Best Brand Name Idea To Start Your Blog

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There are millions of blogging sites available in various industries. If you find a brand name idea through our brand name list, no need to be panic about the quality of it. Our brand name specialists have analyzed brand names in the industry before listing them out. Their purpose of giving you the best idea on how to choose a perfect blog name.

Premium Brand Name For Your Blog

These brand names are professional. Not only that, they are enriched with all brand name qualities. Among those qualities, Mainly the uniqueness and simplicity are highlighted.













Unique Blog Name Ideas

We created all these brand names for your convenience of choosing the best brand name idea of blogs. If you do not have an idea to expand your business up to a grand scale, the following brand name ideas are more than enough for your purpose. 

Journal Blog
Blogger On
Podcast Flash
Your Diary
Web Blog
Editors Blogger
Blog Article
Food Blog
My Blogger
Cookie Blog
Bloggy Edu
Weblog Food
Live Food Blog
Bloggie Love
Love Reader
Informative blog
Publish Blog
Capture Block
Mommy Blog
Couple Blogging
Travel Blogger
Link Blogger
Blog Log
Hubby Blogging
Live Blog
Web Blog
Space Blog
Online Blog
Video Blog
Pic Blog
Foodie Blog
Journalist Blog
News Blog
New Feed
Keep On
Blog Fit
Love Publish
Online Edu Diary
Editors Hut
Press Headlines
Gossip On
Recap Blog
E-mail Blog
Blog Cafe
Join Blog
Blog Forum

More Focused Blog Name Ideas For You

The below brand name ideas are specially created for the exact sub-areas of blogging. You can use these brand name ideas for personal blogs, business blogs and entertainment blogs, and any blogs as per your intention.

Personal Blog Name Ideas

The following brand name ideas are suitable for gaming Personal blogs,lifestyle Personal blogs, and sport Personal blogs.

Lucky Rainbow
Web Sport
Active Camp
Joy Place
Beauty Zone
Cook With Me
Super Mom
Let Them
Mum Extreme
M Thoughts
Green Field
Daily Sniff

Business Blog Name Ideas

These brand name ideas are appropriate for founder Corporate & businesses, general companies, and specific teams.

Twisted Musings
Live Go
Glitter On
Truth Of Us
Crazy Here
Office Head
Chief Blog
Big Company
The Brande
The Loyalty
The Youth
Book Fire

Entertainment Blog Name Ideas

The following brand name ideas are suitable for music Entertainment Blogs, celebrity Entertainment Blogs, and comedy Entertainment Blogs.

Play Film
Humour Video
Music Humour
Leisure Hall
Melody Love
Music Chamber
Heart Hits
Rhythm Zone
Up Town
Busy Life
News Notable
High Sky

Financial Blog Name Ideas

Such brand name ideas will be appropriate for journeys financial bloggers, advertisers Financial Blogs, and newsmakers financial bloggers.

Best Bank
Pay Again
Pay Slowly
Earn Money
This Path
Expert Advice
The Advice
From Expert
Fine Broadcast
Fine Notice
Stock Market
Plus Bank

Fitness Blog Name Ideas

Look at the following brand names, they are suitable for women fitness Blogs, foods for Fitness Blogs, and flexibility Fitness Blogs.

Intense Fitness
Snap Fitness
Body Tone
Full Body
Special U
Nutri Foods
The Iron
Healthy Muscle
Fat Cut
Fat Burn
Best Treat
Cure U

Travel Blog Name Ideas

The following brand names are appropriate for solo Travel Blogs, advice travel blogs, and post-retirement travel blogs.

Exotic Beauty
Twice Blessed
Closet Sky
Beauty Dam
Travel Solo
Travel Guide
Little Birdie
Like Native
Cheap Bliss
Ravel Two
Two Travelers
Colorful Gray

DIY Blog Name Ideas

These brand names are suitable for woodwork DIY Blogs, fashion DIY Blogs, and garden decor.

Fancy Pens
King Of Crafting
Clay Arts
Haven Craft
Unique Gifts
House Craze
Your Home
Yard Decor
Fancy Jewel
Fab Gal
Wood Core
Wood Art

Food Blogs Name Ideas

The following brand names are mostly relevant to food recipes Blogs, food & travel blogs, and restaurant review blogs.

Good Recipes
Cook Book
Recipe Book
Yum Follow
Yummy Book
Mouth Watering
Smells Good
Recipe World
The Chef
Yum Secret
Classy Cooking
Dry Dish

Best Blogs In The World













Character Count Of Your Blog Name

The brand name specialists highly recommend choosing a brand name with 4 – 6 characters as it’s the ideal length for a professional brand name.

Using numbers or unique characters in your brand name can find it hard to remember and pronounce your brand name while finding it impossible to catch anyone at first glance. Therefore, we search for the inclusion of some number or unique character in your brand name when evaluating a brand name. 

If you’re targeting Chinese, Japanese, or Korean markets, there is no issue with using brand names with numbers or special characters.

This is how the brand name specialists evaluate the character count of a brand name.

  • A brand name that has less than four characters less catchy.
  • Brand names that have more than eight characters have less memorization and pronounceable value. 
  • Brand names with seven to eight characters are good but not recommended. It would be better if you can go for a less character count brand name.

Consider The Meaning Of Your Blog Brand Name

The word “brand name” is a daily word in our vocabulary and it plays a major role in a start-up. Really it is a fact to become a wonder if we say that a brand name should have a meaning. Almost all the famous brand names in the world have their own meaning. It is one of the reasons to become such popularity with a huge attraction. So the brand name specialist recommended the new start-up to purchase a blog brand name that has rare meaning.

The Available Brand Name Ideas For Your Blog

  • BlogCompanion

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 2.36. That shows the difficulty of pronunciation and memorization. Long names are not easy to spell and write for both users and Robots like Siri, Alexa. The character count is more than six. So this cannot be recommended as a good brand name. Usage of keywords makes this name worthless and it is an unprofessional way of naming. Therefore it’s better to avoid these types of names and look for professional names related to your industry.

  • BloggingSociety

This name is generated through a brand name generator and you can see it contains generic words and we believe a unique brand name should not include generic words.  This name is too difficult to remember since it has more than 10 letters and a perfect name should be at most 6 letters or less than that. It is also mentioned that the use of generic words and keywords is resisted. Both mistakes can be seen here. Overall we do not recommend this name as a good brand name for a blog site.

  • 7NEWS

Having a number in your brand name will affect memorization power. You should never use a number or special character for your brand name unless you’re targeting Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets. Including generic words with the brand name will make you lose many opportunities and customers. This brand name is not unique since there are many other alternative products available with this generic name. We do not recommend these types of names with special characters and generic names.


You can clearly see that this name is missing a consonant letter of “t” which is a very unprofessional way of naming a brand, where perhaps a complete word can have different business and which can lead to brand reputation problems. Users simply remember the brand name, not the exact letters, therefore when they search surely it will direct to a complete word. This name is not SEO friendly at all and you might face a huge challenge in marketing your Site.

  •  Bloggrs

The pronounceable and memorization value of this brand name is 3.29. Brand names under with this less score are not recommended. To be unique if you intentionally missed letters in your brand name will lead to a point that users will get confused with your brand name. This can lead to loss of reputation and customer satisfaction. Make sure to be simple with your brand name and consider all the brand name qualities before you choose a brand name.

Evaluate Your Blog Name Idea Before Purchasing

Evaluation involves a method that looks at the brand name and analyzes the details that are important to the qualities of the brand name and which are contradictory to the concepts of naming. In this way, the pros and cons of using your brand name can be identified. You will manually test the preferred brand name by testing each and every quality of the brand name one by one on your own. If you use a brand name evaluation method, you can find that the tool offers a detailed report on topics such as character count, domain availability, the negative meanings in any other language, pronunciation ability, etc.