Health And Wellness Business Name Ideas

Get a hearty and sound brand name for your health care company…”

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Health is the most affected industry from the global health crisis. According to the latest reports from the Covid 19 situation, it’s more than 72% of the healthcare industry. 

As a startup in the healthcare industry there are many challenges to be faced including selecting a professional brand name. We have listed  healthcare company names, health business names, medical company name ideas, wellness business name ideas, homecare business name ideas, medical app name ideas and more. 

If you are looking for unique brand names, we also have a professional healthcare brand names list.

health and wellness business name ideas

Health And Wellness Business Name Ideas

People today are more concerned about their health and well-being than ever before. To attract them to your health and wellness business, get a catchy business name idea. Here are creative name ideas from your naming team.

Brilli Health

Peak Health

Best Life

Well Breath

Safe Beat

Hearty Rate

High Gene

Well Boozt

Care Taken

Well Doctor


Well Condition

Well Life

Soul Health

Mind Ful

Feel Whole

Well Mind

At Eaze

Full Soul

Heal Whole

Nutri Mind

At Relaxation

Wish Well

Health Point

Hearty Mind

Mind Palace

Relax Point

Mind Set

Brain Pillow

Thinky Cloud

Well Beaz

Vibe Well

Its Wellness

Pure Mind

Blue Lotus

The Bloomz

Mind Spa

Prime Health

Lotus Spa

Body Relaxzy

What is a good name for a health and wellness business?

Apart from the brand name suggestions listed above, to create a good health and wellness brand name, keep it away from generating negative connotations. A brand name communicates with the whole society. So your brand name needs to generate a human friendly vibe for anyone who reads it for the first time.

health company business name ideas

Health Company Name Ideas

Here are some brand name ideas handpicked by our branding specialists for your inspiration. These are also perfect brand name ideas if you plan to reach local customers through your brand name.

Worth Health

Fitness Aware

Clinic On

Fit On

Bloom Health

Health Spa

Vitamin On

Medi Care

Treat You

Be Healthy

Health Club


Cure Land

Blesses Life

Health Edit

Hearty Vibe

Herbal Mix

Home Health

Good Care

City Health

Full Care


Expar Health

U Healthy

Complete Health

Ultra Care

Health Street

Wake Up Health

Green Health

Kind Treat

Heart Care

Heaven Health

Inexpensive Health

Wish To Cure

Cure Wish

Priority Health

Lifeline Health

Live Again

Medi Partner

Healthy Futur

medical company name ideas

Medical Company Name Ideas

Know your business first and the niche you represent first, here your niche is medical companies. This will narrow and focus the brand naming process.

Cure Pill

Medi Solution

Bio Cure

Tech Bio

Pain Killer

Medi Formula

Medi Tech

Cure Find

Cure Lab

Disease Treat

Medi Updates

Agri Tech

Bio Tech

Green Friend

Better Envo

Green Apply

Micro Apply

Inno Approach

Less Pollution

Inno Mind

Medic Super

Cure Products

Medi Treat

Cure Power

Medi Motive

Find Life

Pro Medi

Medicine Hut

Medi Mart

Medi House


Pro Medi

healthcare business name ideas

Catchy Healthcare Business Name Ideas

Our brand name specialists have listed these brand name ideas for any health industry related business. Check the following brand name ideas and get a good knowledge of brand naming.

Disease Off

Safe Haven

Health More

Medi Treat

Health Test

Health Focus

Home Care

Care Health

U Health

Your Safety

Doctor Choice

Zone Clear

Pain Away

Cure Pill

Medi Solution

Bio Cure

Medi Formula

Plus Health

Well Mind

Mind Full

Happy Life

The Smile

Fit Love

Ur Pharma

Med Care

Safe Life

Exo Health

Eco Heal

Health World

Care Live

Heal Hall

Off Disease

Health Choice

Capital Health

Prio Life

The Smile

Longer Heal

Whole Health

Live It

Health Fav

Max Life


Nutri Plus

Beyond Health

Crown Health

Cure Health

Royal Hospitals

Blessed Life

The Doctor

Body Safety

Pro Protection

The Upgraded

wellness business name ideas

Wellness Business Name Ideas

Here are some wellness business name ideas from our brand specialists. Do not use long brand name ideas for your wellness business which makes it difficult for your customer to memorize it. 

All the following brand name ideas are hand picked.

Lotus Wellness

Happily Mind

Pro Spa

Well Health

Light Mind

The Aroma

Freg Hut

Ayur Wellness

Ancient Remedies

Medi Boat

Hill Spring

Well Ayur

Calm Mind

Nature Spring

Turmy Boat

Fragro Centre

Well Mind

Ayur Remedies

Golden Essence

Heaven Wellness

Well Meet

Lotus Spa

Body Cure

Beauty Body

Well Mind

The Release

Well Feel

Burn It

Get Free

Body Boozt

Well Center

Well Dwell

home healthcare brand name ideas

Home Care Business Name Ideas

The below listed names are just for your home health care business. With the pandemic, there is a tendency for home healthcare businesses in the healthcare industry. So create a catchy brand name for a good customer attraction.

Home Care

Healthy Home


Medi Care

Med Home

The Medic

Care Home

Medi Centre

Your Care

Medic Care

Doctor Home

Your Doctor

Home Doc

Home Care


Grandma’s Med

Home Garden

Oly Herbs

Magic Mix

Home Herbs

Herbal Garden

Ayur Products

Home Heal

Cure Spot

Hand Madic

Medi Vedic


Vintage Remedy

Diy Medicine

Super Doc

Secret Remedy

Pure Cure

If you need to start a home healthcare business, you need a good brand name idea. Get inspired by these brand name ideas from our branding specialists.

health coaching business names

Health Coaching Business Name Ideas

Health coaching businesses are innovative and have a positive demand in the here are  some brand name ideas our brand name specialists came up with. Get inspired by these brand name ideas.

Prime Health

Super Coach

Diamond Coaching

Welllness Prime

Family Doctor

Life Insure

Happy Life

Heal Soul

The Coach

Pro Health Coaching

Med Coaching

Happy Pill

Your Coach

Health Advice

The Teacher

Health Follow

Heal With

Coach Pro

Health Guide

Medic Guru

Heal Selves

Healthy Life

With The Best

Heal With Me

Soul Up

Wellness Coach

Well Life

Life Coaching

Best Coach

Well Coaching

Wellness Teacher

Life Train

health coaching business names

Wellness Coaching Business Name Ideas

Today wellness is a trend in the health industry. So here are some super wellness coaching business name ideas just for your wellness coaching business.

Well Been

Well Full

Yoga Master

Well Mill

Life Plus

Wellness Tour

Trend Wellness

Your Coach

Good Coach

Shape Find

Good Shaped

Find Life

Well Coaching

Plus Well

Physi Mike

Boost Life

Life Booster

Coach Story

Happy Wellness

Life Pluz

Looking for yoga business and studio name ideas???

Professional Healthcare Brand Names

The following listed brand names are professional brand names for your health and wellness business. All these brand names are unique with .com domain names, catchy and available to be purchased. These brand names are well included with all the universal brand name qualities so you can get the most out of your brand name when it is a brandable brand name.








Viharo logo


health mobile app name ideas

Health App Name Ideas

Healthcare apps are a very easy, secure and productive move in the healthcare industry. To get higher customer attraction you need a catchy healthcare app name idea. So here are some examples from our naming team for catchy medical app name ideas.

Al Health

Health Report

Care Taker

Your Workout

Heart Beatz

Healthy Heart

Mobi Doc

Your Care

Well Robot

The Adviser

Your Doc

Super Med

Mobi Wellness

Heal Heart

Healthy Beat

Diet Balance

Prior Health

U Medic

Health Update

The Doc

healthy lifestyle oriented business names

Healthy Lifestyle Oriented Business Names

There is a wave created in the healthcare industry for lifestyle oriented services and products. People have become more aware about their lifestyle, health, mental health and habits. So here are some brand name suggestions hand picked by our brand name masterminds.

Happy Soul

Mind Ful

Science Explain

Mind Cure

Wellness All

Heal It

Buzy While

Next Level

Self Up

Heart Heal

Mind N Body

Life Care

The Beat

Happy Beat

Happy Life

Holy Life

Be Happy

Life Partner

Found Life

The Basics

Life Apply

Happy Ever

The Smile

Heart U

Counseling Business Name Ideas

Name your counseling business with the best name. Make sure it’s short, simple and memorable in order to boost customer attraction towards your counseling business.


Core Smile

Clear Mind

Thinker Plus

Plus Mind

Mind Window

Phonex Counselling

Well Minded

The Breathe

Mind Palace

Simply Mind

Light Life


Just Peace

Yellow Mind

God’s Heart



Blue Sky

Mind Service

Therapy Business Name Ideas

Here are some catchy therapy business name ideas for you. All these names are manually generated by our naming experts.

Heart Support

Mind Own

Happy Help

Soul Up

Therapy Zest

Heal Home

Heal Pluz

Soul Power

Golden Soul

Soul Empower

Pluz Feel

Feel It

Happy Hunt

Soul Encounter

Healing Path

Holy Feeling

sanitizing product business name ideas

Sanitizing Product Business Name Ideas

With the global pandemic situation, “sanitizing” has become a “habit”. It is evident that there is a global demand for business related to sanitizing products. Here are some brand name suggestions from our branding specialists.

Clean Handz

Handy Productz

Safe Pluz

Pulze Protect


Clenzy Viruz

Hand Workz

All Hands

Wiz Handwash


V Dash

Safe Lotion

Anti Virus

Plus Safe

Off Virus

Smart Choice

Pure Hands

Zero Danger

Hand Cover

Magic Spray

Pure World

Cure Global

Hand Care

Virus Shield

Virus Away

Full Cover

Sani Fine

Virus Confort

The Shield

Blue Light

Care You

We Cure

Liq Protect

New Fighter

With Care

Care Hero

Care Power

Bact Bat

Cleansi Hero

Globe Saver

Anti Fast

Puri Hands


Anti Bio

Cleansy Care

Hand Knight

Super Hero

Puri Products

Toxic Off

Pure Wipe

Virus Fighter

Beyond Care

healthy lifestyle oriented business names

Holistic Business Name Ideas

Health is not just about the body. It is a combination of body, mind and soul. And holistic health businesses are growing fast as it gives whole customer satisfaction. Here are some catchy holistic health business name ideas for you!!!.

Holy Health

Happy Heal

Heal Soul

Whole Health

Be Soulful

Holistic Health

Healthy Whole

One Unit

Body Better

Better Whole

One Life

Holistic Heal

Mind And Body

Neuro Path

Mind Practise

Holy Holistic

Holistic Day

Holistic Solutions

Pro Holistic

Holistic Inspire

mental health clinic name ideas

Mental Health Clinic Name Ideas

The below listed name ideas are for any business related to mental health such as mental health businesses, mental health clinics, counseling services and more. These names are perfect if you haven’t planned to open a website for your business.

Your Mind

Mind Mint

Mind You

Lotus Soul

Well Mind

Happy Soul

Heart Meet

Soul Full

Healthy Mind

Happy Bee

Mind Top

Spirit Up

Mind Medi

Mind Care

Mental Heal

Treat Souls

Hearty Heart

The Bliss


Mind Set

Mind Cure

Cure Heart

Mind Level

Hearty Mind


Dental Company Name Ideas

Here are some dental company name ideas from our brand specialists. These brand name ideas are handpicked and considered trending words in the dental clinic field when creating them. You can select these names if you are not planning to open a website for your dental clinic.

Pearl White

Dentist Care

The Dentistry

Smile Care

Dental Ambulance

Healthy Smile

Tooth Care

Dental Care

Teeth Care

Smile Bliss

Dental Trust

Smile Fixed

Dental Craft

Dental Surgeon

Medi Tooth

Dent Office

Best Dentist

Dental Care

Blushing Teeth

Pure Blush

Tooth Protect

Tooth Care

Healthy Tooth

Your Dentist

Dental Medi

The Dentistry

Smile Care

Tooth Fairy

Dent Doc

Note Dental

Super Smile

Tooth Hygiene

Are you looking for a good name for your dental office? We have listed some cool and catchy dental office name ideas below. Scroll on!!!

-How do you name a dental clinic?

Before getting to select a brand name, it is advisable to have a clear idea about what your niche is. By focusing on one niche you can get a good understanding about the niche and the data you collect is also accurate about the niche. In order to get a good name for your dental clinic, collect keywords related to the niche and design brand name ideas as many as you can. For the brand name designing part, search startup naming trends you can design your dental clinic brand name on your own!!!.


Pharmaceutical Company Name Ideas

Make sure you select a distinctive name for your pharmaceutical company.

New Pharma

Inno Medical

Premi Meds

Perfect Medicals

Alpha Pharma

Health Plus

Perfect Pharma

Trendy Pharma

Alpha Pharma

Medi Mix

Super Medicals

Medi Box

Pharma Essentials

Care Unlimit

Drug Dose

Whole Health

Prime Health

Medi Side

Star Drugs

Star Pharma


Dental Office Name Ideas

Starting a dental office is a very important decision you have to make, but do you know what is the smartest decision you have to make about your dental office? It is the brand name. Be smart about your dental office brand name. Here are some examples for good dental office names.

Pearly Whites

Mr’ Whites

Teeth Company

Strong Smile

Dental Care

Happy Smile


Smile Through

Teeth Right

Magic Dental

Smile Care

Dent Roots

Pro Dental

Alpha Dentals

White Mark

Crown Dentals

Power Smile

The Tusks

Tooth Love

Smile Forever

pharmaceutical company brand names

Pharmacy Shop Brand Name Ideas

The below listed name ideas are just for your pharmaceutical company. Kick start your pharma business with a super catchy name idea. Get inspired!!!

Pharma Plus

The Wing


Sure Agent

Wing Cover


The Bliss

Risk Less

Safe Haven

Holy Drugz

The Pharmacist

Pharma Therapy

Healthy Life

Test Center

Health Focus

Chemi Clinic

Home Care

Happy Patient

The Medico

Cure Plus

Pharma Plus

The Wing


Sure Agent

Health Warehouse

Health Direct

Absolute Caring

Family Health

Discount Drug

First Care

Good Life

Medi Zone

Heartland Pharma

Pride Pharmaceutical

Drug Blend

First Care

Care First

Pride Pharma

Divine Path

Medicrest Pharma

Who are the top pharmaceutical companies?

Want to know the top pharma companies in the world? Here are the top pharmaceutical companies.

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Pfizer 
  • Roche
  • Novartis
  • Merck & Co.
natural health product name ideas

Natural Health Product Business Name Ideas

People are very aware and attracted to natural health products. So here are some brand name ideas for your natural health product business.

Lotus Natural



Nature Mix

Magic Spring

Ever Last

Ayur Mix

Blessed Soil

Green Nature

Ayur Health

Secret Remedy

Cure Natu

Pro Nature

Spring Lotus

Natu Products

Wild Flower

Greeny Shield

Vinter Mix

Plant Bliss

Aloe Spell

Nature Essentials

Nature Plus

Nurture Products

Ayur Mix

Nature Formulas

Secret Naturals

Fine Leaf

Aloe Leaf

surgical instrument company name ideas

Surgical Instruments Company Name Suggestions

According to the latest reports there is a huge unmet surgical need in the hospitals, medical centers all over the world, and the production of surgical instruments is expected to increase this year. So here are some brand name suggestions for your surgical instruments startup!!!.

The Surgeon

Surgi Tools

Tool Box

Medic Instruments

Pro Equipment

Pure Cure

Surgi Health

Surgeon Choice

Pro Tools

Max Instrument

Power Tools

Super Equipments

Surgi Power

Surgery Tools

Tool Box

Plus Life

Health Assured

Live Long

Pro Surgeon

The Hope

medical clinic name ideas

Medical Clinic Name Suggestions

Below listed names are cool examples for medical clinic name ideas. Get your medical clinic name idea today!!!

Pain Cure

Pure Cure

Your Doc

Family Care

Medi House

The Clinic

Your Clinic

Clinic You

U Care

Care Biz

Easy Care

The Overall

Trust Clinics

Well Health

Crown Clinic

Clinic Smart

Healthy Planet

Cured Clinic

Well Wish

Ayur Clinics

You Clinic

Hope Clinics

Live Life

Happy Clinics

  • What are the types of clinics?

It is advisable to know well about your business niche. These are some main types of health clinics. 

  1. Primary care clinics
  2. Specialized clinics
  3. Sexual health clinics
  4. Mental health clinics
  5. Addiction services clinics

There are more types of health clinics you better know about them, if you are planning to start a health clinic.

medical equipment company name ideas

Medical Equipment Company Name Ideas

If you are planning to start a medical equipment company, you need a super brand name idea to raise customer recognition. Here are some examples for catchy medical equipment company brand name ideas.

Medi Centre

Medi Tools

Source Med

Denta Equip

Med Company

First Tools

Health Production

Care Products

Quality Health

We Product

Pro Equipments

Health Advanced

Healthy Production

Wis Health

Med Need

Medi Products

Cure Tools

Inno Medicine

Med Powered

Health Innovation

cannabis business name ideas

Cannabis Dispensary Name Ideas

Cannabis is a super medical drug and there are many healthcare products based on this medical plant. So here are some cool name ideas for your cannabis business from our naming specialists.

Happy Cannabi

Pure Green

Canni Bean

Cannabi Care

Green World

Magic Weed

Flex Harv

Canni Pro

Can Wiz

Med Expert

Weed Doc

Fav Med

Super Drug

Mari Drugz

Heaven Herbs

High Sky

Harb Care

Happy Harbz



health plan name ideas

Health Plan Name Suggestions

Having a health plan is a good step that will allow you to balance your health even in a busy life. The below listed name ideas are for health plans.

My Story

I Recover

The First Step

Self Focus

Your Health

Patient Story

Pro Heal

Custo Faction

To Heart

Story Line

Recover Journey

Healthy Share

Sure Sure

Yoga Life

Step By

Better Start

Heart Talk

Health Sub

How To Do

Health Lessons

health service company name ideas

Brand Name Ideas For Health Service Companies

Happy Life

The Smile

Smile Again

The Meditation

Mind Help

World Class

Mind Lead

Worth Mind

Big Smile

Dental Crown

Royal Care

White Light

Healthy White

Healthy & Strong

Happy Word

Cell Need

Energy Unit

More Fit

Health Increase

Nutri Plus

Top Medical Company Names

Aetna logo


Centene logoCentene

Illumina logoIllumina

Anthem logoAnthem

Humana logoHumana

DaVita logoDaVita

CVS Health Corp logoCVS Health Corp

UnitedHealth Group Inc logoUnitedHealth Group Inc

Cigna logoCigna

Optum logoOptum

Medtronic logoMedtronic

Stryker logoStryker

Improve your brand naming knowledge…

We decided to add this information part for the entrepreneurs who are willing to create their health care brand names. Our brand name masterminds think the following factors are must known for the brand name creating process. So study the following factors carefully and apply them in your healthcare brand name.

The Best Domain Extension?

ICANN (The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has introduced many domain extensions just for the businesses in the healthcare industry. Some of them are .care, .clinic, .dental, .healthcare, .services, .vision. 

But still, .com has been used on nearly half of the websites in the world including healthcare companies. .com is shortened for commerce and it is the recommended domain extension for businesses .Entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry prefer the .com domain extension than the above mentioned domain extensions.

.com is the king of the domain extensions and our brand name consultants also recommend .com extension for your healthcare company.

Why is your healthcare brand name so important?

  • Brand name is the representative of your business. Brand name is so important for your health business because it represents the values of your business. You need a brand name to put in your business card and you need a brand name to start your business website. For example, UnitedHealth Group.


  • Brand name is the first thing your customer deals within your business. Before the customer gets your product or service, they deal with your brand name. So your brand name needs to be special and unforgettable. So your brand name is important to make a powerful impression for the customers. For example, Medtronic.


  • Narrates the brand story.  Your brand name narrates the story of your business. Every business has its own story to narrate to its target customers. So brand name is important to make a strong bond between your health business and the customer. For Example, Abbott Laboratories.

  • Brand name improves the brand identity of your health business. Brand name improves customer recognition of your brand name. Your brand name helps the customer to recognize you anywhere. Because of that, the brand name is important. For example, AMGEN is a world-famous healthcare company.

  • Determine if your brand name is memorable or not. If your brand name is not catchy enough, it will not be memorable to your target customers. If your brand name is attractive, short and pronounceable, it will be remembered by the target audience very easily. For example, Cerner is more memorable than Fresenius.

Tips To Name Your Health And Wellness Business…

  1. Study healthcare business naming trends- before selecting a health and wellness brand name idea, study the popular startup naming trends in the healthcare industry. For example, 
  • Unique brand names- Aetna,Cigna
  • Generic worded brand names – Anthem, Wellbe
  • Made Up brand name ideas- Humana, Medtronic

2. Do not use personal names as your health and wellness brand name- personal brand names are not attractive and are not SEO friendly. So avoid personal names in your brand name.

3. Be distinctive- do not use industry related keywords or generic words in your health and wellness brand name. Distinctive brand names are catchy and memorable. For example, you can use foreign words that can be used instead of health and wellness.

Naming Trends Of The Health Industry

It is essential to have an idea about the popular naming trends in the healthcare industry as it enhances your awareness of naming your health and wellness startup. These are the popular naming trends that are followed by many health companies. 

  • Using keywords to represent the industry

Many popular health companies used keywords like health group, laboratories, scientific, pharmaceuticals… in their brand names to represent the industry. By using related words, you can easily communicate the niche with your customers. But you should know brand names with keywords get deprioritized by Google. So we suggest you remove keywords from your brand name as you are a startup in a huge industry that everything matters for your success.

  • Using acronyms 

This is also a naming trend that is followed by many healthcare companies. When the brand name is too long and if you find it too difficult to change it you can use the first letters of each word and create a short and memorable brand name. For example, CVS Health, HCA Healthcare. Do you know the ideal character count of a super brand name is 4 to 6. 

  • Unique brand names

Most of the top healthcare companies in the world use unique brand names. Unique brand names are competitive, memorable and attractive. For example, Cigna (mixed letters from their former companies CG and INA), AbbVie (Abbott and Vie), and Amgen (Applied Molecular Genetics). As you can see, although these unique brand names are short they communicate big brand messages.

Which naming trend our brand specialists suggest you to follow?

The healthcare industry is a zillion dollar industry and has fierce competition. As a starting company/business the biggest challenge you have to face is becoming a known brand name. Becoming a known brand involves many factors including the good qualities of your brand name. The best ever naming trend for the new businesses is brand name qualities. Our brand specialists suggest for the entrepreneurs to follow this startup naming trend when naming the businesses. 

What Words Cannot Be Used In A Company Name?

A brand name addresses the world. So you need to be careful of using some words in a brand name. The brand name you select needs to be universal. Which means, it cannot generate negative meaning in any language. Before selecting the word, confirm there are no negative connotations in any other language. By using our health business name idea evaluation tool, you can easily check whether there are any negative connotations for the selected brand name. 

Speaking of the words that cannot be used as a company name, using more than one word makes your brand name less memorable and eye catching. 

Do not use words that are offensive to any social group. Do not include numbers and special characters in your brand name.

Popular Words In The Healthcare Industry

These are the most popular words used for the brand names of the healthcare industry. By including these words/ partial words in your business name customers can easily guess your business type.