Unforgettable Brand Name For Fragrance Business

Evaluate Your Cute Fragrance Business name idea

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At once you may think, naming your fragrance business is very easy. But keep in mind it is the most important step in your start up. Therefore every step that you are taking from the beginning will be affected in either a positive or negative way. By analyzing every hook and corner of fragrance business name ideas, here we have given the professional brand name ideas for your start up in a fruitful way.

Brinso brand name consultants point out if the brand name of the fragrance business is Professional, the amount of gathering the customers around the business will be increased day by day.

Professional Brand Name Ideas For Your Fragrance Start up

The following professional brand names are created and developed by Brinso brand name consultants. They are unique, meaningful, and consist of all the brand name qualities. All these brand names are highly recommended for the fragrance businesses. The memorization power and pronunciation power of these brand names are perfect as their vocabulary score is more than eight. All brand names own the top-level domain extension of .com. So they are legally protected. These names you can’t find in the dictionary and they do not show any general meaning.


Clochi logo


Secfer logo












The Worst Brand Name Ideas That Must Be Avoided

  • Nice Smell For You
  • Dark & Morning Night
  • Buy Our Fragrance
  •  F-R-A-G-R-A-N-C-E
  • My Fragrance Bottle

Creative Brand Name Ideas For Your Fragrance Store

The following brand name ideas are also good to use for your fragrance store. but all of them are generic words while most of the brand names like, “Fragrance Heaven” “Prime Perfumes” “Memorable Odour” and “Scent Me”  are keywords too. Now you really know that if a brand name should be professional, it must have all the brand name qualities. You can pick one out of them unless you do not have any idea to grow your business on a large scale or not target the global market.

Bottled Paradise

Fragrance Heaven

Prime Perfumes

Sweet Smells

Loving Scent

Fresh Smell

Attractive Aromas

New Smell

Before Going

Scent Smell

Cologne Hub

Fragrance Room

Smelly Skin

Unforgettable Smell

Bottles Of Happy

Special Perfume

Your Senses

Cute Perfumes

Perfume Family

His Perfume

Memorable Odour

Royal Fragrance

New Aromas

Fresh Spray

Morning Spray

Perfume Event

Scent Me

After Bath

New Spray Bottle

Wonderful Perfume

Refresh Bottle

Womanly Fragrance

Smell Forever

Fresh Ever

Essential Smell

Her Sent

Rich Smell

Perfume Bar

Smell Collection

Fragrance Legends

Spray Club

Smooth Smell

Cool Fragrance

Life Smell

Familiar Smell

The Scentique

Nice Odour

Last Perfume

Essences Fill Life

Spray On

These brand names can be used for ladies’ fragrance business, gents’ fragrance business, Deodorants business, Shaving foams business, and any business name ideas that are relevant to fragrance.

Top Five Brand Names In Fragrance Industry

Look at the following real-world brand names in the fragrance industry. They are brandable. They do not have any number or special character. These brand names can spell and write robots like Siri and Cortana easily. Their history is clear.

Brand name Why is it professional?
  1. Chanel
  • The brand name “Chanel” is one of the brandable brand names in the fragrance industry. The vocabulary score of chanel is 8.53.
  • The domain extension is .com. It shows both legal ownership and uniqueness.
  • Six is the ideal character count of a brand name that should have.
  1. Gucci
  • Simplicity of the brand name “Gucci” shows how easy it is to pronounce it. ”Gucci”, the pronounceable brand name is easy to memorize at once also.
  • As it is not a generic word, even the search engines will not confuse it when giving the search results.
  1. Hermes
  • As the brand name “Hermes” has a clear brand history and not having the keywords, we can say it is one of the best brand names in the fragrance industry.
  • The brand name is legally protected and has a uniqueness with the .com domain extension.
  1. Olay
  • “Olay” has no negative meaning that makes the brand name worse and consists of all brand name qualities.
  1. Prada
  • This famous brand name has all the brand name qualities. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.93. That shows the higher possibility of both memorization and pronunciation powers.

Local Fragrance Stores Names

These are the most popular perfume store names in the UK, USA, Italy, and India. Almost all the brand names have been created by including the keywords that are related to fragrance such as perfume and fragrance. Some of the brand names are not only long but also have numbers to make the brand name non-professional.

UK USA Italy India
Fragrance House Perfumania AVERY Perfume Gallery Star Of India
The Fragrance Shop Fragrance Shop New York Inc Carthusia The Fragrance Shop
Creed Fragrances Fragrance Outlet Penhaligon’s PERFUMERÍA MERCEDES
Perfume Click American Fragrance ProFvmvm Rom Perfumery, The Store
Bloom Perfumery Atelier Cologne The Merchant Of Venice Perfumebooth
Eden Perfumes PERFUME AMERICANA Chanel Fragrance India
London Perfume Factory Fragrance Outlet Romastore 63 Parcos
Half Price Perfumes The Perfume Shop Campomarzio70 The Perfume Store
Perfume Warehouse Ltd Atelier Cologne Perfume Store No.19 Armaf Perfumes India
Red Label Outlet Le Labo Jo Malone London Boutique Bombay Perfumery

The Logo Of Your Fragrance Business

Not only the brand name but also the logo is a prominent factor that is affected directly to your business. It is one of the best ways of communicating with the customers’ minds. The brand logo is a combination of color, symbols, texts, etc. If you get the right approach and deep thinking of the logo creating part of your business, the professional value of your fragrance brand name will be increased.

Knowing the way of creating a catchy logo from the beginning to end provides a strong power to grab the target audience. There are many types of logos to be created as a brandable brand name logo.