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The famous event planning company “The Vibe Agency” rebranded their company into “VIBE” by shortening the previous name into one word without changing the whole name because their customers usually refer to the company by “Vibe”. This is a great example of how a simple name is more powerful than a complex name. The simpler the name, the more the people who remember it. So it is wise if you choose a simple name for your event company.

Let’s Get Started,

Since you are planning to enter the events industry and thinking about a name, you have to do it right. You have to find a good event planning company name in the right way by considering many important facts. Even though it is a bit of a complex task, naming an event business correctly is compulsory if you are dreaming of becoming the best. Not to worry Brinso is here to help you with every aspect including the best guide to name an event planning company and the best event company business name ideas.

Premium Event Planning Brand Names

Because we believe your event planning business deserves a super brand name, we listed the following premium event planning brand names. All these brand names have all the brand name qualities, available with .com domain name and suitable for any startup in the event planning industry!!!

event planning business names

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Catchy Event Planning Business Names

What Should I Name My Event Planning Business?

Party planning, event planning, wedding planning, event management, etc companies or businesses always should have a name that reflects joy, celebration, powerfulness, and emotion so as soon as they see your company name, the customer could get inspired to come to you. Try our collection of cool event planning business and company names. You might get inspired by them.


french event management company name ideas

Event Management Names In French

If you are looking for a French inspired event management company name, the following name ideas are just for you. We have combined French event related words with English words to get the French appearance and to not to miss the relativity to the business niche. If you have a plan to reach the global audience with your brand name, check our professional event management brand names…

Heureux Eventz

Luxo Événements

Classique Eventz

Rose Momentz

Magique Eveningz

Moments De Classe

Juste Inoubliable

Event Rubiz

Meilleurs Moments

Nous Planifions

Beau Plans

Heure D'or

Événements Du Millénaire

Événement Floraison

Bénit Des Moments

Dis Oui

Le Plan De Dieu

Silver Événements

Event Unlimited

Cent Événements

Événement Plus

Moments Glamour

Heure d'or

Gestionnaires de fête

Super événements

Événement de rêve

Fonctions Royales

Evénements Fleuris

Moments élégants

Agenda élégant

Grand événement

Source de l'idée

Gestionnaire de Moments

Souvenirs Pour Toujours

Idées de Luxe

Événements Horizon

French Words For Event Planning

Interested in French words related to event planning and event management to come with event planning business names on your own? We have listed some event planning related words in French. Take a peek at them now.

  • Events - Événements
  • Gathering - La cueillette
  • Planning - Planification
  • Planners - Planificateurs/ Planificatrices
  • Event - un événement
  • Party - Fête
  • Management - Gestion
  • Best - Meilleur/ Meilleure
  • Occasion - Occasion
  • Special - Spéciale/ Spécial
  • luxury event planning company name ideas

    French Wedding Planning Business Names

    Planning to start a French wedding planning business? Then you must be looking for a good french wedding planning business name. Here are some brand name ideas from our brand name specialists for french wedding planning businesses.

    Souhaits De Mariage

    Le Grand Jour

    Heureusement Marié

    Moments Spéciaux

    Jour D'or

    Rose Bénie

    Événements Magiques

    Événements Pétillants

    Jour De Mariage

    Promesses Sacrées

    Précieux Mémoriser

    Pour La Vie

    Grands Événements

    Nous Eventz

    Plan Parfait

    Jolis Moments

    Nuit D'argent

    Fête Parfaite

    Chapeau De Fête

    Soirée Enneigée

    good event planning company name ideas

    Creative Event Planning Business Names

    What Can I Name My Event Planning Business?

    You have to make sure that the name that you pick as your event planning business name is perfect as your work and plans for your event planning business. Because once you go public with your business, it becomes the calling card of your event business. Start your search for a good event planning business with our collection of creative event planning business name ideas.

    Good Event

    We Event

    Event Invent

    Super Eventz

    Glitter Events

    Event Thousand

    Fun File

    Event Pile

    Even Pick

    Good Gold

    Cool Moments

    Day Saved

    Eve Planner

    Premi Events

    Great Occa

    We Design

    Glamour Party

    Special Day

    Best Moments

    Forever Memories

    Party Feel

    Its Party

    Paneer Expert

    Event Eve

    Passion Planner

    Pro Events

    Mille Planz

    Party Hour

    Event Mix

    Golden Evento

    Big Day

    Splend Event

    V Eventz

    We Design

    Dream On

    Happy Moments

    Happy Gallery


    Moment Design

    Event Managers

    Happy Planners

    Beautiful Days

    Special Occasions

    Blissed Memories

    Best Planz

    Event Craze

    Unique Events

    Best Planners

    Moment Caps

    We Plan

    Dreamy Occasions

    Best Parties

    Event Hunters

    Best Group

    Planner Team

    Classy Event

    Party Care

    Event Hand

    Your Moment

    Event Handle

    Dazzle Design

    Elegant Event

    Glory Festive

    Occa Plan

    We Events

    Your Dream

    Event House

    Royal Festivs

    Party Vibe

    Glitter Bulb

    Night Fly

    Party Fave

    event planning business names

    Event Planner Business Name Ideas

    As an Event Planner, you have an Image to maintain considering the competition in the industry of event planning. Most of the popular event planners use their name as their brand. But this is a good chance for you to be unique from your competitors and reach your potential customers with full confidence by choosing a fancy and unique name as an event planner. If you need fancy names for event planners, Here they are ready for you to try. Take a peek

    Lily Events

    Event Thousand

    Millennium Events

    Forever Moments

    Event Blend

    Event Star

    Your Story

    Blessed Beginning

    Splendid Moments

    Events Plus

    Golden Moment

    Cake Cut

    Caky Events


    New Path


    Event Woo

    Event Be

    Blissed Moments

    We Planners

    Super Celebrations


    Event Mint

    Event Aroma

    Great Planz

    Memory Planner

    Royal Moments

    Luxury Ideas

    Moment Manager

    Plan Bringer

    Elegant Planner/p>

    Dream Management

    Bring Joy

    Luxy Moments

    Elegance First


    Perfect Eventz

    Royal Events

    Idea Source

    Dream Eventz

    Plan D Day

    Big Eventz

    Elegance Bringer

    True Dreamz

    Best Event

    Planner Best

    Golden Events

    Your Planner

    Posh Events

    Plenty Plans

    Dosen Events

    Prime Planner

    Eden Planners

    Spring Planning

    Fav Events

    Events By Pro/p>

    Pro Events

    We Rock U

    Rock Events

    Jacquard Events

    Pearly Evenings

    Century Kings

    Emerald Plans

    Function Junction

    event planning business names

    Wedding Planner Name Ideas

    What Should I Name My Wedding Planning Business?

    The wedding industry has become very active by making it a neverending business in which you have the power to make someone’s dream come true as a good wedding planner. To do that first of all you must have a great name that could attract your customers to you. So that you can do your best as a wedding planner. You can try our set of wedding planner name ideas if you are interested.

    Best Event

    Planner Best

    Golden Events

    Your Planner

    Posh Events

    Plenty Plans

    Dosen Events

    Prime Planner

    Eden Planners

    Spring Planning

    Fav Events

    Events By Pro

    Pro Events

    We Rock U

    Rock Events

    Jacquard Events

    Pearly Evenings

    Century Kings

    Emerald Plans

    Function Junction

    Blooming Events

    Vogue Events

    V Plan

    Imagine Tide

    Cupid Destinations

    Big Dreams

    Inspired Ceremonies

    Elegant Moments

    Aisle Moments

    Grand Galas

    Dreams to Reality

    Royal Functions

    Horizon Events

    Belle Bridals

    Luxurious Masters

    Elegant Planning

    Dream Makers

    Secret Horizons

    Eventric Moments

    Cherish Collectives

    How Do I Start A Small Wedding Planning Business?

    Here are some special points you need to consider in starting a wedding planning business. 

    1. The very first thing you need to have is proper knowledge about wedding planning. 
    2. The next thing is capital funding. To start and maintain your business, you need capital. It can be your savings, a bank loan. Capital is the second thing you need to focus on.
    3. The location comes third. If you are planning to start an online wedding planning business, you do not need a location, if not there should be a location to build your business place.
    4. You need to register your business as the fourth step. Legal involvement is a must in starting a business. 
    event planning company name ideas

    Classy Event Company Names

    What Should I Name My Classy Event Company?

    When your competitors in the events industry try regular event planning company names or obvious names you can try choosing a classy event company name that could interest your target audience to pay you a visit for a change. Because the human mind always gives priority to the things they get interested in.

    Elegant Episode

    Event Actual

    Grace Milestone

    Exclusive Eventz

    Event Dash

    Sparkly Surprise

    Dashy Spot

    Polished Dream

    High Eventz

    Shiny Blast

    Modish Moment

    Glam Parties

    Dashy Diamond

    Event Extra

    Flashy Gather

    Glitzy Feast

    Event Vivid

    Promin Events

    Event Prior

    Alluring Instance

    Magical Moments

    Perfect Events

    Event Trendz

    Sharo Events

    Dream Planners

    Glam Evenings

    Trendy Plans



    Magzon Professionals

    Glam Celebrations

    Trendy Royale

    french event management company name ideas

    Casual Event Management Company Names

    What Should I Name My Event Company?

    You are on the right track since you are looking for a good name for your event management company by taking time to find the best. There is no hurry when choosing a name for a company because once you choose a company name it is there forever. So you have to take it slowly so that you can find “the name” that will wow your target audience and make them come to you. Following are some of the casual names that we have listed as Event Management Company Names.

    Debby Productions

    Gold Gatherings

    Cadmin Events

    WhiteO Planners

    Cabin Events

    Silaz Occasions

    Celebration Point

    Crystal Events

    Happy Moments

    Right Events

    Posh Planners

    Event Point

    Happy Productions

    Polished Occasions

    Spring Events

    Story Creations

    Celebration Hour

    Dream Moment

    Posh Occasions/p>

    Crystal Management

    Crown Events

    Big Moment

    Lucky Event

    We Evento

    Evento Great

    Super Festive

    Festive Creations

    Event Land

    Event Collection

    Thousand Collection

    Plans Heaven

    Dreamy Planners

    Occasion Management

    Perfect Occasion

    Every Eventz

    Charming Planners

    Million Design

    Special Events

    Ultimate Events

    Perfect Planners

    Events Thousand

    Event Beauty

    Pleasure Occasions

    Royal Planners

    Hundred Events

    Any Event

    Event Manager

    Splendid Moments

    event planning business names

    Good Names For Virtual Event Planning Businesses

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic exploded all over the world, every event planning business had to face a sudden fall, but the trend of virtual event planning has come to the arena. If you are one of the people who are dreaming to become a virtual event planner, finding a good name is the 1st important thing you have to do. Here are some attractive virtual event planning business name ideas. 

    Good Event

    We Event

    Event Invent

    Super Eventz

    Glitter Events

    Event Thousand

    Fun File

    Event Pile

    Event Pick

    Good Gold

    Cool Moments

    Day Saved

    Eve Planner

    Premi Events

    Great Occa

    We Design

    Glamour Party

    Special D

    Best Moments

    Forever Memories/p>

    catchy party planning business name ideas

    Luxury Event Company Names

    The words like Posh, Golden, Glam, Luxury, Royal, Elegant go along with the idea of luxury. So we have used these types of words and combined them with the party, planning, and events-related words to make Luxury event company names. If you are looking for Luxury names for your event company, you are in the right place because you can try our luxury event company name collection anytime you want.

    Posh Moment

    Golden Memories

    Glam Eves

    Luxury Moments

    Royal Vibes

    Supreme Events

    Dreamy Vibe

    Regent Events

    Mo Lux

    Classy Occasions

    Elegant Moments

    Classy Affairs

    Premier Eventz

    Perfect Moments

    Supreme Affairs

    Party Bliss

    Luxury Vibes

    Golden Events

    Perfection First

    Royal Lux

    event planning company name ideas

    Party Planning Business Name Ideas

    Online presence is a crucial requirement for any business, including your party planning business. Our brand specialists suggest getting a brand name that looks catchy and attractive on your website. Get inspired by our brand name suggestions and create a catchy party planning business name.

    Party Partners

    Craze Party

    Party Craziness

    Party Planners

    Happy Party

    Perfect Dance

    Dance Night

    Party Night

    Go Crazy

    We Party

    Perfect Party

    Dazzling Parties

    Party Style

    Mania Party

    Balloons And Lights

    Only Fun

    Fun And Only

    Dream Parties

    Party Care

    Premium Events

    catchy party planning business name ideas

    Luxury Event Planning Company Names

    Do you want to reach your customers fast and easily? Try to be relevant to your business niche…pick a unique brand name and add words like events, dazzle, elegance, and glamour to make a niche relevant business name.

    Luxy Events

    Event Enchant

    Lux Planners

    Elegant Momentz

    Event Dazzle

    Planner Elegance

    Thousand Plans

    Golden Day

    Save The Day

    Platinum Party

    Pluz Eventz

    Event Lover

    Lux Life

    Next Level

    Event Elegant

    The Extravagant

    Superb Events

    Extra Bliss

    The Beyond

    Creative Army


    Tips to Come up With Catchy Event Planning Name

    The right event planning company tagline or slogan could easily tell your story to your potential customers. Creative taglines also help people remember, that is a great benefit. We have created some event company taglines that you can try.

    1. Make Your Dream Day a Reality
    • You Dream, We Plan
    1. Making Memories is Our Job
    • An Unforgettable Experience, We Promise
    1. Luxurious Help to Make Your Day Luxury
    • Unique Experiences is Our Specialty
    1. Be Among The Surprised
    • From Planning to Cleaning
    1. Super Plans Just For You
    • We Create For You to Celebrate

    Naming Trends To Follow For Your Event Planning Business

    It is always advisable to study the naming trends before starting to choose a brand name for your event planning business. Here are some naming trends which are popular in the event planning field.

    1. Using personal names- Bassett Events, Colin Cowie, David Tutera
    2. Using Acronyms as brand names- MKG.
    3. Using common worded brand names- A Perfect Event, Rafanelli, Wonderland.
    4. Combined worded brand names- Eventive.

    How To Name An Event Planning Business?

    If you are thinking about coming up with a name by yourself for your event company or event business it will be easy and good for you if you follow these few simple steps to naming an event planning business.

    • Take your mind on a little tour to search for words that you like by taking time.
    • Try to be innovative with those words and list out some cool event name ideas.
    • Select the best 05 name ideas.
    • Check what names are available for you to register & own from those 05.
    • Choose the name you love from the available names and register.
    • Go public with full confidence.

    Tips to Come up With Catchy Event Planning Name

    As you know having a good name is too important to an event planning business, you have to consider these things too before selecting a name for your event business.

    • Your brand’s mission.
    • What your audience is expecting.
    • What inspires you.
    • Is your brand unique?
    • How easy is the name to remember.
    • Is it internet-friendly?
    • Reflects positivity
    • Tells your story
    • Is the name easy to pronounce?
    • Simple

    Even though it seems frustrating or too simple to name an event planning business, it is not. It is a very interesting task but it takes more time than you think if you are on the right track of choosing a good name. The time that you spend on this naming task of your event company is going to reflect on your company’s success anyway. So if you are taking enough time and considering every aspect that you should while coming up with a name or choosing a name for your event company you will never regret it as you are going to be on the top. Take your time, be more thoughtful, and good luck.