Swimwear Brand Name Ideas

Life isn’t perfect...But your swimwear brand name can be...

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Coming up with the correct brand name is not easy. Selecting a brand name is one of the main tasks to be done first in any business. So be mindful in selecting the brand name for your swimwear business. Our brand name consultants have listed the best brand name collection for your swimwear business.

Perfect Brand Name Ideas For Your Swimwear Business

Crinol logoCrinol

Logerro logoLogerro

Tiyono logoTiyono

Hesomi logoHesomi

Bribzy logoBribzy

Nozfi logoNozfi

Varyvo logoVaryvo

Nizow logoNizow

Vesloo logoVesloo

Cipzi logoCipzi







All these brand names are unique and brandable. Each and every brand name consists of all the brand name qualities. The good news is that all these brand names are available to be purchased!!!.

How To Get Started?

There is no such proven way to get a brand name for your swimwear business. There are many ways that you can get a brand name. But in order to get the best brand name for your swimwear business, consider the following factors.

Brand Name Ideas For Beachwear Businesses

Before you jump to choose a good swimwear business brand name, it is advisable to check what kind of brand name you like to get as your brand name. Well, this is a good way to get to that. Our brand name specialists have created the following brand name ideas for your swimwear business. Refer these brand name samples for a better understanding of naming your business.

Sea Time

Sun And Fun

Sunny Time

Lake Fash

Light Sun

Vacation On

Sunbath Time

Hello Girl


Sun Girl

Wave Time

Fish Wish

Swim Girl

Sandy Beach

Ocean Fun

Sea Star

Hosting Cloud

Private Host

We Host

Hosting Grow

Enjoy Beach

Happy Beach

Fantas Holiday

Sun Hat

Gloomy Beach

Sky Blue

Beach Cafe

Sea Jump

Deep Waves


Hot Beach

Dark Sea

Wavy View

Sandy Fash

Silver Sun

Sun Warmed

Windy Sea

Blue Bead

Pool Blue

Sunny Sand

Beach Beauty

Seven Seas

Wavy Needle

Tanned Tank

These brand name samples are suitable for any local swimwear business, for example, luxury swimsuit businesses, cute beachwear businesses, ladies swimsuit stores and more. We hope these brand name ideas helped you on getting a better idea about the brand naming process.

Trending Words

To make you more aware of the naming process in your swimwear business, we decided to list the trending words of the swimwear business field. Refer the following words to create super brand name ideas for your swimwear business.

















Swim Brief


Sea Bathing

Diving Suit

How To Get The Best Swimwear Brand Name?

Brand name qualities upgrade your swimwear business name to brandable swimwear brand name. Do not miss and include these qualities in your brand name. 

  • Uniqueness in swimwear brand name

Make sure to get the .com domain extension for your swimwear brand name and handpicked brand name ideas are more unique and memorable for your swimwear business. Gottex is a unique swimwear brand name.

  • Choose a memorable brand name for your Swimwear business.

This is a good quality of a brandable band name, you should not miss. You can attract more customers to your swimwear business with a memorable brand name. For example, ASICS is a memorable beachwear brand name.

  • Select a swimwear brand name that is easy to spell and write.

Get a brand name for your beachwear store that can be easily spelled and written. For example, Head.

  • Select a swimwear brand name that is easy to pronounce

This quality is also important, as you are directly dealing with the customers. If they cannot pronounce your beachwear store brand name easily, they wouldn’t remember it. So pronounceable brand name is important. Arena is a beachwear brand name that is easy to pronounce.

  • Not too long

Short beachwear brand names are perfect. The ideal character count of your beachwear business brand name should be within 4 to 6. For example, Onia.

  • Do not copy an existing beachwear brand name

Do not imitate a successful brand name in the beachwear business market. Try to make your own identity with a unique brand name. For example, Venus Swimwear and Watersun Swimwear; these beachwear brand names sound the same. So avoid imitating existing beachwear brand names.

  • Avoid numbers and special characters in your beachwear brand name

Beachwear brand names with numbers and special characters are hard to remember and pronounce. They are less eye-catchy and not brandable. For example, 2Wink is a beachwear brand name that includes a number in the brand name.

  • Avoid generic names in your beachwear brand name

Generic words cannot make your beachwear business brand name unique. So avoid generic words and keywords in your brand name. In this brand name, Ocean Pacific, both ocean and pacific are generic words.

  • Avoid negative connotation in your beachwear brand name

Some beachwear brand names have negative meanings in them. Customers do not find these brand names as attractive. For example, Wicked Weasel.

  • Familiar with robots

Most of the internet users use the voice assistant software to get their day to day task done. So your beachwear brand name needs to be familiar with the robots. For example, H&M is a popular beachwear brand name that is familiar with robots.

If you can familiarize yourself with the brand name qualities in detail, you can come up with a better brand name!!!.

If You Need More Swimwear Brand Name Ideas…

Our brand name specialists have handpicked more beachwear related brand names for your convenience. The following brand names are created according to the subcategories of beachwear businesses.

Luxury Swimwear Business Brand Name Ideas

These brand names are suitable for any local luxury swimwear businesses.

Golden Coast

Leisure Lux

Luxy Dew

Sea Paradize

Swim Beam

Royal Sea

Blue Sapphire

Grand Beach

Sun Bath

Pearl Beach

Sea Shells

Lux Collection

Ladies Swimwear Business Brand Name Ideas

Ocean Girl

Sea Lady

Femi Wave

Pacific Girl

Sea Doll

Damsell Of Sea

She On Sea

Wavy Gal

Sandy Missy

Hot Beach

Swim Fit

She & Sea

Queen Sea

Sun Gal

Pool Bird

Sunny Look

Sea Shapes

Sandy Girl

The Mermaid

Sea Barbie

Our brand name specialists recommend these listed brand name samples for in-country ladies beachwear businesses including ladies bikini stores.

Brand Name Ideas For Men’s BeachWear Business

Sea Man

Ocean Boy

He & Sea

Handsome Sea

Aqua Wave

Beach Boy

Pacify Boy

Dive In Sea

Pool Boy

Swimwear Ready

Just Play

Cool Boy

Ocean Guy

Sandy Boy

Losing Time

Sunny Boy

Men On Sea

Handsome Shadow

Hot Sun

Sun Men

All these brand name ideas are suitable for any men beachwear businesses such as men’s swimwear businesses and men’s beach shorts.

Brand Name Ideas For Kids Beachwear Businesses

 Below listed brand names are suitable for kids’ swimwear businesses such as girls’ beachwear businesses and boys’ beachwear businesses.

Beach Kids

Ocean Kids


Sandy Kids

Sand Boy

She Shells

Dolphin Kids

Little Mermaids

Sun Fun Kids

Baby Fish

Water Kids

Little Star Fish

Beach Play

Seahorse Girl

Deepest Sea Kids

Let’s Play

Sandy Kids

Sea Paradise

Little Shells

Kids Shore

Well-known Swimwear Brand Names In The World








ARMANI logoArmani





Swimwear Stores In Australia

Seafolly Concept

Baku Swimwear

Swimwear Galore


Seafolly Outlet

Sunseeker Swimwear

Aqua Shop

Sea Jewels Swimwear

Here are a few popular beachwear stores in Australia for ladies beachwear stores, men’s beachwear stores and kids beachwear shops.

Swimwear Stores In The USA

Bikini Village

Sylvia’s Swimwear


Everything But Water

Making Waves

Swimville USA

Canyon Beachwear

Swim West USA

Here are a few popular beachwear stores in the USA for ladies beachwear stores, men’s beachwear stores and kids beachwear shops.

Swimwear Stores In Greece

Emmanuela Swimwear

Vilebrequin Store

The Beach House

Cocomo Swimsuits

Nommo Swimwear


Bikini Mykonos

Belle Mode

These brand names are famous in Greece for ladies bikini stores, men’s swimwear stores and kids swimwear shops.

Avoid These Brand Names For Your Swimwear Business

Our brand name specialists do not recommend the following type of brand names for your beachwear businesses.

The Luckiest Beach Boy & Girl

Happy Beach Time For You

Best & Cheap Beach Wears

7designs Of The Beach Wears

Beach @ You

The Wonder Of The Ocean

Wear A Suitable Beachwear

Cheap Beach Wears

Importance Of A Logo

After you settle with a perfect brand name for your beachwear business, you need to think about designing a suitable logo for your brand name. A logo is also important for a brand name, as it adds more meaning to your beachwear brand name. Make sure to select a logo for your swimwear business which adds an additional value to your brand name.