130 Catchy Event Planning Company Name Ideas

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There is a huge demand for event planning companies today as event planning needs careful and serious attention and it requires years of expertise and dedication. The truth is, as a startup, you have countless challenges to face and one of the serious challenges is to become a recognized company with a perfect brand name. Brinso is here to help you with that..

Catchy Event Planning Company Brand Names

Devuct logoDevuct Events

jestey logoJestey Moments

Pexony logoPexony Planning


crimopCrimop Style

These brand name ideas are suitable for any event planning business, and all these brand names include all the brand name qualities. If you are not satisfied with these event planning brand name ideas, you can create your own brand name for your company.

How Do I Create A Perfect Event Planning Business Name?

If you want to create a perfect brand name for your event planning company on your own, consider these factors. The following are the universal brand name qualities. Confirm these qualities in your brand name and there you got a brandable brand name for your event planning company.

  1. Your brand name needs to be easy to pronounce and easy to memorize for anyone who is reading your event planning company brand name for the first time.
  2. Make sure the brand name is unique with .com domain extension.
  3. Consider the character count of your brand name. It needs to be limited to 4to 6 characters which is the ideal character count of a brandable brand name.
  4. Make  sure your brand name is excluded from any generic words/ dictionary words. For example, “Good Company”. Including generic words in the brand name makes it less effective functioning with search engines.
  5. No keywords are included in the brand name, it is the next brand name quality. According to our brand name specialists, a brand name needs to be distinctive. There can be many event planning company brand names in the market such as planning company, event planners, event management company etc. If you want to stand out from the competition, create it without using key words.
  6. A brandable event planning company brand name needs to be universal. Make sure your brand name does not generate any negative meaning in any language. A brand name communicates with the world. So it needs to be universally meaningful with no negative connotation.
  7. Do not include numbers or special characters in your event planning company brand name. Numbers and special characters make the brand name hard to remember and also can make the customer confused. So avoid numbers and special characters in the brand name.
  8. Do not copy or imitate other event planning company brand names. Come up with your own brand name.
  9. Do not choose a brand name that has a registration history. Do not buy a brand name that used to be known for another product or service. It is harmful for your event planning startup.
  10.  Your brand name needs to be robots friendly. As we are living in a digital era, most of the customers search your brand name with the help of search engines and voice assistants. So make sure the selected event planning company brand name is robot friendly.

Trending Words In The Event Planning Industry

If you are planning to design your event planning brand name on your own, we think knowing some popular words in the event planning field will help you to narrow down the brand naming process. Check out the popular words.

Event Planning Company Brand Name Ideas

Here are some brand name ideas from our brand name specialists for your event planning company. All these brand name ideas are handpicked and are perfect if you are targeting the local customer crowd for your business.

Event Planners

We Design

Your Day

Happy Moments

To Your Album

Happy Gallery

The Eventz

We Eventzo

Moment Design

Event Managers

Happy Planners

Special Occasion

Beautiful Day

Blissed Memories

Our Plan

Plan For U

Best Day

Life Planners

Event Craze

Unique Planners

Event Hunters

Best Group

Planner Team

Classy Event

Party Care

Event Hand

Your Moment

Event Handle

How do I make my event planning company stand out?

As a novice business in the event planning field, there are a lot of challenges to face and one of them is standing out from the competition; becoming a recognized brand name. Here are some facts to consider to name your event planning company stand out.

  1. Get a brandable brand name. Getting a brandable event planning brand name is the very first thing you need to do. Because brand name carries the identity of your business.
  2. Identify your rivals in the market and study their marketing strategies, tips and tricks. Not to copy them but to develop a better service for your customers
  3. Build an effective customer relationship. First, identify who your customers are, communicate with them (directly or indirectly) and provide them with a great service. Customer satisfaction is a key factor in the rapid success of your business.
  4. Build a strong marketing strategy for your event planning business.

Wedding Planning Business Names

There is a huge demand for wedding planning businesses, wedding planning companies, wedding planners etc. So these brand names ideas are from our brand specialists for wedding planning startups. These are not auto generated, but if you are not looking for a brandable brand name these brand name ideas can be used. If you are looking for a brandable wedding planning company brand name, we already listed them first.

Happy Wedded

New Path

With Love

The Blessings

Wed Event

Wedding Planners

Elegant Planners

Wedding Gurus

Big Day

Dream Wedding

Big Day Planners

Your Big Day

Happy Beginning

Big Nightz

Dazzling Night

Blisses Memories

Forever Memories

Your Moment

The New Wedded

Wedding Design

How Do I Start A Small Wedding Planning Business?

Here are some special points you need to consider in starting a wedding planning business. 

  1. The very first thing you need to have is a proper knowledge about wedding planning. 
  2. Next thing is capital funding. To start and maintain your business, you need a capital. It can be your savings, a bank loan. Capital is the second thing you need to focus on.
  3. The location comes third. If you are planning to start an online wedding planning business, you do not need a location, if not there should be a location to build your business place.
  4. You need to register your business as the fourth step. A legal involvement is must in starting a business.

French Names For Wedding Planning Business

Here are some brand name ideas from our brand name specialists for French wedding planning businesses.

Souhaits De Mariage

Le Grand Jour

Heureusement Marié

Moments Spéciaux

Jour D'or

Rose Bénie

Événements Magiques

Événements Pétillants

Jour De Mariage

Promesses Sacrées

Précieux Mémoriser

Pour La Vie

Catchy Names For Party Planning Businesses

Party Partners

Craz Party

Party Craziness

Party Planners

Happy Party

Perfect Dance

Dance Night

Party Night

Go Crazy

We Party

Perfect Party

Dazzling Parties

Party Style

Mania Party

Balloons And Lights

Only Fun

Fun And Only

Dream Parties

Party Care

Premium Events

How Do I Create A Catchy Event Planning Business Name?

Consider the below listed factors to create a catchy event planning brand name. 

  1. Consider the character count of your brand name. Our brand name consultants recommend brand names with 4 to 6 characters as it is the ideal character count of a catchy brand name. 
  2. The vocabulary score of a catchy brand name is very high. The vocabulary score of a catchy brand name should be more than 8. A higher vocabulary score suggests the good pronounceability of the brand name. It is also a good sign of a catchy brand name.
  3. The phonological loop value must be at least more than 70% to consider a brand name as a catchy brand name. The  Phonological loop value suggests the memorability of a brand name. If a brand name is easy to remember it is a catchy brand name.

How Do You Name An Event Management Company?

Hundred Events

Any Event

Event Manager

Splendid Moments

Royal Planners

Pleasure Occasions

Event Beauty

Events Thousand

Million Design

Special Events

Ultimate Events

Perfect Planners

Charming Planners

Every Eventz

Perfe Occasion

Occasion Management

Dreamy Planners

Plans Heaven

Thousand Collection

Event Collection

Event Management Company Names In French

Heureux Événements

Nous Événements

Moments De Classe

Chasse Aux Événements

Meilleurs Moments

Événements Bénis

Planificateurs De Mariage

Événements Magiques

Cent Événements

Agenda Du Planificateur

Événements En Or

Des Rêves Agréables

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” 

-Leonard Bernstein

Luxury Event Planning Company Names

Luxy Events

Event Enchant

Lux Planners

Elegant Momentz

Event Dazzle

Planner Elegance

Thousand Plans

Golden Day

Save The Day

Platinum Party

Pluz Eventz

Event Lover

Lux Lifez

Next Level

Event Elegant

The Extravagant

Naming Trends To Follow For Your Event Planning Business...

It is always advisable to study the naming trends before starting to choose a brand name for your event planning business. Here are some naming trends which are popular in the event planning field.

  1. Using personal names- Bassett Events, Colin Cowie, David Tutera
  2. Using Acronyms as brand names- MKG.
  3. Using Generic worded brand names- A Perfect Event, Rafanelli, Wonderland.
  4. Combined worded brand names- Eventive.

Most of these companies are either founded in the pre internet era or have spend millions of dollars as marketing expenses. As the competition is fierce nowadays you can follow the latest naming trend for your brand name. The latest naming trend is including all the brand name qualities.

How To Come Up With A Catchy Event Planning Brand Name?

There is no proven procedure to finalize a brand name for a business including event management businesses. But our brand name consultants recommend this procedure to get a catchy and brandable brand name for your event planning company. 

  1. As the first step, brainstorm brand name ideas. Create, list event planning brand name ideas as many as possible. Study the existing event planning company brand names too, and list your own brand names. List them out for future reference.
  2. The next step is to learn the brand name qualities. You need a brandable brand name, so study brand name qualities (mentioned before in the article in detail). Check whether these brand name qualities are included in your brand name list or not. If not remove those brand name ideas from the list to narrow down the naming process. 
  3. After filtering the brandable brand names, select the best out of it and finalize your brand name. What if there was no brand name in the list, then you can create a brandable event planning brand name by yourself and continue with the procedure.
  4. Before finalizing an event planning brand name, test it with your friends, colleagues and it would be better if you could test it with your target customer sample and then finalize the best brand name. 
  5. Check whether your brand name is taken by someone already or not. If it’s not, go ahead and register your brand name.

.event or .com?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has introduced .event domain extension for event management companies. But with what domain extension can you get the most out of it? Lets see.

    • .com provides a legal protection for your brand name from being pirated. But you cannot get that facility with any other domain extension including .event.
    • .com is very popular compared to .events and .com has a huge reputation for business websites since 1985. 
    • .com is more trustworthy than .events extension. The reports show that the users trust .com domain names the most. 
    • .com has the highest recognition than any other domain extension. Most people assume a domain name should end with .com domain extension.

Attractive Taglines For Event Planning Startups…

  1. Memorable events don’t just happen. They happen to be our business.
  2. Our business is making memories.
  3. Extraordinary events delivered.
  4. A stylish wedding begins with us.
  5. Sit back while we create the experience of a lifetime.
  6. Designing your perfect day.
  7. Happily ever after begins here.

Top Event Planning Companies In The World

We think knowing your competitors in the market is a very important business strategy. Studying their brand names, their customer policy, product or services, marketing strategies is very important for developing your own better business image. As the first step, we have listed the most popular event management companies.

  1. Bassett Events, Inc.
  2. MKG
  3. Colin Cowie
  4. David Tutera
  5.  A Perfect Event
  6. Rafanelli Events
  7. Wonderland
  8. Eventive

Speaking of getting a better event management company brand name, you already know how to select or design a brandable brand name!!!