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The new businesses always are in a great struggle when finding a suitable brand name for their cosmetics business. As our brand name experts listed the following brand names after research, you can choose a search-friendly and unique brand name for your startup without any doubt. We kindly request you to understand the importance of the brand name for a  business that has long term objectives to be achieved.

This informative piece of writing will help you to understand the way of choosing the professional cosmetics brand names for your business among the lots of brand names of cosmetics stores without stress.

Creative Brand Name Ideas For Your Make Up Store

Miracle Drop

Makeup Lovers

The Cosmetics

Makeup Line

Dream Shady

Lips With Eye

Red Lips

More Beauty

Crushy Cosmetics

Angel Makeup

The Glow

True Face

Blooming Face

Careful Cosmetics

Glow Away

Beauty Hub

Best Touch

Life Beautician

Morning Salon

Best Solution

No Dark

Light Face

Unbroken Look

Eye Brush

Skin Spa

Easy Remover

My Makeup

All-day Bake Up

New Look

Charming Face

Fix Again

Cosmetics Journey

Best Attention

Soft Cheeks

Makeup Girl

Colorful Lid

Makeup Kit

Colour Contrast

The Seduction

Rosy Lip

Beauty Mark

Royal Eyes

Smooth Touch

Best Finish

Easy Makeup

Attractive Face

Dark Finish

Bright Looking

More Color

The Beautylish

The above brand names can be used for any type of make up stores including Lipsticks, Lipliner, makeup remover, and Foundation. These are not professional brand names as most of these brand names are generic words. If you’re looking for a larger audience and a long term customer engagement with your customers please be mindful to choose a makeup store brand name that has all the bradable brand name qualities. A makeup store that has a professional brand name always grabs the target audience around it.

Professional Brand Name Ideas


Clochi logo


Secfer logo











The above brand names are professional. 

  • The character count: The ideal character count that should have a brand name is four, five, and six. All the above brand names have obeyed these rules by having the recommended character count. 
  • The simplicity: The simplicity of the brand name is based on the ability to pronounce and memorize the brand name. All of the above brand names are easy to memorize and easy to pronounce.
  • Not generic words: One of the above brand names is not, generic words that have dictionary meanings.
  • Clear history: As they have clear brand name history, the trustworthiness is highly protected.

The Worst Brand Names You Should Avoid,

  • Cheap Beauty Pack
  • Never Be Ugly
  • Buy The Best Make-Up
  • Your Make-Up Friend
  • Large Makeup Box
  • Healthy Treatments For You
  • Green Face Scrub
  • Memorable Day For You
  • Quick Makeup
  • Expensive Cosmetics Of The Year

Just look at the above brand names. They are considered the worst brand names. Don’t purchase such brand names for your cosmetics startup. Lengthy brand names can not memorize for the customers. The vocabulary score and the phonological loop value of these brand names are very low.

Local Brand Names of Make Up Stores

USA UK Itay India
SEPHORA inside JCPenney NARS Cosmetics NYX Italia MAC DLF Mall of India Noida
Space NK Prince Street The Beauty Store Kryolan Professional Make-Up NewU
Credo Clean Beaut Too Faced Cosmetics Carnaby Store Kiko Milano Ruby's Organics - India's First Range Of Organic Makeup
The Detox Market MAC Cosmetics Wycon Cosmetics Nykaa Luxe
Make Up Forever Space NK Islington Mia Make Up Kathiawar Stores Jubilee Hills
MAC Cosmetics Beauty Outlet IT Style Make Up MyGlamm at Lifestyle Noida
Skin Store Inglot Flormar professional makeup Clinique
DermStore Kryolan City London L'OCCITANE EN PROVENCE M.A.C
Estee Lauder Guru Makeup Emporium Ltd Kiko Make Up Milan Vilvah Store
Frends Beauty Laura Dossett Make-up Artist Kryolan City Milano The Body Shop
  • The above brand names are famous for makeup stores in the countries of the USA, the UK, Italy, and India.

How To Find The Capital For Your Cosmetics Business?

  • The following three are great ways to find the necessary capital for your cosmetics business.
  1. Angel Investors
  • In this method, Angel investors provide the funds to start your cosmetics business from their personal assets. These investors always target to invest their funds in business like cosmetics as they have high income.
  1. Venture Capitalists
  • The second most important method is this. The venture capital method differs from the angel investors totally. They provide funds by expecting a high return from you through an organization that they themselves formed.
  1. Applying For A Loan
  • The easiest way of finding the capital for your cosmetic business is by applying for a loan from a reliable financial service. To ensure your application gets through, it is necessary to prepare all the appropriate documentation beforehand.

The Gigant Brand Names In The Cosmetics Industry

  • Without any argument, we can say that all the above brand names are professional. They consist of all the best brand name qualities. The characters of all of them expand between four to six. 









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