Get The Best Brand Name For Your Agricultural Business

“Best Brand Name Examples For Your Agricultural Business”

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Agricultural business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. In some countries exporting agricultural products is the most profit-generating business in the country. Same as other businesses Agricultural business also has an expansive scope. You may have an idea to start your business in the field of agriculture due to the rising demand in the field. When users talk about agricultural business everyone expects nothing but freshness and healthy products. So these brand name ideas are listed out after examining the brand naming trend of the agriculture industry.

When naming your agribusiness, considering the marketing strategies is also very important. The best name helps you to grow in the industry. A brandable brand name with all the brand name qualities matters a lot.

Professional Brand Names For Agricultural Businesses

A professional brand name carries your identity to the world. Making your brand name unique and simple is more important. Our branding experts have listed these brand names based on the current brand naming trends and especially considering the phonological loop value too. If you are expecting to expand your business in the future these brand names perfectly match your Agribusiness. All these brand names are perfect for any agriculture-related business including agricultural engineering companies, agricultural machinery companies, and more.

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How To Choose The Best Brand Name For Your Agricultural Business

The brand name is the key element to a successful business. Choosing a brand name is easy but choosing the perfect one is the toughest point. These factors will help you choose the best and most suitable brand name for you.

  • Identify Your Niche

Your business may provide a service related to agriculture or offer a product in the field of agriculture. As there are many niches in the field of agriculture choose what is your target niche, target audience, and what kind of product or service you’re going to offer. There are many sub-niches like Agronomy, Horticulture, Agricultural engineering, etc. Choose the most suitable brand name for the growth of your company.

  • Be Simple and Unique

Always keep in your mind to choose a simple and unique brand name for your agricultural business. The simplicity of your agricultural brand name can be measured from the vocabulary score and the uniqueness of your brand name comes with the .com domain extension.

Here are some unique and simple brand names of the Agriculture business.

  • Kemin
  • Matthey
  • Valoya
  • Anglian


  • Long-Lasting Agri Name

Do not limit your Agribusiness name to a specific niche or a geographical location. As day by day new agricultural business fields are being added, in the future you may get an opportunity to expand your business or add more products or services with the existing business. So choose a name that will bring no harm in the future.

Avoid these kinds of brand names if you’re expecting to grow your business in the future.



  • Deep Analysation

Before naming your agricultural business make sure to do a deep analysis of brand naming trends of popular agricultural business in the world. Only the naming trends have good knowledge about the marketing strategies. It will help you a lot as a new entry to the business field.

Agri giants whom you can analyze 

  • Bayer
  • BASF
  • Nutrien
  • Cargill


  • Exact Match Domain Name

At present, the online presence of a company is very important. You have to create your agricultural business identity for the world online. Make sure to launch a site and handle all the possible social media channels but to be available on the internet you need a domain. Choose a brand name with an exact match domain. If the exact match domain is not available for your chosen agribusiness do not think twice to go for another brand name.

Industry Giants And Their Domain Name

  • Bayer –
  • Corteva –
  • Syngenta –
  • BASF –
  • Limagrain –
  • KWS –


  • Trademark Search

Once you clarify with your agricultural business name make sure to do a trademark search on the brand name you chose. It will help you know is there any other company registered before for the same name or not. You can check your trademark via

Creative Brand Name Ideas

Having a piece of good knowledge of brand naming is a must to understand the trends of brand naming. Our brand name specialists have analyzed the current naming trends to list out these brand naming examples for you. You can use these brand name ideas for your agricultural business if you have no idea to expand it in the future.

Agro Hero

Green Farming

Farming Trend

Paddy Tree

Farmer Friend

The Agri

Green Planet

Green Grow

Green Gain

Green Economy

Farming Season

Agri House

Agro Farm

Green House

Healthy Life

The Bloom

Cultivation Fund

Irrigated Land

Crop Kings

Happy Crop

Farm Factory

Crop Field

Happy Harvest

Farm Root

Fertile Grow

Harvest On

Dairy Life

Agronomy Land

Livestock Primer

Cultivate Seed

Crop Soil

Husbandry Life

Worthy Farm

Cereal Ag

Plant Seeds

Agri Gains

Growth Agri

Manure Crop

Agricultural Field

Crop Rotation

Harvest League

Agriculture Interest

Cultivate Acres

Planted Seed

Leading Growth

Peak Formation

Farm Growth

Cultivated Crops

Brand Name Ideas For The Sub Categories Of Agriculture

These brand name ideas are listed according to the subcategories of the agriculture business. Our brand specialists listed them out after analyzing all the brand naming trends in the field.

Farm Name Ideas

When naming your farm, the first and foremost thing you have to keep in mind is what kind of a farm you’re going to start. The name of the farm should be based on the type of it. These brand names can be used for Arable Farms, Pastoral Farm, Mixed Farm, Subsistence Farm, etc.

Green Farms

Happy Farmers

Farm Hut

Garden Fresh

Agri Minute

Creative Farm

Fashion Agri Farm

Best Agri Farm

Healthy Heart

Healthy Greens

Organic Freshness

Local Land

Happy Farmer

Farm Culture

Basic Farm

Agri House

Farm Land

Farm Yard

Fresh Flavor

Bee Line

Best Farm

Divine Organic

Pure Vegetation

Farm Organic

Agronomy Business

If you’re going to start an Agronomy business it is basically based on producing and using plants for food, fuel, etc. These brand names are suitable for Plant breeding companies, fertilizer companies, plant production, and protection companies, Green houses, etc.

Perfect Farming

Agri Pharmacy

Good To Grow

Harvest Season

Gardening Hours

Workforce Trend

Agri House

Agro Farm

Funded Farmers

Cultivate Dream

Farming Advice

Fresh Plant

Agri Heaven

Green Corp

Agriculture Fortune

Crop Field

Soil Culture

Soil Friendly

Doctor Of Plant

Special Growers

Best Fertilizer

Pure Growing

Agro Bees

Aggregate Agro

Horticulture Business Name Ideas

Horticulture business is nothing but cultivating plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. These brand names perfectly match with the Fruit crop business, vegetable crop business, and flower crop business.

Fresh Agriculture

Horticulture Centers

Commercial Nurseries

Environmental Horticulture

Fresh Agriculture

Carbon Footprint

Horticulture Study

Plant Science

Amazing FIeld

Agriculture Art

Best Structure

Real Agriculture

Vegetable Growing

Successful Horticulture

Garden Crops

Global Urban Horticulture

Farm Crops

Beyond Growth

Best Oxen

Cultivation Method

Best Farms

Local Cultivation

Richer Land

Crop Heaven

Agriculture Engineering Companies

These kinds of businesses mainly deal with the way of planting, deciding types of farm machinery should be used, planning farm structures, soil management, and many more. If you’re going to start a Bio-Engineering company, Waste Management company, Agricultural Technology company, Agricultural Resource Management these brand name examples are best.

Crop Field

Nature Joy

Ripe Grow

Agro Bee

Hector Farm

Agro Technologies

Agricultural Engineering

Agro House

New Technology

Agri Techno

Gifted Brain

Agricultural Economy

The Biomechanics


Grow Early

Enviro Mart

Wide Crop

Grow Field

Agri Asset

Asset Engineers

Agri World

Farming Growth

Cultivation Engineering

Agri Techno

Agricultural Equipment Companies

At present, there are many machines that are being used for agricultural purposes. These machinery ideas have made the farmers easily proceed with their work with less time. These brand names can be used for any Agricultural machinery company.

The Loader

Agri Gear

Iron Giant

Machin Agri

Cultivation Tool

Farming Machinery

Field Master

Agri Husbandry

Modern Farmer

Harvest Processor

Production Class

Sort Master

Agri Belt

Upgraded Agri

Modern Machinery

Machinery On

Ferty Machine

Farm Doctor

Grass Cutter

Farm Cleaner

Crop Machinery

Agri Summer

Harvesting Tools

Sorter Motors

AgroChemical Companies

Agrochemical companies help farms to keep their cultivation without any effect of fungicides, insecticides, etc. So these brand names are best for your Agrochemical company.

Fungus Killer

Toxic Bliss

Green Agent

Suds Chemical

Chemical Manufacturing

Cosco Soap

Chemically Fine

Chemical Ventures

Bug Killer

Pro Rain

Crop Protector


Bio Cide

Bio Controller

One Protection

Chemi Fence

Bio Controller

Chemi Bath

Natural Cide

Protective Spray

Pro Plant

Herb Capsule

Healthy Crop

Chemi Seed

What Is The Best Domain Extension For Your Agricultural Business?

Once you choose your exact match domain the domain extension is also very important. Your domain extension shows the uniqueness of your agricultural business. 


This domain extension was introduced in 2014. This domain extension was introduced to farmers, agriculture suppliers, Agriculture Analysts, Agricultural Researchers, Agricultural Buyers, Agricultural Organizations.


Most people feel that .ag represents the agriculture industry but it’s wrong .ag is initially introduced as the country code of Antigua and Barbuda.


.com domain extension was introduced in 1985 for almost all the websites in the world. This domain extension is the most trustable and popular domain extension. It is used by all the profit-generating businesses in the world. Recently even a few non-profit organizations also started to choose this domain extension due to SEO friendliness. 

Company Name Domain Extension
Cargill .com
ADM .com
Bayer .com
John Deere .com
CNH Industrial .com
Nutrien .com
Syngenta .com
Yara International .com
BASF .com

Almost all the agriculture giants in the field are using the .com domain extension in their business.

The Best Brand Name Examples In The Industry

The following names are considered as the professional brand names in the industry of Agriculture as they have all of the best brand name qualities.

  • Kemin

Kemin is one of the best brand names in the Agricultural industry. Having a vocabulary score of 8.87 is the best proof to show the high pronounceable ability of the name. Kemin owns the .com domain extension making a favorable environment in the industry. As it has the ideal character count it can be easily memorized.

  • Valoya

Having perfect memorization power and pronunciation power made the brand name “Valoya” brandable. According to the accepted principles in brand naming “Valoya” doesn’t have any risk in any legal matter regarding the ownership as it owns the .com domain extension.

  • Bayer

“Bayer” shows a vocabulary score of 9 by proving the high memorization and pronunciation power. The brand name is secure with the .com domain extension. Bayer has a clear brand name history and it does not imitate any other popular brand name in the industry.

  • Anglian

A professional brand name should not be a generic word and contain keywords. Both those qualities can be seen in the brand name “Anglian.” The brand name specialists refer to such a brand name as a super brand name because its vocabulary score is more than 8. So one should not take an extra effort to memorize and pronounce the brand name.