Best brand names in the fitness field

Many innovative and trendy brand names in the fitness firm have made striking resemblance to our recognized set of Brand name rules and regulations. Let's have a glimpse of some of the well known fitness spaces available.



Anytime is a reputed health and fitness club founded in 2002 by the founders Chunk Runyon, Jeff Klinger and Dave Mortensen in the city of Woodbury, Minnesota. AT operates around 4,000 franchised branches in around 50 countries. A distinguishable characteristic of this fitness academy is that the gym facilities are open 24 hours a day. The name “Anytime” scores an incredible level of vocabulary score and it is a name which easily sticks into a consumer’s mind with its ostensible meaning. All these positive factors led  the acceleration in expansion of this brand.

02. LA


LA is an American gym chain that occupies more than 700 clubs across the United states and Canada. The term LA is the abbreviated form of Los Angeles and the founders of LA are Louis Welch, Chin Yol Yi and Lisa Maria Novins.The commencement of LA initiated in the year 1984 and since then it has seen an eminent growth in the industry. The name “LA” scores an amazing vocabulary score of 9.72 for its simple letter arrangement and uniqueness.



Crunch fitness club was founded in 1989 as a fitness studio by Doug Levine. This has over 300 franchised fitness clubs located in the United States, Canada and Australia. Crunch rose to its prominence among juvenile upscale members as it featured heavy marketing and promotions with humorous, sexual connotations. Nevertheless, it was very successful in the industry with its trendy brand name. This hypnotizing fitness name scores 8.24 as it is easily memorable and pronounceable even utilizing a voice assistant.



Mecca is a place where you can experience distinctive meditation and relaxation as its services are extended to mind and body. Mecca also has specialized expertise in the fitness firm by providing World class spa services and personalized fitness which in turn has made them one of the luxurious gyms in America. Its motto is Relax, recharge and build strength in a luxury environment that caters to you, your wellness and your lifestyle” and as many highly regarded companies, Mecca also owns a good reputation among the public for its simple beguiling name  and scores a splendid memorable score of 8.71.

05. EXOS


EXOS founded by Mark Verstegen was formerly known as Athletes' Performance, and this name failed to instill an impression on its clients and was altered to a more pronounceable name that has the vocabulary value of 8.83. EXOS also caters facilities such as 80-yard football field ,60-meter track and heated and cold pools. The company earned more and more annual revenues as the name EXOS had a positive light shed on all its failures and this is a significant instance that reflects the importance of choosing a brand name with a better vocabulary score and memorability.



Youfit is a series of Health clubs predominantly established in America and has over 100 locations across 14 states. This was founded by Rick Berks in 2008, in Florida, United States. In spite of preserving a good name it also brands itself as "the fastest-growing fitness center in America." Apparently, Youfit is also a short length name with an evident high vocabulary score.



This fast-growing discount fitness chain provides you a worthy experience for a very less price. This was founded in the year 2011 under the parent organization Equinox and possesses the most elite setup of the gyms with the low cost of membership, unvaryingly bright-colored design that also makes them an appealing space to work out. Being one of the famous gyms in the country, this brand has secured a single memorable word .As this is a name with less characters it also has a notable vocabulary score.



Though Built as a health center and full-service spa, this is the perfect place to tune yourself physically and intellectually. Not only does Zenergy offer massage therapy it is also enriched by an acupuncture center, nail salon , a sports rehab clinic and much more. The name Zenergy is a simple short catchy name with a profound vocabulary score.

09. TMPL


Now, the name TMPL is a mixture of characters that has created a magnificent impact on its clients as it is a very easily pronounceable and memorable name. This name also earns a notable vocabulary score for its uniqueness. The founder David Barton has taken an immense endeavor in introducing his fresh gym, TMPL, which includes a saltwater pool, 20 tons of free weights, an immersive spin theater and all of the hottest and highest tech in the fitness space.

10. VASA


Vasa fitness inspires to find contentment through physical and mental health. The word VASA is formed from the Latin word, vessel. The mission of VASA is to “Uplift everyone through fun, happy fitness”. The name VASA has an amazing vocabulary score of 9.3 and this name is also a unique trendy name.

Worst brand names in the fitness field.



This name contains a number between the two words and this cannot be recommended as a best brand name as it is inappropriate to have a symbol or number in between two words to combine them. Though this name is short in appearance it is quite lengthy when we pronounce it and as a rule, lengthy names are always difficult to remember and pronounce. Further this name is also quite perplexing for voice assistants as they will definitely fail in finding the exact brand needed.



A medicine ball also known as a fitness ball is often used for rehabilitation and strength training. But this is a pretty awkward brand name as this name has two words which do not exhibit a proper meaning. Brand name with two or more words is not recommended. This name is also difficult to memorize and pronounce. We even cannot count a vocabulary score for lengthy names as If we combine these two words and measure the vocabulary score, it will be quite lower. As predicted the vocabulary score of this particular brand is 4.48 that is not at all recommended.



Face Trainer is a gadget that was meant to aid in preserving your youthful appearance. Despite its purpose it is really an odd word combination. It also violates a perfect brand name law as it contains two words. A Brand name should be a single word with the intention of attracting more customers. This brand name has Generic terms in it and a brand name with generic terms are not recommended as suitable names. A Company cannot reach the expected fame in the market if they utilize generic terms as it affects the uniqueness of their brand. You have to be wise to consider brand name qualities before choosing a brand name.

04. FIT24UK


This is a gym service available in the UK and this name carries many negative connotations as it lacks a .com domain and also there is a number between the two words. This violation of rule makes it quite complex to measure the vocabulary score for Fit24Uk. Moreover, integration of two words in a brand name is not recommended as a best brand name. If you consider this name as a one word, it will be a very lengthy name. Lengthy names are difficult to remember and pronounce. Though people will memorize this name the AI assistant will find this name puzzling as they will confuse it with the number 24 assuming it in words as ‘twenty four’, instead of figures used.

05. Tae Bo

Tae Bo

Tae Bo is a brand name used for home fitness video with aerobic exercises and kickboxing. ‘Tae Bo’ is a two word name which is not recommended as a brand name. Initially it was very popular among many but later on the popularity faded out with the representation of the brand name Tae Bo as, Total Awareness of Excellent Body Obedience. The pronunciation of the name is also quite hard because of ‘ae’ usage. It can be pronounced as an ‘Ai’ sound whereas some can pronounce it as an ‘e’ sound. Because of this issue Virtual assistants and customers will definitely find it confusing.

06. Shake Weight

Shake Weight

The Shake Weight is a simple dumbbell that slides back and forth. It was designed to tone forearms and biceps. But it became so much more because of how silly and suggestive it looks. As a brand name it contains two words and also the name is created using two generic terms. As a best brand name, it should not contain any generic terms or key terms of a particular industry. Further, the character count is also pretty high and due to all these reasons, this name is difficult to remember and pronounce.

07. Hawaii Chair

Hawaii Chair

Hawaii Chair combines two different terms together. The chair got its name because it swivels in a hula motion that supposedly burns calories as you work your midsection. However, it was not very effective. As a two-word Name, it is not recommended. This brand name also includes generic terms in it and usage of generic terms will not aid in the rise of the brand.

08. ThighMaster


The ThighMaster simply sits between your thighs and you just have to squeeze until you have the sexiest thighs. But this brand faded away before capturing the market as the brand name did not work the magic expected. This name was created merging two generic terms of fitness and the character count of   ThighMaster is also relatively high. This also scores a low vocabulary score of 3.94. This name gets eliminated as a best brand name as it is difficult to remember and pronounce.

09. The Rack

The Rack

This self-proclaimed all-in-one fitness device looks like a walker. But that is not what made this portable piece of machinery so terrible. The rack is a name which is not familiar in the fitness firm and due to its character length, the vocabulary score is also less. This generic name is not a usable practice in an appropriate brand name.

10.  Leg Magic X

Leg Magic X

Many reviews have slammed this piece of fitness equipment because Leg Magic X was really a failure when it comes to its brand name and thigh exercises. The Product name could not earn the worth it was expected to earn as this name has three words mingled to make it unique, pathetically this brand name did not register in the minds of the customers and was off the market. This is a very long name with a low memorable score.

Best name suggestion to a starting company

01. Lekrig


The commencing letters of this brand name “Le” is derived from the word Leader. A leader is the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. The middle letter “K “signifies the word Knight, a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a head of state and the ending three letters “Rig” is formed out of the word rightful which can be defined as having a legitimate right to a property, position, or status.

This brand name Lekrig can be an appropriate name for your fitness business as all these meanings integrated together can be summed up as, “A merited leader with an elegance of knighthood”. 

This is a very powerful name which is capable of boosting your business and your clients. Who is unwilling to be a leader with a touch of knighthood? Our brand name Lekrig scores a high vocabulary value of 8.22.

02. Meyooh


Fitness is all about energy and Strength, so why not try a name that addresses the physical and emotional health.

The starting letters “Me” is derived from the word, Metabolism, the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. Then the letters “Yo” is formed out of the word Yoga, a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, widely practiced for health and relaxation. The final two letters “Oh” can be indicated as the Ohm, the SI unit of electrical resistance, transmitting a current of one ampere when subjected to a potential difference of one volt or this also can be taken from the word Ohana, meaning welcome in Hawaii Language.

As per all the portrayals, the meaning of the name Meyooh can be concluded as, “Welcome to a place that enhances your spiritual happiness and maintenance of life” or “Heat up your body with our spiritual journey”. This splendid brand with its perceived meaning scores a tremendous value of 8.43.

03. Midozy


The brand name Midozy is constructed using two special words as, Middleweight, a weight division in professional boxing having an upper limit of 160 pounds and the word Ozymandias, where “Ozy” comes from the Greek “ozium” which means either, 'to breathe' or 'air' Mandias comes from the Greek “mandate” which means 'to rule’. Thus, Ozymandias also can be connoted as someone or something of immense size.

This mesmerizing word Midozy can represent, “a mighty person who exercises powers”. If you are planning on expansion of your business this might be a great name to pick as the pronounceable score of this brand name is 8.7.

04. Mishog


As the poet and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau says, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” and choosing a name that ultimately makes you a winner is a very sensible decision. 

Our brand name Mishog is created using two words as Mi is derived from the word mission, an important assignment given to a person or group of people and Hogmanay, the eve of New Year's Day, on which children traditionally go from house to house asking for presents. When these two words are combined it implies a meaning as, “A mission that will turn you into a winner”.

The memorable value of this mind-blowing brand name is 8.38.

05. Mofaxe


The inaugurating three letters of this name, Mof is taken from the word, Moffette, an opening in the earth from which carbon dioxide and other gases escape and axe from the words such as Axenically,not contaminated by or associated with any other living organisms and Axel a word utilized in Ice skating to mean a jump in which the skater takes off from the forward outside edge of one skate, makes one and a half, two and a half, or three and a half turns in the air, and lands on the backward outside edge of the other skate.

Considering all these terms the brand name Mofaxe can be accomplished as “an opening to an escape from the contaminated or mundane world” or “A leap from the impure”. This brand name for its profound meaning has acquired a marvelous score of 8.95. This will be a great choice for you if you are enthusiastic to take your clients on a spiritual journey.

06. Motisy


The famous saying of Pablo Picasso “Action is the foundational key to all success” can be evidently portrayed using this brand name.

 The commencing letters “mot” is acquired from the word Motivate, meaning providing (someone) with a reason for doing something and the ending letters “sy” is taken from the word synergy, a term that is most commonly used in the context of mergers and acquisitions. Simply, it can mean “We intertwine all our resources to get you motivated”. This brand name possesses a value of 8.7 and will be a witty choice to exhibit how caring you are about your clients. 

07. Mufilo

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A Divine touch of yoga can be presented to your atmosphere by using our brand name Mufilo as the letters “Mu'' is taken out of the word Mudra, a symbolic hand gesture used in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies also defines a movement or pose in yoga. “Filo '' from Filoplumes,hair like feathers with a few soft barbs near the tip.

Mudra is the path of purification and the feathers together can mean “feathery mudras to ease your lifestyle”. This brand name with the spiritual classiness has gained an astonishing value of 8.87 as the memorable score.

08. Muliyo


Do you want to be a champion who gets up when you can’t? If the answer is “Yes” then this is the name for you. This brand name is an arrangement of three words as,

Muscle -a band or bundle of fibrous tissue in a human or animal body that has the ability to contract, producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body.

Lion-a large tawny-coloured cat that lives in prides, found in Africa and north-western India.

Young-youth offspring, especially of an animal before or soon after birth.

All these three combinations award you the most immense meaning ever as, “Be strong as a youthful lion”. This is a short and sweet brand name with an extraordinary vocabulary score of 8.87.

09. Muyoni

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“A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves.” T. Guillemets. 

This brand name will definitely imprint an impression in the hearts of your customers as this a name created utilizing the words such as, Mudra, a symbolic hand gesture used in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies a movement or pose in yoga. Then the word Youth, a period between childhood and adult age and finally, the word Nifty which denotes pleasing or stylish.

This name signifies a meaning as “our mudras will assist you to retain your youth” and this pronounceable name scores 8.87 for its dazzling character arrangement.

10. Trinzu


The starting letters of this brand name “Tri” is acquired from the word triumph meaning a great victory or achievement and the letter “n” is gained out of the word Nutrition, the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. The final letters “zu” represent currency in the ancient Hebrew language.

Hence, the meaning of this particular name can be depicted as “valuable nutrition for your victory”. This will be an amazing  fitting name for any nutritious product you are intending to start on and has a magnificent vocabulary score of 8.37.

Existing worst brand names

01. Gymexercise

This name is a combination of two generic terms as “Gym’ and ‘exercise’ and also has a higher number of characters as 10 and a low vocabulary score of 4.67. When character count increases, the capacity in remembering the name and pronunciation ability will be reduced.Hence,we do not recommend a brand name with all these negative connotations.


Aerobic is a generic term in the fitness sector and it is not a good practice to use a generic term in a brand name. A good characteristic of a brand name is not to possess any special characters or keywords to make it exceptional. Furthermore this has a  “.ly” domain that is restricted to Libya and as this does not own a .com domain this brand will see many failures in its expansion because it is not available for global use.

02. HealthyExtreme


Now this name is created mingling  two genres of terms and it is not a fair practice as when these two words are intertwined it will generate different meanings. A low vocabulary score and a high number of character count in this brand will also upsurge the difficulty of pronunciation and memorization. Virtual assistant similar to Siri, Alexa might get puzzled over these two different key terms and will sometimes provide inaccurate results.

04. Health Horse

Health Horse

This is an intricate joining as the generic words Health and horse have been adopted from two different fields to form this brand name but they unfortunately fail to make a proper impression on the brand. You may create an innovative brand name for your product but making it a bamboozling connection between two genres will definitely confuse your customers. This brand name is also equipped with another minus such as, higher number of letters which had led to a poor vocabulary score (3.31).

05. FitnessMiss


This brand name can be presented in two contrasting meanings as the name Fitnessmiss can either mean fitness program for a Miss/girl or can give a negative implication on the meaning as missing the fitness. The way of grasping the meaning can vary from client to client. So, it will be a wise decision to choose a name by being neutral on the meaning of the brand name. Moreover, as this brand name contains more letters this will be a less memorable word in usage. The vocabulary value of this brand is also quite low as expected.


More and more fitness brand names are dependent on the keywords as they are created utilizing two generic terms to make the brand worthy but on the other hand these brands have lost their uniqueness as they flop in stamping an impression. This brand name also can be depicted as an instance of generic words application, that has undesirably impacted on its character size as it contains more than 6 characters. It is a vital aspect in branding to obtain a .com domain but this brand name has a .net domain which is limited to a network. Further, this brand name also has a low vocabulary score and will be a difficult choice for the virtual assistants to search.

07. Physical Society

Physical Society

This brand is also a perfect example for a letdown in obtaining an exceptional brand name. Many fitness brand names tragically are very long in nature and even this brand name has adopted a similar principle. This product also has tried generic words of different genres on the name and lacks a proper insight regarding the exact meaning of the brand. This also scores a less memorable score of 2.06.

08. Diet Therapist

Diet Therapist

Apparently, this is a name with two words and both of these words are typical generic terms.  As this name is composed of two words it does not have a significant vocabulary score. This brand name is a bit problematic to remember and pronounce and also being a large name, practically, it is difficult to use. If someone is interested in using this brand name to make a website, the users who are willing to will need extra energy and patience to type this kind of name as a domain name.

09. Profitflex

This name is a collection of three words and it has a high character count and a low vocabulary score. Nevertheless, some can see it as a two-word combination due to the words, ‘profit’ and ‘flex’, which will denote a weird kind of meaning. The word ‘Profit’ means a financial gain or benefit whereas ‘flex’ carries an idea as bend or become bent. This might throw the customers into an utter misperception as to what the brand genuinely suggests. Virtual voice assistants or chatbots will get mystified with these key terms.

10. GymH2O

This name combines two texts as Gym and H2O, but Gym is a generic term in the fitness field whilst H20 is the scientific form of water. This arrangement of words will definitely indicate a strange meaning. In spite of this, H2O has number 2 between H and O and this violates the quality of the brand name as a number or a special character within a name will baffle the customers and the AI voice assistants.