Name your e-commerce startup with best brand names

E-Commerce is the fastest growing platform in the 21st century. When we compare the last few decades it became the leading industry over the internet based businesses. Statistics show that consumers spent nearly $3.46 trillion online around the world in 2019. Starting a new company in the E-Commerce industry would be a quiet challengeable in a competitive market. Finding a best name for the company is another challenge you would meet in your startup journey. Here we have the perfect brand names for the E-Commerce industry which are recommended by  brand name expatries.

All the available best ecommerce names are listed for you to get an idea about the brand names which became successful in the present market. Also Our team analysed the worst names to refer before you choose a brand name for your company.

Best Company Name Examples

These E-commerce giants are redefining the businesses around the globe.Since these are the top 10 brand examples of e-commerce industry we have analysed the factors which makes these names better apart  from other brand names.

01. Amazon


Jeff Bezo who was a former wall street hedge fund executive initially incorporated the company name Canbara inc. This name was later changed to Early days of company operations were done in the garage of Bezos’s house. In 1994 Bezo purchased the domain name for his company and attempted to name his online store as Relentless. His friends told him to reconsider about the name because the name sounded a bit sinner. Then he selected the name Amazon by looking through the dictionary.This name was chosen primarily because it begins with the first letter of the alphabet and because of its association with the Amazon river which is the longest river in the world.

The pronounceable value of the brand name is 8.22. Therefore it is easy to memorize and it can be pronounced easily for anyone.

02. Alibaba


The name of the company is inspired from the character Ali Baba from the Middle Eastern folk tale collection named Arabian nights. Jack Ma, one of the founder members of the company thought of the company name while sitting in a cafe. Then he asked one of the waitresses whether she was aware of the name Alibaba. She knew about Alibaba. Then Jack Ma asked the same question from different kinds of people around the city. He was impressed with all the answers. They all knew about the character Alibaba. That was the moment Jack Ma decided to name his company as Alibaba. 

This has a vocabulary score of 7.88 and it is a recommended value for a great brand name. Since the name Alibaba is a famous name around the globe it is easily recognizable and can be pronounced easily by people from any country.

03. Ebay


Pierre Omidyar founded the AuctionWeb in 1995 which eventually became ebay. Naming the company as ebay was an interesting story. Originally the site  AuctionWeb belonged to the Echo bay technology group.Thus the domain was tried to register as,but found that Echo Bay Mines, a gold mining company had already taken the domain. So  Pierre Omidyar shortened the name Echo Bay to his second choice, Changing the name resulted in the company to attract more customers and gained more popularity at that time.

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.76. This is a very simple and unique name which is memorable.

04. JD


JD also called Jingdong is a Chinese Multi Billion E-commerce company. It also appears on the fortune global 500 list and a major competitor to Alibaba. JD was originally launched as 360Buy. This name wasn’t a perfect name for a company. It contains some numbers.Thus it was not a very effective name among the competitors. Customers may have a problem with pronunciation of the brand name and memorize it. Founders realized the issue and then changed the name to Jingdong. Furthermore they simplified the name and used the shorter version of it as

JD is a very simple brand name which only contains two letters.They own the .com domain and it makes them unique from other regional ecommerce companies. 

05. Shopee


Shopee is a singaporean ecommerce platform, founded by Forrest Li. Shopee is the most popular e-commerce company in  Singapore which  expanded their operation to Malaysia, Thailand , Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Brazil.

The name Shopee is simply a fanciful spelling of shop. Shopee gives a meaning of an air of old-fashionedness,The state or condition of having a specified fashion or style to the businesses.This name has 8.56 vocabulary rating and this a word which is used in day today life. Thus this name is easily memorable and unique.

06. Wish


Wish was started by Piotr Szulczewski as a software company. Previously it was called ContextLogic. In 2011 Company was relaunched as Wish, created as an application that allowed shoppers to create a Wish list before matching their favorite product with another merchant.

This is a good example of how successful companies change their brand name in order to dominate the market. Wish is an attractive and memorable name which is simple and unique. It has an 8.85 vocabulary score. This brand also has the .com domain.

07. Taobao


Taobao is the biggest online shopping marketplace which operates in China. The company was founded by the Alibaba Group in 2003. According to Alexa ranking, this is the eighth most visited website and the world biggest e-commerce website.

The meaning of the name Taobao is “Searching for treasures”. Just like their name, the company provides great quality items at low price. People tend to believe that they can find great products from Taobao exactly like the meaning of its name. For the success of the company, the impact made from the name is very high. It's clear that the meaning of a company name can make a huge impact on its success.

08. Otto


The Otto Group is a world largest e-Commerce company based in germany. It was founded by Werner Otto and currently Michael Otto owns the majority share of the company. The name Otto derived from the Werner Otto’s family name. This name is derived from German word  which means “Wealth, Prosperity”. Giving a person's name for a company may be debatable, but in this case it worked best.

The name Otto has an 8.73 vocabulary score  which is the ideal score for a good pronounceable and memorable brand name. This German owned company has the .com domain. Having a .com domain can increase the reputation globally.

09. Rakuten


Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten was founded in 1997 by Hiroshi Mikitani. 

Initially it was named as Rakuten Shopping Mall and it was shortened to Rakuten in 1999. The word Rakuten means ‘optimism’ in japanese. Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of the company has been the whole idea of the brand name. This name is also simple and unique which can be easily pronounceable by anyone and  also makes it a more SEO friendly name.

10. DMM


The pronounceable and memorization value of this brand name is 7.52 which is categorized as a recommended brand name by the vocabulary score calculator. Ltd. is a Japan-based electronic commerce company founded in 1998. Keishi Kameyama Started this company as a Digital Media Mart Co and later renamed as DMM. Complexity of the previous name caused them to simplify the  name because having more than one world would be difficult to remember. Compared with the previous name Digital Media Mart, Shortened name DMM is easy to pronounce and remember.

Worst Company Name Examples

01. Zalando


Vocabulary score of  5.02 eventually makes this as a worst name due to lack of memorability and pronunciation power.This is a perfect  example for the worst brand name  which is currently functioning in the market.The ideal score of a professional brand name should be above 6.If you are selecting a brand name always choose brand names which have a score of above 8 that make it a super brand name.

02. Snapdeal


This name has a vocabulary score of 4.51 which is not recommended as a good brand name.The vocabulary score of any name is calculated based on the memorization power and the pronounceable value of the given word. Here it is a very low value which means customers may face some difficulties pronouncing this name and it will directly impact on your marketing strategies.

03. Shop101


Having a special character in a brand name makes it looking so unprofessional.Specially when you are targeting internet based customers,these kinds of names might be a problem. Your customers will be confused when they are searching your brand on the internet, since it contains numbers and special characters.Also special characters can be forgotten easily.

04. ShopClues


Brand names including keywords and generic words are not recommended by branding professionals. This name has generic words included in it. If you use generic words in your brand name there is a high possibility of losing opportunities.Vocabulary score of these kinds of names also gives some low value due to its complexity.

05. BigCommerce


This brand name consists of generic words.This makes it a cheap looking brand.The second word used here is commerce, a keyword in this industry. Especially there are dozens of letters which makes it  difficult to remember all of them correctly and can lead to spelling mistakes.This kind of name searches on search engines will give some fault results due to similarities with other names. These kinds of reasons impact on the company’s success.

06. Chemist


This global online company does not own the .com extension. Uniqueness of a brand name is always dependent on the ownership of the .com domain extension.If you were able to find the .com domain extension for your exact brand name, believe that you are so lucky. We have to always focus on brand names that have got the .com domain extension. This will make sure that your company is unique among other competitors. 

07. big cartel

big cartel

Single words are highly recommended as a brand name for a company. Using two generic words for a brand name is a bad practice in modern society. With the busy lifestyle of people they always try to use shortcuts in their life. They would never remember a name with a lot of words. Hence we as brand name experts  always recommend only a simple and unique brand name with a single word.These kind of brand names are not recommended always.

08. ChainReactionCycles


A good brand name should be made up with only less than six letters. More than that is not countable as a good brand name. Here this name has more than 6 letters and includes some generic words.Thus the vocabulary score of this brand name is not even calculated and not recommended as a brand name, classifying this brand name as low memorable and hard to pronounce. Always try to select a simple  brand name which has a great meaning.

09. BookDepository


Vocabulary score of bookdepository 2.58 makes this brand name as one of the worst names in the industry. Memorability and the pronunciation capability of a brand name is measured by vocabulary score and poor score means such a name cannot be introduced to customers without having a doubt about the success of the brand. If you want to succeed in the market try to choose the best name for the company.

10.  Waterstones


Using lengthy brand names can make an impact on company expansion in the market due to the less attractiveness. Lengthiness of a brand name directly impacts the memorability. Customers used to keep only short words in their mind. Various tactics are involved in a marketing strategy. Customers’ perspective on brand image makes them decide whether the product is  bought or not. Thus try to find a suitable name for your company which can make a significant impact on customer’s mind.

Available Perfect Brand Names

We bring you the best name available in the markets.They are meaningful,Memorable and got the highest vocabulary score which makes them pronounce easily.

01. Jeboxy


This name is mostly suitable for the E-Commerce industry because it has an attractive and unique meaning. First two letters came from the word  Jet- which is a slang for leave quickly. Rest of the name boxy represents a shape which is like a box. Combining these two words gives the meaning as, “Deliver your parcel to your doorstep quickly.”

This unique, Meaningful name has a vocabulary value of 8.75 and based on the score it can be identified as an easily pronounceable and memorable word. Since there are no any numbers and special characters contained in the name,  it is easy to spell and write as well.

02. Dineld


The meaning of the name “The expertise in the field” was created as a result of combining  two words which are,  Din that means learn or remember an idea by constant repetition and The word Elder, an influential experienced person. This name gives your company a unique identification.

The brand name Dineld has great name qualities with a score of 8.7 in vocabulary scoring. This single word can be pronounced and memorized easily for anyone, making it as an effective name in branding sense. An effective name helps companies capture audience's attention.

03. Drifol


Brand name which has good qualities may sound professional in the market. Drifol is a best example for it. It has a vocabulary score of 8.53 which is highly recommended as a brand name by vocabulary score calculator. 

The name Drifol is created combining Dri & Fol.

Dri is derived from the word Drift which identify as Intention and the fol is derived from the word Folkish which means traditional/common people. Combining these two words generates the meaning for Drifol, “Our intention is to hold our traditional values”.

04. Drozoo

no preview1

The word Dro-Droid means a robot (Machine Controlled by a computer) and the letter Z in Hebrew is Zayin and it means 'sword' and OO is an abbreviation for surprised. Together these three words generate the meaning “Surprised the world with the cutting edge technology” . This name is most suitable for a technologically enhanced ecommerce startup. The name Drozoo creates a positive feeling in customers' minds because Positive company names spark an emotional reaction in your customers. This brand name has an 8.56 vocabulary score. Brand names above 8 can be counted as super brand names.

05. Ganddo


Gand- to have a quick look:

do- achieve or complete

Combining these two words create the meaning ‘complete and quick look when required’. Satisfaction of the customers is a main success factor in a company. The name Ganddo itself means they will look after the customer every time they need. This name is best for the e-commerce industry with its rapidly changing competitive market. 

The pronounceable and memorization value of this brand name is 8.19. It is a good value for a memorable and pronounceable name and it owns the .com domain.

06. Gemixo


Gemixo got its name from combining two words Gemi which means modest lifestyle and XO  stands for hugs and kisses which represent love, affection, or friendship. Combination of two words creates the meaning “Enhancing the modern life style”

This brand name has each and every single brand name qualities which should have in a best brand name. The 8.95 vocabulary score of this proves its memorizing and pronouncing power. Gemixo is suitable for the E-Commerce industry because online trading has become a part of modern lifestyle.

07. Mucing


Customers attract businesses only if they are interested in your product or services. The brand name Mucing made the first impression positive. Meaning of the brand name Mucing comes from the words Much which means to a great extent or a large amount and word ingress means the act of entering something. As a combination of these words Mucing generates the meaning “A large amount of people entering to the global market to get their needs fulfilled”

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.34 and  has a clear brand name history. This brand name owns .com domain extension. The meaning of this name does not have any negative connotations.

08. Ogett


The starting three letters were taken from the word Oge which is defined as Office of Government Ethics and ending letters tt is an abbreviation for Telegraphic transfer. Combining all together,  The Office of Government represents the effectiveness and efficiency, TT represents the technology. So Orgett constitute the meaning "Saving time through efficient service with the help of technology"

The vocabulary score of Ogett is 8.41 . Above the value of 8 is highly recommended as a best name based on the memorization power and the pronounceable value of the name Ogett.

09. Ruroto

no preview1

This brand name is a good example for a great brand name. This scored 8.92 in vocabulary score and has a good memorizing power. It is also easy to pronounce. This .com domain extension owns brand name has a great meaning which is most suitable for an E-Commerce company.

The meaning of the word Ruroto made up with two words “ruro” and “to”. “Ruro”  is an abbreviation for Reach out and Reach up which means followed by  to make an effort to do something for other people and To extend or stretch to or in the direction of someone or something in a higher position. The word “to” is used to signify approaching or reaching. Merging these two words creates the meaning “Everything we do, we do it for you ”.

10. Bedriq


The meaning of Bedriq got from the words Beady means Bright, Drift means Scope and letter Q came from the word Queue which is meaning a line or sequence of people awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed. Thus the combination of above meanings create the meaning of Bedriq,  “The place where you have a bright scope for your requirements.”

This is a super brand name with a pronouncing ability of above 8 which is  recommended as a simple name with a great memorizing power. This brand name does not consist of any generic words. We highly recommend this name to your  e-commerce startup.

Available Worst Brand Name Examples

01. Ecommerceporium

Having keywords in your brand name makes it more unprofessional. These kinds of brand names will not bring brand awareness. As a brand name quality, a name should always have its own identity. Vocabulary scores of these kinds of names are low as its memorizing and pronouncing power is less. The length of the name also makes an impact on memorization. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 2.45, which is very low.

02. Baystation

Baystation is not a recommended brand name by the Brinso team as it has a very less vocabulary score. Poor pronunciation and memorization power affects your company growth, since it wouldn't get popular with customers in a competitive market. Customers tend to attract brands that they are familiar with. Therefore you should find a name that will work best for your company.

03. Paypal&Ict

This name is made up with combining two generic words. Here it’s first name is taken from another popular brand name. It is unethical to use another popular  brand name within your brand. All above that it makes your company an unprofessional in the industry. Reputation of the company may depend on the factor, how would you maintain your brand image in public. Here it also used some special characters in it. Always avoid using special characters in brand name.

04. Yucatecommerce

A Professional brand name should always stick in the brand name qualities. It should be a single word since our mind tends to recognize and memorize simple and single words easily. If a brand name consists of two or more different words it should not accept as a brand name. We recommend brand names only if they have a vocabulary score of more than 6. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 3.57 only.

05. FootLocker

When you are selecting a brand name it is important to choose a name that doesn't have any negative connotations. This brand name FootLocker gives some negative impression to your company. Customers will not be attracted to a company which has any kind of negative impression on its name. Always try to choose a name that has not any negative meaning in any language

06. Ecommerce20

A good brand name should not include  special characters or numbers. There are numerous reasons to avoid this mistake when choosing a brand name. Especially having a number and special characters in brand name makes it difficult to read and  pronounce. Memorizing power is getting reduced as well. These kinds of names are difficult to grab by search engines and eventually make your customers get confused and hard to find on the internet.

07. Albion Ecommerce

All the international e-commerce giants are using the .com domain extension with their brand name. Here the .com domain was not taken for this brand name. Instead of .com they provide .net or other available domain extensions. Having a person's name in a brand name is not recommended. Thus always try to come up with a unique brand name which will have more memorization and pronunciation power.

08. Countylevelecommerce

Making a brand name by combining two generic words is not a good practice. Sometimes this combination will generate another meaning which will not be suitable  for your brand. Most of the successful brands have made the decision to rebrand their name to avoid generic words in it at some point in the history. KFC, Dell, Nike are the perfect examples for it. Creating a brand name containing more than six letters is not recommended as a good practice at all.

09. Fast And Easy Ecommerce

This is a combination of two generics with none of them relevant to the chosen  industry. Customers will find difficulty in memorizing the name. Most of the startups failed due to the poor branding. Lot of them have not even reached the customers. Main reason is poor brand name choices. Long and hard to memorize  brand names will definitely not work for a company.  


Uniqueness of a brand name is determined by ownership of the .com domain extension. If you have a .com domain for your brand name anyone can’t steal your brand name. All the commercial businesses try to go with .com extension because of the value it has. So always avoid other domains like .org or .net. If you are unable to get the .com extension for your brand name follow this method ( to overcome your problem.