Get The Perfect Brand Name For Your Makeup Stores

Here we have listed the best professional brand names for your makeup stores after analyzing 25365 names from our AI-based tool. If you already have a brand name idea with you please evaluate it with our evaluation tool to know how good or bad the brand name is.

If you have no idea about your brand name you can go through our available listed brand names.

Brinso Makeup Store Brand Name Idea Evaluation Tool

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Let’s take a look at the best brandable Makeup Names in the world.



Estée Lauder logoEstée Lauder




Johnson & Johnson

Amore Pacific

Kao Corporation



Bobbi Brown logo

Bobbi Brown


These brand names can be identified as the best brand names in the makeup industry.

These listed handpicked unique brand name ideas can be used for any of your makeup stores.

Princess Diary
Skin Care
Skin Protector
Beautiful You
Skin Polisher
Beauty Expert
Body Butter
True Soul
Skin Adviser
Glow Soft
Treat Yourself
For Everyone
Fair To Deep
All Set
Next Level
Casual To Alter
Healthy Fair
True Self
Uncover U
Water Proof
Perfect Look
Gorgeous Girl
Beauty Assist
Miss Rose
Add Color
Ever Mate
The Shield
Sun Fun
New Look
Picture Perfect
Beauty Parlor
Yout Time

If you need a professional brand name idea for your makeup store you can use one of the below brand names as per your choice.



Suvixo logoSuvixo


Neifee logoNeifee

Negrim logoNegrim

Trimxo logoTrimxo

Mugrio logoMugrio


Liplea logoLiplea


Prifon logoPrifon

Weloky logoWeloky

These pro brand names care highly recommended by Brinso brand name consultants for your professional makeup store. These brand names can be memorized and pronounced easily. If you choose one of these brand names you will get the .com ownership along with it. As these brand names do not consist of any negative connotation you will not have any issues if they want to transit the brand into any other country.

Makeup Store Brand Names By Categories.

LipSticks Store Name Ideas

Lips Care
Smoothy Products
Lipstick Store
Moisture Feeling
Dry To Oily
Rise To Set
Petal Store
Tell Us
Natural Beauty
Wild Flower
Lip Glow
Good Products
Perfectly Posh
Next Stop
We Care
Forever Young
The Smile
Healthy Products

These brand name samples are suitable for any  Lipstick store that has a range of lipsticks including moisturizing lipsticks, satin and sheer lipsticks, matte lipsticks, cream lipsticks, gloss lipsticks and more.

Lipliner Products Store Name Ideas

Lip Shape
Lip Liners
The Edge
Worthy Money
New Place
Lip Parlor
Lip Service
Top Lip Liner
Lip Pencil
Lip Crayons
Big Range
Pencil To Crayon
We Know
Get Best
Color Card

These brand name samples can be used for any lipliner related stores.

Foundation Products Store Name Ideas

Dry Liquid
Zero B-skin
Skin Essentials
Rain Coat
Silk Foundations
Self Refreshing
True Portrait
Light Foundations
Trust Mate
Stay In Place
Foundation Attire
Cover Room
House of Foundations
Your Secret
Foundation Centre
Face Up

These brand name ideas can be used for any foundation product store that has a range of  foundation products such as face foundation powder , foundation cream , foundation stick ,Liquid foundation,primer foundation concealer and more.

Primer Products Store Name Ideas

Best Primers
Cherry Blossom
Primer Parlor
Smoother Finish
Holds You
Best Formula
Light Weight
For Anyone
Moisturizer Feel
Fluid Primers
Primer Attire
Purse Friendly
Prime Place
House Of Fashions
For Dewy Skin
Shine You
Last All-Day
Prime Palace

These brand name examples can be used for any primer product stores.

Concealer Product Store Name Ideas

ConSeals U
Under Your Eyes
For You
Best Shop
The Vegan COncealer
New Life
The Gift Store
Beauty Package
Tell Us
Better Day
Beauty Pro
Cosmo Zeal
Zealed With U
No Regrets
Picture Perfect
True Color
Color Blend
Zealed Store

These brand name ideas can be used for any store that has a range of concealer products including blemish concealers, brightening concealers, highlighting concealers, liquid concealers, stick concealers, cream concealers, pencil concealers, and any product related to concealers.

Eyeliner Products Store Name Ideas

Eye Shot
Beautiful Eyes
Eye Liners
Eyeliner Products
Love Look
Open Your Eyes
Bright Eyes
Blue To Black
Eye Tutorial
Water Line
Hazel Liner
Blue Shade
Eye Expert
Naked Eyes
New View
Eye Trick
Dreamy Eyes
Expressive Pair

These brand name suggestions can be used for any eyeliner related store including, liquid eyeliners, eyeliner gel, eyeliner pencils, and any product related to eyeliners.

Mascara Productions Store Name Ideas

Eye Sensational
Glitter Eyes
Sense Of Sight
Fields Of Vision
House Of Eyes
Royal Glance
Eyes Shine
Highlighted Beauty
Real Maskara
Doll Lashes
Naughty Lash
Best Mascaras
Glamor Look
Girl Friend
Keep Shape
Lovely Gaze
Eyes & Lash

These brand name ideas are suitable for any store related to mascara products including waterproof mascaras, skinny mascaras, slim mascaras, and any product related to mascara.

Makeup Remover Products Store Name Ideas

Instant Remover
Clean Place
Cleansing Spot
Wipe Off
Remove It
Melt It Off
Soothing Remover
Easy Way
Real Look
We Care
Bath Time
Rinse It Off
Pure Attire
Sponge & Buble
Shine Spot
Dip In
Gentle Bubble
Best Products

These brand name ideas suitable for any business that is related to makeup remover products such as ,makeup remover pads,makeup remover cotton pads,makeup remover creams,makeup remover balms,makeup remover towels,makeup remover sponges and more.

Lip Care Product Store Name Ideas

Rose Bud Shape
Lip Care Products
Masks For Lips
Fresh Sugar
Red Lax Lips
Fleshy Hug
Back To Soft
Loving Lips
Healthy Smile
Care Aware
Lip Polisher
Youthful Face
Face Store
The Best
Love U
Hot N Full
Cherry Shade
Ideal Look

These brand name suggestions are best for any business related to lip care products including, lips serums, lip balms, lip exfoliants, repair lip treatments, lip moisturizers, lip polishes, lip comfort oil, and any product related to lip care products.

Eye Shadow Products Store Name Ideas

Shadow Products
Eye Shade
Beauty Palette
Matte Shadows
Glistening Eyes
Eye Lover
Closed Color
Diamond Rays
Rainbow Lids
Makeup Artist
Eyes & Shine
Steal Look
Handsome Set
Big Blue
Our Suggestion
Nice Eyes
Our Tips
Eye Palette

These brand name ideas are perfect for any store that is related to eye shadow products.

Makeup Product Stores In The USA

SEPHORA inside JCPenney
Space NK Prince Street
Credo Clean Beauty
The Detox Market
Make Up Forever
MAC Cosmetics
Skin Store
Estee Lauder
Frends Beauty

Here are a few popular brand names in the USA for hair oil stores, lip care stores, cosmetic stores, eye care stores and any other makeup product related stores.

Makeup Product Stores In The UK

Laura Dossett Make-up Artist
NARS Cosmetics
The Beauty Store
Too Faced Cosmetics Carnaby Store
MAC Cosmetics
Space NK Islington
Beauty Outlet
Guru Makeup Emporium Ltd

Here are a few popular hair product stores in the USA  for hair oil stores, hair shampoo stores, hair conditioner stores, leave on conditioner stores, hair tool stores, hair color product stores, kids’ hair product stores, and any other hair product-related stores.

Makeup Product Stores In Italy

NYX Italia
Kryolan Professional Make-Up
Kiko Milano
Wycon Cosmetics
Sephora Piza
Flormar professional
NYX Professional
Kiko Make Up Milano
Kryolan City Milano

Here are a few popular brand names in Italy for hair oil stores, lip care stores, cosmetic stores, eye care stores, and any other makeup product related stores.

Makeup Product Stores In India

MAC DLF Mall of India Noida
Nykaa Luxe
Kathiawar Stores
MyGlamm at Lifestyle Noida
The Body Shop

Here are a few popular brand names in India for hair oil stores, lip care stores, cosmetic stores, eye care stores, and any other makeup product related stores.

Brand Names To Be Avoided

Care Your Face
Foundation,Powder,Eye Liner
Best Makeup Ever
Every Day Open For U
Only For Your
365 Open For You
Your Last Visit
Perfect Cosmetics
Make Up Boutique
Super Face Mask

Tips To Create A Perfect Brand Name Idea

  • Try to get ideas from customers, relations, and friends.
  • To find a creative brand name idea you can use a made-up name that is not in the dictionary. Google and Skype are well-known brands that use made-up names as the brand name.
  • You can combine parts of two words and come with a smart brand name for your business.  Snapchat and Soulcycle are examples of two-word brand names.
  •  If you come up with a startup name that is already taken you can misspell it. You have to be sure that misspelled word is pronounceable. Examples for such brand names are Flickr and Tumblr.

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