Best and worst brand name examples to a Blog company

Here are some perfect brand names for Blog sites that are recommended by Brinso brand name specialists. According to the Brinso brand name experts , Pronunciation values of these brand names are very high (vocabulary score is 8 or higher), and prices are comparably meager. We have considered all of the brand name qualities to select these brand names. These brand names are suitable for all Blog-related industries.

We have listed the best and worst brand name examples, refer to these examples to get an idea before you choose a brand name for your blog site.

Best Blog Name Examples

01. Forbes


Forbes is an American business magazine initially published in 1917 and the super brand name Forbes is a surname and it derives from the Scottish Clan Forbes. The interesting part of this name is , it's not just a surname but it has a deep meaning and it says “Wealthy”. That way comes to the creative meaning of Forbes.

This user-friendly word remains in mind because of it’s remarkable simplicity. The company also has taken the wisest step by owning the .com extension. The meaning of Forbes is perfect for the industry and that’s how successful companies have their brand name.

02. Dooce


The word dooce was coined in 2002 by Heather Armstrong, a Los Angeles Web designer who lost her job after writing about work colleagues in her personal blog,

The user made its uniqueness by using the .com domain ownership and that results the name to be world’s most famous top rankers. So it is clear that gaining the ownership of your brand name by using the .com extension is a must fact in the naming procedure. The pronunciation and memorizing value is almost 9 and that shows the simplicity of this word. We highly recommend names like this to be used for blog sites in order to reach more users.

03. Xanga


Xanga is a website that hosts weblogs, photoblogs, and social networking profiles. It is operated by, based in New York City. The .com domain makes this name unique and reach more users easily. Also in SEO marketing the .com ownership is an added advantage while comparing with other extensions.

The pronunciation and memorization value of the brand name is 7.52. This brand name has a clear brand history. As it has no numbers and characters it is easy to spell and pronounce by robots during  interaction with humans. It has not imitated any other popular brands. It is a good example for a brandable brand name.

04. Mashable


Mashable is a Scottish news website, technology and social media blog founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005. The meaning of this name matches perfectly for the purpose which says “consistency suitable for mashing” the news and blogs.

The pronunciation of this name is pretty simple and it will stick into users'  minds on the first site of hearing this name. That’s one of the reasons for the success of this site and the global reach of this name. With the availability of the .com ownership this site rules the industry like a pro.

05. Blogger


Blogger is a blog publishing service that allows multi user blogs and it was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of

Blogger is a brand name that can pronounce and memorize very easily with a good vocabulary score. That means it is an excellent brand name that can be memorized and pronounced super easy. This brand name does not have any negative meaning as well as it has a clear brand history. Having .com has made the brand name unique among others.

06. ELLE


Elle is a magazine blog of French origin that focuses on fashion and beauty. It was founded in 1945 by Hélène Gordon-Lazareff and her husband. When we look at the hidden meaning of this name it says its a female name and It derives from the French pronoun "elle", meaning "she". That perfectly matches with the fashion blogs, particularly for women.

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.73. It justifies the easiness of pronunciation and memorization. As well as this brand name is easy to spell and write by both humans and robots. It has no numbers or special characters included in the brand name and that’s one of the reasons to have a high vocabulary score.

07. Greatist


Greatist is a health and fitness blog site which allows users to get the latest news and contents timely. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 7.95 which means it is so simple and can be pronounced and memorized very easily. This brand name has no negative connotation and it can be spelled and pronounced easily by robots too. As this brand name has a clear brand name history it has no issues with the trustworthiness. Even though the site focuses on niche markets there are plenty of people needed and it is a good example for a brandable brand name. 

08. Gaps


The brand name “Gaps” justifies the importance of being a simple word, among the other brand names. Because there is no need to take extra effort to keep in mind or pronounce it. The pronunciation value is 8.58 and that proves it is a super brand name. Having .com is the most important and that gives an added advantage on their ownership. When blog sites are getting famous then they are purchased by big companies and if the intention is to sell, then the .com ownership gives it a high value. It is advisable to avoid names with long names or difficult words and that condition is satisfied by this name.   

09. Fark


Fark is a community website created by Drew Curtis in 1999 that allows users to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites. The idea was to have the word Fark come to symbolize news that is really Not News. Hence the slogan "It's not news, it's Fark." This name is created according to the vision of the company and that makes this site to reach many users.

The pronounceable and memorization value of the brand name is 8.5 which can be considered as a super brand name. The brand name Fark is super easy to pronounce as well as memorize. It does not include any generic word or a keyword and also it does not consist of any numbers or special characters in their brand name. All these qualities made the brand name popular.

10. Roblog


Roblog is for a blog written by a robot with no human intervention. Roblog were made possible with a new generation of robots which are capable of uploading images and texts automatically to the Web. The name is related to the invention and that makes this name to shine over other names. Even though the name contains a key word it’s not a separate word and that combination makes roblog to ignore the key word and that's to satisfy the avoidance of key word condition.

The Vocabulary score of Roblog is 8.22. Brand names above 8 are recommended as super brand names. Roblog has a clear brand name history and it is unique with the .com domain extension. The ideal character count of a brand name is four, five or six. Roblog has a perfect character count and also robots can spell and write the name very easily during the interaction with humans.

Worst blog site name examples

01. Copyblogger


What makes a brand name rank at the lowest places in search engines, then you will find the following such as using keywords, special characters and long names related to the brand.

So it is clear that they have used the generic words and keywords in this name and thus have lost the Search Engine friendliness that makes a very much effect in the rankings.

Therefore it’s highly recommended not to use generic words and long names which are very hard to memorize and lose the user friendliness of the brand name.


o   .com domain

o   Avoiding keywords

The above mentioned are two must facts of a super blog name should include.

This company has not taken the .com rule into consideration. A huge threat they will face for the ownership of the brand in the long run.

Thus this will make the company lose their reputation when users search this name using .com domain because search engines direct default search for .com domain names.


Here the, means that the brand is with a separate domain other than .com.

According to US laws if someone owns the .com extension then he is the real owner of the brand, although a similar name is available with another domain such as .net, .org  etc.

This name is not an attraction to customers as extra effort must expend on remembering. Thus it goes against the rule of naming, “simplicity”. This name is also a combination of two words combined together where that’s too long to remember and spell.

04. is an unprofessional word which has a very low pronouncing ability. The blog name must be a user friendly word. The score counted by for this name is null. We don’t recommend a name under value 6 at any concern because that shows the negligence of the brand name qualities.

Using a special character for the blog name is the worst case, where that will make it SEO unfriendly and users will find it difficult to search in search engines. Without the .com ownership this name is worthless and having more than 6 letters makes it more worthless.

05. SolopreneurHour


A user friendly blog name must be in accordance with the blog name qualities. Two such imperative aspects are as follows,

o   Simplicity

o   Lack of generic words

Memorability  of a blog name comes along with its  simplicity. Vocabulary score is the best way so far to count the blog name quality. When we check this name with it you can find the value is null, which means the inapplicability as a blog name. 

The possibility to forget this brand name is high because it’s too long to remember. Also robots like Cortana , Siri and Alexa will not be able to pronounce it and will frustrate the users to search  and simply it’s not user friendly.


This is the worst blog name you can have for a blog site since it’s completely SEO unfriendly and users will not remember fancy numbers as a blog name. Having a number in your brand name will affect the memorization power. You should never use a number or special character for your brand name unless you're targeting a niche market. We highly recommend not to have numbers and special characters for a blog name which is a very unprofessional way of naming.

07. TMZ


The memorization and pronunciation value of this blog name is 4.41. Brands under this score are not recommended as professional brand names. The ideal score of a professional brand name is 6 and above.

This blog name has not considered the memorization and pronunciation factors when choosing the blog name and also avoiding such vowels will confuse the users and make it unprofessional. It’s better if they consider rebranding the name with a complete word.

08. Chocolate&Zucchini


This is the worst brand name example for a blog site. look at its letter count ,that a combination of words  are there.

We highly recommend not to use more than a single word to your blog name. It will affect your uniqueness and blog value. Including two or three generic words is the worst case. It is entirely SEO unfriendly.

This blog name is not easy to remember at first sight. So the possibility to forget this blog name is high, because  of many alternatives they will not stick into one. However, it's great if they can think of  renaming their site with a new blog name.

09. Svbtle


The vocabulary score of this brand name is not showing. It justifies the difficulty of pronunciation and memorization. As well as this brand name is not easy to spell and write. Robots cannot spell this brand name easily. Not only robots, even human beings cannot spell this name correctly, this shows the inefficiency of the brand name. 

The letter combinations should be in a user friendly manner if not they will lose many customers and that gives them a lot of burden in SEO marketing.

However we highly recommend to rebrand the name to a professional and user friendly name.

10.  Cookie+kate


The vocabulary score of this blog name is 2.84. It justifies the poor quality of the blog name. As well as this blog name is too long to spell and write. Users will find it difficult to spell this name which will impact in SEO marketing.

Furthermore having more than eight character count makes the above mentioned blog name difficult to remember.

Blog names should be simple and that simplicity can be achieved through using single words and that condition contradicts here.

Best Available Names for Blogs

01. Boslly


The blog name Boslly got its name from the words Boss-up = step up and the word likely. With these two words Boslly means “Stop putting off your dreams until tomorrow... step up and make it happen today”. This blog name perfectly matches for a blog site where it insists and encourages the user to step up and work for the dream to come true.

Boslly is a blog name that can be memorized and pronounced very easily. The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 8.24, that shows the simplicity of this name. As it owns the .com domain extension it is unique among others. This blog name has no any number or special characters so it made it super easy to spell and write. Having no keywords made Boslly to be a professional brand name.

02. Brifol


A blog name should always be simple and unique. This blog name owns the .com ownership and also the vocabulary score of this blog name is 8.53. Brifol is a single word  brand name and even robots like SIRI, Alexa can easily spell and write the blog name while interacting with humans. This blog name does not imitate any other popular blog names as well.

The meaning of this blog name comes as Bri represents the word Bria, noble and strong while Fol represents the word Follow up. Combining these two meanings represents the phrase “Be noble, strong and go for the highest of something by follow up”. That sounds good for a blog site where it tells the user to go for the highest position  by following up  on your niche.

03. Taloce


This brand name has a perfect character count and it has no negative meanings. The uniqueness of this brand name comes with the .com domain extension. Taloce has no numbers and special characters with it and it does not imitate any other popular  brand names.

The meaning of this blog name created with the words Talents and ocean. So we can come up with a meaning as “Talents gathered at one place like the ocean gather every water drop”.” An Ocean of talents” is the meaning of Taloce where you cannot find a better meaning for a blog site than this for sure.

04. Deetry


Being very simple and having a short pronunciation itself is a user attraction. If a company gets this as the brand name they gain much confidence in the market as there is no similar identity. This brand name  has the .com ownership and also the vocabulary score of this blog name is 8.53. 

When we look at the meaning of this name.

Deed- skilful

Try- effort for the success

Deetry -  Aptitude to the success

This name gives perfect meaning for a blog site where it says “natural ability to succeed” which insist more users and encourage them to  refer to the blog.

05. Deomer


The name Deomer is a composite of the words, Deo and mer.

Deodorize-remove the bad smell


Deomer - Take out the negativity and go for excellence.

As per our analysis, this is an excellent title for a blog site and the meaning is perfectly suitable for this domain.

At the first site, this name will remain in one’s mouth as this has a high pronouncing capability with a score of 8.75. And also this name is the only name you can see in this industry without any imitation and that is guaranteed by us.

06. Sejizo

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What is the best name you can have for a Blog site in this era ? Sejizo suits perfectly for the industry and the reason for this is shown below.

Seji  - "Uniquely creative."

 zo - people, a group of indigenous tribe

 Sejizo - A unique way to organize yourself and build your  career

A blog site is where you express your thoughts in an organized way which can also be helpful for your career and this name perfectly matches the industry, that’s no doubt.

This name comes with .com ownership and that emphasizes the uniqueness for this name. The letter count depicts the simplicity of this name and surely its SEO friendly. Therefore you can market your blog name easily without any extra effort.

07. Jiniyo


The ideal character count of a professional blog name is four, five or six. Having six characters in the blog name makes Jiniyo a professional one.This name has no negative connotation and it’s a single word  brand name. It is unique with the .com domain extension and having no keywords make it brandable.

The meaning of this brand name created from the words below.

jini- a network architecture.

yo - contraction of the word "your"

Jiniyo - We make your ideal networks

The meaning of this brand name comes as “We make your ideal networks”. When it comes to the field of blog industry there will be lots of challenges compared to other industries. It is filled with collaboration and network, so this brand name is perfect for a blog site.

08. Nacrim


When blog names are simple and unique then you have a great advantage in SEO marketing and to make it reach for more users easily. You might have never come across this name in this industry and that shows the uniqueness. When we look at its hidden meaning it perfectly matches the purpose and we can take from these two words meanings.

Nacelle- a streamlined enclosure of an aircraft

Rimy- covered with frost

Nacrim -  Trustable, strong and the frosty pathway

This brand name “Nacrim” depicts a meaning of that Trustable, strong and frosty pathway for the blog you create. This is a strong meaning you can give for a blog site where it tells that the blog post is trustable and cool.

09. Rogrik


The name looks unique with the  .com ownership and the pronunciation of Rogrik is also simple for both users and robots like SIRI, Alexa. This name is also SEO friendly and easily can be marketed to reach for a large customer base. When we look at the meaning it has, we can simply combine two words such as Rog and rik and it’s derived from these two words' meanings.

Roger - A word used in radio communication.

rikishi – japan term to describe a sumo wrestler. 

Rogrik – A strong way to pioneer in communication.

This gives a great positive meaning for a blog site where it says, be strong like a wrestler in your content creation and be the pioneer in communicating your thoughts with others in an effective way.

10. Sonuxo


A brand name should always be perfect with its memorization and the pronounceable value. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.92 which can be considered as a super brand name. It has no negative meaning as well. It is unique among others because Sonuxo owns the .com domain extension.

This name comes with the combination of the two words ‘Som’ and ‘Nuxe’ and the meanings are as follows.

som which means a trustful friend

nuxe it is a beauty brand 

Sonuxo gives a meaning of “trustable place to make your life beautiful” and that’s a strong meaning you can have for a blog site and this emphasizes the quality of the brand.

We highly suggest that Sonuxo is a perfect brand name for a blog site.

Worst blog site available name examples

01. BlogCompanion

The vocabulary score of this brand name is very low. That shows the difficulty of pronunciation and memorization. Long names are not easy to spell and write for both users and Robots like Siri, Alexa.

The character counter is more than six. So this cannot be recommended as a good brand name. Usage of keywords makes this name worthless and its unprofessional way of naming. Therefore it’s better to avoid these types of names and look for professional names related to your industry.

02. BloggingSociety

This name is generated through other brand name generators and you can see it contains generic names and we believe a unique brand name should not include a generic name.  This name is too difficult to remember since it has more than 10 letters and a perfect name should be at most 6 letters or less than that.

It is also mentioned that the use of generic words and keywords is resisted. Both mistakes can be seen here. Overall we do not recommend this name as a good brand name for a blog site.

03. 7NEWS

Having a number in your brand name will affect the memorization power. You should never use a number or special character for your brand name unless you're targeting a niche market. Including generic words with the brand name will make you lose many opportunities and customers.

This brand name is not unique since there are many other alternative products available with this generic name. We do not recommend these types of names with special characters and generic names.


This name also contains the generic name ‘Journalist' which is a bad practice of naming a brand name and it’s not unique at all.  When a generic name is in your brand name, users will perhaps lose the  confidence in the company and which can make your business shut down. Make sure to use avoiding those, so it will not make you lose any opportunities.

The ideal character count of a brandable brand name is five or six .Brand names above 8 characters are not recommended, as the possibility of remembering it is very less. The pronounceable and memorization value of this brand name is 3.63 which is very less score for a brandable brand name. Make sure to choose the best by avoiding these brand naming mistakes.


You can clearly see that this name is missing a vowel which is a very unprofessional way of naming a brand, where perhaps a complete word can have different business and which can lead to  brand reputation problems. Users simply remember the brand name not the exact letters, therefore when they search surely it will direct to a complete word. This name is not SEO friendly at all and you might face a huge challenge in marketing your Site.


There is no way a normal human being can remember this name at first site perhaps need to memorize it. It’s very difficult to spell this brand name and very user unfriendly. Users hate to memorize long names and obviously they will forget the name. Brand names should be simple and unique which will make it SEO friendly but here in this name it will be very difficult to search in search engines.

On the other hand a perfect meaning cannot be given from this. So these facts are more than enough to convey that GOSSIPWHISPER is not a perfect brand name

07. Bloggrs

The pronounceable and memorization value of this brand name is 3.29. Brand names under  with this less score are not recommended. To be unique if you intentionally missed letters in your brand name will lead to a point that users will get confused with your brand name. This can lead to loss of reputation and customer satisfaction. Make sure to be simple with your brand name and consider all the brand name qualities before you choose a brand name.

08. gossipbubble

Look at this name, it's not unique at all since it has a generic name and too long to spell and remember. This name is not professional and users will find it difficult to remember and forget the name easily since there are other alternatives available in the market with unique and simple names. Blog names should be simple and unique in order to compete in the market and you will find it difficult to optimize to the top in search engines with this type of name. We highly recommend not to use these types of names and instead use a unique and simple name which can be SEO friendly.


Your brand name is what is seen by the world and it should be unique. To have a unique name it should at least contain a .com domain extension and here in this name it contains .io domain where you will find it difficult to change it to .com domain later on if someone has already used the name. Almost all the profit generation companies use .com domain extension .Only few are stuck with other domain extensions based on their business industry and the target audience.

Also this name contains generic words and that impact in SEO marketing and user friendliness.


.org is not recognized as a way of achieving ownership in consonance with the laws prevailing in the online market.

With such mistakes, we don’t agree that this is a wise selection. The uniqueness of this name vanishes when you use other than .com domain extensions. It's fine to have simple words but also should consider the ownership and uniqueness when selecting a brand name for any blog site.