300+ Best Architecture Business Names

“Complete guide for a perfect Architecture company name…”

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Choosing the right architecture business name for you is a challenge, right? Sometimes we do have so many ideas roaming in our head but are still unable to use them to create the perfect business name we need. That comes with the lack of knowledge in the business naming process. That’s why we are here to fill the gap! Engage with us to explore how to come up with a perfect architecture business name. 

Let’s dive into the discussion with Brinso branding experts.

Professional Architecture Business Names

Here we have selected the best professional brand names for your Architecture company. Professional brand names are rich in all the qualities a brand name needs and surely can give you the confidence to start your business. Let’s check out the list.





There are many mistakes people make while naming a business. But with these professional brand names, you will have nothing to regret. They are made to be perfect and brandable. Using a professional business name can make your architectural firm stand out. 

Catchy Architecture Company Name Ideas

These examples are created by analyzing all the business naming trends in the Architecture industry. They are ideal business names for your architecture company for targeting a local customer base.

Better Archy

City Build

On Plan

Inno Build

The Artist

On Prints

Dream Build

Archy Touch

We Build

The Structured

Inno Mind

The Kingdom

Future Edit

Dream Design

Best Design

Archy Master

The Designer

Prime Structure


Lux Works

Design Diary

World Works

The Artpiece

Dream Catcher

Design Lab

Prime Way

Archy Tradition

Excelente Struct

Bravo Build

The Next

Mega Constructions

Heavenly Design

The Best

The Constructivist

Dream Smith

Art Wall

Archy Blaze

Premium Build

Finest Craft

Bright Beams

Pivot Constructions

Amaze Designs

Falcon Architecture

Valor Archy

Archy Creators

Ace Designers

Insight Prime

Eagle Art

How To Come Up With A Catchy Architecture Business Name?

Making your business name eye-catching and attractive is important. Here are a few key points to consider while choosing a catchy architecture business name.

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Do not describe your business using the name
  • Try foreign words that are meaningful
  • Try rhythmic words

Architecture Firm Name Ideas

You probably have so many competitors in the industry. That’s why you need to create a good reason through your business name to choose you over them. Check out the following architecture firm name ideas for your inspiration.

The Architect


Your Dream

The Planner

Dream Constructors

Dream Build

Dream Planner

Archi Company

The Arch

The Construct

Plan A

Planning Company

Expo Engineer

Expert Workz

Pro Construction

Dream Build

Supreme Bricks

Bridgeway Craft

Design Infinity

City Deluxe

Sheer Constructions

Delux Designs

Grand Architecture

Elite Archy

Ark Creators

Aegis Designers

Global Prime

Fine Art

Using An Architecture Firm Name Generator

Architectural firm name generators are an easy way to find a business name. But if you are looking for uniqueness in your architecture firm name, it is not advisable to use a name generator. It is better to invest your time to learn about the brand naming process with us rather than risking the future of your business.

Creative Design Firm Name Ideas

Think from your customer’s perspective! When they are looking for a design firm,  they likely expect to feel the creativity. If your business name fails to give them that right impression, you can end up losing potential customers. So, when you choose your design firm name, make sure to be creative. 

Planner Company

Your Plan

True Planners

Good Design


Project Runners

Expo Plan

Design Company

Dream Layout

Dream Design

Inno Design

Design Constro

Design Grace

Beyond Best

Concept Cloud

Eco Dream

Aura Design

Empire Designers

Action Plus

Flash Global

Centric Solutions

Beyond Design

Eden International

Charm Digital

Consider The Availability Of Social Media Handles

Your customers likely visit your social media pages for many purposes. If you are not registered with the same social media handles, it will be confusing for them to find you online. Make sure to sign up with the same social media handles before someone else ruins the opportunity.

Interior Design Firm Name Ideas

When you are brainstorming a business name, you can reflect the reliability of your business through it. That can help you reach a potential customer base with long-term customer relationships. Let’s see some design firm name examples. 

Inner Design

Beauty Architecture

Plan Inner

Inner Look

Interior Planners

Structure Art

Interior Profession

Under Roof

Best Interior

Best Architects

Now Look

Your Interior

Elite Interior

Paradox Design

Prime Arts

Interior Plus

Insight Interior

Paradox Designers

Paradise Art

Legacy Architects

Using Keywords In Your Design Firm Name Ideas

Including keywords in your design firm name is not good for branding. Keywords can limit the image your business name reflects into a certain range of products or services. Consider your future expansion ideas and possibilities before using keywords in your business name.

Interior Design Company Name Ideas

Interior designing is all about innovative ideas and creativity. Customers expect to see the same through your company name. So, here are some interior design company name ideas to help you nail the task.

Design Sharp

Titan Interior

Regal Designs

Majestic design

Divine Homes

Lavish Builder

Urban Charm

Design Classic

Delight Craft

Design Guru

Heavenly Insights

Mystic Interior

Lavish Interior

Oracle Designers

Metro Art

Pure Architects

Vision Homes

Prime Vision

Regal Interior

Supreme Architects

Residential Architecture Company Name Ideas

A home is where people feel relaxed and happy. Try to reflect the same feeling to your customers using your business name. Here are some ideal names for your residential architecture company.

Note Design

Plan Well

House Planning

Home Paradise

Home Fram

Home Architecture

Home Design

House Structure

Design Well

Arch Heaven

Beauty Hut

House Builders

Nexus Build

Shadow Interior

Sunrise Archy

Tera Homes

Commercial Architecture Company Name Ideas

Make sure to brainstorm your ideas in a professional and trustworthy tone. It will be useful to get noticed and build strong relationships with customers. Check out the list of commercial architecture company name ideas for your business. 

Better Builders

Better Structure

Architect Founder

Office Design

Commercial Plan

Office Structure

Best Look

Office Mate

Better Look

Structure Design

Archi Deals

Office Instruction

Ultra Future

Urban Vision

Vision Vibes

Tetra Design

Cool Fabrication Company Name Ideas

You know that you are stepping into a competitive field. So, if you can impress and retain your customers, you can find your path to becoming sustainable. To do that, your business name is the key to bring customers in. Here are the examples.

Star Fabricators

Absolute Metal

Alloy Masters

Amazo Alchemists

Steel Designers

Fabulo Metals

Royal Steel

Fabro Masters

Alco Plant

Victory Fabricators

Crystal Craft

Capitex Steel

Tera Steel

Unity IronWork

Titan Fabricators

Ultra Alloy

Catchy Aluminum Fabrication Company Names

To make your aluminum fabrication company name stand out, try to get the best out of these examples. 

Alumic Plant

Megma Fabricators

Merytech Aluminum

Elite Fabricators

Acura Alloy

Mithril Fabricators

Royal Fabricraft

Metro Alloy

Alumex Manufacturing

Atlas Aluminum

Hydro Aluminum

Apollo Fabricators

Rich Alloy

Volta Aluminum

Celest Aluminium

Vision Fabrications

Glance Designers

Gentle Fabricators

Lavish Steel

Vita SteelCraft

Green Design Architecture Firm Name Ideas

Green design firms have become very popular in the construction field. Here are some cool business name ideas to help you name your game-changing green design architecture firm.

Fresh Architect

Green Architecture

Freshness New

Green Language

Evergreen Look

Fresh Look

Green Environment

Green Look

Green Blueprints

Green Life

Design Green

Green Freshness

Landscape Company Name Ideas

Here is a list of cool landscape company name ideas to help you sharpen your ideas before you start brainstorming.

Architect Outdoor

Crown Architectures

Time Of Architecture

Extraordinary Architecture

Best Outdoor

Outdoor Blueprint

Garden Structure

Outdoor Design

Amazing Architect

Your Wish

Design Park

Best Garden

Architecture Blog Name Ideas

Starting an architecture blog can help you reach an unlimited audience with your skills. To energize your journey, make sure to choose a powerful blog name as well. We have some suggestions here to help you sharpen your ideas.

Archi Blog

Your Apartment


Planner Blog

Archi Expo

Planner Update

Design Pro

Zillio Plans

The Brilliantz

Your Planner

Better Plan

Designer Wiz

What Not To Do When Naming Your Architecture Business

-Do not describe your business with the Brand Name

It is not a good idea to name your company by describing words thinking people will identify you easily. That is not how things work. It makes you look unprofessional.

-Do not select Brand Names that can limit your expansion

As your business name is one of the critical factors in the long run, do not select a brand name that can limit your future expansions. Business names with keywords can limit your expansion opportunities.

-Do not buy overpriced business names

You can find professional brand names for your Architecture company for a decent price. If you have no idea how the prices of brand names differ, refer to the Godaddy Value Appraisal tool. Brand name experts do not recommend paying more than $ 1000 for a brand name.

What To Do When Naming Your Architecture Business

-Analyze Competitor Business Names

Analyze competitors and research how they came up with their names. You can also consider their founding dates to study the changing brand naming trends.

-Study Brand Naming Trends

Every industry has brand name trends. Explore the naming trends of the Architecture industry and decide what can be effective in your case. 

-Consider your Online Presence

Online presence is a key to your success. Make sure the selected Architectural company name is SEO friendly, and no similar brands are available on the internet. Also, get the perfect domain extension for your website to avoid confusion.

What’s the domain extension you should use for your website? 


.archi is for all architects and architectural organizations.


The .com is the most popular and trusted domain extension. Almost all the architects and architectural firms are using the .com.

Popular Names of Architecture Websites

  • Archdaily.com
  • Apartmenttherapy.com
  • Curbed.com
  • Architecturaldigest.com
  • Designboom.com
  • Dwell.com
  • Architonic.com

Things That Will Help You Grow Your Architecture Company

  • Set Up A Goal
  • Capital
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Preparations To Register Your Company
  • Choosing A Perfect Brand Name
  • Ways To Promote Your Business
  • Decide The Place You Work
  • Resources You Need
  • Ways To Track The Work
  • New Designs