Gym And Fitness Company Brand Name Ideas

“Get a healthy and strong brand name idea for your gym and fitness startup!!!”

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A brand name is essential for a gym and fitness company. It is a tool to retain customer attraction to the business. Get inspired by the below listed gym and fitness company brand name ideas handpicked and listed by our brand name specialists.

How Do I Create A Catchy Fitness Brand Name?

Catchy fitness company name, cool gym name idea, perfect fitness business name, unique fitness name idea; all these have a common intention. To get the most out of the brand name. The following procedure will help you to get a fitness company brand name that allows you to get the most out of it.

01. List Brand Name Ideas

List as many brand name ideas as you can for gym and fitness businesses. Refer popular words in the industry, do competitor analysis, study brand naming trends in the fitness industry and make a list of fitness brand name ideas.

A. Popular / trending words in the fitness industry

You can create brand name ideas by using popular words in the industry. We have listed some trending words in the fitness industry for you. 

B. Study other brand names in the fitness industry

This is a good way to make brand name ideas. Study the other brand names in the industry and make similar or better brand name ideas and add them to the list. For example,

Crunch logoCrunch

Workout Anytime logoWorkout Anytime

La Fitness logoLa Fitness

Brooklyn Zoo logoBrooklyn Zoo

Aqua Expeditions logoAqua Expeditions

Nfc Court logoNFC Court

Titans Fitnessl loggTitans Fitness

My Fitness Pal logoMy Fitness Pal

Fooducate logoFooducate


ZENERGY logoZenergy

Sitaras logoSitaras

C. Brand Naming Trends In The Gym And Fitness Industry

By studying the brand naming trends of the fitness industry, you can understand the popular naming trends in the industry. You can follow the most popular and accurate startup naming trend for your gym and fitness business. 

Following are some popular naming trends in the fitness industry. 

Short Brand Names – Crunch, Mecca, Blink

Using Keywords – My Fitness Pal, Firehouse Fitness

Compound Names – Fooducate

Two Worded Brand Names – Titans Fitness, Brooklyn Zoo

We listed some brand name suggestions to inspire you. These are some brand name ideas for gym and fitness startups handpicked by our brand name specialists.

Brand Name Ideas For Gym And Fitness Startups

Fitness Hero

Active Fitness

Fitness Tread

Fit Go

Body Works

Workout Zone

Miracle Fitness

Fitness Access

Cardio Work

Muscle Monsters

Great Fitness

Fitness Glow

Super Gym

Fitness Connection

Vortex Fitness

Fitness Quality

Healthy Mood

Healthy World

Pro Fitness

Fit Hit

World Of Fitness

Power Play

Fitness Together

The Fitness Pack

Step On

Fitness Planet

Healthy Connection

Second Room

Vision Health

Healthy Core

Expo Fit

Health Wealth

02. How Do You Make A Catchy Fitness Company Brand Name?

To get the best brand name out of the list, check the brand name qualities in them. There are 10 brand name qualities which makes a brand name brandable. In order to get the perfect brand name, check whether the brand name includes the following characteristics. 

  • Uniqueness – your brand name needs to be available for .com domain name and different from other brand names in the industry. 
  • No keywords included – in a brandable brand name, there are no keywords or partial keywords included. Such as fitness, gym, club.
  • No generic word included – with a generic worded brand name, you cannot maintain a healthy online presence. When using a search engine, the possibility to recognize your brand name as a generic word is higher than a brand name.
  • No numbers or special characters included – including numbers or special characters makes a brand name less memorable.
  • Not a copy of another brand name – a brandable brand name is not an imitation of any other existing brand name.
  • No negative connotation – a brandable brand name does not generate any negative meaning in any language.
  • Robot friendliness – brandable brand names are robot friendly and easy to use with search engines. Search engines recognize your brand name without misinterpreting it.
  • Short – a brandable brand name is short and limited to 4 to 6 characters.
  • Simplicity – brandable brand names are easy to memorize and pronounce.
  • No registration history –  the brand name you choose cannot be registered before, it is not healthy to select a brand name that used before.

Unique Gym And Fitness Company Brand Names

These brand names are listed by our brand name specialists for your inspiration form several brand name reselling companies. These brand names are great examples for brandable brand names. All these brand names included all the brand name qualities mentioned above.

Mishog logoMishog Fitness

Axlos Gym

Jogry International

Midozy logoMidozy Training

Yinlabs Sports

Fuelona Active

Lekrig logoLekrig Club

Fiddr Fitness

Guydr Gym

Meyooh logoMeyooh Active

Axlos International

Hubira Club

03. Get Some Feedback

Get some feedback from your family and friends about your brand name idea. Whether it is memorable, or not. If you can sample your target customers and get their suggestions on your brand name, it is more reliable and trustworthy.

04. Check The Domain Name And Trademark Availability

As the final step, you need to make sure your brand name has not been registered yet by anyone. You can check trademark availability from USPTO and domain name availability from

Catchy Gym And Fitness Brand Name Ideas

Here are some catchy brand name suggestions from our branding specialists. Catchy brand names are memorable and attractive. In order to get a catchy brand name for your gym and fitness company, think of something uncommon and fresh.

Healthy Life

Gym Boom


Gym Bee

Calorie Fly

Slim Dream

Strong Life

More Love

Gym Inspo

Brand New

New Life

Gym Craze

Beat Creased

Heart Beatz

New You

Burn Earn

How do you make a catchy name?

Here are some tips you can try to make your gym and fitness brand name “catchy”.

  • Use acronyms (if your brand name is too long, you can use acronyms)
  • Use foreign words ( foreign words are new and catchy)
  • Create mashups (mashed up words are eye catchy and memorable)

Clever Fitness Business Name Ideas

Clever fitness brand name ideas have deep meanings and open to new interpretations. If you are looking for clever fitness business name ideas here are some examples for you.

Gym Mingle

Fit Club

Amazo Life

Feel It


New Day

Your Turn

Sweet Sweat

Let's Do It

Fit Hit

Fit Centre

Fitness Crave

New Shape

En Light

Gym Vibez

Plus Club

How do I make my name “Clever”?

If you are interested in clever gym and fitness company name ideas consider these factors. Clever brand names are open to definitions and carry deep meanings. And brand names with rhyming words are also considered as clever brand names.

Bodybuilding Gym Name Ideas

Here are some of our brand name specialists name suggestions for bodybuilding gym name ideas.

Gym Life

Gym Addict

Fun Zone

Gym Hero

Built It

Gym Boom

Body Gain

The Builder

Perfect Shape

Body Make

Body Bull

The Rock

Muscle Buzz

Work Out More

Your Journey

Gym Time

Gym Place

Fit Bit

Gym Square

Gym Time

How do I start my own gym?

Before starting your own gym, consider these factors to ensure your success.

  • A business plan and budget plan
  • A place to open the gym
  • Gym tools and equipment
  • Qualified staff to training

After confirming these mentioned factors, you are good to get to the next point; how to start a gym on your own.

What Are Some Unique Health And Wellness Business Name Ideas?

Well Club

Healthy You

Power Centre

Your Time

Health Life

Happy And Healthy

Heal Beat

Keep Healthy

Heal Heart

Calm Soul

Happy Mind


Full Life

Feel Life

Well Mind

Lotus Club

Go Healthy

Green Breath


Health Braze

Unique Yoga Business Name Ideas

These brand name ideas listed just for your inspiration. Hee we have used some popular words in the yoga field in the brand name ideas. If you have plans to start a yoga business for locals, these brand name ideas are suitable.

The Stretch

Live Long

Happy Yoga

At Guru’s

Happy Pose

Mind Full

Green You

Yoga Soul

Fit Yoga

Find Balance

Balanced Life

New Breath

Inner Self

Core Strong

Fit Inspire

Pure Soul

Yoga Pro

Yoga Time

Body & Mind

Breath House

Mind Palace

Plus Yoga

Yoga For You

Yoga Inspiration

Tips To Get A Great Fitness Brand Name

Here are some tips to get a great brand name. Great brand names can be very beneficial for a fitness business. Do not forget these brand naming tips in your brand naming process.

  1. Be unique – get a brand name that is rare in the fitness industry. Be different from the other common brand name ideas in the market.
  2. Choose a memorable brand name –  this is a must. Memorability or hard to forget is a good brand name quality. Brand names that rhymes and short brand names are more memorable.
  3. Avoid describing your business – avoid describing your business with your brand name. It makes your brand name long and less attractive. 
  4. Don’t forget to get the exact domain name – for some brand names, the exact same domain name is not available. This can be a disadvantage for your business. So make sure your brand name is available with the exact domain name.
  5. Do a competitor analysis –  you can learn many things from your competitors. Their brand name strategy, logo design, marketing strategies they follow, etc.

Catchy Fitness Names For Instagram

Tone One

Gym Life

The One

Go Gym

Fit Meet

Power House

Calo Blast

Gym Hop


Fat To Fit


Bring Life

Inner You

Happy You

Deserve U

Gymmy Head

How to create a fitness Instagram account?

Here are some tips to follow, if you want to create a great fitness Instagram account. 

  • First, clear your mission of starting a Instagram fitness account (fitness clothing, yoga, food recipes, what’s yours?
  • Create your Instagram account and switch to business account
  • What is your fitness niche?
  • Who are your target audience?
  • Quality images and powerful captions

There are some steps to go starting a fitness Instagram and remember, you have to handle it carefully since it is a business account.

Female Gym Brand Name Ideas

Gym Birdie

Light Life

Shaped U

Slim Soul

Happy Gal


Shaped Mind

Soul Full

Fit Girly

Hot N Fit

Gym Girlz

The Heroin

Well Girl

Go Girl

Fit Step

New U

Fitness Clothing Business Name Ideas

Fitness and fitness clothing are inseparable. Here are some fitness clothing brand name ideas for your fitness clothing businesses.

Fit Thread

Light Life

Shaped U

Slim Soul

Happy Gal


Hot N Fit

Gym Fashion

Gym Fab

Gym Wear

Fit Clothing

Fit Fashion

Brand Name Suggestions For Your Fitness App

App Click

Fitness App

Click On

Fitness Click

Diet App

Fitness Inspire

Health Connect

Fintess Inspiration

Plus App

Workout Plan

Your Workout

Fit Neat

Workout Equipment Store Brand Name Ideas

Track Health

Fit Equip

Fintess Needs

Workout Accessories

Gym Equipment


Equip Pro

Fitness Hut

Fit Set

Workout Needs

Your Fintess

Fit More

Gym Gear

Pro Equo

Gym Toolz

Weight Pluz

Gym Buddy

Pro Fitness

Fit Tools


Tool Pack

Gym Contain

Fite Bite

Well Tools

What Should I Call My Fitness Page?

Mega Fitness

Win Go

Power Fitness

Fitness Together

Life Fitness

Best Training

Fight Fit

Get Fitness

Flow Fitness

Core Fitness

Body Wellness

Bee Strength

Healthy You

Next You

New Beginning

Healthy Gain

Diet Plan

Diet Foodz

Healthy Recipes

Health And U

Yoga Fit

Mind And U

Healthy Bond

Turning Point

Fitness You tube Channel Name Ideas

Fit And Well

Gym Center

Focus Gym

Gym Hero

The Muscles

The Fitness Pack

Six Pack

Dream Gym

Fit Go

Quick Health

First You

Work More

Loss Zone

Well Being

Soft Touch

Young Ever

Stress Less

Fine Line

Body Care

Feel Relax

Peaceful Timing

Body Clinic

Physical And Mental

Best Place

Brand Name Ideas For Your Yoga Centre

Inner Self

Core Strong

Fit Inspire

Pure Soul

Yoga Pro

Yoga Time

Body & Mind

Breath House

Mind Palace

Plus Yoga

Yoga For You

Yoga Inspiration

More Related Industries…

If you are interested in more industries related to the fitness industry, we listed them below.

If you want more brand name ideas category wise we have more than 20 categories with unique brand name collection for each.

The Best Domain Extension For Your Gym And Fitness Business

These are the domain extensions introduced for gym and fitness businesses. These domain names are highly available and cheap.






But still .com is the first domain extension choice of half of the businesses in the world. .com comes with countless benefits. And .com is the most recommended and popular startup domain extension for businesses including gym and fitness business.