Best and worst brand name examples for
food & beverage

Currently, Food and beverage have become an industry where the online market affects directly. As it is a daily need of millions of people worldwide thousands of companies appear in the field now. Here we have listed the best and worst brand names in the field of Food & beverage and also you can find best-unused brand names for a startup.

Other than the two sectors food and beverage the trend of packet foods, raw foods and online supermarket shopping can be seen in the world today. The super name suggestions in this article can be applied to any of the categories above.

Current best brand names in the industry

1. Dominos


Dominos is a largest chain of pizza suppliers with more than 16000 shops worldwide. It has become a day to day word in more than 85 countries.

The store was started in 1960 as DomiNick’s and later was replaced as Dominos. It was the name suggested by its own employee. It was a wise decision because of the smooth spell of the second name which was their turning point in the voyage. They have understood that when the name becomes easier it will remain in the customer language. Dominos has marked its uniqueness by owning the .com extension, making no space for any other substitution.

It is very clear to you now that the brand has become incredible by adapting to the must obeyed principles in naming.

2. Cub


Just as you see the name you will surely admit it that the brand name is easy as ABC. The rule of simpleness in brand name qualities has been followed here .cub receives a score of 9.08 which makes it a super brand name. As the nickname of the founder was “cub” the store was named so.

The name is free of dictionary words

It has made fine entry into the world of e-commerce by following the rules of naming.

3. KFC


With its “finger-licking good” recipe, it has won the whole world and is a giant in the industry now. Sanders found the shop as Kentucky Fried Chicken and later on moved with the shortened name KFC. Sanders found that the fried & chicken terms of the previous name were threats to the marketing process as those determined something unhealthy and they once got a fake accusation telling that they consume mutants because of the word “fried”. The convenience of pronouncing was also considered when they did the rebranding. That way the finest name KFC came into use and in the same way remained in the tongue of many people very easily. It was a plus mark that Search Engines could easily recognize the brand name when they decide to move on with the online trading

4. Danone


Isaac Carasso first started a small yogurt factory and later on got a new start with the brand name Danone. The company got the name as his son Daniels’ nickname was Danon.

Danone is not a generic word and that made a plus point for the company. The brand made them specific among the crowded market then and now.

Danone products are not expressed by the title which we highly appreciate as a quality in a perfect brand. This name that was launched in the far history is easily recognizable for search engines in this era too, during the search processes of online marketing.

5. Foodora


Although Foodora is a company that began in the recent past it already has spread to 06 countries. This trending food delivery retailer was started in 2014.

Volo GmbH was its name when they first came into operation. They realized that it was a way too unfamiliar for the public, they took immediate actions to rebrand as now it is. They did it whole right! Don’t you think so? Now the brand is a mouth friendly pronunciation.

The company is unique as is their domain name, following the world’s most famous top rankers. So it is clear that gaining the ownership of your brand name by using the .com extension is a must fact in the naming procedure.

6. Zomato


This world-famous Indian company started in 2008 and now serving 24 countries was first named as foodiebay. The name lasted two years. Then in 2010 foodiebay was replaced by “Zomato” which is a more favorable brand than the previous. Zomato is a simple nature type and it is not dependent on generic terms. Not showing the things sold using the single worded brand name is a way positive for an ideal title.

7. Wholey


This 108 years old seafood company is a prominent giant in the online market today.  Their brand name is a gigantic strength with them in the journey to their victory. Wholey was named relating to the name of the founder, Robert Wholey.

When we look into the tactics they have followed, it is clear that the name is under the conditions of branding. They have got the wisest advice of marking the uniqueness in the online marketing field by gaining the .com domain extension.

The quality of not including numbers or symbols in the brand name is a principle in the perfect way of naming. Wholey has obeyed the rule and has let on their fortune.

8. Diageo


This is a manufacture of alcoholic beverages which was started in 1997. The name is well presented. Dia refers to the Latin word Day and geo means world. Therefore their name represents the idea “ Celebrating life, Every day, Everyware.”

Look at some points done following the super brand names.

  • Not dependent on comprehensive words.
  • No keywords are included.
  • It can be pronounced easily.
  • Not an imitate of any other prevailing well-known brand 
  • An adverse essence is not meant by the brand


Such a way the name has been an easy mouth catching word. It has been the biggest favorable effect when making the brand in demand. 

9. Mooyah


A fast-moving top-ranked restaurant chain in the world. You may be curious, What is the secret behind the quick success of a store started in 2007? Look carefully, Their blessing of arising was a  good choice of a super brand name at its very beginning.

Superbrand names have a vocabulary score above 8. The scoring system is based on the simplicity and the pronouncing ability of a word. It is a well-known fact now, that people only keep in touch with the simple brands.

A brand name must not consume generic words according to the accepted 10 principles used in the naming field. Mooyah has correctly followed it.

With all those arms they have marked their place stably among the thousands of competing companies in the market today.

10. Carvel


The famous ice cream shop first started with the name Carvel Dari -Freeze in 1950. As the words’ tough pronouncing nature they decided Carvel is the best brand name for them. The rebranded name “carvel” is more close to the customers as it was easily memorable. The name was uniquely made and there are no other brands similar to carvel. The techniques they followed when naming was their most remarkable point in achieving the popularity among the consumers. 

You too can collect those valuable secrets by referring to the brand name qualities which have been collected together with reference to these kinds of popular companies.

Current worst brand names in the industry



First, look into the following two must qualities of a brand name.

  • Simplicity
  • Not a dependent on generic words

Examine the given name with these qualities. Do you find any simpleness in the pronunciation or memorizing of this name? A company will remain in the vocabulary of consumers only if the way is easy to pronounce the name. There is indeed no necessity of adding five words in the brand describing your store.

The second quality too has been violated here. All five words are exact English words that are found in the dictionary. At the very first beginning, they have lost the help of search engine bots by making trouble for them by using generic words.

In that way, the company had made the brand unfavorable for users as well as for google search engines.



This is a multiple word usage in branding and that makes a high rejection of the brand among the high competition of the field. The name is not an attraction of the consumers as extra effort must expend on remembering. Thus it goes against the rule of naming, “simplicity”.

Why do we always advise you to avoid generic words?

Because generic words are against the Google policies and your site will be ranked in a lower place. But here that rule has been violated and made their own failure by neglecting search engine friendliness.



Don’t make your own risk by using these types of long word names which even don’t recommend by the vocabulary score. The most valuable thing for you is the popularity of your brand. Easily it will vanish from the day to day vocabulary of the customers you target if the brand is too long to talk with.

You need to avoid keywords and generic words if you want to achieve the Search engine friendliness, a  tradition like a fact in naming a company. This company made its mistake in the mentioned fact by including the keyword beverage and generic term daily.



It is a highly warned factor by the brand name specialists along with the experiences in the field that high damage occurs from a name that includes numbers. In the search queries, search engines will be messed up and the people too will do misspellings and there is a high possibility of directing to another shop.

They did wrong again by including the common word in searching burger shops,” Burger”.It is another break off to the task of site friendly search engines.



Having a lowest ability to pronounce is a highly avoidable thing in the brand naming process. Another clearly seen wrongdoing here is the use of common words as same as the way they exactly are. Why still make these mistakes when there are instructions on the internet today regarding the naming strategies?  You can follow a guide on the super brand name qualities and avoid these kinds of mistakes in your startup.



They have made a severe mistake by combining more than two words. A name must always be simple with a character count of 4,5 or 6 to achieve success in the online market. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot when in the marketing process to make it popular among the public.

The food manufacturer is at a risk by using dictionary words as it makes fewer chances when in the site rankings done by Google. Be well prepared at the beginning by purchasing your name with no generic or partially generic words.



The use of three generic words and complexity (in typing, in memorizing, and pronouncing) are the significant two faults here.

Generic words make your brand as same as the google search queries and when a complex word comes it is not used within the online customers as they are now not ready to spend much time searching and finding a shop.

To make sure that you move fast in the field, you must always remember the above faults and create a brand that goes under all the super brand name qualities.



We know that the utter aim of a business is profit earning. Coming up with an aggressive brand is a great push in your dawn. If the company could be recognized in one’s first sight then it will need less effort in marketing. That is why the brand name specialists repeat not to be complex when choosing a name. But when we check this from the vocabulary score, it does not even give a score. (the tool which calculates the memorability and  pronunciation ability) 

You must be identical in between thousands of brands to earn profits. Google rankings also affect it directly. For that, the search engines themselves recognize the company's popularity. If you use generic words then you interrupt that service and make your own failure. Google will end in failure when identifying your name from the original word and you will be rejected by taking it as spam.



You will have to participate in the race once you enter the field of e-commerce whether it’s your desire or not. You can’t afford a good challenge to others if your brand is as long as this name. To be identical among these multiples of shops, a simple name is the best way.

It is thoroughly mentioned in the brand name qualities that it must not be with any word used to search the particular product as a whole. As it has included the word coffee the brand has lost the support of the Google system of algorithms to participate in rankings.



A fault that is never done in the procedure of making a startup name has been done here. Can you guess it with the sound knowledge that you have now with the essentials of brand naming?

The use of numbers makes you a difficult typing and it will make the people away from using it.

And also today the demand is not with the lengthy names that combine two or more words. Always try to make your trademark stable in one’s mind with a short and sweet brand.

Best name suggestions to a starting company

Don’t you feel embarrassed now from the things we discussed when choosing a name for your new company?

Don’t worry we will show you the correct direction. Here is a perfect guide of some brand names which are hand in hand with all the 10 brand name qualities.

01. Holeeg

holeeg 2-min

What makes this brand worth enough for a startup company? Do read it whole you will get the point.

Take a look at the following explanation on the meaning of Holeeg. Hole has taken from holey moley and eg has taken from eggnog. 

holey moley is a famous restaurant chain spread in Australia, New Zealand & Singapore. Thus it stands for a famous/grand place. eggnog is a sweet dairy-based beverage. The feeling of a cafe comes there. Therefore, Holeeg is with the meaning, The grand cafe you will ever be.

You will not have to be insecure as this is a brand name with the .com uniqueness and you will not find any other popular brand name like the same.

No use of generic words, which is a must quality of a name is also can be seen here.

02. Moonul


Moonul is the most matching title for a night cafe & food service. The uniqueness of the brand will make you popular over a few nights. Do check the meaning!

Moon denotes the night

ul from ulterior. ulterior means hidden.means not crowded. 

Moonul - we do your deliveries even in the hours the city sleeps

From the name summary, you can be confident enough that the name does not mean any negative essence. As the same, this is not a name that has been subjected to spammy acts, and therefore Moonul has no history in a way to harm your carrier.



A Chinese restaurant that is looking for a speedy success must own this name qualified with all the recommended characters. 

Pri is taken from prime

Bok  from bok choy

Prime means the best. bokchoy is a type of Chinese cabbage in which all the parts are edible. Thus it means a many/ a wide range. Pribok denotes,  we are the best servings of a wide range of yummy Chinese food.

Choosing this simple name will mark your significance in the field just as you made your entrance. People will surely remind your shop at once as the name has a mouth favorable quality. The refreshing positive meaning will also affect generously when you spread the companies’ boundaries worldwide.

04. Ranitt

no preview1

Checking the meaning is our first step as mentioned earlier. Look what is told by the title Ranitt.

Ran is a part taken from Ranch. 

itt -the abbreviation of "in this thread"

The ranch is a large farm. The farm has several units.itt determines that there is a thread. It means a lot connected to each other. 

Ranitt- A widely spread group of companies

We highly suggest this name if you dare to build a large chain of restaurants spread worldwide. The brand matches the rules of branding. It is a name without any exact dictionary words making the brand clearly identical to Google.

Pronounce your own! You will agree that it is a soft accent. Thus it will be easy catching to the public too.

05. Wokxi

no preview1

If you choose the correct meaningful brand name it will last along with the entire journey to success. Here is why Wokxi is perfect for a starting store?

Wok and xi taken from xia have combined together when creating the brand name. Wok means a bowl-shaped frying pan used in Chinese cooking. Thus refers to Chinese food. Xia denotes a very cool person. It gives the meaning, perfect. Finally, the meaning comes as The perfect place to enjoy a grand meal of Chinese.

By following the correct path numerals or symbols have been avoided here. So is the use of multiple words. Those out of use patterns are not seen here.

06. Kroond


KRO=Keep Right On
on= International interest/ "o"for outgoing
do our best service with you, friendly/ your satisfaction is our happiness

As of the meaning, this name suggestion is an ultimate match to a food retailer.

Kroond has the ability to make you unique among thousands of online stalls as there is no other popular brand that prevails similar to this. The name is also a generic word free! No generic words mean Google does not want to hesitate between your company and the common word when in the search directions and rankings.

With these consequences, one can build a perfect group of companies with this perfect.

07. Leruxy


Lerumo means thanks. Le, the two letters from lerumo are used here. This means satisfaction. Satisfaction comes with superb service. xy, x & y are the two ways. This means many choices.

Leruxy - The ideal place combining many different willings.

This is a name that can be perfectly used for a restaurant with a wide range of food from many cultures.

Leruxy is under the guidelines of super brand names. You are the one and only leruxy in the field as you gained the brand with .com uniqueness. And as you can undoubtedly see the name sounds positive. So there is no risk in introducing your brand to any culture.

08. Pricok


Need a mind touching name for a beverage company?  Go with pribok- a perfect match ever!

When composing the name pri is the first three letters from primus. cok has taken from coke. Primus stands for the super/ the most fascinated. Coke usually means soft drink, it is also the most famous one with a unique taste. With the two combined, the meaning can be finalized as Enjoy our most fascinating & rare collection of soft drinks.

If you choose this, you will receive the .com and automatically your brand is secured as the ownership comes along with it. This particular act is well behaved in the field as no one is similar to you then. And also you will not find this name as a comprehensive word which makes your brand ranked at the top of the google search results. 

09. Geroxo


Here is a name solving all your bothers about a good start-up name. As the first task of choosing a name is the correct meaning, let’s look into the explanation done for the expressed idea within the name.

Gero means funny, great to be around. This means great. xo denotes love. All together, Geroxo - A lovely place which gives a great experience.

Your service, as well as the shop’s name, will remain in their minds at once, as told in the title. As no effort is needed when pronouncing it will easily remain in the memory. Anyone will come to you many times. You have the ability to get a top rank in the google search results as no generic & partially generic words are included.

10. Fedixo

no preview1

Look at the meaning of Fedixo,

FED- feed

i - in

xo- hug, kiss, love

We are dedicated to feeding our customers with love.

When calculated with the vocabulary score, Fedixo receives a value of 8.95. As it is based on the ability to pronounce and memorize it is a good clue that the name will be famous around soon. It also obeys the rule “ the brand must a single word”

Worst brand names that you should avoid in the field


The brand name qualities accepted by the brand name specialists have the ability to make brand stability and far lasting. That is why the first preference in a startup must be given to its name.

It is mentioned that the use of generic words, partial generic words, keywords are not qualified in a stable brand.

  • Beverage - A keyword used in searching the drinks online
  • Up & town- dictionary founded words

Beverageuptown is a combination of three words that need an effort in pronouncing.


Have you ever thought of an incident where you will have to compete with a company of your own name? That could happen as many domain extensions can be used for the same brand. There you will feel the need for ownership. That’s why from the beginning we advise you to make your brand, your own by acquiring the .com extension. The use of .org is highly rejected!

The composition of two generic words also makes the brand not suitable.


Below have mentioned the ultimate failures of this brand name,

  • Use of a domain which cannot stand for your uniqueness - If you need a clear journey without any legal issues .com is there to help you. So don’t make it a mess by getting something different. 
  • Use of ultimate & food ( two generic words) that makes your brand name irritate the recognizing process of google search engines.


Nothing much happens with long terms like ‘cosmicdrink” when in the publicity among the crowd. Short terms are always mind-lasting. If you get a top place in the search queries you will be notable to people who search for products online. As Search engines are the ranking analyzers, a brand must be friendly featured to those algorithms too. So if you use generic words in your brand, there will be a miss fail in that proceeding. That is a huge harm to you.


You may think as this is a short name it will perform better in the field. Of course, Eat is a simple word but more than that it is a generic word that is commonly used in day to day vocabulary. Therefore the accepted advantage cannot gain here as search engines reject shops with generic or partial generic terms. According to brand name qualities, a company must use .com domain extension, none of the other!

Hence cannot be recommended as a fitting name to the industry,


Some may think that this is a simple title suitable for an upcoming shop. But it is with the worst mistakes. By including the number 4, has become an unfriendly name with the tongue. Just as above “eat”, “food” is also a word that is used thousands of times daily. Therefore this is also a name that will be subjected to the rejection of the Search Engines.

As you now know the bad effect of such usage, don’t decelerate your start with this brand name.


If you use symbols then the way your brand will be searched becomes automatically different. Using symbols is out of demand. 

The use of two generic words has done much harm to be a super brand name. The exact generic words make the search engine investigations trouble and ends up with the rejections. You must not use these types of names as search engine friendliness is essential when in making your sites come up.


The two faults here are the use of numbers and the use of .us

  • When memorizing the brands with numbers and symbols often does not give the correct suggestions.
  • K9food is not the real owner of the brand as their TLD is .us

What can you do to avoid those?

  • Always keep in mind not to use numerals or characters
  • Always use .com 


When in the brand-related searches special characters make it a mess and misspellings happen. Therefore brand names with hyphens are to be avoided as those do not last in the mind. The name is also not simple, making it unpopular. Be careful when selecting the start-up name as it is a major strength you have at the very first step.


Nectadrink is a word having a 3.91 vocabulary score. Hence this is not recommended as a brand name because names under the score-6 are not with the ability to last in the minds of people.

.net is completely an unmatching domain for this industry. Besides unsuitability, it is also not unique.