Name Your Clothing Business In A Premium Way

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The apparel industry is one of the most profitable industries of all time. So starting and stabilizing a business in this industry is difficult in comparison to other industries. According to the latest research, having a perfect brand name is the key to a big success in the future for a business. After analyzing 45003 brand names, we have listed more than 80 brand names which are perfect for apparel industry related businesses.

The following brand names are professional brand names for apparel businesses including kids wear stores, ladies wear stores, gents wear stores, teen boys and girls wear stores, formal wear stores, summer wear stores, party wear stores, and more.

You can use these brand names for your apparel industry related business

We recommend these professional brand names for your Apparel industry related business. All these brand names are easy to remind and if you have an idea to move your business into an online platform in the future we highly recommend these brand names for you.

cipzi logoCipzi

Stylesworth logoStylesworth

Brandsoon logoBrandsoon

Fabrious logoFabrious

Clothery logoClothery


Cazora logoCazora

Logerro logoLogerro

CLothea logoCLothea

Woven stock logoWoven stock

Crinol logoCrinol

Sifoz logoSifoz

If you are planning for small geolocation for your business rather than extending it to a larger scale, these are the perfect brand name list for you.

The Clothing
Green Fashion
New Trend
Trendy Look
Street Fashion
Fab Girl
Good Fab
Fabric Art
Best Clothing
Stylish Bird
Look On
Trendy Wrap
Comfy Clothes
Clothing Sea
Fash City
Put On
Fab Attire
Fashion Stock
Vogue Look
Fab Shopping
The Tailor
Lifestyle Stock
Best Design
Ready Made
Color Collection
Right Measure
Clothing Brand
Branded Fit
Just For You
Best Collection
Fashion Selection
Glamour On
Fashion Show
Fancy Apparel
Casual Hub
The Every
Fab Culture
The Wardrobe
Fab Look
Model Pick
Lush Look
Fashion Bird
Modern Girl
New Collection
Handsome Look
Look On
Best Apparels
Peak Model

Looking for more filtered brand names?

If you are looking for more filtered brand names according to the subcategories of the apparel industry, we have more than 20 subcategories listed below along with the brand names.

Ladies' Wear Store Name Ideas

Miss Fabric
Pretty Lady
Lady Craze
Trendy Unique
Girlish Clothe
Trendy Wrap
Beauty Chick
Her Dream
Miss Amazing
Classy Glamorous
Fashion Flash
Miss Perfect

This brand name list is designed for ladies’ wear stores including ladies’ online stores, women clothing businesses. Get more ladies’ wear business name ideas

Gents Clothing Store Name Ideas

Mr. Fashion
Professional Look
Prince Spot
Men’s Outfit
Mr. Suit
Professionals’ Spot
Daddy’s Place
Handsome Vista
Strong Look
Strong Thread
Muscly Place

These brand names are perfect for men’s clothing stores, online gent’s clothing stores, men’s t-shirt stores, etc. Looking for more gents’ wear store brand names?

Kids Clothing Store Name Ideas

Baby Cotton
Child Weaving
Youngster Silk
Tyke Wooly
Kidskin Nylon
Toddler Twill
Tike Linen
Kiddy Velvet
Bairn Textile
Juvenile Woolen
Infant Clothing
Bambino Fibre

These brand names are perfect for any kids’ clothing store related business including online kids’ clothing stores, kids’ clothing websites, etc. Find more kids clothing brand names.

Teenage Boys Clothing Store Name Ideas

Mr Teen
Summer Season
Heat Beat
Summer Middle
Soft Embrace
Sun Boy
Teen Blue
Blue Sixteen
Teen Sea
The Boyish
Youngster Jeans
Comfy Boy

This brand name list is created for teenage boy clothing stores and any other related business including online teen boys’ clothing stores, boys trendy clothing stores, etc.

Teenage Girls Clothing Store Name Ideas

Teen Girl
Campfire Girls
Teenage Fabrics
Sweet Sixteen
Blessed Adolescence
Daisy Teengirl
Teen Web

These brand name samples can be used for teen girls’ wear stores.

Partywear Store Name Ideas

Best Party
Teenage Time
Noble Boy
Pretty Girl
Festive Season
Enjoy Party
Girls Choice
Young Look
Daughters’ Look
Hello Miss
Sundress Look
Blue Frock

These listed brand names are perfect for party wear stores including online party wear stores, party suit stores, party frocks stores, and more. More party wear store brand names.

Formal Wear Store Name Ideas

Office Look
Formal Attire
Office Apparels
Work Wears
Formal Look
Office Room
Work Place

These listed brand name samples are suitable for formal wear stores including men’s formal wear stores, women formal wear stores, and more. More brand names for formal wear stores.

Sportswear Store Name Ideas

Active Wears
Sport Star
Professional Player
Big Gamer
Sports Wear
Big Hit
Gym Wears
Track Suit
Sweat Pants
Fitness Place
Safe Cover
The Challenger

These listed brand names are suitable for fitness wear stores, athletic wear stores, and any other sportswear related business. More sportswear store brand names.

Men Plus Size Clothing Store Name Ideas

Matured Selection
Thirty- Plus
White Fossil
Stetson Sew
Red Wing
Frizz Land
Fans Friends
Arrow Alf
Mood Fit
Men Perfect
Tall & Sweet
Morning Dew

This brand name list is designed for any business related to Men plus size clothing stores including men’s online plus size clothing stores, men’s big and tall clothing stores, big men’s clothing stores etc.

Women Plus Size Clothing Store Name Ideas

Put On
The Beauty
Lovely Lady
Infinity Wears
Destiny Intimates
Proud Mama
Too Cool
Hot Head
Fringe Apparel
Curvy Simple
Curvy Casual
Big Fashion

These brand name samples can be used for any women plus size clothing related businesses including women online clothing stores, trendy women clothing stores etc.

Beachwear Store Name Ideas

Sea Time
Sun And Fun
Sunny Time
Lake Fashion
Vacation On
Sunbath Time
Hello Beach Girl
Sun Girl
Wave Time
Wavy Guy

These brand names are created by our brand name specialists for any beachwear related business such as swimwear businesses, online beachwear businesses, etc. Get more beachwear store brand names.

Wedding Wear Store Name Ideas

Wedding Bells
Snow Vail
The Blazers
Traditional Look
His Princess
Special Day
Dream Date
White Rose
Rose Bouquets
Date With Dress

These brand names are suitable for wedding wear stores including wedding businesses, bridal wear businesses, Indian bridal wear business, etc. More wedding wear store brand names.

Headwear Store Name Ideas

Fashion Plus
Fashionable Head
Head Brand
Head Cover
Head Hit
Fashion Hit
Mind Blow
Handsome Heritage
Country Style
Gentleman Like
The Gentleman
Her Fav

These brand name samples can be used for any business related to headwear stores including online headwear stores, headwear boutique stores and more.

Coats And Jacket Store Name Ideas

Cool Fashion
Warmer On
Warm Cover
The Outerwear
Tough Look
For Men
Best Collection
Stronger Handsomer
The Timeless
Little Rough
Stylish Collar
Hottest Offer

These listed brand names are suitable for coats and jacket related businesses such as men’s jacket and coats stores, women’s jacket and coats stores, online jacket and coats businesses, and any other related business.

Pant And Trouser Store Name Ideas

Her Recommend
Right Pair
Best Pair
Dress Pants
Polished Look
Pant Stop
Style Reflect
Handsome Look
Best Handsome
Idol Pair
High List
Tight Fit

These brand name ideas are suitable for leggings businesses, denim jean businesses, and any other pant and trouser related businesses.

Shirt Store Name Ideas

Hot Sleeve
Every Occasion
Shirt Pro
Cleaned & Pressed
The Professional
Printed Design
Vibrant Look
Shirt Supply
The Shirtz
Shirt Culture
The Elegant
Modern Fit

This brand name list is created for t-shirt stores, online shirt stores, and any other business that can be counted under shirt stores.

Skirt Store Name Ideas

Body Shape
Former Skirt
Pencil Shape
The Charm
Great Start
Official Hip
Hot Hip
Max Life
Girls Max
Feel Good
Night Out

These brand names are suitable for online skirt stores, women dress stores and any other skirt related businesses.

Clothing Manufacturer Company Name Ideas

Good Clothing
Natural On
True Organic
Hundred Natural
Cultivated Clothing
Cotton Seed
Eco Friend
Eco Cotton
Best Collection
Clothing Apparel
Normal Clothing

The listed brand names can be used for textile businesses, apparel companies, fashion companies, and any other apparel company related businesses.

Sewing Machine And Tool Store Name Ideas

Active Sew
Quick Sew
For The Industry
Industry Sew
World Sew
Planet Stitch
Sewing Planet
Machine Collection
Whole Sew
Best Sew
Ribbon And Pearls
Embroidery Fashion

This brand name list is designed for sewing machine and tool-related businesses such as industrial sewing machine businesses, sewing machine supplier businesses, sewing machine manufacturing companies, and more.

Clothing Vlog Name Ideas

Trendy Fashion
Fashion Life
The Trend
Trendy Bird
Fashion Update
Fashion Feed
New Trend
Trendy Life
The Needle
The Machine
Sewing Tutorials
Needle Point

These brand name samples can be used for clothing vlog related businesses such as fashion vlogs, shopping vlogs, and any other clothing vlog related businesses.

Who Are The Current Kings Of The Apparel Industry?



Burberry logo



GUCCI logo


HERMES logoHermes

PRADA logo


Fendi logo


ZARA logoZara

NIKE logoNike



Vans logo





Louis Vuitton

Clothing Startup Brand Name Must Be Simple

Your clothing start-up brand name must be single worded and pronounced easily. Almost all the businessmen work hard to find a brandable brand name at the beginning. You can find that some of the companies used multiple terms in their brand name. (HOUSE OF VERSACE, LOUIS VUITTON) But the brand name specialists have found that that way is not healthy in the present market due to the high competition. It breaks the golden rule of the simplicity of a brand name. The way of making your clothing shop remarkably memorable for the customers is making it simple and one-worded. As much as the name becomes simple it will be a mouth-friendly word and will be in the usual vocabulary of the people. 

What Should You Do To Be Familiar With Your Customers?

Like the brand names Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Armani are very easy to pronounce and memorize. Now you need to realize that a name becomes more familiar when it is easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember. Avoiding a brand name that combines two or three words and avoids using a name with special characters such as symbols, and numerals make your brand easily reach the customers.

Is Your Store’s Brand Name User Friendly?

Most of the start-ups name their business without sound knowledge of the brand naming process. After realizing the improperness of the selective brand name to the industry, they try to change it soon. If you want to know how easy it is to spell and pronounce your clothing brand name, you can get the support of robots like Siri and Cortana.

Have You Included Symbols And Characters In Your Brand Name?

Including numbers or special characters in the brand name makes it unprofessional. It’s completely ok if you are targeting Chinese, Japanese, or Korean markets. Otherwise, this will be one of the major factors to forget from the people due to the lack of grabbing power. As well as the search engines also get confused when giving the search results. Look at the following examples.

  • ^^J^&L^UNDRY
  • purchases&sadly
  • 5.42&PAPE


Make sure you choose your brand name error-free and it has all the brand name qualities where it makes a professional brand name perfectly matched for your clothing business.