Best Brand Names For Financial Companies

“Invest your financial business under a perfect brand name idea…”

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Finance is one of the fewest prominent industries in the world as it provides the financial foundation for all other industries. It is obvious that financial businesses are very lucrative. But financial businesses are also risky as of the tough competition in the industry. Most of the financial startups break down during the first couple of months. Do you know the brand name plays a vital role in stabilizing your financial company?

Many entrepreneurs are unaware of the importance of the brand name and just move with some catchy brand name. This is the worst thing you can do to your own business. A perfect brand name can make a bigger difference in a business than you think.

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Professional Name Ideas For Your Financial Company

The following brand names are listed by our brand name specialists for the businesses in the financial industry. All these brand names agree with all the brand name qualities and are available to be registered.













Tips To Consider When Naming Your Financial Business

The brand name is one of the most important decisions you have to take on your financial business. Here are some tips to finalize your decision faster and better.

01. Study the keywords and trending words in the financial industry

This is a good way to start the brand naming process of your financial business. We have listed some trending words and keywords to brainstorm your financial brand name idea.

02. List brand name ideas for your financial company

List as many brand name ideas as you can for a financial company. For your convenience, our brand name consultants have listed some brand name ideas for financial businesses. They recommend these brand name ideas for any financial business that focus on the local customer crowd and plan to get local domain names.

Venture Seed

Value Straight

Rock Investments

Speed Fast

Smarter Values

Secure Prime

Royal Reach

Origin Investments

New Crest

The Investment

Money Trail

Money Haven


Growth Cap

The Growth

Money Firm

Money Power

Save You

Better Future

The Drawer

The Coin

Arts Of Money

Ensure Notes

Building Bank

The Monetary

The Money

The Economic

The Pecuniary

The Banking

The Commercial

The Business

The Investment

The Accounting

The Fiscal



Happy Truste

Encore Investments

Crown Street

Core Stone

The Funds

Kids Saving

Mutual Investment

Happy Saving

Personal Trust

Financial Hub

Real Capital

Daily Groth

Our brand name specialists handpicked these brand names including more keywords related to the financial industry. They recommend these brand name ideas for any financial business that focuses on the local customer crowd and plan to get local domain names.

03. A brand name that matches your brand message

A good brand name is more than just a word, it communicates with the customer. But you should not use a brand name that describes your product or service as it makes your brand name too common and less attractive. You can choose a word that conveys something special about your financial business. It can be about the quality of your financial consultancy service or it can be the loan ratings of your loan company.

04. What makes a brandable brand name?

Brandable brand name is a must in this competitive business era to stand out as a successful financial business. You need to consider ten facts in order to make a brandable brand name as follows.

  • Uniqueness
  • Easy to pronounce and memorize
  • Short
  • Robots friendly
  • No negative meanings in any language
  • Does not resemble a popular brand name in the market
  • No registration history
  • No generic words included
  • No keywords included
  • No numbers and special characters included

These are the universal brand name qualities which makes a perfect and brandable brand name. Do not forget to include all these brand name qualities in your brand name.

05. Short brand names are the best

This is also a proven way to get a good brand name. Using a shortened form or use acronyms is a startup naming trend that worked for many businesses in the world. But make sure to use less than four characters if you choose this brand name trend. For example, AON. If you are struggling to find a way to shorten your long brand name idea this is a good way. And it is a startup naming trend that has been followed by many entrepreneurs from the past.

06. Know about your competitors

If you have a plan to become a proud owner of a successful financial company one day, you definitely need to know your competitors, otherwise say, do a competitor analysis. Analyze the brand names of your competitors and make a better and stronger brand name for your financial company.

The following brand names are the current kings of the financial industry.

Allianz logoAllianz


Ping An Insurance logoPing An Insurance

Bank Of America logoBank Of America

Wells Fargo logoWells Fargo


Citigroup logoCitigroup

Metlife logoMetlife

Aegon logoAegon

Morgan Stanly logoMorgan Stanly

Talanx logoTalanx

Allstate logoAllstate

07. Test your brand name idea

If you were following the tips correctly until this tip, you should have some final brand name ideas with you by now. If you have no idea about what to choose and what to let go, you can test it with your family and friends. Or take a customer sample of your target audience and ask them to choose the best one for a financial company. This is a good way to finalize the brand name.

08. Are you happy with your brand name?

I want you to ask this question from yourself. As the owner of the company, you need a brand name that satisfies you first, not the family members, not your friends, not the customers, you. If you are satisfied with the brand name you got, you can skip the next part and jump to the 9th tip!!! If you are not happy with the brand name, consider the 8th tip.

09. Buy a brand name

There are countless brand name sellers on the internet. If you cannot find a satisfying brand name through this way you can purchase a brand name. But most of the brand names are auto-generated, do not have any brand name qualities and worst of all they are extravagant. Here are some brand name sellers.

  • Biznamewiz
  • Brandpa
  • Brandroot

10. Check the availability

The last step or tip is, check whether the brand name is not taken. You can google your brand name idea and find out the availability or you can easily check the availability from US Patent and Trademark Office to find out whether the selected financial business name is legally available or not.

More Financial Company Brand Name Ideas

Here are some more brand name ideas for your financial business. These brand names are also handpicked by our brand name specialists.

Financial Advisory Company Brand Name Ideas

Fine Advo

We Care

The Expert



Fine Guid

Money Balance

Book Work



Fine Balance

The Guide

Money Advisor

Asset File

Invest Eyez

Fine Fund

Find Help

Fisc Team

Flow Balance

Money Manager


The Stock

Fisc Link

Money Flow

These brand names are suitable for your financial Advisory company or financial advisor company.

Brand Name Strategies For Your Financial Company

These brand names also support you with getting the perfect brand names for your financial business. There are three brand name strategies, 

  • Choose evergreen brand names

In this brand name strategy, you can use words that evoke strong and everlasting feelings. For example Pathway insurance. The word pathway evokes a sense of solution and customers easily get the idea of your brand name.

  • Combining industrial word with an evergreen word

This is also a proven brand name strategy. You can select a financial industry related word and combine it with an evergreen word. By following this strategy you can explain your product or service strongly through your brand name. For example, Stone Investments.

  • Choose invented brand names

A financial startup is a new beginning and, why don’t you start it with a unique brand name? The handpicked brand names are always unique, easy to remember, vibrant and rich in meaning. Handpicked brand names allow you to present your brand message creatively. 

Our brand name specialists recommend this brand name strategy for your financial company as invented brand names perform better in the financial industry than any other naming methods. For example, Giyono, Finbux.