve in more than 20countries. Video evolution was abstracted into Vevo. Having a vocabulary score of 9.4 is the best proof to show the high pronounceable ability of the name. Vevo owns the .com domain extension making a favorable environment in expanding and staying steady in the market.

02. avid


Avid is a firm for offering tools for standard audio editing work. The company was started in 1987 by Bill Warner. It is a name with the spirit of attraction. Avid is a mouth friendly word that made it easier to remain in the people’s vocabulary along with their user-friendly manner in service. As avid does not compound special symbols or numbers it has been a more memorable word. It also does not have any negative connotations and thus has the ability to spread worldwide.

03. Yamaha


 1954, it was renamed to the present name. This is the world’s largest piano manufacturer then and now. Speedy progress along with some luck was the company’s’ target and they are among the top brands of the world now. Apart from the simpleness, this is also a unique name with a .com domain that does not have any negative meaning.

04. Reverb


At first, it came into operation as Chicago Music Exchange. In 2013 it was rebranded into Reverb when the present owner David Kalt purchased the store. The name reverb implies an effect of adding completeness to a part of the music selected. The name lays beyond the rule of positive connotation. Without effort, the brand will remain in mind. Having a perfect memorization power and pronunciation power made it so. At the very first sight, Reverb can be kept in mind.

05. Reidys


Fredy Reidy decided to move with his family name when naming the music equipment store he launched in 1922. The name can be easily pronounced and that has led the name to be familiar in the field within a short period of time. Here they are unique as they own the .com extension of the brand name. According to the accepted principles in brand naming now they don’t have any risk in any legal matter regarding the ownership.

06. Shure


Sidney Shure founded this famous audio product platform in Chicago, Illinois in 1925. The brand name shure originated from the owners’ name. He was so concerned about the fruitfulness of his business and found his own name was a way to go with the soft and easily remembered pronunciation. Being one of the leading brands in the world with a .com domain it has avoided the chances of imitations that make threats.

07. Roba


Rolf Beierle founded the expert company of music publishing in 1969. So it is clear that the company name originated taking the first two letters of his two names. The name Roba has a massive calculation in vocabulary score. It is 9.4. So the name has no issues with taking the attention of the crowd.

Such a  way it has become a very mouth easy word and has captured the attention of the targeted audience.

08. Bajaao


Bajaao was founded by Ashutosh Pande in 2005 and now it is India’s largest music equipment company. It processes with a great brand name that leads to success and to be in the top 20 of the world. The name occupies a vocabulary score of 9.15 and it has secured the trademark with .com from the beginning.

09. landr


Landr is a music studio performing since 2012 founded by Pascal Pilon and Stuart Mansbridge. By avoiding the words that describe the field they engage with they got rid of the risk of lower-ranking in case of spammy acts. It also owns the .com domain. That way this brand has become both user and search engine friendly.

10. Curb


Curb records are now celebrating their 55 years of a successful career. The company was named as of the owner, Mike Curb. It has become a vise choice as it goes together with the brand name qualities. When entering the e-market it was a relief to them as the name has no generic words or partially generic words. Therefore there is no way to be marked as spam. It was also the wisest step, not including any numbers or special characters in this simple name.

Worst brand names prevailing now in the industry

01. Music6000


Can you guess the fault done here with the sound knowledge that you have now with the essentials of brand naming?

The use of four digits is must not do in the procedure of making a startup name. It has made the shop unfamiliar with the general. According to the updated policies of Google, the use of keywords is an act of spammy in promoting your company. Music, the main keyword in the industry has been used here violating that rule of brand naming.


As a result of the complex pronunciation, this is far away from the use of targeted customers. This music instrument selling site is not known to many people and it has made a step back in their career. Anthonysmusic also violates the very needed nature of simplicity. They are also quite insecure as they do not own the .com domain extension.

03. Thomannmusic


Checking the brand name with the vocabulary score is a precaution as it is based on the pronunciation and memorable value of a brand name. This name gets only a calculation of 3.34 when checked. Therefore this is not recommended as a brand name.  This store of musical instruments has less popularity as their name is not both user and search engine friendly with the keywords and with the two words used.

  • Use of the special character - the hyphen
  • Presence of the word money ( this violates the rule of not using generic words)
  • Use of keyword, Musical
  • Depending on the domain extension.

Above are the faults done when creating this brand name. That way the brand has lost the user interest and has become less profit earning.

05. Worldmusicsupply


Coming up with an aggressive brand name will make a great push in your dawn making it easier to move towards the utter aim -profit earning. The first sight catch is the main trick that you must follow to attract the targeted audience. The only way is a simple one-worded brand name. But for this name, the vocabulary score does not give value even. (the score which calculates the pronunciation ability) The use of three words has made the brand very complex.

To make a demand, your brand must be identical between thousands of brands. That is why there is a rule even, not to use keywords. Keywords directly affect the sites’ rankings too. Google search engines have developed their policies to detect such violations of the rule and declare any usage of the keyword as a spam act. Not paying that attention they have used music and supply here.


This shop is with extension. Therefore they are insecure when in a legal action of using their name by some other party. Because as per the US law that is used in the field .com TLD is declared as the ownership maker. atmusicgroup is an expired and odd type too. The use of generic words has made the brand listed lower in the search results.

07. Audiomediainternational


Isn’t it true that these sentence type names are not notable once you see it? Almost all our readers will agree with me that “it is true”. When the name becomes complex the name will rarely be spoken among the people and searched by typing. Robots like Siri and Cortana cannot spell this title well therefore it is another clue that proves the hard sound within it.

08. music-


The presented 10 super brand name qualities are based on deep research and observations on the field. We intensively suggest that including numbers or special characters will be a minus point as search engines will end up with a puzzle to get it.

The best way to last on one’s mind is to make it short and smart when naming. No drop of simplicity can be seen here. In that way, they have started up with an inefficient brand name for the horse race they have to move with.


Brand names above one word are not considered as brandable brand names because the memorization power of those brand names is less. That is why the recommendations are always with the Single worded brand names. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 3.43 which means it has a low possibility of memorization as a brand name. To make a brand popular it must have a character count of four, five, or six. Brand names above 8 characters are useless. Make sure not to use none-other than the .com TLD. That will make you safe in legal issues regarding the imitations of your brand name.

10.  sun-sounds


This musical instrument shop had to end in less attraction, unfortunately. The irrelevant brand name that is against the super brand name qualities can be defined as the main reason. Hyphens always make trouble when typing and the customers will not spend such an effort to memorize the exact way of writing as they have many options in the market. Both two words are dictionary words, letting Google reject the retailer. As a result, they are in a lower rank.

Best brand names suggestions to purchase

01. Dridzy


Dridzy is derived by taking letters of two words. The three commencing letters, dri is taken from drizzle-  light rain falling in very fine drops. dzy are from dzyan- the Tibetan way of pronouncing and spelling the Sanskrit word Dhyana. That means spiritual meditation. Thus the essence of calmness appears. In drizzle also there is musical flow. Therefore “Dridzy” is always dedicated to composing traditional music and making peace of mind.

If you are looking forward to launching a new music production house mainly targeted on traditional music, this is the perfect brand name match you will ever have. This positive meant brand name is a very easy way to pronounce with a score of 8.2 in vocabulary score.

02. Dunozy


Take a look at the meaning first.

Dun means well-experienced. This means a pioneer.

Ozy is an international media and entertainment company. Therefore the relating impress, a platform of music-related entertainment.

Dunozy is the pioneers of the music industry

This is the best recommendation from us, if your dream is to build a large firm of music composing companies that spreads worldwide.

Dunozy moves with the brand name qualities. The absence of keywords makes a proper relation with the Google policies and will fruitfully affect a top rank. Pronounce your own! You will realize that it is a soft accent. You will not need to seek attention as it will be easy catching to the public too.

03. Fevexy

no preview1

Knowing the way that the brand name formed will solve problems regarding the questions of brand name qualities. Therefore take a look at the way Fevexy emerged.

F            - taken from Facilitating, to make (an action or process) easy or easier. That means smoothening.

Evex      - The name Evexia comes from the Greek word meaning "wellbeing". Means comfort.

Fevexy   - The comfortable suppliers of instruments for a smoothing performance.

As described above this name is perfectly matching to an online music equipment retailer.

This goes hand in hand with all the 10 brand name qualities. You are the one and only Fevexy in the field as you gained the brand because it comes along with .com extension. And as you can undoubtedly see the name sounds positive. So there is no risk in introducing your brand to any culture.

04. Gaxiyo


This is how the winning name Gaxiyo can be expressed.

GAX, A Acronym which relates to software.

IYO, A Acronym that relates to music.

Gaxiyo = A software full of performances to lullaby your tiring souls.

This is a very much suitable profound meaning for a music-related app. You will be identical in the field with this unique name.  Gaxiyo has a vocabulary value of 8.9 and will definitely make you an icon of music.

05. Gehick


Need a mind touching name for a school of music.? “Gehik” is the perfect match!

Ge is from Gem. Hick is heavy wood of a tree. That means well grown. All together the meaning comes as We make you well grown as a gem.

This can be purchased along with the .com domain extension. It is the way to achieve your ownership. Taking the ownership will secure you in the field as no one similar to you cannot emerge legally. And also you will not find this name as a comprehensive word which makes your brand ranked low in the google search results. 

06. Giyeho



yeho=Yehoash (poet) thus related to the music industry

Giyeho- We guilt your aim in the music industry is the meaning given by this name.

Here is a significant brand name that is free with generic words or keywords. Both Google search engines and people who use it will find it easy to reach. The name is also a simple one-word brand name.

07. Lujebo

no preview1

Luj refers to an e-boy with nerdy attributes. nerdy means perfect.

ebo means a modern-day bohemian. A bohemian is a person who uses the internet for their passion for creations. Thus the word refers to the arts. Music is also a section of art. 

Lujebo, space where we make an artist grow like a pro

We introduce the brand as an ideal match for an international music institute. The vocabulary score gives a score of 9 to this title. With the meaning explained, it is very clear that this name can flourish your business idea and enlarge your business to a destiny you expected. Because there will be no offenses when introducing the service for any country in the world.

08. Onzut

no preview1

Onzut means “the ideal place to come up with your dream music journey”. Isn’t this perfectly matching for a music production house? The meaning can be defined as followed,

Onz  -  the first three letters of the word onzo which means sense and feel with music, art, and literature.

Ut   -  make practical and effective use of. Means ideal

This brand name fulfills all the 10 requirements mentioned in brand name qualities. Therefore you don’t need to feel any worry regarding the Meaning, Search engine friendliness, User easiness, and Negative connotations.

09. Kedire

no preview1

With Ke from Key and dire from Direction, the word has created. Therefore Kedire is the key or the starting point that shows you the direction to your destination/ goal. A school of music and as well as for a firm that acts with the entering musicians to the field suits the brand name a lot. The impression of providing guidance makes it so.

There is no negative connotation for this name in any language. Therefore without doubts, it can be kept under the margins of positive connotation. Kedire is not a brand with a history that makes a black mark for your new career. Feel safe with your startup by using this super brand name!

10. Hecinu

no preview1

He is from the heart. This means the starting point.

Cinu is orange(symbol), refers to fruit.firsts are liked by everyone. that means popular.

Hecinu is the starting point of popular artists.

Are you an entrepreneur who is interested in a music publishing firm? Look at the above description done on the meaning, you will realize this is a matching name for your purpose. Hecinu occupies a high value of memorability and pronounceable ability. The one-word character is also a great help in making the name popular.

Worst brand name suggestions for sale

01. musictime

Single-word brand names are more memorable and easily pronounceable. If a brand name violates the rule and uses multiple words it will not be a brandable brand name. The use of generic words is an act that makes a higher risk of losing opportunities to stay in top rank. The lower score of 4.67 in vocabulary scores’ calculations also implies the difficulty of making musictime a famous brand among the crowd.

02. musicsongbird

The brand is with a separate domain other It is The .org extension is for non-profit organizations.

Why do we always advise you to make your brand unique with .com? 

According to US laws if someone owns the .com extension then he is the real owner of the brand, although a similar name is available with another domain such as .net, .org, .za or .gov, etc.

This title goes against the rule of naming, “simplicity”. If you use this kind of names you will have less customer attraction. Complex words are not memorable among the thousands of stores on the internet.



  • The use of dictionary words without any change
  • Exceeding the accepted character count of a super brand name 

Above are the facts that show the inapplicability of this brand name in a profit targeting company. The use of such common words is a malefactor you can do to harm your own rankings in Google. People are not trying to repeat your name to remember it. So you are the person who is responsible to make it a word of mouth. A word with the character count 4,5 or 6 is observed as the simple pronunciation.


There is evidence where some competitors with the imitations of a popular brand emerged. When in a fact like that having the .com domain is the low prevailing. The true owner of the brand is the person who owns the .com TLD. So the extension here is better to not use. Furthermore, it is just only music which is the exact keyword of searching in this query. This type of site will be ranked below in the search results because Google detects this as a spammy action.

05. FastForward@Music

This name is a way too far from reaching the consumers as well as google search engines. Why do we say so?

With years of experience in the brand name creating field, the presence of symbols in the name is warned as a must not by the brand name specialists. But as it is not obeyed here the name is a tough pronounce and difficult typing. They have used generic words too and hence have lost the help of Google in raising the ranks.


  • Use of three generic words.
  • Brand consisting of multiple words and violating the rule of simplicity

Those are the worst falsehoods that can be seen here. 

The use of generic words makes the brand suspected by the Google Search Engine bots. To make the rankings up there emerged a trend of using generic words once, in the history of online marketing. Therefore to overcome that unfair act Google updated policies to declare the use of generic words is a spammy act. The vocabulary score does not even give a value for this and reject the name highly. That means this is a type of name that is rarely remembered by the customers.


It contains number 4. As you are familiar with our brand name qualities now, you can understand the unsuitability of this title. Brand names with numbers or special characters make you far-reaching from the clients. By including the exact dictionary words music4hub has become a rejection when in analyzing the site ranks by search engine bots. Don’t take this utterly disqualified brand name and run into risk at your first step.


Vocabulary score is an important assumption that can be done to check the future spread of a brand name. But it does not even give a score for this name. It shows the poor memorability and pronunciation power which are essential in making a brand popular. As the name is too long misspells and mistakes may occur when writing and spelling the brand. Therefore always use a single worded brand name that obeys the both qualities and make your purchase worthy.


It is the advice of brand name consultants to make your brand simple with one word. But you can observe that this brand name suggestion does not undergo the trends of brand naming as it consists of the two words Melody and Instruments. The .com uniqueness also lost as the extension here is .cn. We thoroughly state that not to use this inapplicable name and make a waste of your capital.


Special characters make your brand difficult in typing. Misspellings will make another suggestion and your customers will be directed to those. Therefore there is much space to end with less traffic. Music-pope is an utter complication to search engines as it also processes with a keyword.