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Although the current lifestyle is complex and busy, most people have given consideration to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is a huge bent in society to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the words like healthy foods, diet plans, yoga, gym, fitness become more important and hobbies like traveling, mountain climbing and hiking become popular. Simply, the modern lifestyle has become more fitness oriented. This shows the huge demand in the market for a fitness business. 

There is a huge demand in the society for fitness and you are going to fill that demand with fitness related products or services, but this won’t make your business successful if you do not have a perfect brand name. Brand name is the identity of your business and it is the first thing your customers interact with. 

So a professional brand name is a must for your fitness business as the competition in this industry is fierce. Our brand name masterminds have listed the more than 200 brand names just for your fitness business. We hope you will get your dream fitness brand name from Brinso!!!

Unique Brand Name Ideas For Your Fitness Company

These unique brand names are created by our branding specialist for your fitness company. All these brand names are manually created by analyzing all the brand naming trends in the world. We do not recommend these brand names for those who have an idea to expand their business and for those who want to start the business professionally.

Fitness Hero

Active Fitness

Fitness Tread

Fit Go

Body Works

Workout Zone

Miracle Fitness

Fitness Access

Cardio Work

Muscle Monsters

Great Fitness

Fitness Glow

Super Gym

Fitness Connection

Vortex Fitness

Fitness Quality

Healthy Mood

Healthy World

Pro Fitness

Fit Hit

World Of Fitness

Power Play

Fitness Together

The Fitness Pack

Step On

Fitness 24

Healthy Connection

Second Room

Vision Health

Healthy Core

Expo Fit

Health Wealth

Comparison Between Best Brand Name Examples And Available Brand Names

  • The following brand names are professional as they have all the brandable brand name qualities.
Brand Name
CRUNCH This amazing fitness name scores 8.24 as it is easily memorable and pronounceable at first sight. As it owns the .com domain, the security of brand name and uniqueness is available. Apart from that, it has the ideal character count.
MECCA The title is remarkably simple with an 8.77 vocabulary score. This mouth friendliness has made it a great advantage in marketing processes. The company also has taken a good step by owning the .com extension.
BLINK The brand name “Blink” obeys the golden rule of ideal character count. This memorable brand name is easy to pronounce. It is a single-worded brand, making simplicity in an excellent startup name. This brand name does not express any negative meaning. It is a brandable brand name with a clear history.
  • The following brand names are brandable as the real-world brand names examples. These brand names are highly suitable for your fitness-related start-up. They have rare and unique meanings.
  • The following brand names are professional as they have all the brandable brand name qualities.
Brand Name
Yogmo The 8.35 value given in the vocabulary score for this brand proves the easiest nature within the brand when in pronunciation and memorization. When even in the robot search robots like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana will easily be able to identify the name because those too spell this correctly without an effort. It also has obeyed the rule of not including keywords and has reduced the possibility of losing opportunities.
Satumi TThere is no problem with international business if you use this kind of all-time positive connotations. As it has no keywords and generic words making Google finds and recognizes the brand very easily. Satumi does not imitate any other popular brands. The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name are 8.82. So it is clear that Satumi is a name created by following the correct principles of branding.
Mishog Simplicity is at the highest peak here. Mishog is a winning nature in peoples’ vocabulary, a clear way of the spell, and an easy way of memorizing without effort. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.38. Mishog owns the .com domain extension. It is not a follower of any other brand so that you will never find an issue of imitation. Robots can be spelled and pronounced this brand name very easily. It is a very rare possibility in the case of forgetting the brand name as this brand name has no keywords or generic words.
Mofaxe The brand name “Mofaxe” is legally protected and unique with .com domain extension. As per the low prevailing in the internet trade .com gives the legal ownership. The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name are 8.95. The simplicity of the brand has strengthened by not using any numbers or special characters. “Mofaxe” does not imitate any other popular brands.

Premium Brand Name Ideas For Your Fitness Company

These are the professional brand name ideas for your fitness business listed by our special team of brand name consultants. All these brand names consist of all the brand name qualities and the phonological loop value of these brand names are very high. These brand names are based on the current brand naming trends of giants in the Fitness industry.

Mishog logoMishog



Midozy logo




Lekrig logo




Meyooh logo




Brand Name According To Your Sub Niche

There are many sub-niches in the fitness category. The below-listed brand names are recommended for those who are not going to start the fitness business professionally and all these brand names are created manually by our brand name specialists.

Gym Name Ideas

Starting up a gym is not an easy task. A well-trained staff or a professional gym trainer should lead the gym and the gym equipment should be best according to the current technology. Here are a few of the best Gym names for you.

Fit Go

Dream Gym

Six Pack

The Fitness Pack

The Muscles

Gym Hero

Focus Gym

Gym Center

Loss Zone

Work More

First You

Quick Health

Wellness Centre Name Ideas

When it comes to a wellness center a professional qualified staff will treat both the mental and physical health of the users. If you’re going to start a wellness center do not forget to follow the legal protocols. These brand names are perfect for your wellness center.

Peaceful Timing

Feel Relax

Body Care

Fine Line

Stress Less

Young Ever

Soft Touch

Well Being

Best Place

New Life

Physical And Mental

Body Clinic

Yoga Centre Name Ideas

At present apart from the gyms, yoga centers are also developing fast because it will not only treat your physical fitness but also heal your mental stress too. If you need to start a Yoga Centre you can use these brand names with you.

Breath House

Body & Mind

Yoga Time

Yoga Pro

Pure Soul

Fit Inspire

Core Strong

Inner Self

Yoga Inspiration

Yoga For You

Plus Yoga

Mind Palace

Fitness App Names

Online fitness apps are introducing rapidly to the world. It will help users to do the fitness activities step by step. You can also add a simple video guide to your fitness app showing how to do the exercises. Here is a list of names for your fitness app.

App Click

Fitness App

Click On

Fitness Click

Diet App

Fitness Inspire

Health Connect

Fintess Inspiration

Plus App

Workout Plan

Your Workout

Fit Neat

Fitness Equipment Company Names

In the field of fitness, we can not stay without talking about fitness equipment too. For better fitness users do need good training equipment. Here are some fitness equipment company name ideas.

Track Health

Fit Equip

Fintess Needs

Workout Accessories

Gym Equipment


Equip Pro

Fitness Hut

Fit Set

Workout Needs

Your Fintess

Fit More

Fitness Blog Name Ideas

Maintaining a fitness blog is a challenging task. You have to attractively present the things on the site, you have to be colorful with the site and also you have to mention things in detail. Explaining the things face to face and explaining the things in a site has a lot of differences. These brand names are best for your fitness blog.

Mega Fitness

Win Go

Power Fitness

Fitness Together

Life Fitness

Best Training

Fight Fit

Get Fitness

Flow Fitness

Core Fitness

Body Wellness

Bee Strength

Healthy Food Store Names

When the users are into different fitness activities proper food is an important part. Best supplements, healthy foods will also help the users to stay healthy. These brand names can be used for your healthy food store.

Fresh Food

Energy World

Super Suppers

Best Proteinr

Meal Plan

Fitness Spoon

Green Fitness

Chef Food

Healthy Addiction

The Nutritious

Additional Exercise

Pick Protein

Tips To Start A Great Fitness Business

  • Identify your Business Type

As there are many subcategories in the field of the Fitness industry make sure what you want to do exactly. First of all, you should have a clear vision of what you are going to do. You may have good capital but no knowledge of Fitness. On the other hand, you may have good knowledge but not enough capital. So first finalize what niche your fitness business belongs to. Let’s get an idea of what are the types of Fitness businesses.

i) Gyms

ii) Wellness Centers

iii )Yoga Centers

Iv) Fitness Trainer

v)Fitness Equipment store 

These are a few fitness-related businesses in the world.

  • Be Professional

Professionalism is one of the most important factors for a successful business. In an industry like fitness, it is the key element because wrong fitness methods may lead to a huge loss and legal issues too. It is not only enough to have an idea to start a fitness business you need proper training too. As an owner of a fitness business, you should know the correct, healthy fitness methods, foods, equipment to be used, etc according to the age gap of people and according to the health conditions. There are many training courses, diplomas can be followed before entering into the business. Even users trust you when you’re professionally qualified with what you do.

i) Places To Get A Professional Training On Fitness

ii) International Sports Sciences Association

iii) American Council on Exercise

iv) National Strength and Conditioning Association

v) American College of Sports Medicine

Being professional is not only based on the qualified training but also the way you treat the customers, the pleasant environment of your fitness company, and your professional appearance is also countable.

  • Your Business Plan

Not Only in the Fitness industry having a proper business plan is important to other businesses as well. A business plan is a document that reflects your business. Having a great business plan will be very important for your fitness business. In your business plan you may have to clearly mention what is your fitness business, where are you going to start it, how much capital you need to start your fitness business, how are you going to find the capital and how will you make money from your fitness business, etc. 

Listing out these will not only help you to succeed in your business but also to analyze other fitness competitors, understand marketing trends, marketing strategies, etc. 

  • Follow The Legal Protocols

Businesses like Fitness will need to follow many legal protocols. You will need to obtain many legal permits and certificates to start a fitness business. You should meet the necessary legal officers to get the license and certificate to start your fitness business with a proper business plan. Here are a few legal documents you will need when you’re starting up your business. These documents are not needed for all the business; it may differ according to your business type.

i) Business Registration Form

ii) Insurance Forms

iii) Equipment Maintain Form

iv) Membership Form

v) Liability Waiver Form

vi) Training Assessment Forms

  • Capital

The cost to start a fitness business may be nearly around $10000 to $50000. The capital will depend on the business you’re going to start. If you are a professional fitness trainer you can start an online fitness training session by staying at home. It will cost only for the internet. If you have enough cash you can start a fitness business as per your choice.

  • Make It Available In Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing. Being available on social media will help you to go among the customers very soon. Create social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Update about your business and try to take the attention of users who are interested in the fitness industry. You can upload some attractive videos about your fitness business, your offers, etc.

  • Staff

If you are hiring staff for your fitness business make sure to hire well-qualified staff. Train them well and also when you’re recruiting them to make sure they have enough qualifications for the fitness roll that you are hiring.

.fitness or .com

When presenting your business via online domain extension is also important. These two TLD can be used for your fitness business.


There is no proper introduced year for this domain extension. This is mainly introduced for any fitness related business in the world.


.com is one of the oldest TLDs in the world. It was introduced in 1985 and almost all the fitness businesses are using this TLD for their business.

After analyzing all the brand names in the fitness industry we recommend brand names with .com extension are the best.