Best and Worst Brand Names In Fashion Industry

The brand name signifies how your potential consumer will be attracted to your product and this is the first impression that promotes the growth of your Fashion company. These are the list of best brand names in the field of fashion that you should follow up and also the worst brand names in the fashion industry you should avoid.

Based on the plus and minus points in their naming method we have suggested you a few meaningful brand name that suits for your fashion startup. The worst available brand name shows why those should be avoided.

These brand names are suitable for a fashion app, fashion retail store and all the startups related to fashion industry.

Current best fashion brand names in the industry.

When considering major fashion companies such as Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Chanel and Armani their existence in the market has inevitably made them the best choice of the elite class. Some fashion titles apart from being a name of a person are influential brands with their own sole meanings, uniqueness and vocabulary scores. Thus, now let’s have a glimpse of some of the well-known products with their insightful meanings.

01. Gucci


Gucci is an Italian fashion brand founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 and though it is being named after the founder this particular word “Gucci” means awesome, good or chill. This is a single word which is pronounceable and memorable. As the name reflects whoever purchases this brand is considered as cool in a way.This memorable name scores 8.69 in our vocabulary score list and has a .com domain that makes it easily accessible to the international market.

02. Nike


The famous brand Nike has far more ancient meaning than you think. In Greek mythology Nike is the winged goddess of victory and the logo of Nike is derived from the wings of the goddess that symbolizes speed, power and motivation.Moreover “Nike” is a word which is also easily pronounceable even for a voice activated personal assistants such as Siri,Cortana and Alexa and this scores an amazing vocabulary score of 9.35 with a .com domain.

03. Hermes 


The famous brand Hermes was named after a Greek god associated with speed and good luck, who also had to serve as a messenger to Zeus and the other gods. The expectation of the company was a speed progress along with some luck and here there among the top brands of the world.Apart from the mythological meaning this a simple unique name with a .com domain that possesses the vocabulary score of 8.47.

04. Fendi


Fendi is an Italian fashion house founded by Eduardo and Adele Fendi. This company produces famous handbags, sunglasses, wallets, perfumes, apparel and other luxury stuff. The emblem represents two Fs and it symbolizes excellence, supremacy and elegance. In Scottish the meaning of Fendi means resourceful while in British it means thrifty. Anyone who purchases this brand can look forward to quality fashion at an economical expense.This pronounceable name has the vocabulary score of 8.82 and it also owns the .com domain to expand its market.

05. Dior


The fame company established by Christian Dior designs leather goods, makeup, Skin care products, jewellery, fragrance, footwear and fashion accessories. This is a French girl’s name which means golden. ”Dior” is also a name with a high vocabulary score of 9.1 and .com domain.

06. Prada


This fashion brand was established by Mario Prada in 1913. The name Prada originated from the Italian word Prato, the word for meadows. The founder of this company was so concerned about the fruitfulness  of his business and this made him name his business as Prada. Being one of the leading brands in the world with a .com domain it has a pronounceable score of 8.93.

07. Rolex


The founder of the brand Hans Wilsdorf wanted to have a short name for his watches which can be said in any language in spite of this he was also concerned of a name which will look much more attractive on his watches.As per Hans, the founder,  “Rolex” was the sound made by watches as they are wound and this onomatopoeia word scores of 8.14.

08. Omega


The famous  Swiss watch brand “Omega” is the 24th letter of the Greek alphabet and it conveys the power of  “the greatest” or “the best” though it is a widely used word,It still has an influence as a popular  watch brand name thanks to its high vocabulary score and memorability.

09. Guess


Gucci’s biggest rival Guess has an interesting story combined with its name ,the founder Georges Marciano as he drove past a McDonald’s billboard wanted his friends to “guess” the restaurant that had the biggest cheeseburger and as he returned home he was mesmerized by the word “guess” which  immediately made him name his fashion brand as Guess. As a word used in our day to day language this also scores a high vocabulary score of 8.4.

10. Gap


Gap was founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher, the name GAP came from the growing differences between children and adults, called "the generation gap", which reached its peak with the hippie movement. Vocabulary score of GAP is 9.11 according to


Current worst fashion brand names in the industry

01. Le Chateau


This is a Canadian fashion company that recently had seen a great fall as many of its outlets were closed due to its loss of business. The name Le Chateau means “the castle” in French and as you can imagine this is an inappropriate name for a fashion brand that expects a global expansion. Unfortunately, this name has a less vocabulary score.

02. House of Dereon


The most popular singer, Beyoncé introduced a clothing line named as House of Dereon. This fashion label had many fashion shows but was stocked in many department stores without a profitable amount of sales. Now, the word Dereon has a pretty awkward meaning such as mystery. However, this also has a less pronounceable value as this has two words combined in it and this is not all a best choice for a brand promoted under Queen Bey also the three words combination along with its confusing pronunciation is not a best choice for the voice assistants to search.

03. Abbey Dawn


Abbey Dawn is a fashion brand owned by Avril Lavigne and the clothing brand was named after her childhood nickname Abbey dawn. The word Abbey means a building or buildings occupied by a community of monks or nuns while the word Dawn means the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise as you can wonder two contrasting ideas being bought together did not work the miracle expected and her clothing was thrown out  earlier from the market than expected. This is a double word name which is less memorable and pronounceable and the meanings of the words combination also plays a major role in demoting the product.

04. American Eagle Outfitters.

American Eagle outfitters is a fashion company which has seen many lapses in its long run. This is also a brand name that has three words intertwined in it and there is no doubt that this particular name scores a less vocabulary value as an intricate brand name that fails to register in the minds of customers.

05. 6126


 Lindsay Lohan, the famous celebrity launched her clothing line under the name 6126 and no wonder that it is a very unusual name for a clothing brand. She commenced her fashion business in 2008 with the expectation of expansion whereas the name did not imprint a remark in many consumers and they felt it was too expensive to purchase. The code of numbers is not an astonishing brand name with very less vocabulary score.

06. Heidiwood


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt introduced their fashion line in 2008 and named it as Heidi wood, which also had seen a great downfall thanks to its less pronounceable name and rare mixture of words. The name Heidi means "nobility" or, more loosely and wood means the hard-fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree. These coined terms did not precisely describe the product and also did not impress many consumers.

07. Mblem


After the fame obtained from the shows and films as “This Is Us” and “A walk to remember” Mandy Moore, also introduced a clothing line called Mblem by Mandy Moore that did well in the initial few years  and went on hiatus in 2009. The Mblem was a word derived from the word Emblem but with its stylish representation it is quite complex to search for the brand using a  digital voice assistance as the word Emblem dominated the Brand Mblem.

08. Dirty Ghetto Kids

wp2805630-min (1)

Dirty Ghetto Kids is an American skateboard company, producing skateboards and apparel. This is a very long brand name with a combination of three words which is less memorable and also with a less value of brand vocabulary score.A brand name should be simple than being complex.

09. Chico’s


Chico's is an American women's clothing and accessories retailer founded in 1983 in Florida. Chico means small, boy or a child in Spanish language, this name violates the rule brand name should not include any special characters and was not successful in the e-commerce platform due to its incapability in capturing the e-commerce market.

10. Fu-ManSkeeto

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Chris Kirkpatrick had his hand in the fashion industry by introducing the brand FuMan Skeeto in 1999.This range was for men and women and had a gaudier sporty look in all its attire. The word Fuman means smoke in Spanish or a lower-case acronym suggestive of an unprintable act whereas Skeeto is a popular name of a final fantasy character. But luck did not work for this fashion label as this has less vocabulary score and it is not a user friendly word as well.

Best name suggestions to a starting company

Our Fashion Brand Names

Our brand names are based on the best meanings and vocabulary scores to suit your fashion business and they also are aligned according to the special characteristics of best brand names.

1. Alemmi


The two commencing letters of this brand name Al means noble or bright in Old English and this also can mean Alem or Alam "flag" or "sign" in Arabic language while  emmi- mmi in latin origin is defined as entire or universal.

The name Alemmi can be considered as an appropriate name for your fashion business as it can be marked as a name that indicates a noble, bright attire for the entire universe and also a  symbol of the commitment for best clothing.This is a very easy pronounceable name with the vocabulary score of 8.3.

02. Begxy


The starting three letters of this name was derived from the word  beguile that is referred to as amusement and the ending letters xy indicate zero to infinity level. All compiled together this can mean,  

“feel the amusement of our clothing from zero to infinity level”.

Fashion is all about variations and this name with its vibrant meaning is apt for your initial footstep in  fashion.This is a simple name with a high Pronounceable value of 8.25.

03. Blomio


Blo is derived from the  word “Blossoming”and Mio from the word "millions".We may conclude that Blossoming in a business signifies a  promise of healthy development in our industry and with millions of expectations combined together this can be termed as, 

“Millions of promising clothings for your expectation”. This unique name with its profound meaning has a vocabulary value  of 8.28 and will definitely make you bloom in the  fashion field.

Why not choose a name that will bloom your brand in the hearts of your customers?

04. Bresmi

bresmi 1

The commencing letters of Bre is taken from the word “Breeding” which means producing tactfully  and the ending letters are formed out of the word “Smile” also expresses Happiness therefore, we may determine the meaning as  “Being tactful in your fashion business with a pleasant aspect”.

If you are planning for a great expansion in your fashion business this will be a great choice for you as this has a  memorable value  of 8.4.

05. Brewom


The word  breadth-bre can mean a wide range and the last three letters of this brand name denote the word women.Our brand name Brewom carries a meaning such as a,

 “Wide range of products for lovely women” and will be a name imprinted in many hearts and souls” as this unique brand name scores 8.45 for its pronounce ability.

06. Cligor


Now the name Cligor can mean “Clicking  gorgeous ideas” as Cli is derived from the word “Clicking” and gor from  the word “Gorgeous”.

This will be a great name for your business if you are bundled with ideas that will mesmerize your customers. Then, Why not make your dressings click gorgeous ideas?

Cligor scores a great vocabulary score of 8.37.

07. Chinxo


The word Chic bears a meaning such as stylish or elegant and Xo means love or sona,a golden lady  that is supposed to have fallen from heaven.This bears a meaning such as a “lovely woman or lady fallen from heaven with a  stylish elegance”.

This will be a wonderful name for your business if you are targeting a wide range of varieties  in women clothing. This tempting name scores a high value of 8.45.

08. Desger

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can mean  “The designer with a destiny of new ideas”. As the three letters Des can denote the word “destiny” and ger can mean germinal- new ideas to be productive.This name can flourish your business  ideas and enlarge your business to a destiny you expected as it has a notable  vocabulary score of 8.47.

09. Sileem


Our brand name sileem is made out of the words “silicon and embellish” whereas silicon is an element and embellish means make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features.Thus this signifies “make it beautiful as silicon”.

This is a very trendy name with a  Vocabulary score 8.4.

10. Rogroo

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The two words “route” and “groovy” combined forms the name Rogroo.These two words comprise definitions as, 

route-a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.

groovy-fashionable and exciting.

This can mean “the best access to fashionable and exciting clothing”. This memorable name scores a remarkable value of  8.65.

Worst brand names that you should avoid in the field

01. Fashionrange


This particular brand name consists of two words as Fashion and Range,which makes it inappropriate for a suitable brand name and also the generic keyword fashion is utilized in presenting the brand.

Also this name is too long and quite hard to remember ( the vocabulary score of this name is 3.46). We do not recommend lengthy names as they contain low vocabulary scores.

02. CandidFashion


The word Candid also has an odd meaning such as a photograph of a person taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge. So, be cautious about the meaning of the words used in creating a brand name.

Moreover, the generic keyword Fashion also holds a significance in this brand name and these two words combined together this brand name scores a less vocabulary score.

03. clothesy


The keyword Clothes is used in this brand name and the letter “Y” has not obtained an eminent meaning and lacks a good vocabulary score.Also there is a pronunciation issue with the letter ‘y’ as  some can pronounce it as ‘why’ that can give a negative impression whereas others can pronounce it sound like ‘i’. This brand name is difficult to spell and write and also can create chaos when browsed using a digital voice assistant.


stamped_preview_w (1)-min

A characteristic of a good brand name is not to possess any special characters whereas this particular brand name violates this theory and further this also includes a verb in its name that also is a disadvantage in promoting a brand name.

“.ly” is a restricted domain for Libya. and  it is not available for global use.


stamped_preview_w (2)-min

This brand name is also another instance where the generic word cloth is used in presenting the brand and this is also combined with special characters which makes it score a lower vocabulary score.

As a good brand name it should contain proper meaning, but here we do not have a specific meaning. This brand name is  also difficult to remember. Further, it also contains the '.io’ domain. So it is only applicable for British Colonies and has not got an acceptable .com domain.

06. Hello Clothes

stamped_preview_w (3)-min

Now what kind of brand name is Hello Clothes as due to its two words union it scores a less vocabulary score and also embraces the generic word “clothes” in it which is a further minus in marketing the brand. This also lacks a proper combination or meaning with these words and character count is also high.

07. GoClothes


This brand name is intertwined utilizing  two words as “Go” and “Clothes” and has a less vocabulary score as the character count is quite high along with the keyword clothes in it.there is no significant meaning in Go clothes and can give a negative connotation as leave clothes.

Impression of a brand name is gained  using simple words but here this brand name fails in achieving it though common day to day words are used.

08. frock


Unless you only sell frocks the brand name Frocks will not be a suitable brand name for your clothing brand but a brand name should attract more consumers by being unique whereas this brand name misses it.This also has the generic word “frock” and will definitely disadvantage in branding.

09. Offensivewear

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The word offensive means “causing someone to feel resentful, upset, or annoyed”.So how can a brand name be named after such a meaning ! Brand name should not give a negative impact to your consumers and being wise when selecting a brand name is a very crucial this brand name also carries two words in it and scores a low vocabulary score.

10. Techshoe


This is a very confusing name as two different streams are being bought together and this may create confusions among the customers as to what is the exact product being sold. Your Brand name should be unique but it should not be perplexing.