Swimwear Brand Names: 500+Catchy Swimwear Business Name Ideas

Life isn’t perfect...But your beachwear brand name can be...

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Starting a swimwear business? But still haven’t found any satisfactory swimwear brand name? Don’t worry; we have the best beachwear name collection on the internet to offer you. 

Guaranteed!!! How? 

All our brandable swimwear brand names are designed considering brand psychological facts. Do you know, people tend to make emotional decisions when dealing with brand names? It’s all about coming up with a customer-friendly brand name right? 

So check out our professional beachwear brands to choose the best!!!

Creating an unforgettable beachwear brand name is crucial… See how to create an unforgettable brand name for your beachwear business in our naming guide!!!

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Our Best Brandable Swimwear Brand Names

-Why do our brand specialists recommend the following professional swimwear brands?

All the below-listed brand names are customer-friendly swimwear brand names. Meaning? All these brand names are easy to memorize, short, emotional, easy to pronounce, eye-catchy, expandable, meaningful,  have higher phonological loop values and have higher vocabulary scores. And also each one of them is filtered with universal brand name qualities. So these are the best swimwear brand names on the internet you’ll see. So why not a professional swimwear brand name…








Bribzy logoBribzy

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Catchy Swimwear Brand Name Ideas

Consider the keywords or the popular words when selecting a swimwear brand name. The following brand names are handcrafted by our naming specialists for your swimwear brand name. If you are starting a local swimwear business, these below-listed names are perfect.


Water Closet

Swim Attire




Dive Free

Swim By

Water Boutique

Wave In

Wave Design


Boat Closet

Water Collection

Water Like

Wave Zone

Salty Wind

Sun Bath


Cloth Basin


Dive Line

Wavy Bubble

Splashy Clothing

Coast Closet

Water Clothing

Swimmer Choice

Water Ware

Mermaid Land

Glam Island

Beach Boat

Fab Beach

Silver Beach

Beach Sew

Dive Clothe

Coastal Fash

Sea Shore

Swim Equo

Bliss Beach

Beach Clothing

Sea Collection

Sea Shells

Beachy Vibe

Beach Beauty

Salt Wind


Color Coral

Sea Garden

Sea Wears

Wave Collection

Coral Bloomz

Dive Clothing

Cool Pool

Water Mover

Fishy Wears

Golden Goddess

Scroll on to see our ocean themed brand name ideas list!!!

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Catchy Bikini Business Name Ideas

What Should I Name My Bikini Brand?

Your bikini brand name/ bikini business name needs to be distinctive from your competitors. If you follow the same branding patterns and styles they’ve been using, you’ll end up competing with them for years. The shortcut to reach your target customers quickly is selecting a distinctive bikini business name.

Ocean Girl

Sea Lady

Femi Wave

Pacific Girl

Sea Doll

Damsell Of Sea

She On Sea

Wavy Gal

Sandy Missy

Hot Beach

Swim Fit

She & Sea

Queen Sea

Sun Gal

Pool Bird

Sunny Look

Sea Shapes

Sandy Girl

The Mermaid

Sea Barbie

Bikini Gal

Coral Print

Bikini Boo

Sandy Flower

Coral Bride

Shape Adjest

Bikini Queen

Bikini Bank

swimwear line brand name ideas

Swimwear Line Name Ideas

Looking for a catchy name for your swimwear line? If you are planning to serve local customers, you can use catchy keywords in your swimwear line name. Such as; beach, waves, sea, curvy, fashion, aqua, etc… but if you plan to reach global customers, our professional swimwear brand names are perfect!.

Fab Voyage

Swim Perfect

Wavy Items

Super Wears

More Swim

Sea Cover

Swim The Sea

U And Sea

Swim Needle

With D Waves

Go Waves

Swim Hobby

The Shells

Just Play

Cool Boy

Sea Man

Ocean Guy

Sandy Boy

Losing Time

Sunny Boy

Men On Sea

Handsome Shadow

Hot Sun

Sun Men


Happy Swim

Go Bathe

Swimmy Tub


Swimmy Robe

Fashion Puddle

Fashion Spell

How to start a swimwear line?

As the first step, you need to design or purchase a brand name and a logo. As the second step, confirm your target market. And then you need to design swim wears and find a manufacturer. Open an online store to reach more customers and don’t forget the social media !!!. and finally business registration. This is not as easy as you see. It is a whole serious process. So it is better to move slowly with step by step on starting a swimwear line.

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Swimsuit Line Name Ideas

What Should I Name My Swimsuit Line?

Naming your swimsuit line can be a bit tricky as the competition is fierce. How to come up with an outstanding swimsuit line name? The answer is your prospective customers. You need to come up with a customer-friendly name for your swimsuit line. People like dealing with emotional brand names, in other words, if your brand name triggers emotions your customer undoubtedly chooses you. Focus on the emotion that you want your customer to feel when reading your swimsuit line name; whether it should be relaxing, enjoying, funny, comfortable, or stylish… the emotion matters when naming your swimsuit line!

Swim Box


Fun Swim


On Swim

Super Swimr

Swim Goal

Water Thread

All Swim

Suit Up

At Waves

Sweet Suit

Water Suit

Swim Heart

Bath Suits

New Color

Swim Blast

Your Fav

Blue Heart

Swim Wrap

Hot Wave

The Waves

Barbie Swim

Fine Wears

Warm Sea

Sea Shade

Waves Up

Beach House

bathing suit brand name ideas

Bathing Suit Business Name Ideas

Did you know the quality of your bathing suit business name can impact your customer’s buying decisions? This is why we consider the emotional side of our brand names when we handcrafting them. Check out the following bathing suit business name ideas from our naming team.

Happy Bathing

Clothing Tub

Hot Suits

Bath Cloth

Hot Stitch

Comfy Bath

Super Bathing

Sun Bathing

Tanned Sun

Summer Apparel

Hot Sun


See Bathing

Sea Tup

White Bubble

Goggly Bath

Bathing Comfy

Sun Bathing

Bath Suites

Sun Embraze

Fancy Bath

Salty Tub

Bath Goddess

Fine Zea

swimwear collection

Swimwear Company Name Ideas

“Swimwear season has no off-season” So is the demand for the swimwear companies. Get an attractive swimwear company name to win your customer’s heart!!! Here are some examples of catchy swimwear company names.

Swim Beam

Beach All

Swim Type

Beach Style

Fashion Bae

Swimwear Star

Swim Coat

Beachy Closet

Swim Fashion

By The Pool

Summer Collection

Its Summer

Sea Sun

Swim Library

Bath Suits

New Color

Swim Blast

Your Fav

Summer Sun

Vintage Collection

Bikini List

New Wave

Swim Cloth

Bloom Salt

Max Swim

Swimwear Pile

Super Collection

Summer Kit

Bikini Screen

Let’s Swim

Dive Cool

Pearl Collection

Luxy Fashionz

Wardrobe Dive

Comfy Float

Sole Bath

Hot Collect

Sun Under

Dive Divas

Float On

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Beachwear Business Name Ideas

Planning to try a new career in the beachwear business field? That’s fantastic. The below-listed beachwear business name ideas are just for you!!!

Beach Print

Wavy Fabric

Fave Wears

Bloom Ocean

Happy Sea

Let’s Tan

Wild Wave

Bubble Boo

Sea Shells

Beachy Chic

Salty Tub

Sandy Shore

Shore Line

Beach Closet

Some Sun

Swimmy Gal

Wavy Fun

Beach Looks

Golden Garnish

Sea Collection

Beach Breeze

Mermaid Thread

Swimmer Choice

Wave N Curve

Stylish Sea

Ocean Line

Fashion Zea

Sea Attire

Deep Waves

At Pearlz

Hot Beach

Beachy Wears

Wavy Fabric

Swimmer Appear

Fashion Dive

Beach Feature

Wavy Fun

Beach Looks

Golden Garnish

Sea Collection

Diving Clothes

Dive Expo

With Waves

Sea Suits

Swimmy Style


Swim Fabs

Dive Patterns

Wavy Babez

Fash Shore

Comfy Beach

Salty Wind

Dive Divas

Fashion Ocean

Clothing Bay

Fancy Swimming


Sea Face

Seven Seas

Little Mermaids

swimwear company

Catchy Beach Clothing Business Names

To attract customers towards your beach clothing business over other competitors, make sure your beach clothing business name is distinctive from other brand names. Here are some examples of catchy beach clothing business names.

Diving Clothes

Dive Expo

With Waves

Sea Suits

Swimmy Style


Swim Fabs

Dive Patterns

Wavy Babez

Fash Shore

Comfy Beach

Salty Wind

Dive Divas

Fashion Ocean

Clothing Bay

Fancy Swimming


Sea Face

Seven Seas

Little Mermaids

-Fun Fact: What Is The Most Expensive Swimsuit?

The most expensive swimsuit in the world is worth $30 million dollars and it is a bikini. This bikini is designed by Susan Rosen with over 150 carats of diamonds set in platinum in 2012!!!. This most expensive “bikini” in the world was showcased by Molly Sims. what do you think? Will you spend this much for a perfect swimsuit?

bikini brand name ideas

Bikini Brand Name Ideas

Here are super bikini brand name ideas for your bikini business. All these bikini brand name ideas are handpicked by our naming specialists.

Sea Angels

Fancy Beach

Sunny Collect

Bon Voyage

Bikini Gal

Perfect Shape

Sea Bae

Coast Bloom

Sandy Wear

Glamour Spell

Beachy Lotus

Comfy Beach

Fancy Display

Sun Read


Curve It

Tanned Bangle

Beachy Braid

Coastal Star

Summer Sun

Bikini Click

On Collection

On Sea

Bikini Thread

Hot N Sexy

The Shaped

Bikini Queen

Curvy Chicks

Fancy Beach

Beach Beauty

Swimy Glammy

Hot Coast



Fancy Mermaid

Hot And Fresh

Bikini Collection

Get Tanned

Comfy Bikini

Sea Suit

Bikini Benefit

Fit And Hot

Bikini Craze

Gal Bikini

Hot Float

Beachy Flakes

Coral Lace

Fish Wale

Mermaid Spell

Pearl Pool

Bikini Land

Hot Island

surf shop name ideas

Surf Shop Name Suggestions

Here are some interesting name ideas for your surf shop. All these below-listed names are compatible with your surf shop.

Surf Love

Sea And Surf

Surf Boutique

Surfing Sea

Blue Bubble

Surfing Shore

Surfy Buddy

Safe Surf

Its Surf

Sea Slide

On The Sea

Wave Turn

On Wavz

Surf More

Sea Board

With Wavz

Sea Jump

Surfing Hero

Wave Bender

On Zea

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Mermaid Business Name Ideas

As there are a considerable number of mermaid businesses in the market, you need to start with a distinctive mermaid business name. You can study your competitors’ names in the market and design or select a better and catchy name for your mermaid business. Here are some suggestions from us.

Sweet Mermaid

Happy Mermaid

Mermi Love

Mermaid Paradize

Lucky Mermaid

Maid Land

Star Wish

Fish Tail

Dancing Mermaid

Mermaid Bay

Barbie Beach

Mermaid Boat

Be Maid

Mermaid Beauty

Shop Maid

Magical Mermaid

Magic Momentz

Sprinkled Wavez

Mermaid Mode

Little Mermy

Mermaid Land

The Paradize

Pixie Mermaid

Ocean Here

beachy names for stores

Beachy Business Names

-What makes a brand name “beachy”?

It has to deliver a beachy vibe!. So study the keywords, trending words in the beachy business field. And include those words in your business. This method is perfect if you expect a local customer crowd to your business. The below-listed suggestions are perfect for any business related to the beach business field!.

Wavy Needle

Tanned Tank

Beachy Line

Coastal Wave

Wavy Fashion

Blue Bloom

Beachy Store

Blue Diamond

Beachy Fashion

Beachy Collection

Beach Chick

Coastal Love

Beachy Peach

Beach Print

The Mermaid

Beachy Bee

Sea Shade

Blue And Gold

Beachy Gal

Fav Beachwearz

Zea Gals

Hot Sun

Blue View

Summer Clothes

These handpicked brand name ideas for your beachy stores from our brand name specialists. All these brand names are perfect if you are looking for a brand name for your local beachy store.

surf shop name ideas

Scuba Diving Business Name Ideas

As a startup, it is important to create or choose a distinctive and innovative scuba diving business name idea. A too common business name only leads you to an unnecessary competition with many other business names same as yours. So here are some catchy scuba diving business name ideas list.

Dive Better

Scuba Wave

Dive In

Ocean Bottom

Coral Garnish

In Water

Ocean Through

Ocean Garden

Through The Waves

Sea Life

In To The Bottom

Wave Div

Wonder Divers

Diver Story

Ocean In

Wonder Found

Scuba Babe

Under Ocean


Ocean Park

Sea Buddy

Sea Life

Sea The Sea

Into Sea

Swimwear Business Naming Guide

Here, we have provided almost all the knowledge you need to come up with a perfect swimwear brand name. Refer to this free naming guide designed by our naming experts if you want to design your own swimwear brand name!

How Should I Name My Swimwear Brand?

Here are the four steps you need to follow to name your swimwear business. These are easy but make sure to follow them correctly to get a perfect brand name!

  • Brainstorming And Listing

Before designing a swimwear brand name do some research about the branding background; your competitors’ brand names, trending words, most followed naming trends in the beachwear business field, target customers, etc., and then brainstorm them to get a good idea about how your brand name has to be shaped. Consider what you like too. Your preference also matters! And then you can make a list with swimwear business names as much as your mind can come up with. This is the first step!.

  • Filtering The Best Three

Now you have a brand name ideas list. The second step is to filter out the best three swimwear brand names from the list. How? Universal brand name qualities. If you do not have very much familiarity with brand name qualities, just use our beachwear business name idea evaluation tool. Which does the exact same thing but in a quick way. Either way, you need to find the three best brand names on the list. 

  • Feedback 

As the third step, do not forget to ask your friends and family members about the best brand names. As customers, you can have some important suggestions from them. It is advisable if you are able to sample some target customers and get their feedback on your brand names. Here are some questions you can ask, 

  1. What is the most memorable brand name from these three?
  2. What is the most eye-catching brand name idea?
  3. Which one is the easiest to pronounce?
  4. Which is the most unique brand name?
  • Availability

This is the final step. Check the availability of your brand name. This is the reason we suggest you select the best three brand names from the list so if the selected one is not available, you have two backup brand names. It will save your time from following the whole process from the beginning. You can check the trademark availability from USPTO. To make sure that the selected brand name is available for a domain name, check it on our “beachwear business name ideas evaluation tool”. And finally, social media availability. Being available on all the social media platforms is very crucial to your beachwear business and the best way to maintain a healthy customer relationship. To check the social media availability of your brand name Namechk.com is perfect!.

How Should I Name My Swimwear Brand?

Knowing the trending words can be helpful when you are designing a brand for your swimwear business and when setting up a tagline for your business. Here are some keywords/ trending words of the swimwear business field.

Competitor Name Analysis

Doing a competitor name analysis is very important before naming your swimwear business. Here we have analyzed some popular brand names in the swimwear market. Consider the factors we have used to analyze each brand name. It will enhance your knowledge about naming your swimwear company. 

  • Hermoza- this brand name is popular for luxury and fashionable swimwear. Hermoza is a Spanish word meaning “beautiful”. Even though “Harmoza” is a  Spanish generic word, it is not as harmful as using an English generic word as a brand name. Most people find this brand name unique and catchy because it is not as popular as an English word. And as this brand name serves for women, “Hermoza” is perfectly aligned with the customer’s intention. 
  • Andie- this is also a very popular luxury swimwear brand that succeeded in a small period of time. You may think, “Andie” is a normal girl’s name, how did it become a successful brand name? but the secret is, it covers all the women customers. Anyone who reads this brand name for the first time would know this is for women. “Andie” successfully communicates with its target customers. And it is short, sweet and simple just like the swimsuit!!!.
  • Chromat- also a world popular high-end swimwear brand name. Even chromat is a generic word, it is a unique word in the fashion, apparel industry for sure as it is a medical term that stands for “color”. This brand name sounds unique and the brand message is also very broad.

Catchy Beachwear Name Idea?

Eye catching quality of a beachwear brand name is a must. In order to recognize a brand name as a catchy brand name, it needs to be unique, fresh , short, memorable and pronounceable. Your brand name needs to be unique not only with the sound but also with the domain name wise. .com domain extension makes a brand name unique, which means if you get .com domain name for your beachwear brand name, no one can get your brand name, simple you can get the maximum legal protection with .com domain name. 

In order to get a catchy beachy brand name, the character limit of the brand name must be considered. The ideal character count of a catchy brand name is 4 to 6. Short brand names are way catchy and attractive than long brand names. So consider the character count of the brand name if you are looking for a catchy brand name.

Another thing to consider when speaking of catchy brand name is simplicity. Memorability and pronounceability of a brand name is known as simplicity of a brand name. Memorable brand names are eye catching and attractive. Memorable brand names have a higher phonological loop value  while well pronounceable brand names have higher vocabulary score value.

There is a lot to care about when thinking of catchy and perfect beach brand names. A brand name is for a lifetime and don’t forget a brand name must be treated as a prior tool in a business.

Swimwear Business Slogans

With a slogan you can express more. Instead of getting a descriptive brand name for your swimwear business, adding a creative and catchy slogan is always successful and professional. Here are some unique and eye-catching slogans that you can use for your swimwear businesses.

  • Look good in the pool too
  • Swim as you please
  • Swim in comfort
  • Love what you wear
  • All It Takes Is All You Got.
  • Are you beach body ready?
  • Dive into summertime.
  • For Mermaids In Training.
  • Fueled By Water.
  • Just Add a Tan.

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