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Naming your event planning company is a very important step. So we want you to get the best brand name idea for your event planning company. 

We have a brand name ideas collection just for event planning businesses including wedding planning businesses, party planning businesses, luxury event planning companies and more. 

And don’t forget to check out our premium, the best event planning brand names list.

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event planning company name ideas

Event Planning Brand Name Ideas

Here are some brand name ideas from our brand name specialists for your event planning company. All these brand name ideas are handpicked and are perfect if you are targeting the local customer crowd for your business.

Event Planners

We Design

Your Day

Happy Moments

To Your Album

Happy Gallery

The Eventz

We Eventzo

Moment Design

Event Managers

Happy Planners

Special Occasion

Beautiful Day

Blissed Memories

Our Plan

Plan For U

Best Day

Life Planners

Event Craze

Unique Planners

Event Hunters

Best Group

Planner Team

Classy Event

Party Care

Event Hand

Your Moment

Event Handle

Glory Festive

Occa Plan

We Events

Your Dream

Event House

Royal Festivs

Party Vibe

Glitter Bulb

Night Fly

Party Fave


Bubble Lights

Every Moment

Fine Fiesta

Fun Pool

Plan Miracle

Vibe Grab

The Promz

Event Mania

Evento Mint

Pixie Dust

Heaven Party

Dazzle Design

Elegant Event

Glitter Evening


Celeb Night

Glam Dinner

We Organize

Nize Eventz


Every Inch

Fun Night

Win Even

Gamy Jam

Event Love

Uni Event

Diamond Plans

Event Night


Event Bet

Pure Promize

Blessed Wisher

Fine Evento

french event management company name ideas

Event Management Company Names In French

Here are some cool event management company name ideas in french. Consider the meaning of your brand name before naming your event management company. 

Heureux Événements

Nous Événements

Moments De Classe

Chasse Aux Événements

Meilleurs Moments

Événements Bénis

Planificateurs De Mariage

Événements Magiques

Cent Événements

Agenda Du Planificateur

Événements En Or

Des Rêves Agréables

Meilleur Événement

Nous Planifions

De Merveilleux Événements

Événements Du Millénaire

Événement Floraison

Bénit Des Moments

Dis Oui

Plans Préférés

Mille Événements

Événements Bénis

Événements Sav

Événements Vedettes

good event planning company name ideas

Good Names For Event Planning Businesses

Everyone is looking for the best brand name ideas for their event planning business. So here we have listed good event planning business name ideas just for you!!!

Good Event

We Event

Event Invent

Super Eventz

Glitter Events

Event Thousand

Fun File

Event Pile

Even Pick

Good Gold

Cool Moments

Day Saved

Eve Planner

Premi Events

Great Occa

We Design

Glamour Party

Special Day

Best Moments

Forever Memories

Party Feel

Its Party

Paneer Expert

Event Eve

Passion Planner

Pro Events

Mille Planz

Party Hour

Event Mix

Golden Evento

Big Day

Splend Event

event planning business names

Event Planning Business Names

Are you looking for an event planning business name? We have listed creative and catchy event planning business name ideas just for you…refer to these name examples before you design your brand name idea.

Lily Events

Event Thousand

Millennium Events

Forever Moments

Event Blend

Event Star

Your Story

Blessed Beginning

Splendid Moments

Events Plus

Golden Moment

Cake Cut

Caky Events


New Path


Event Woo

Event Be

Blissed Moments

We Planners

Super Celebrations


Event Mint

Event Aroma

event planning business names

Event Planner Business Name Ideas

Get a catchy event planner business name idea to avoid competition in the market. Here are some creative event planner business name ideas from our naming team.

Best Event

Planner Best

Golden Events

Your Planner

Posh Events

Plenty Plans

Dosen Events

Prime Planner

Eden Planners

Spring Planning

Fav Events

Events By Pro

Pro Events

We Rock U

Rock Events

Jacquard Events

Pearly Evenings

Century Kings

Emerald Plans

Function Junction

best event planning name ideas

Premium Event Planning Brand Names

Because we believe your event planning business deserves a super brand name, we listed the following premium event planning brand names. All these brand names have all the brand name qualities, available with .com domain name and suitable for any startup in the event planning industry!!!

Devuct Events

Jestey Moments

Pexony Planning

Crimop Style

Wedding Photography Business Name Ideas

Unique Wedding Planning Business Names

Are you looking for an event planning business name? We have listed creative and catchy event planning business name ideas just for you…refer to these name examples before you design your brand name idea.

Ring Bearer


Ring Moment

Get Wedded

Happy Hope

Get Doubled

Wed Themed

Bride Wish

Blessed Promise



Fire Fly

White Roze

Silver Events

Tie Day

Wedded Bliss

Bridal Event


Bride Ceremony

Wedding Serve

Mating Time

Happy Couple

Perfect Match

Golden Peak

Holy Rituals

Platinum Partners

Blessed Link

Brand New Path

Holy Unite

Happy Pair

Let’s Elop

Blessed Aisle

Getting Wed

I Do

Wedding Knot

Happy Uniting

Getting Wed

Wedding Web

Wed Wonder

Bridal Blush

french wedding planning business names

French Names For Wedding Planning Business

Here are some brand name ideas from our brand name specialists for French wedding planning businesses.

Souhaits De Mariage

Le Grand Jour

Heureusement Marié

Moments Spéciaux

Jour D'or

Rose Bénie

Événements Magiques

Événements Pétillants

Jour De Mariage

Promesses Sacrées

Précieux Mémoriser

Pour La Vie

Grands Événements

Nous Eventz

Plan Parfait

Jolis Moments

Nuit D'argent

Fête Parfaite

Chapeau De Fête

Soirée Enneigée

event planning company name ideas

Wedding Planning Company Name Ideas

There is a huge demand for wedding planning businesses, wedding planning companies, wedding planners etc. So these brand name ideas are from our brand specialists for wedding planning startups. These are not auto generated, but if you are not looking for a brandable brand name these brand name ideas can be used. If you are looking for a brandable wedding planning company brand name, we already listed them first.

Happy Wedded

New Path

With Love

The Blessings

Wed Event

Wedding Planners

Elegant Planners

Wedding Gurus

Big Day

Dream Wedding

Big Day Planners

Your Big Day

Happy Beginning

Big Nightz

Dazzling Night

Blisses Memories

Forever Memories

Your Moment

The New Wedded

Wedding Design

Got Married

Holy Promise

New Couple

Golden Day

Wedding Vows

Fav Day

Two Heartz

The Aisle

Glory Night

Wed Masters

Happy Wedded

Ever After

Grand Day

Aisle Walk

Perfect Bride

Weddy Ready

Mr & Mrs

Perfect Moments

Tying The Knot

Marriage Bliss

catchy party planning business name ideas

Catchy Names For Party Planning Businesses

Online presence is a crucial requirement for any business including your party planning business. Our brand specialists suggest getting a brand name that looks catchy and attractive in your website. Get inspired by our brand name suggestions and create a catchy party planning business name.

Party Partners

Craz Party

Party Craziness

Party Planners

Happy Party

Perfect Dance

Dance Night

Party Night

Go Crazy

We Party

Perfect Party

Dazzling Parties

Party Style

Mania Party

Balloons And Lights

Only Fun

Fun And Only

Dream Parties

Party Care

Premium Events

Party Folks

Let’s Celebrate

Art Party

Elegant Parties

Creative World

We Plan

A To Z

Prime Parties

Glitter Light

Wed Bids

Holy Hour

A To Wedding

Plati Party

Let’s Dance

Ento Night

Party Buds

Perfect Eventz

Max Plans

Master Plans

Event Spot

event management company name ideas

How Do You Name An Event Management Company?

As we live in a busy world, people do not have enough time to plan their parties, weddings, celebrations. So the demand for the service of an event management company is increasing day by day. To make your event management company attractive, make it short and sweet.

Hundred Events

Any Event

Event Manager

Splendid Moments

Royal Planners

Pleasure Occasions

Event Beauty

Events Thousand

Million Design

Special Events

Ultimate Events

Perfect Planners

Charming Planners

Every Eventz

Perfe Occasion

Occasion Management

Dreamy Planners

Plans Heaven

Thousand Collection

Event Collection

Evento Great

Super Fective

Festive Creations

Event Land

We Evento

Lucky Event

Big Moment

Crown Events

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” 

-Leonard Bernstein

luxury event planning company name ideas

Luxury Event Planning Company Names

Do you want to reach your customers fast and easily? Try to be relevant to your business niche…pick a unique brand name and add words like events, dazzle, elegance and glamour to make a niche relevant business name.

Luxy Events

Event Enchant

Lux Planners

Elegant Momentz

Event Dazzle

Planner Elegance

Thousand Plans

Golden Day

Save The Day

Platinum Party

Pluz Eventz

Event Lover

Lux Lifez

Next Level

Event Elegant

The Extravagant

Superb Events

Extra Bliss

The Beyond

Creative Army

Deluxe Events

Glitter Moments

Team Platinum

The Crown

Royal Events

The Wonderland

Deluxe Events

Stylish Evening

Diamond Crown

Fairy Tale

Plati Party

Luxed Vibe

To Improve Your “Brand Name” Knowledge…

There is a saying that knowledge has a beginning but no end…below we have collected some worthy information, knowledge about naming your event planning company. We hope this information will help you to get a super brand name!!!

How To Come Up With A Catchy Event Planning Brand Name?

There is no proven procedure to finalize a brand name for a business including event management businesses. But our brand name consultants recommend this procedure to get a catchy and brandable brand name for your event planning company. 

  • Make A Brand Name Ideas List

As the first step, brainstorm brand name ideas as many as you can and list them out. To get more relevant and creative brand name ideas you can, 

  • Study your competitors’ brand names.
  • Study the popular words used in the event planning company brand names.
  • Have a good idea about the naming trends followed by the majority of the event planning industry for the last two decades.
  • Try brand name generators just to create brand name ideas.
  • BNQ Technique

Making a brand name ideas list gives you a good opportunity to get more good brand name ideas. To select the brandable brand name idea out of it, our brand name specialists recommend to use the BNQ technique. BNQ is the shortened form of Brand Name Qualities. Study the brand name qualities to choose the best brand name idea. 

  • Select The Best Brand Name Idea

After filtering the brandable brand names, select the best out of it and finalize your brand name. What if there was no brand name in the list, then you can create a brandable event planning brand name by yourself and continue with the procedure.

  • Get Others Opinions

Before finalizing an event planning brand name, test it with your friends, colleagues and it would be better if you could test it with your target customer sample and then finalize the best brand name. 

  • Check The Availability

Check whether your brand name is taken by someone already or not from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If it’s not, go ahead and register your brand name.

Trending Words In The Event Planning Industry

If you are planning to design your event planning brand name on your own, we think knowing some popular words in the event planning field will help you to narrow down the brand naming process. Check out the popular words.

How Do I Create A Catchy Event Planning Business Name?

Consider the below listed factors to create a catchy event planning brand name. 

  1. Consider the character count of your brand name. Our brand name consultants recommend brand names with 4 to 6 characters as it is the ideal character count of a catchy brand name. 
  2. The vocabulary score of a catchy brand name is very high. The vocabulary score of a catchy brand name should be more than 8. A higher vocabulary score suggests the good pronounceability of the brand name. It is also a good sign of a catchy brand name.
  3. The phonological loop value must be at least more than 70% to consider a brand name as a catchy brand name. The  Phonological loop value suggests the memorability of a brand name. If a brand name is easy to remember it is a catchy brand name.

“Regular” Brand Names In The Event Planning Industry

Here are some regular brand names in the event planning industry. If you want to be distinctive, avoid these mistakes when naming your event planning company. 

  • A Perfect Event- if you want to create a unique brand name, do not use more than one word. It is very hard to recognize this as a company name, because it is more like a sentence. Do you find it unique? The reason you don’t see this as a unique brand name is because it has key words and generic words in it. Using keywords like “event” and generic word “perfect” just make you a regular brand name. So you know now what to avoid to get a unique event planning brand name.
  • Wonderland- yes, this is a one worded brand name but the risk they have taken with this brand name is not being recognized by the target audience. There are thousands of things referred to with Wonderland such as movies, places, roads and children parks. With a too common name like this, you cannot reach your target audience. Even if they search online, it is very hard to find you. So being distinctive makes it easier to reach your target audience. 
  • 3rd Coast PR- the disadvantage of including a number in a brand name is also related to the customers. Assume a customer wanted to search your company online and google your name using third instead of 3rd. And also numbers do not look good in the URLs. 

It is hard to promote regular brand names as they are less attractive, hard to remember and usual. So it would cost thousands of dollars to market these types of brand names. Most of the entrepreneurs do not have a capital to market the brand name. So how about avoiding making the above mentioned mistakes to get a distinctive event company brand name?

How Do I Start A Small Wedding Planning Business?

Here are some special points you need to consider in starting a wedding planning business. 

  1. The very first thing you need to have is a proper knowledge about wedding planning. 
  2. Next thing is capital funding. To start and maintain your business, you need a capital. It can be your savings, a bank loan. Capital is the second thing you need to focus on.
  3. The location comes third. If you are planning to start an online wedding planning business, you do not need a location, if not there should be a location to build your business place.
  4. You need to register your business as the fourth step. A legal involvement is must in starting a business.

Naming Trends To Follow For Your Event Planning Business...

It is always advisable to study the naming trends before starting to choose a brand name for your event planning business. Here are some naming trends which are popular in the event planning field.

  1. Using personal names- Bassett Events, Colin Cowie, David Tutera
  2. Using Acronyms as brand names- MKG.
  3. Using Generic worded brand names- A Perfect Event, Rafanelli, Wonderland.
  4. Combined worded brand names- Eventive.

Most of these companies are either founded in the pre internet era or have spend millions of dollars as marketing expenses. As the competition is fierce nowadays you can follow the latest naming trend for your brand name. The latest naming trend is including all the brand name qualities.

.event or .com?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has introduced .event domain extension for event management companies. But with what domain extension can you get the most out of it? Lets see.

    • .com provides a legal protection for your brand name from being pirated. But you cannot get that facility with any other domain extension including .event.
    • .com is very popular compared to .events and .com has a huge reputation for business websites since 1985. 
    • .com is more trustworthy than .events extension. The reports show that the users trust .com domain names the most. 
    • .com has the highest recognition than any other domain extension. Most people assume a domain name should end with .com domain extension.

Attractive Taglines For Event Planning Startups…

  1. Memorable events don’t just happen. They happen to be our business.
  2. Our business is making memories.
  3. Extraordinary events delivered.
  4. A stylish wedding begins with us.
  5. Sit back while we create the experience of a lifetime.
  6. Designing your perfect day.
  7. Happily ever after begins here.