Best And Worst Brand Names In Animal Industry

It has been discovered that online trading is far easier than the usual trading by the companies that consume animal products such as dairy companies and the industries of producing animal food. Thousands of companies enter with that mere intention. But still, there is evidence for collapsed industries being unable to get the desired profits. Here we have assembled the plus factors within the top-ranked companies in the field together with the weaknesses of low ranked companies together with the brand name qualities. The mistakes explained here and suggestions of super brand names we mention here are applicable to any industry based on animals.

Best processing brand names in the field

01. Mars


Franklin Clarence Mars is the founder. The brand name “Mars” is from his last name. The surname has been used since the 12th century and comes as a family name. The trend at the times was naming the companies with personal brands. Likewise, Franklin decided to use his family name and the simple pronunciation of it has made them a vast advantage in marketing processes.

02. Purina


Ralston Purina where the brand Purina emerged with its slogan “where purity is paramount” is a usual use of pet owners. The company started with the name Robinson-Danforth Commission Company in 1894 was later rebranded taking the brand name unfriendly characters into consideration. 

Purina is an easy way of accent when compared with the old lengthy company title. It owns the .com TLD. Therefore is with the “.com uniqueness” which is a must condition of an absolute brand name.

03. Nutro


Deriving from the family of the Herben Series which started in 1931 the trademark Nutro was founded in late 1952.

Nutro is a common word among consumers now. Being a super brand with its highest vocabulary score of 8.9 is the brands’ hidden secret. Anyone can memorize the name once they hear it and it is finely matching the products. It is a single-worded brand, making simplicity in an excellent startup name.

04. Arla


The super brand name Arla is from the Swedish cooperative which was at Stora Arla Gård. In 2000 it was combined with a danish company to form the Arla dairy company. 

Arla is the Swedish primitive word of “early” and it impresses early in the morning. The creative is a good essence with the name Arla.

The title is remarkably simple. This mouth friendliness has made it a great advantage in marketing processes. The company also has taken the wisest step by owning the .com extension.

05. Yili


Yili, the short name of 4 letters was first launched as Hohhot Hui MinDiary Product Processing Factory. Later in 1993, they came up with the brand Yili by changing the company's name into  “Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Co.Ltd”. This is the most popular dairy brand in the Chinese market now. 

Finally, they have chosen a user-friendly brand name that is not a dictionary word and at the same time having a high ability of pronunciation.

06. Nestle


This 154 years old well-known milk product company started in the name Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company and was changed into Farine Lactee Henri Nestle. Later in the years they also saw the advantage of a prominent brand name and decided to proceed with the name Nestle. The company has got its name as Henri Nestle is the founder.

In the wide product chain, Nestle has separate products for pets too.

When examining the journey of the company it is clear that the brand name is enormous power with them. 

Look, the brand follows the exact principles.

  • It is an easily pronounceable word
  • No comprehensive words are included
  • Being a brand of a single name
  • Not an imitate of any other prevailing well-known brand 
  • The brand does not have adverse meaning.

With all these the brand has become a friendly word in day to day use. It was easy for them to spread worldwide.

07. Deuerer


As Hans Jurgen Deuerer was the founder, Deuerer got its name. Usually, the founder uses their name as a brand name because the trend was like that at the time and there was no issue with that use then.

Deuerer does not imitate any other popular brand. The uniqueness is a highly appreciated point with this brand. It does not consist of any generic or partially generic words. Although this is not a super brand name it is a brand name that can pronounce and memorize as of to remain used among the consumers. The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 7.64.

08. Saputo


Lino Saputo created the store 66 years ago and the super brand has been able to achieve billions of goals in its far journey. The use of his family name with a simple pronunciation ability is a correct decision from the beginning. It was a precious step taken by the company to own the .com extension.

As Saputo is not a keyword it was easy for them to gain a higher rank in the online market too.

09. Nylabone


Nylabone is the world-famous manufacturer of Dogs’ toys and Dental solutions since 1955 founded by Glen Axelrod.

This is a unique brand in the field that has a huge difference from the keyword used names. According to the nature built by not using a generic word the name is matching with the present policies of Google. It is proof that this brand has the essence of easy memorization. It is a well-known fact that significant names always remain in memory.

When referring to the 10 must rules of naming, a brand name must not consume numbers or special characters. That quality is too seen in this name.

By obeying the brand naming principles they have marked their place stably among the thousands of companies on the internet.

10. Agropur


This was a cooperative company in Canada first known as Société coopérative Agricole du canton de Granby came into operation in 1938. They were later changed to the brand Agropur.

Agropur is a unique name in the online market as the .com ownership is with them. As .com is the uniqueness maker, the company has no troubles in legal offenses regarding imitations.

The brand name is one worded and easy to pronounce. When they started with online trading it was a plus mark for them as it was easily catchable by consumers and search engines too. 

Present companies with the worst brand names

01. wcmilk


Check whether the following two rules of naming can be seen here or not.

  • .com uniqueness
  • No use of generic words


The website comes as That way it is against the .com uniqueness. A huge threat is with them for the ownership of the brand in case of any imitations. Milk is a common keyword that is a common word used when searching for milk products. Thus the name violated that rule too, making a huge blow to the search engine friendliness.


02. desretfarms


This camel milk-based company is not with a user-friendly brand. It only has a score of 3.31 in the vocabulary score. That means the memorization power and the pronounceable power of this name is very low. Thus the brand is away from the day to day use of the audience. 

“desert” and “farm” are the other faults here. Being two generic terms it has made this dairy company far away from the reach of the top rankings as of Google rejections.

So it is very clear that this has no sense with the brand name qualities and therefore not an acceptable brand name for use.

03. Justdogsstore


Justdogsstore is a complex brand name. When typing, when reading, and when communicating this could be misspelled easily. Therefore this kind of word combination is not allowed in the field of brand naming.  The name is also a composition of generic words making the search engines identify as spam.

Together with those reasons, the retailer has made its own unluck despite the goal of profit earning.

04. monsterpetsupplies


Why do we always advise you to make your brand unique with .com? 

According to US laws if someone owns the .com extension then he is the real owner of the brand, although a similar name is available with another domain such as .net, .za or .gov, etc.

But here the company comes as Therefore by violating a must facto in the branding strategies the brand name has lost its legal ownership.

The name is not an attraction of the consumers as extra effort must expend on remembering. Thus it goes against the rule of naming, “simplicity”.


At first sight, it is clear that this is a type of name that must highly be rejected. The vocabulary score does not give a value for this brand name.

Including a generic word or more words is not a point in marketing. Unless the company has the ability to spend billions you will stay in the lowest ranks continuously. The thing you have to do to keep your name embedded in one’s mind at one sight is keeping the simple nature of the brand with the accepted character count. Always remember the market place has millions of options and be smart to make a significant mark if you want to survive.


The community of users does not embrace brand names with numbers or special characters. The reason is that those kinds of names need an effort in memorizing and it is something very rarely happen now as they have got many options. Here they have forgotten that lack of mouth friendliness is causing huge harm to marketing strategy.

Having generic words also act as a negative factor and had made this brand step out of many opportunities.

The company has no legal ownership too. With the use of extension, they let another competing company gain their name without any issue


That is something we highly recommend not to do - the use of keywords expressing the sales.

At the same time, this sentence-like name is hard to pronounce and users must keep the brand in the minds with an extra effort. It highly affects popularity because hard pronounced words are not good enough in taking the attention of the people. Try your own! It is not an easy way to pronounce.

08. portlandpetfoodcompany


So, don’t take your own risk by using these types of long word names which do not have a score in the scale, the vocabulary score. If the brand is too long to spell then it is far out of reach making it an unpopular name. You must also try to take every single action to make your brand-customer friendly.

Search engine friendliness is another tradition like a fact in naming a company. This company made its mistake in the mentioned fact by including keywords.



With years of experience in the field, brand name specialists warn you that huge harm is done to a brand name by including numbers. Don’t you think, people will confuse with the name when in the search queries as no one tries to remember the names by hard in a place where there are plenty enough stores with matches with their desires? The names with numbers and special characters make the search engines also messed up.

They did wrong again by including the common word in searching pet-related things,” pet ”.It is another break off to the task of site friendly search engines.

The stores of these kinds often end in less traffic and failures due to a lack of visits due to the poor marketing value.

10.  wishbone pet


This brand is against the super brand name qualities. Below are the faults they have done.

  • It has used common words
  • It is a multiple worded brand

Lower rankings of a site cause according to the friendliness of brand names with Google Algorithms. Generic words destroy that and this will cause the rejection of your brand name by search engine bots.

What is the fault of using multiple words? 

The name becomes complex and an extra effort must be expended to memorize it. That is something that rarely happens these days. You must keep in mind that this is a highly competitive field and the name must be simple to catch anyone at first sight.

Best animal industry-related names available for purchase

1. Hikoll


With the high essence of positivity, this brand name is a perfect match for a new retailer of diary-based products.

Hik is taken from hiking, the long-distance walks. Walks make you healthy. oll is from olls, the out-loud laughing sounds. Thus it stands for happiness. With the combined meaning it comes to Hikoll as, “We own the healthiest products that will lead to continuing the happiest of each and every family.”

Mark your significance in the field just as you made your entrance by choosing this simple name. People will surely remind your shop at once as the name has a mouth favorable quality. The refreshing positive meaning will also affect generously when you spread the company's boundaries worldwide

02. josool


Need a super brand name for a pet selling retailer? You will realize that this is perfect.

Check how ‘“Josool” can be defined.

Jo is from "Joy"

Sool means the story of our lives, the life of the pet owner.

Josool- Do carry the joy maker of your family from us and make wonderful memories in your life’s story.

The simplicity of the brand is proved by the score that is above 8. Nowadays users’ choice is an effortlessly remembered name. Having a single word is also a favorable advantage in making the brand popular among customers.

03. Merleno


The brand name Merleno is very easy to pronounce as well as memorize. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.6 making it a super brand name. This brand name does not consist of any generic words or keywords. It is simple as well as unique with its .com domain extension.

Do take a look at the meaning now.

By the combination of the first four letters of, Merle and the word Eno this brand has been created. Merle is a genetic pattern in a dog's coat. Eno - means totally awesome/cool

Therefore Merleno gives the meaning as “ The place with super awesome pet dogs”

Don’t miss this valuable startup name if you are counting on to build up a pet dog selling retailer.

04. Nigulo

no preview1

Nig is a term of endearment used among friends. ulo is the abbreviated form of Ultra-Low Oxygen.

nig means a friend calling. It refers to a friend. Pets are the ones who consider family friends that stay in the ups and downs of humans. ultra-low oxygen means a place where we cannot stay fine. means a tough situation. 

Nigulo - the best place to find your companion that stays at all your wits' ends.

If you dare to build a worldwide brand of a pet store, this is our high recommendation for you.

Nigulo is accurate with all the 10 brand name qualities. For example, it is a name without any keywords making the brand clearly identical to google.

Pronounce your own! You will agree that it is a soft accent. Thus it will be easy catching to the public too.

05. Rabril


rab from Rabbit

ril from rill

The rabbit stands for pet animals. Hence they are the closest family friends. rills are formal water canals in a garden. That means freshness and nature. Rabril- the ideal place for fresh food for your family friend

Don’t you feel that Rabril is a perfect meaning for your pet food industry? If an entrepreneur uses this super brand name with a high vocabulary score he will definitely have enough confidence from his start. Simplicity, being a single word, not having any keyword or generic words develops the value of this brand name are some other qualities that this brand consists of.

06. Sejizo

no preview1

The meaning of the brand name Sejizo comes from the words “see” that represents look after well and the word “jizz” which represents the impression given by an animal. As a combination of these words, Sejizo means “ We love and care your pets the way you love to do”

You all must have to face the problem of a place to look after your beloved pets when you do travel for a couple of days or in an incident that makes you physically weak. Pets are to care as children, in a petcare center like this.

  • This does not contain any numbers or special characters and you can own this name as there is a clear way to achieve the .com extension of this brand name. 
  • It also does not have a previous history. 

With all these qualities Sejizo can be named as a super brand name without a doubt.

07. Mesead

no preview1

Me from meal

Sead- most handsome dude you have ever seen.Implies the perfection

Mesead- the perfect extra nutrition for your beloved pet.

As of the above description done on the meaning you now would have realized that this is a perfect name for a pet food retailer.

The brand name is with no negative meanings from any language and as this has not been used by someone else earlier, it also with a clear history

08. Trihok


trifling jewelry - a tiny kind of attractive jewelry.

Holla - A word used to get the attention 

Trihok - the place with tiny creatures that you will fall in love at first sight

According to the meaning explanation now it is very clear to you that this brand name has obeyed the rule of positive connotation. The absence of generic or partially generic words makes Trihokis a super brand name. There is nothing to hesitate in purchasing such startup titles as they have got the spirit to make a big mark in the industry at its very first step.

09. Sengxo


Sengxo is an ideal incidental if you are a new entrepreneur who is going to invest in the field of pet selling. Carefully take a look at the way the name has evolved.

Seng - Very hot or very fast. This means attractive

Xo - love

Sengxo - The place where you can find pet dogs at a glance you will be love with

The one who purchases this name will be the owner of the brand name too because this is secured with .com uniqueness. So you need to worry about a future legal matter regarding an imitation. It is confirmed that there are no similar popular brands for this in the current usage. As a whole, it is now very clear that this brand name is hand in hand with the accepted 10 brand name qualities.

10. Cropey


Is there anyone interested in the pet food manufacturing field? Then don’t miss this worthy and most coordinating name. 

The word crop means the harvest and it implies nutrition. Then the two letters ey is taken from the word “eye”, an important organ in the human body. Hence it stands for the importance. Cropey is with the meaning - We fulfill the major nutrient needs of your pets.

vocabulary score gives Cropey a mark of 8.38. As that particular scale is based on the simplicity of pronouncing and memorable power, it is a definite assumption that the name will be famous around soon. It also together with the rule “ the brand must be one word”

Worst names that are on sale


.com TLD is the only representative of the ownership of a brand name as of the rules that have been accepted and now used in the online market. Therefore the use of .cn instead of .com is a severe fault here. On the other hand, the name has violated the principle of simplicity by including a hyphen. The availability of symbols and numbers make the brand out of reach as it is difficult to remember and often typed wrong when searching. This kind of title never matches for a startup company.


In relation to the easy pronunciation and memorization, single-word brand names are accepted as the best. The three words have made an entire complexity here. Users will indeed find it difficult to remember and type this. Including keywords and generic words also makes the brand noticeable as spam to Google Search Engine Bots. So you must always lean into the brand name qualities when creating and purchasing a brand name.


What if you face a problem of arising a company with the exact name of your company? If you use this kind of extension other than .com, then there is such a probability. com is the one and only TLD stands for the legal ownership of a brand name. In a similar way, .org is not matching here as it is the common extension used in non-profit organizations.

Have you noticed this mistake? Joypetfood is a very lengthy brand name that has a vocabulary score, 2.96. That means the name has a very low chance to be popular. If you need a winning brand name then you must have a score of 8 or more than 8 in the vocabulary score.

04. Dairy@Breeze

The use of exact dictionary words is the worst harm that you can do to harm the erect stand of a brand name in the Google search results. You must keep the search engines friendly for the uplifting of your ranks. That is why generic word usage is warned to be avoided.

If you use symbols then the way your brand is searched becomes automatically different. Using symbols is out of demand. 


The following are the mistakes done when creating this reselling startup name.

  • Use of generic words in its exact forms
  • Not having the .com extension

Therefore this is also not a brand name to be used according to brand name specialists. Do not use names against the 10 brand name qualities and make your utter risk.


If you want to make your brand unique, then definitely you must have the .com domain extension. It is the universal ownership maker. The brand has owned the .club extension, not the .com extension. The use of keywords is also a point, why you should not try this name even. The name also exceeds the character count. So it is very clear that this is also a rejection in accordance with the naming psychology. 


Your name must be creative and simple in a way to attract customers. Isn’t this a way too odd to name a pet selling spot? There are lots of stalls who use these same words. Therefore when searching a single misspelling will direct your customers to another place. 

With the use of .net if you used this at the beginning itself you have lost the ownership of the brand. 


Generic words make the site away from the top listed names of search results according to the new policies of Google after the year 2012. Don’t get a risk of having a lower rank by purchasing a name with the exact dictionary words. No vocabulary score can be counted on this brand name. Thus it is clear that this is not a way regular of our usual pronouncing too.


You need to know that the accepted character count for a brand name is 4,5 or 6. It is the way that should be followed to make the shop memorized and pronounced easily. The name suggestions having  8 characters or above are extremely false recommendations. This brand name is too long with the combination of three complete words. A brand name must not use generic words which makes the brand place down at the search results. As a whole,  is highly rejected as it does not match any of the super brand name qualities.


Here too the mistake of using numbers can be seen. There are many places a consumer can visit without trouble. So don’t think that they will spend extra effort to keep your shop remembered. It is your opportunity to make it remarkable on the first visit. Then only the people will visit your shop continuously.

 The use of the generic term- Diary is also a serious mistake here. You become automatically spammy. This will cause to make your rank lower. By using this name you will not get the real ownership even.