Men’s Clothing Line Name Ideas

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Did you know that customers tend to make emotional connections with brand names and they even make purchasing decisions if your men’s clothing line brand name gives a positive first impression? Creating a brand name that can trigger the emotions of your customer is the key to your success. Creating “a customer friendly brand name”or “a brandable brand name” is a psychological process. A brandable brand name is what your men’s clothing line business needs to stand out from the competition; and for that you have come to the right place!!!

We have a professional men’s clothing line brand names just for you and a manually generated men’s clothing business name ideas collection for your inspiration. Including, men’s clothing line business names, men’s clothing online business names, catchy clothing business names and more. And if you are interested in designing your own brand name, don’t forget to refer to our men’s wear business naming guide.

Men’s Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Starting a men’s clothing business? Make sure your brand name has a strong brand story to share with your customers. Having a strong brand story makes you look reliable and responsible. It increases the credibility of your business. Select a men’s wear brand name that supports a strong brand story!


Men Luv

Men Clo


Men Line

Stylish Men



Amazo Menz

The Style

Men Crown


Global Men



Men Proud

Catchy Names For Men’s Clothing Line

Customers tend to connect with eye-catching brand names. To make them pick your brand name among your competitors, make sure your men’s wear brand name is catchy enough. Here are some catchy men’s wear brand name ideas for you.

Classic HangerX

Fort Dress

Trendy Retro


Dress Glam

Bright Glam

Royal Theme

Bright Fort

Quality Bless

Sparkle Boutique


Dress Casa

Pixie Dust

Kelmio Boys

Trendy Kingx

Fashiono Palace

High Fashionz


Fancy Boutique

Dress Upz

Unique Names For Men’s Clothing Businesses

As the competition is fierce in the men’s apparel market, you can try your brand name as a tool to attract customers to your business by creating/ selecting unique men’s wear brand names. Analyze the brand names in your business niche/ industry and create a better and distinctive brand name. People like dealing with innovative and unique brand names.

The following name ideas are examples of unique men’s clothing brand names.





















Professional Brand Names For Men’s Wear Businesses

These are the best men’s wear brand names available on the internet guaranteed!!!. As we mentioned earlier, all our professional brand names are created giving an extra concern about human psychology. And also, these brand names include all the universal brand name qualities. So select your dream men’s wear brand name from the below listed.





Cool Men’s Clothing Business Name Ideas

The first impression a customer gets when seeing your men’s wear brand name is very important. To make them select your brand name among your competitors follow the below listed cool brand name patterns in your brand name.

Cleo Gents

Rough Boss

Stylin Lads

Fashion Essential


Mod Choice



Boho Taste

Royal Choice

Hexa Cool


QfeZZeus Mode

Pops Dream

Prime Rare

Major Looks

Roge O

Modern Stil

Rough Themes

Stylin Agents

Wiks Elegance

Classy X

Dandy Knight

Cleo Choice

Fashion Lads

Glamy Hex


Major Elegance

Rare Style

Hexa Agents

Roge Lox

Urban Style

Textil Grey

Stylin Boss

Royal X

Vintage Glaze


Wiks Looks

Royal Gents/p>

Modern Looks

Kris StylL

Modern ClaZ

Major Elegance

Stylin Mode

Online Men’s Wear Business Name Ideas

When you start an online men’s wear business, it is important to select a brand name that is available with the domain name. Make sure the brand name you select is uncommon.


Passiono Outfit

B way



Bluey Boys

Combo Clothing

Greenvo Camren

Lil Boss

Aqua outfits




Stylish PerfoMens



Dressy Gradient

Perfo Wow

Zee way


Craftly Max

Rooney Gents

Inner Greato


Men’s Clothing Shop Name Ideas

If you are planning to open a men’s clothing store, here are some naming suggestions from our naming team. When you are brainstorming names for your men’s clothing store, consider the pronunciation ability, the character count and the memorization power of the name ideas.

Cleo Wey

Classy Dandy

Tough Siyo

Boho Looks

Trendy Max

Cheviot Choice

Black Outfits

Classy Night


Kingso Mens

KinGs Closet

Steady Mode

Suit Primiyo

Dandy Champs

Royal Fits

Prime Looks

Clothey Gram

Mod Shapes

Gents Choice

Handy Menz

Suit Gram


Cleo Max


Creative Men’s Clothing Business Name Ideas

Men’s clothing business field is becoming competitive day by day. What most entrepreneurs miss when naming their business is the “creativity”. But the secret behind creative men’s wear brand names is, those are eye catchy and easy to memorize. So here are some creative handpicked men’s wear business name ideas.


Gentle Wears

Handsome Chap


Smart Youth

His Wears

Choice He

Male Mile

Men Look

Guy Stuff

Fine Men

Special Folk

Your Lover

The Mister

Serious Patternz

Smart N Handsome

Super Collection

Choice Collection


Fit N Hot

Cute Names For Men’s Clothing Line

If you are looking for a cute men’s clothing line name, confirm that the name is short, simple, catchy, and delivers a cute and attractive vibe for customers. Here are some examples for cute menswear business names.

Cute Design

Smart Men

Menpower Apparel

Hawaiian Fashion

Mens Fab


Trending Men

Mens Squire

Misty Males

Crown Fashion

Cute Kingdome

Dream Handsome

Trendy Fashion

Cute Designz

All Male

Royal Place

Men Design

Sweet Shirtz

Mr. Hotty

Mr. Gentz

Men’s Wear Business Naming Guide

If you are planning to name your business on your own, here are some tips and tricks you should not miss when naming your men’s wear business.

How To Come up With A Men’s Wear Business Name?

Naming your business is a process. This is the most popular and  successful way to come up with a brand name idea. 

  • Know Your Business To The Core –  This is very important, having a complete idea about your business. The business niche you represent, the product, your customer policy, your values and the business mission. Having a complete picture in your mind before naming your men’s wear business helps you to get the most related brand name. 


  • Know Your Competitors Well –  You can learn many things from your competitors. Compared to them you have less experience in the field, so from the brand name to their customer service you can learn many things from your competitors and you can apply better plans for your business. Analyze their brand name patterns, the startup naming trends they follow and create a better brand name that you can survive through the competition. 
  • Brainstorm Brand Name Ideas – Brainstorm as many brand name ideas as you can for your men’s wear business and make a list. You can refer to brand name generators, competitors’ brand names, popular words in the industry and make a list. 

  • Select The Best Three Brand Names For Your Men’s Wear Business- consider the brand name qualities to select the best three brand name ideas from the list. 

  • Check The Brand Name Availability – Before registering the brand name, confirm it’s not registered yet. You can check the availability from USPTO. If the brand names are available, select the best one and register it.