Architecture Business Names [Guide + Name Lists]

“Complete guide to get a perfect brand name for your Architecture company…”

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As the Architecture business name plays a vital role in the future of your company, you have to make your best effort to get the perfect brand name for the firm.

Professional Architecture Business Names

Do you know a professional brand name can make your architectural firm even more successful?

A professional brand name comes with a lot more benefits than you think. Most importantly a professional brand name makes your business stand out from the competition.

Our brand name consultants have analyzed the existing and available brand names and have listed out the most suitable professional brand names for your Architecture company. A professional brand name always consists of all the brand name qualities. And other than the brand name qualities , having a higher phonological loop value is also a good characteristic of a professional brand name.

Blomto logoBlomto Architects

Eooy Worldwide

Facoy Planning

Receivy Architecture

Greity logoGreity Group

Roqoqo International

Uberdura Associates

Architeca International

Krivok Architects

Upedge Architecture

Tokxi logoTokxi Design

Architus Planners

Can I use the word "architecture" in my business name?

According to our brand name consultants, using “keywords” in the brand name does not make a brandable architectural brand name. “Architecture” is a keyword that well explains your business, and if you are looking for a brandable brand name, you need to find a brand name that is not descriptive. Not using a keyword in a brand name is one of the brand name qualities.

If you have a plan to open a online store later, to maintain a website for your architecture business, using a keyworded brand name is not healthy. When there is a keyword or half keyword included in a brand name, it is hard for the search engines to grab your brand name as a “brand name” .

If you are planning to get the most out of your architecture business name, it is advisable to get a brand name with an ideal character count. The ideal character count of a professional brand name is 4 to 6 characters. 

So it is advisable to not to use architecture as your architectural business name.

How Do I Name My Architecture Firm?

There are thousands of architecture brand names in the market for this moment and to highlight your brand name, you need a brandable architecture brand name. If you have no plans to expand your architecture firm in the future, you can use / get inspired by the following brand name suggestions for architecture firms.

The Architect


Your Dream

The Planner

Dream Constructors

Dream Build

Dream Planner

Archi Company

The Arch

The Construct

Plan A

Planning Company

Expo Engineer

Expert Workz

Pro Construction

Dream Build

What and What not to Do when Naming your Architecture Business

Knowledge is required to do something the correct way. Therefore we decided to discuss some questions many have when trying to name their architecture firm. 

Let’s start with what not to do when naming your company.

Not to Do

-Describe your business with the Brand Name

Whenever you’re starting your business from scratch as an Architectural startup, no one knows you. So that you think it’s a good idea to name your company after what you’re doing to get people to know about what you’re doing. But, that’s not how things work. People engage easily with professional brand names than brand names full of keywords expressing what you’re doing.

-Select Brand Names that can Limit your Expansion

Don’t think small. You’re starting your Architecture firm to be successful, not to fail. As your business name is one of the key factors in the long run, do not select a brand name which can limit your expansion in the future. Business names with keywords related to the Architecture or names that describe your business will limit your expansion opportunities. Always keep space for expansion when naming your Architectural company.

-Buy Overpriced Business names

You can find professional brand names for your Architecture company for a decent price tag in many brand name marketplaces. Brand names are listed from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars. You have to be smart to find a worthy deal to get your preferred Architectural brand name. If you have no idea on how the prices of brand names differ, get support from a tool like Godaddy Value Appraisal tool. However, brand name experts do not recommend paying more than $ 1000 for a brand name.

To Do

-Analyze Competitor Business Names

Analyze competitors from the field of Architecture and research how they got their name. Even if you don’t treat them as competitors, know how the major Architectural companies name their business. They are giants today but started small as you at a time and their business name was a critical part to achieve it. When analyzing those, consider their founding dates because brand naming trends change over time.

-Study Brand Naming Trends

Every industry has brand name trends. You don’t have to name your Architecture company like the 1960s and compete with your competitors in 2021. Know about the naming trends of the Architecture industry and note what are the live trends today. Follow those to turn your company name to a catchy and memorable brand. Make sure that the naming trend you’re using supports your firm’s online presence.

-Consider your Online Presence

In this digital era and especially the global pandemic situation, your online presence is your key to success. Make sure the selected Architectural company name is SEO friendly and no similar brands are available on the internet. 

Also, get the perfect domain extension for your website to avoid confusions.

What’s the domain extension you should use for your website? 


.archi was introduced for all the architects and architectural organizations. 


This is the most popular and trusted domain extension in the world. 

Even the .archi extension was introduced for the Architecture industry, almost all the architects and architectural firms are using the .com domain extension due to its trustworthiness and awareness. Therefore, we recommend going for the .com domain extension for your business name.

Unique Brand Name Ideas For Your Architecture Company

These below listed brand names are created manually by our branding specialists after analyzing the brand naming trends of Architecture industry giants. These brand names are highly recommended only for those who have no idea to expand the business in the future and for those who have no idea to start the Architecture firm professionally.

Better Arch

City Build

On Plan

Inno Build

The Artist

On Prints

Dream Build

Arch Touch

We Build

The Structured

Inno Mind

The Kingdom

Future Edit

Dream Design

Best Design

Archy Master

The Designer

Prime Structure


Lux Works

Design Diary

World Works

The Artpiece

Dream Catcher

Design Lab

Prime Way

Archy Tradition

Excelente Struct

Bravo Build

The Next

Mega Constructions

Heavenly Design

The Best

The Constructivist

Dream Smith

Art Wall

Creative Design Firm Name Ideas

Planner Company

Your Plan

True Planners

Good Design


Project Runners

Expo Plan

Design Company

Dream Layout

Dream Design

Inno Design

Design Constro

How Do I Come Up With A Catchy Business Name?

According to our brand name consultants, a brand name, including architectural business name, needs to be eye-catching or in other words, attractive. Customer attraction is very important for a business and the most important tool you can use for that is the “brand name”. You can make your brand name eye catching by, 

  • Using limited characters in your brand name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to memorize
  • Do not describe your business
  • Avoid negative words
  • Try foreign words that are meaningful

Interior Design Company Name Ideas

Inner Design

Beauty Architecture

Plan Inner

Inner Look

Interior Planners

Structure Art

Interior Profession

Under Roof

Best Interior

Best Architects

Now Look

Your Interior

Residential Architecture Company Name Ideas

If you have an idea to start an Architecture company based on residential planning and designing you will have to take many ideas from the customer. Home is where people need to relax and be happy after the tiring work. So a home should be a place to calm and heal the mind. A place of happiness. So when designing a home you should have a good knowledge of freedom, calm feeling, etc. These brand names are best for your Residential Architecture company.

Note Design

Plan Well

House Planning

Home Paradise

Home Fram

Home Architecture

Home Design

House Structure

Design Well

Arch Heaven

Beauty Hut

House Builders

Commercial Architecture Company Name Ideas

When it comes to designing and planning a commercial building it should have all the facilities for the employees as well as the client who visits them. The working environment should be comfortable enough to work well and give good output to the company. These brand names are recommended for all the Commercial based Architecture companies.

Better Builders

Better Structure

Architect Founder

Office Design

Commercial Plan

Office Structure

Best Look

Office Mate

Better Look

Structure Design

Archi Deals

Office Instruction

Interior Designing Architecture Company

You might have an idea to start an Architecture company only to design the Interior. When it comes to interior design it is something different. The whole building or the house can change with the placement of things where it is placed. These are the best brand names for your interior design firm.

Under Roof

Interior Profession

Structure Art

Interior Planners

Inner Look

Plan Inner

Beauty Architecture

Inner Design

Your Interior

Now Look

Best Architects

Best Interior

Green Design Architecture Company Name Ideas

At present Green, design has become very popular among both residential, commercial, and other places. When it comes to green design it brings a freshness and feeling of a calm place. These are the best brand names for your Green Design Architecture company.

Fresh Architect

Green Architecture

Freshness New

Green Language

Evergreen Look

Fresh Look

Green Environment

Green Look

Green Blueprints

Green Life

Design Green

Green Freshness

Landscape Architecture Company Name Ideas

If you are very good at designing and planning outdoor places like gardens, parks, public places, etc you can start a Landscape Architecture company. These brand names will perfectly match with your Landscape architecture company.

Architect Outdoor

Crown Architectures

Time Of Architecture

Extraordinary Architecture

Best Outdoor

Outdoor Blueprint

Garden Structure

Outdoor Design

Amazing Architect

Your Wish

Design Park

Best Garden

Architecture Blog Name Ideas

Archi Blog

Your Apartment


Planner Blog

Archi Expo

Planner Update

Design Pro

Zillio Plans

The Brilliantz

Your Planner

Better Plan

Designer Wiz

Best Architecture Sites That Every Architecture Should Visit

Here are a few of the best architecture sites that will help all the architecture in their career. These sites will help you develop your architectural skills and update you about the new software, architecture news, and many more.


This is one of the most visited architecture websites in the world. The calculated number of visitors on this page is nearly 7.5 billion per month. This site will update you about the tools, designs, images, news, and trends about architecture. This site has received many awards like the building of the year continuously from  2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.


This site got nearly 6.67 million visitors per month. This is a site that can get information about home and decor site designing. This site tells everything about how to make an interior of a home in an attractive way and tips to make the home beautiful.


This site does not only provide architectural tips but also much other information to all the other users too. For architecture, this site provides many interior design ideas, tiny house ideas, etc. This site got nearly 5.91 million visitors per month.


This site is also not based on one particular field. This site provides information about almost all the topics like environment, photography, science, history, nature, travel, etc but it has room for Architecture too. This site provides many architectural news and tips for all architecture lovers. The average monthly number of users for this site is 4.03 million.


This site mainly provides information for Lifestyle, Science, Technology, Transport, etc. The information regarding architecture they have listed under the lifestyle section. There is a lot of valuable information regarding architecture being updated here. The monthly visitors for this site is nearly 3.97 million.


This site provides a wide range of information regarding architecture and interior design. It provides worldwide jobs related to architecture too. The calculated visitors for this site is nearly 3.33 million.


This site covers both the interior design and everything in architecture. It is one of the best sites for all the architectural new designs and other related things of architecture. The average monthly visitors for this site is 2.56 million.


This site can be named as the world’s first and most popular digital architecture and design magazine. This site provides all the information regarding architecture. This site got nearly 1.80 million visitors per month.


Dwell is one of the best sites for Architects.  It is a platform to discover new designs and new techniques. The average number of visitors for this site is 1.03 million. 


It can be named as an online community for Architects. It provides new products, designs, concepts for architects with new trends. This site also gets nearly 1million visitors per month.

Things That Will Help You Grow Your Architecture Company

  • Set Up A Goal

Not only in the architecture business almost when you’re starting any business you need to set up a goal. Setting up a goal for your architecture company will motivate you and help you to succeed. It will lead you to the correct path. The goal may differ from person to person and also it may differ according to what kind of architecture company you are going to start. When you’re starting your architecture company you can set up a time period and have a few goals like,

i) Where do you want your architecture company to see in the next  5 years

ii) How do you want to develop or expand your architecture business

iii) Target Revenue

iv) Who are your target customers

v) Any professional and educational goal you want to achieve regarding your architecture business.

These are only a few examples of goals you can set for your business. You can set up many more according to your scope.

  • Capital

You should have good knowledge and plan to find capital for your architectural business. You may find capital from the money you have already collected, you may borrow money from your parents, friends, or relatives, you may lend a loan from the bank, you may contact a venture capital firm and find cash, etc. You should also have a proper plan on what are the expenses you have till you gain an income, how you’re going to spend the cash, what are the unavoidable expenses you have and what expenses you can deduct etc. When you’re starting an architecture business you should have a place to start the business, you have to buy resources like a table and a chair, a good internet connection, good hardware, necessary software like AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Civil, Civil 3D, CATIA, etc. So you should have a proper estimate on these things.

  • Competitor Analysis

You can do a good analysis from the top architecture firms like Gensler, Perkins, and Will, HDR, Perkins Eastman, etc. 

You can analyze 

  • how they started the business
  • what are the methods they used to succeed in the business
  • what are the resources they used
  • what are their brand naming trends, etc? 

You can find any of this information online and if you need to get more ideas you can find what are the best architecture firms in your area and try to meet the founders of those companies and get ideas about everything you need.

  • Preparations To Register Your Company

When you start your architecture company, make the necessary arrangements to register it. If you have no idea about this contact a lawyer and prepare the document you need. Decide you are going to register it as a sole trading business, partnership business, etc.

  • Choosing A Perfect Brand Name

With the competition, you have in the field of Architecture you need a perfect brand name to stand out from others. A perfect brand name will take your identity to the world. You can choose a brand name from a brand name generator or choose a brand name from brand name resellers. Before you select a brand name analyze the brand naming trends of architecture giants in the world and have good knowledge about the qualities a good architecture company business name should have. Choose an architecture name with a high phonological loop value.

  • Way To Promote Your Business

Before you start a business you should think about how you are going to promote your architecture business. If you have enough money on the marketing side you can announce it via television, radio, email marketing, etc. Or else you can use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the help of online forums like Quora, Reddit, etc. Making a website is another important factor you should consider to promote your architecture business. Build a catchy, attractive website including your new designs and your portfolio to grab users. Here are a few of the best architect websites in the world.



iii) Corgan

iv) ZGF Architects

  • Decide The Place You Work

Unlike other businesses, you can start your architecture business at home even. It will help you with the cost of buying or hiring a place to work. As you have to be more creative and calm in a business-like architecture the work space is very important. So choose where you’re going to start your architecture studio and how you’re going to meet your clients.

  • Resources You Need

An architecture firm needs quite a lot of physical resources. You can manage the firm alone but you will need good best, comfortable chairs, a computer with sufficient processing power, and certain software. So you have to manage all these resources before you’re going to start it.

  • Way To Track The Work

Once you start the architecture business you should have a way to track the works, to join clients’ meetings, to deliver the project on time, etc. So choose the best way to track the works you do.

  • New Designs

Architecture is based on the planning and designing skill of yours. So try to design new things, take some uncommon ideas from the internet, read books, get to know about the current designing trends, new updates, etc.