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Unique and Creative Men’s Clothing Brand Name Ideas

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Even though the men’s clothing industry is not very popular in the market compared to the women’s apparel industry,  there is a huge market for the men’s clothing segment. According to the latest reports from Statista, the revenue from the men’s apparel segment for 2022 is US$499.80bn. And expected to increase by 10.7% in the year 2027. 

So invest your menswear business in a unique and strong brand name! it will help you to attract your target customer crowd and stand out from the competition. We have listed perfect menswear business name ideas and professional menswear brand names for you!

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Best Professional Menswear Brand Names

These are the top brand names for men’s clothing available on the internet guaranteed!!!.

As we mentioned earlier, all our professional men’s wear brand names are created giving an extra concern about branding psychology. We have conducted several tests on these brand names with sampling customers and found that these professional brand names are customer-friendly. 

All these below-listed brand names have higher phonological loop values, and vocabulary scores which are very important factors to consider if you want a memorable and pronounceable men’s wear brand name. 

And also, these brand names include all the universal brand name qualities. Which are essential when creating a universal brand name. And most importantly, none of the following brand names are costly, each brand name is priced at less than 1000$!!!. 

You are just a click away from your dream-perfect men’s wear brand name!



Nizow Beachwear business names


Men’s Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Discover the perfect name for your men’s clothing brand! Our short and catchy name ideas are designed to resonate with the modern man and make a lasting impact in the fashion industry. Whether you’re aiming for sleek and sophisticated or edgy and urban, our handpicked selection offers options that suit your brand’s identity. Explore our list and find the ideal name that reflects your brand’s personality and appeals to your target audience. Let’s dive in and make your men’s clothing brand unforgettable!


Men Luv

Men Clo


Men Line

Stylish Men



Amazo Menz

The Style

Men Crown


Global Men



Men Proud

Handsome Collection

Hand Some

Handy Wears

Handy Men


Boy Brand

Bro Hood

Mass Men

Gent Colors

Men Folk

Fine Men

Minty Men

Men Mine

Men Fash

Smart Men

One Man

Fash Bro

His Secret

The His

Handsome Fella

Fashion Men

Men More

The Most

Men Pick

Men Lemon

High Street

Fashion Street

Men Corner






Fashion & Men

Men Measure


Men Most

Men Land

Man Lord

Fashion Heist

Fab Men

Fashion File

Fashion Mingle

Men Ruler

Men’s Wear Shop Name Ideas

What should I name my men’s clothing store?

If you plan to open a men’s clothing store, here are some naming suggestions from our naming team. When you are brainstorming names for your men’s clothing store, consider the pronunciation ability, the character count and the memorization power of the name ideas.

Cleo Wey

Classy Dandy

Tough Siyo

Boho Looks

Trendy Max

Cheviot Choice

Black Outfits

Classy Night


Kingso Mens

KinGs Closet

Steady Mode

Suit Primiyo

Dandy Champs

Royal Fits

Prime Looks

Clothey Gram

Mod Shapes

Gents Choice

Handy Menz

Suit Gram


Cleo Max


Men Mind

Men Folk

Men Hood

Fash Slide


Male Soul

Men Measure

Stylish Group


Men Luv



Men Matter

Men Flatter

Men Flatto

Men Vibz

Men Straight

Men Well

Men Wire

Happy Clothes

Men World




Menswear Shop Name List

Here are some cool menswear shop name ideas for you!

Man Valley

Male Attire

Boss Clothes



Men Lead

Fashion Power

Power Design

Fash Flash

Fashion Corner

Catchy Men

Fashion Coach

Fashion Pool

Men Clo


Men Live


Man Log



Gentlemen's Attire

Dapper Duds Emporium



Tailored Trends


Classic Gents

Urban Gents

Urban Hombre

Tailored Boutique

The Stylish Stag

ManMode Wardrobe

Trending Menswear Clothing Shop Name Ideas

People nowadays are willing to spend money on fashion without any hesitation, so the Men’s clothing industry could be a great business idea for you to become a success. In your menswear business, the name plays a vital role. So you need to select a name that catchy enough to stay in the customers’ minds for a long time. Here are some handpicked trendy name ideas for menswear businesses.

Tough Fits

Trendy Choice

Tough Dasher

Men’s Closet

KinGs Walk

Trendy Chaps

Cheviot Agents

Black Theme

Stylin Boss

Mod Knights

Tough Dasher

Rough Outfits

Modish Crest

Dandy shapes

Black Craze

Black Crest

Trendy Chaps

Handy Dasher

Mod Dreams

Bro’s Cart

Mr Dash

Epic Tricton

Coz Zero

Kris Knights

Grey Theme

Tough Agents

Black Closet

KinGs Shape

Rough Crest

Jack Oxxon

Tough Walk

Trendy Theme

Fashion Wrap

Fashion Pattern

Celebrity Outfit

Fit Fashion

Trendy True

True Handsome

Fashion Thousand

Fashion Men

Rio Measure

Buff Clothing




Rough Matter

Matt Men

Cow Boy



Men Manner


Man Log



Man Valley

Male Attire

Boss Clothes



Men Lead

Fashion Power

Power Design

Fash Flash

Fashion Corner

Catchy Men

Fashion Coach

Fashion Pool

Men Clo


Men Live


Menswear Shop Name List

Looking for a catchy menswear shop name? Selecting a satisfying name can be tricky because you want the best brand name ideas for your menswear shop. That is why we have listed menswear shop name ideas for you. If you have business expanding plans in the future, please refer to the professional menswear brand name collection.

Catchy Men

Men Power

Men House

Handsome Momentz



Gentle Design

More Men

Men Most

Handsome Collection

Handy Wear

Smart Wear

Men Speak

Binary Mens

Men Expert

Expert Choice

Mess Choice

Men Force

Men Poison

Mens Addictive

Fashion Fluent

Dash Men

Fashion Bomb

Menwear Up

Unique Taste

Mens Only

Crown Fashion

Men Creed

The Real

Real Fashion

True Men

Inner Men

Men's Clothes Shop Name Ideas in India

Are you opening a men’s clothing store in India? Good! Because we have created the best menswear business name ideas for you.

Cashmere Men


Mumbai Megic

Fashion Kingdome


Colorful Corner

Fash Wardrobe

Men Front

Fashion Front

Gent Ji

Men’s Area

Decent India

Rajput Wardrobe

Raja Fashion

Gent Meant

Gent India

Khan Fashion

Panjabi Men

Handsome India


Raj Mahal

Fashion Mahal

Prince Town

Dev Fashion

New Names For Menswear Businesses

Apparel is a very trendy, ever-evolving, and quick-changing industry. So when you name a business in this industry, you need to be smart to select a trend-resistant brand name. Here are some handmade name ideas to inspire you!







Adore Line

Handsome Devil


The Genie

Men Genre

Type Men

Fashion Step

Look Lock


Men Tribe

Fashion Tribe


Hot N Tall

Smart Sleeve

Stylin X

Prime Elegance

Hexa Agents

Rogue Knight

Wiks Taste

Fashion mode

Classy O

Boho Looks

Royal Knights


Fabric Warehouse

Everyday Style

Mood Makers

Golden Hues

Casual Charms

Spring Feelings

Quality Choices

Better Fabrics

Summer Fits

Outfit Experts

Modern ClaZ

Stylin mode

Fashion Lads

Prime Taste

Fashion Themes

Major Elegance

Zeus Themes

Boho Dream

Men's Shirt Brand Name Ideas

Selecting a suitable men’s shirt brand name can be tricky for someone who does not have an experience in the branding field. So our brand experts have handpicked creative and unique men’s shirt brand name ideas for you.

Handy Shift

Hansome Wardrobe

Shirt Collection

Shirt Mine

Shirt A Lot

Sheer Shirtz

Shirtz Corner

Shirt Art

Shirt Gallery

Shirt Community

Variety Shirt

Shirt Brand

Trendy Shirt

Shirt Line

Shirt Society

Fine Shirt

Fine Clothing

Shine Shirt

Shirt Wardrobe

Cool Shirt

Dapper Thread

Gentleman's Choice

Sartorial Edge

Classic Chic

Sharp Style

Modern Man

Elevated Essentials

Tailored Perfection

Men’s Clothing Line Name Ideas

Customers tend to connect with eye-catching brand names. To make them pick your brand name among your competitors, make sure your men’s wear brand name is catchy enough. Here are some catchy men’s wear brand name ideas for you.

Classic HangerX

Fort Dress

Trendy Retro


Dress Glam

Bright Glam

Royal Theme

Bright Fort

Quality Bless

Sparkle Boutique


Dress Casa

Pixie Dust

Kelmio Boys

Trendy Kingx

Fashiono Palace

High Fashionz


Fancy Boutique

Dress Upz

Fine Line

Soul Fashion

Men Society

Fashion World

Men Fashion

Smart Men


The Most

Handsome Line

Fab City

Fashion Week

Fash Line

Men Fabric

Gentle Robe

High Fashion

Men Vogue

Funky Men

Street Fashion

Cool Corner

Classy Suit

Classy Fashion

Menly Class

Men Manner

Menly Manner

Good Clothing Brand Name Ideas For Guys

Good brand name is a good beginning for your guys’ clothing business. A good brand name is memorable, short and simple and most importantly unique!. Here are some guys’ clothing brand name ideas for you!

Guy’s Choice

Guys Collection

Handsome Collection

Stylish Men

Fashionable Story

Guy’s Fash

Fash Slash

Modish Man

Men's Garments Shop Names

When selecting a name for your gent’s garment shop, it is important to select a quality and brandable brand name. That is why you need to select a hand-picked men’s garment shop name which is creative, memorable, unique, and meaningful!

Bouz Max

Harris Gents

Oxxo Crown

Stetson Looks

Frizz Vibes

Handy Choice

Black Theme

Theme Rough


Zeko Zed

Jober Grey

Tassle Looks

Men Garment

Gents Only

Reserved For Men

Gentlemen Only

Reserved For Gentz

Gents Garment

Glory Men


Fashion Land

Men Mind

Fashion Addict

Best Shape

Fashion Collect

Fashion Corner

Fashion Killer

Fashion Faver

Cool Men’s Wear And Apparel Business Name Ideas

The first impression a customer gets when seeing your men’s wear brand name is very important. To make them select your brand name among your competitors follow the below listed cool brand name patterns in your brand name. 

Cleo Gents

Rough Boss

Stylin Lads

Fashion Essential


Mod Choice



Boho Taste

Royal Choice

Hexa Cool


QfeZZeus mode

Pops Dream

Prime Rare

Major Looks

Roge O

Modern Still

Rough Themes

Stylin Agents

Creative Names For Men’s Clothing Businesses

The men’s clothing business field is becoming competitive day by day. What most entrepreneurs miss when naming their business is “creativity”. But the secret behind creative men’s wear brand names is, that those are eye-catchy and easy to memorize. So here are some creative handpicked men’s wear business name ideas.


Gentle Wears

Handsome Chap


Smart Youth

His Wears

Choice He

Male Mile

Men Look

Guy Stuff

Fine Men

Special Folk

Your Lover

The Mister

Serious Patternz

Smart N Handsome

Super Collection

Choice Collection


Fit N Hot





Handsome Eyes




Man Design

Handsome Design






Men Kingdome



The Style

Full Suite

Clever Menswear Business Names

You name your business once. Even though you have the choice of rebranding your business, it comes with many drawbacks. It is always smart to select a strong brand name that sticks to your business for years.


Men Chosen

Selective Men

Men City

Fashion Boost

Fashion Head

Cozzy Men

Fashion Trend


Smart Up

Fashion Kind

Men Own

Fashion Fresh

Classy N Stylish

Fashion Glance

Majestic Loom

Ace Fashion

Global Men

Men In Style

Fashion Rush

Rough Shapes

Cheviot Knights

Efo Looks

Stylin Craze




KinGs Outfits

Clever Lads

Fashionable Lads

Styley Lads

Fashion Fiest

Men Wall

Proud Men

Fashion Appear

Fashion Gen

Men Gen

Men Menu

Fashion Menu

Fashion Den

Gents Wear Shop Name Ideas

Are you starting a gents item shop? Then one of the first things you are going to need is a catchy and related business name. Get inspired by our naming team’s following gents’ shop name ideas.

Gent Only


Gent It

Gent Ally

All Gent

Gent Meant

Genty Men

The Gene


Gent Garment

The Giant

Gent Mind

Gent Fashion

Fashion Mind

Gent Mint

Plus Gent

Gentle Thread

Trendy Gentz

Gent Me

Gentle Fabrics

Gent Fab

Gent Garment

Gent Verse

Gent Times

Its Gentz

Gents Street

Gent Mile

Gent Style

Vint Men

Art Men

Fancy Ladz

Ladz Lane

Fashion Lane

Rough Core

Fashion Cart

Handsome Pick

What Are Some Popular Brands For Menswear?

It is advisable to study the giants in the industry before selecting a name for your menswear business. So here are some popular brands for the menswear industry.

  1. Louis Vuitton
  2. Gucci
  3. Gorgio Armani
  4. Balenciaga
  5. The North Face
  6. H&M
  7. Versace
  8. Hermes
  9. Prada
  10. Ralph Lauren

Suit Shop Name Ideas

To make your product a success in the market, you need an outstanding men suit business name. Selecting the best name at the beginning of your business journey saves you both time and money. So here are some cool men’s suit brand name ideas by our naming experts!

Suits For You

It Suits!

Suit Up

Gent Suit

Gentle Suit

Suit House

Suit Gallery

Suit On

Fit Suit

Quality Suits

Suit To West

Suits All

Suit Match

Sharp Suit

Suit Authority

Tailor Perfect

Perfect Fit

Elite Suits

Suit Wardrobe

Fine Tailor

Unique Men’s Clothing Store Name Ideas

As the competition is fierce in the men’s apparel market, you can try your brand name as a tool to attract customers to your business by creating/ selecting unique men’s wear brand names. Analyze the brand names in your business niche/ industry and create a better and distinctive brand name. People like dealing with innovative and unique brand names.

The following name ideas are examples of unique men’s clothing brand names.





























Men’s Fashion Business Name Ideas

The men’s fashion field is growing bigger day by day into an independent industry. It is a luxurious business field where new businesses are introduced on a daily basis. To stand out from the competition, you need an outstanding business name. Here are some catchy brand names to check out.

Luxy Looks

Most Handsome


Glam Fashion

High End

High Claz

Clazy Looks

Hot Handsome


Handy Crave

Men Up

Men Line

Men Immune

Men Soon

Men Likely


Secret Sun

Men Elite


Men Luxx

Fashion Flavor

Fashion And Thingz

Handsome You

Fashion Way

Fancy Fan

Men Fancy

Hot Taste

Men Style

Men Advisor

Menswear Streams

Menswear Paramount

Men Progress

Menswear Insights

Dora Stylings

Menswear Primes

Devine Furors

Mens Trend

Menswear Assists

Menswear Connects

Men Directory

Menswear Brand Name Ideas

Unlike in the past, in the present days, the brand name plays a major role in any business including in your menswear business. To get the most out of your brand name, select an uncommon menswear brand name. Check out the following menswear brand name ideas.









Wonder Men




Global Men



Men Mass

Lavish Men

Men Dash

Dashly Look

Handsome Stare

Men Way

Menswear Star

Golden Men

Men Planet

Men Origin

Fashion Wonder

Dash Fashion

Men Coatz

Men Click

Fashion Click

Fashion Idea

Fashion Hunter

Fashion Capacity

Fashion Time


Men Max

Men's Dress Shop Name Ideas

If you are planning to start a men’s dress shop, you need an attractive name to make it easier for the customers to memorize it. Here are some super name ideas for your men’s dress shop!

Gents Lines

Dude Perfect

Fashion Sense

Clever Men

Gents Style

Street SmartZ

Golden Agents

Bright Lads

Urban Classics

Jaded Mirror

Grey Looks

Inso Men

Blue Theme

Gents Place

Custom looks

Vintage Line

Dual Fashion


Sleek Omo


Elite Elegance

Suave Style

Regal Attire

Dapper Threads

Refined Gents

Classic Charm

Sharp Suits

Sophisticated Wear

mens clothing brand name ideas

Hood Business Names

Looking for a good hood business name? The following are some cool hood business name ideas hand-picked by our naming experts.

Hood Mood

Hoodie Spot

Comfo Hoods

Fashion Hood

Fang Hoods

Head Fashion

Fashion Head

Hood Hill

Just Hoods

Hood Load

Hood Collection

Hood Up

Hoody Buddy

Hood For Men

Hood Looks

Men Hood

Hood Lord

Hoodz Corner

Hood Hill

Hood Fashion

Head Gear

Hood About


Some Hood

Hood Boutique

Hood Pile

Hoodie House

Hoodie Lord

Popular Men’s Fashion Brand Names World Wide

It is advisable to have an idea about the best / most popular brand names in the field. Why? As you are planning to start a menswear business, selecting a name is one of the first things to do. A brand name is a long-term asset of your business. So it is a big decision. Studying from the experts in the field is very advisable as you are a startup. 

  1. Louis Vuitton
  2. Gucci
  3. Giorgio Armani
  4. Balenciaga
  5. The North Face
  6. H&M
  7. Versace
  8. Hermes
  9. Prada
  10. Ralph Lauren

Modern Men’s Clothing Brand Name Ideas

If you are planning to start a modern men’s clothing business, here are some stylish modern men’s clothing brand name suggestions.

Modern Man

Stylish Man

Stylish Clothing

Man And Fashion

Suit N Man

Modern Up

Modern Fashion

Fashionable Men

Modern Gents

Elegante Men

Modern Manscape

Prime Male

Men’s Clothing Company Name Ideas

Starting a men’s clothing company but couldn’t find the dream name yet? Don’t worry, we have the best menswear business name collection on the internet. You can check the best brandable brand names if you have plans to expand your business in the future. If not, the following brand names are also suitable.





Clothing Company

Men Company

Men Venue

Fashion Spot

Men Closet

Men’s Apparel

Men Gear

Hot Men

Fashion Era



Gentle Choice

Mens Fashion Park

Best Suits

Men Credit

Boss Bliss

Combo Max

Dressy Calab




Camren Combo

Tow Max

Le Perfo

Clothing Mecis






Passiono expo




G SwagZ


Online Men’s Wear Business Name Ideas

When you start an online men’s wear business, it is important to select a brand name that is available with the domain name. Make sure the brand name you select is uncommon.


Passiono Outfit

B way



Bluey Boys

Combo Clothing

Greenvo Camren

Lil Boss

Aqua outfits




Stylish PerfoMens



Dressy Gradient

Perfo Wow

Zee way


Craftly Max

Rooney Gents

Inner Greato









X Calab

Dandy Wears

Dressy Gradient

Craftly Max

Perfo Wow

Men’s Underwear Brand Name Ideas

Kickstart your men’s underwear business with a unique and catchy name idea. Here are some name ideas for your men’s underwear business from our naming team. Get inspired!!!

Men’s Briefs

Boxer Shorts

Men’s Underpants

Under Drawers

The Skivvies

Under Pants

The Boxers

Men’s Fashion

Privet Drawer

Hot Prince

The Shaped

Fit In

Handsome Secret

Men Undies

Mr. Smart

Pro Underwear

Under Fashion

Hot Collection

The One

Hot One

Classic Mens

Pixie Fashion

Bright Glyderx

Kelmio Gents

Trendy Palace

Royal KingZ

Dress Ups

Trendy Fashiono

Bright Fashionz







Dress CooliX

Boutique Slex

Pixie EL

Palace Kingx

Dress High

Men Hot

Sexy Vibez


Men Handle

Men’s Clothing Store Name Ideas

If you have no clue to name your men’s clothing store, below we have given some creative men’s clothing store name ideas. A name is representative of your business. So it needs to have a meaning in it. You can create a loyal customer base with a good and trustworthy name!

Every Men

Men All

Catchy Men

One Store


Men Crave

One Men

Only Men


Men Glitz

Men Cafe

Male Club

Gents Category

Male Themez

Men Intro

Men Age

Men Themed

Manly Look


Man Immune

Men Hour

Men Live

Men Collection

Men Went

Men Pro

Pro Wears

Handsome You

Handy You

Your Measure

Men Choice

Men Selection

Handsome Move

Handsome Wears

Happy Men

Figure Crush

Crush Crowd

Handsome Men

Figure Clan

Color Sky

Sky Crush

Men’s Boutique Name Ideas

Every business has its own target customer crowd. To attract the right customer to your men’s boutique business at the right time, you need an attractive and distinctive business name. Here are some catchy name ideas for your men’s boutique store.

Wow Boutique

Men Stuff

Men Secretz

Men Diary

Men Luv

Menly Stuff

Men Corner

Fashion Corner

Men Fashion


Man Sort

Men Wine




Boy Scoutz

Choice Men

Fashion Festi

Men Destination

Men Impress

Beyond Men

Every Men

Man Up

Men Manner

Men Touch

Tough Guy

Men Level

Men Style

Gent's Haven

Dapper Threads

Urban Gents

Modern Mania

Stylish Gents

Classic Charm

Trendy MEN

Gents' Choice

Cute Names For Men’s Clothing Line

If you are looking for a cute men’s clothing line name, confirm that the name is short, simple, catchy, and delivers a cute and attractive vibe for customers. Here are some examples for cute menswear business names.

Cute Design

Smart Men

Menpower Apparel

Hawaiian Fashion

Mens Fab


Trending Men

Mens Squire

Misty Males

Crown Fashion

Cute Kingdome

Dream Handsome

Trendy Fashion

Cute Designz

All Male

Royal Place

Men Design

Sweet Shirtz

Mr. Hotty

Mr. Gentz


Smart Men

Men Select

Men Collection

Men Found

Man Bean



The Brave


Man Matters

Handsome Sleeve

Ofz Sleeve

White Collar

Blue Whale


Men's Accessories Shop Names Ideas

Starting a men’s accessories shop? Great! Here are some cool name ideas from our naming experts.

Ax Bass

Wide Choice

Random Fits

Classy Champs

Clothey Boho

Prime Shapes





Noble Gents

Tailor Made


Gents Clique

Change Up

Gentle Moments

Suit Gallery

Good Decisions

Desirable Wears

Classy Gentleman

Gents Ally

Prime matrix

Smart Vir

KingZ Choice


Steady Vibes

Classy Impresso

Jaded Choice

Black Theme

ChapZ looks

Vir Dasher

Grace V

Steady LookZ

Hombres Men

Gents Max

Prime Crest

Tough Lads

Handy Cart

Mod Theme


Men’s Wear Business Naming Guide

Qualities Of A Good Menswear Brand Name!

This is a question you must find the answer to if you want an outstanding brand name for your menswear business. There are some qualities of a good brand name. Learning these qualities will lead you to a great brand name. 

  • Distinctive- to become recognizable, you need to be distinctive from the existing brand names; your competitors. Then your customers can easily single you out from the other menswear brand names. 
  • Short- this is also an important factor of a good brand name. Use limited characters in your brand name, which makes it easy to read and memorable. 
  • Easy to memorize- without a loyal customer crowd, you cannot survive in the market. A memorable name is a key to attracting more customers and keeping them around your brand name. So make sure your menswear brand name is easy to remember for anyone.
  • No numbers or special characters included- when you select or create a menswear business name, make sure to avoid names with numbers and special characters. On one hand, these types of names confuse customers when they interact with them, and on the other hand, they are very less supportive of the SEO process if you update your business to an online platform in the future. 
  • Easy to pronounce – this is very important. The core part of any business including your menswear business is to make a profit, in order to do that you need a strong customer base. If your brand name contains complex pronunciation patterns, it would be difficult for the customers to be familiar with. So make sure your brand name easily slips off your tongue to get a good brand name. 
  • No generic words included- unlike in the past, to become familiar with the audience it is better if you start with an uncommon /distinctive menswear business name. If you search in the market there will be so many menswear business names with the same naming pattern and the same word set. In order to be stand out and become a catchy brand name avoid the common generic words. And on the other hand, Google does not rate generic brand names. If you have no plans to expand the business or get a domain name for your business, generic worded business names are not harmful to your menswear business. 
  • No negative connotation- make sure your menswear brand name does not generate a negative meaning. It would be difficult for your business to archive targets, including attracting customers. Probably a customer would not like to engage a brand name that gives a negative brand name. To confirm your brand name does not give a negative meaning in any language.
  • SEO Friendly- This is very important. Pick a name that is good with SEO. Brands such as good company, good chairs, and flower bouquets; brands that have keywords in them do not rank in search engines such as Google. So to avoid it, come up with a unique menswear name. It will help you to build a strong online presence and rank fast.

If you are planning to name your business on your own, here are some tips and tricks you should not miss when naming your men’s wear business.

How To Come up With A Men’s Wear Business Name?

Naming your business is a process. This is the most popular and  successful way to come up with a brand name idea. 

  • Know Your Business To The Core –  This is very important, having a complete idea about your business. The business niche you represent, the product, your customer policy, your values and the business mission. Having a complete picture in your mind before naming your men’s wear business helps you to get the most related brand name. 


  • Know Your Competitors Well –  You can learn many things from your competitors. Compared to them you have less experience in the field, so from the brand name to their customer service you can learn many things from your competitors and you can apply better plans for your business. Analyze their brand name patterns, the startup naming trends they follow and create a better brand name that you can survive through the competition. 
  • Brainstorm Brand Name Ideas – Brainstorm as many brand name ideas as you can for your men’s wear business and make a list. You can refer to brand name generators, competitors’ brand names, and popular words in the industry and make a list. 

  • Select The Best Three Brand Names For Your Men’s Wear Business- consider the brand name qualities to select the best three brand name ideas from the list. 

  • Check The Brand Name Availability – Before registering the brand name, confirm it’s not registered yet. You can check the availability from USPTO. If the brand names are available, select the best one and register it.

Trending Words In The Mens’ Wear Business Names

There are many ways to improve brainstorming menswear name ideas. Learning the trending words in the target field is one of them. Trending words/keywords help customers to understand which business category you represent. So studying keywords is important. Here are some trending words in menswear business names.

Menswear Brand Names In The USA

It is important to know the existing menswear brand names before naming your menswear business. So we decided to list some popular existing menswear brand names. Now you can figure out how to shape your menswear brand name to stand out from your competitors. 

  • MensUSA
  • State and Liberty Clothing Company
  • Reserve Supply Company
  • Timber Trade Company
  • Brooks Brothers
  • O.N.S Clothing
  • Journeymanco.
  • Duluth Trading Company
  • Independence
  • Blackblue
  • Filson
  • City Man


How do I choose a men’s clothing brand name?

Choosing a name that will suit your men’s clothing shop is a challenging task. A good men’s clothing brand name will be always a simple and memorable one. Be wise enough to consider the brand name qualities before choosing the name for your men’s clothing store.

What are the steps for choosing a good menswear brand name?

There are so many approaches you can take to select a good brand name. But if you have no idea at all, you can follow the below steps. 

  • First, understand the core of your business. What is the nature of your menswear business, and what clothing items do you sell in your business, etc. ?t will help you to select the right word set for your business name. 
  • Then you can select the keywords. Keywords mean the word set that explains your business the best. For example, gents, clothing, men’s, attire, and fashion. 
  • Study the best men’s clothing business names. It will help you to get an idea of the brand name patterns and unique words you can use in your business name. 
  • Make a list. With the knowledge you have now, you can make a men’s clothing business name ideas list for your business. Be creative and unique. Use simple and meaningful words. 
  • Select the best three-name ideas out of the list. Select the best three name ideas that have brand name qualities. Or you can use our brand name idea evaluation tool to evaluate your business name. 
  • Now you have three good brand name ideas. Now check whether they are already registered or not. This is an accurate way to select a brandable menswear brand name for your business.