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“Beat out your competitors with a brandable brand name…”

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As one of the millions of startups in the food and beverage industry, you have a huge challenge to become an attractive brand name among others. As a solution, our brand name consultants introduced the importance of selecting a brandable food and beverage business name in standing out from the competition.

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catchy food and beverage name ideas

Catchy Food And Beverage Business Name Ideas

Catchiness is a very crucial quality of a food and beverage brand name. Study these brand names and learn how your food and beverage business name needs to be shaped. You can use these free business names, but if you are planning to open a website for your food business you need a professional food brand name.

Foodie Goodie

Yummy Chew

Heavenly Bite

Food Hut

Crunchy Foodie

Food Choice

Zelo Dining

Foody Lovers

Magic Recipe

Urban Tastey

Healthy Eat

Homely Taste

Meal Bar

Yum Yum

Cravy Kitchen

Chef Clever's

Mr. Crave's

Cook Diary

Chef Express

Food Smack

Your Flavors

Tasteful Choice

Your Menu

Food Fact

Favorite Choice

Only Spicy Lovers

Sweet Corner

Right Meal /p>

Food Trip

Meal Bomb

Grill Shots

Yummy Hunny

Perfect Meal

Healthy Diet

Foodie Buds

Second Meal

Eat More

Royal Place

Meal Art

Food Feast

Secret Menu

Fire Food

Snack Time

Dash Food

Foodie Cave

Healthy Meal

Your Choice

The Eatery

Fresh N Fast

Crispy Crunch

Cute Cheff

Food Art

Yummy Vibe

Food Fellow

Food N U

Meat Roll

Chill Chili

Coco Hut

Village Food

Vintage Kitchen

food business name ideas

Food Business Name Ideas

As the world is affected by the global health crisis, the demand for the food has updated to nutrition based foods and drinks. Customers focus on consuming foods and beverages that increase their immune system. So make sure not only your products but also your brand name shape according to the demand. Here are some name ideas from our brand name specialists.

Immu Foods

Nutri Bar

Stronger Foodies

Plant House

Greeny Belly

Nutri Plus

Foods Immuny

Whole Mix

Vita Foods

Ayur Cook

Vita Diet

Protein Plate

Nourishy Eatery

The Nutri Cheff

Grain Foods

Nutri Fine

Good Foodie

Healthy Eatery

Yummy Kitchen

Chef's Choice

Food Fan

Tasty Pan

Food Buddy

Your Taste

Green Rest

Green Wrap

Nature Taste

Tasty Drop

Pixie Foods

Ayur Pub

Pastry Spot

Food Fantasy

Yummy Fill

Taste Buds

Honey Bank

Fresh Eatery

Crispy Bread

Vegan Hut

Fav Recipes

Night Fire

Yum Garlic

Chilli Chicken

Mr Pepper

At Cheff’s

By The River

Pizza Pilot

Food Planet

Fav Dish

China Love

Hot Bbq

Bon Fire

Food Pyramid

-How Do I Name My Food Brand Food Product?

Naming your food business is easy if you know the exact factors and naming methods. If you want to start a professional food business with the intention of expanding in the future then you have to follow all the guidelines carefully. A simple mistake can destroy your business. When you have the thought of a professional food business the brand name should cover all the brand name qualities.

food company name ideas

Food Company Name Ideas



Nutri Pirate

Load Foods

Food God


Deli Kitchen

Fami Farm

Sweet Pebble

The Baked

Flexi Foods

Secret Recipe

Mango Giant

Meal Pack

Brunch Box

Pro Vita

Food Stuff

Hiquo Foods

Freshly Dish

Flavour Flamez

The Feast

Fave Mix

Spicy Basin


Brandable Food And Beverage Business Names

Brandable Food And Beverage Business Names

Planning to kickstart your business with a super professional brand name? These brand names are perfect for any business related to the food and beverage industry. Planning to rebrand your food and drink business? Below listed brand names are the best solutions you get on the internet to restart your business. The following listed brand names are just for your food and beverage business, professional, catchy and brandable with all the universal brand name qualities.

Racegu Eats

Moonul Kitchen

Pribok Group

Holeeg Snacks

Fedixo Eatery

Kroond Pub

Ranitt Foods

Wokxi Eats


Important: The first name of each business name in the list is the brand name and you can change the second part of the business name according to your requirements. Each brand name is available to buy and are unique with .com domain names.

good names for food product

Good Names For Food Products

Meat Mate

Family Hub

Pastry Fix






Yum Pack

Nutri Pot



Food Buddy


Spicy Boat

Chip Wisp

Fruit Kebab


Harvest Pack

On The Fruits

Yum Wrap

Coco Crumbs

Talky Eggy

The Boozt

beverage business name ideas ideas

Drink Business Name Ideas

Here are some handpicked brand name ideas for your beverage startup. If you are targeting local customers, these brand names are perfect. But if you are dreaming of growing worldwide such as Coca Cola and Pepsi, we recommend you to pick a brandable beverage company name we listed above.

Drink Spot

Fizzy Sweet Drink

Cool Spot Slip

Splash Cold Flow

Sweet Boost Zing

Ice Beast Thirst

Thirst Off Drink

Slip On

Silky Flow Bottles

Fizz Zo Savor

Tap Swig Slip

Hit Pop Zing

Favo Drink

Moody Off Slip

Apple Mood Zing

Splash Fag Bottle

Fiz Pop Drinks

Tasty Bottle

Slip Up

Your Zip

Soda Nop

At Zing

Pure Drop

Rainbow Juice

The Brewery

Beer Spot

Deli Toast

Honey Bee

Fresh Boozt

Thirst Cut

Soo Drinky

Yummy Shake

Full Fruit


Coco Water

Spring Dev

Healthy Food Business Name Ideas

Healthy Food Business Name Ideas

People are more attracted to maintaining a healthy life these days. So there is a huge demand for healthy foods and drinks. So here are some awesome brand name ideas from our brand name specialists for your healthy food and drink business.

Food Heal

Hearty Eatery

Green Hub

Soul Foods

Healthy Vita

Ayur Foods

Nutri Bar

Vegan Mix

Mr Heal

Good Fuel

Healthy Crave

Feed Care

Food Lover

Green Corner

Healthy Deli

Nutri Kitchen

Home Cheff

Mom Kitchen

Heal Meal

Super Dish

Cure Foods

Hearty Recipe

Home Garden

Pure Plant

Healthy Food Business Name Ideas

Café Name Ideas

Cafe Cuff

Night Bulb

Yummy Corner

On The Way

Smart Cafe

Fine Cafe

Sweet Corner

C For Cafe

Coffee Aroma

The Pepper

Mint Tea

Sweet Cube

Night Run

Super Zip


Tea Bubble


Doodle House

Summer Hut

The Recharge

Homemade Food Business Name Ideas

Homemade Food Business Name Ideas

There is a notion in society that homemade foods are healthier than store foods. Most of the cases that’s true. So here are some brand name ideas for your inspiration.

Fresh Food

Homemade Taste

Healthy Products

Better Meal

Best Choice

Royal Food Place

Eat Bites

Your Home

Feel The Taste

Moms Kitchen

Home Restaurant

Best Ever

Family Place


Happy Spot

Foodie Goodie

Home Kitchen

Moms Recipes

Kitch You

Palm Tree

Homie Foods

Grandma Recipe

Basil Leave

Minty Foods

Daddy’s Mix

Chock House

Sweet Home

Mint Leave

Home Kitch

Dairy Foods

Home Specials

Bun House

Family Place


Happy Spot

Foodie Goodie

Does Home Made Food Business Need A Website?

Yes!!! As the whole world suffers from Covid 19, it is very important to keep social distancing from your customers. But you can continue your business online. It is very convenient for your customers too. You can create a business website on your own.!!!

Food Delivery Business Name Suggestions

Food Delivery Business Name Suggestions

The demand for food delivery services is increasing day by day, because of the pandemic situation. So our branding specialists suggest selecting/creating catchy food delivery service brand name ideas to increase the customer attraction.

Just Click

First Foods

Dreamily Fresh

Tasty Hour

Food Sense

Mobi Food

Quick Food

Food Call

Food Getter

Hunger Bounce

Grab Steight

Food Bite

Your Recipe


Wish List

The Menu

Daily List

Foodie Tour

Just You Want

Hot And Fresh

Order It

Fast Yummy

Food Bike

Traffic Beat

Sweet Food Business Name Ideas

Sweet Food Business Name Ideas

Sweet Buzz Hut

Honey World Place

House Of Sweets

Candy Mart

Jelly Lover's House

Choco Land

Sweet Basket Mart

Lolli poppi Palace

Sweetly Heaven

Sugar Bowl Shop

Sweet Island

Sweetish Love Corner

Jelly Palace

Choco Town

Candy King Palace

Sweet Mellow Hub

Only For Choco Lovers

Crazy Treat Place

Choco Pie House

Sweet Treatz Hut

Sweet Store

Candy Cravers Place

Sugar Queen Eats

Lock Choc Express

Coffee Shop Name Ideas

Coffee Shop Name Ideas

Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee? Did you know your brand name can attract customers to your coffee shop? So create an attractive coffee shop name that also looks good in your coffee shop website.

Sweet Coffee

Caffeine Zip

Coffee Bean

Fav Brown


Caffeine Dose

Goldish Brown

Coffee Leaf

Daily Caffeine

Coffee Crave

C Place

C For Coffee

Coffee Hut

Coffee Cuffs

Tree Coffee

Goldy Brown

Coffee Shake

Cola Coffee

Crown Caffein

Hundred Coffee

C Taste

Latte Hut

Brain Boost

Coffee Juice

Energy Spot

Roasted Beans

Fanta Sip


fast food business name ideas

Fast Food Business Name Ideas

First Meal

Chop Chip

Start Foods

Foodie Hut

Pasta Mart

Baked Hot

Your Favorite Hot Dogs

Burger Mood

Pizza Hub

Meal Hurt

Your Way

One Minute

Best One

Amazing Taste

Lunch Mood

First Choice

Yours Kitchen

Go Taco

Kings Hut

Chicken Cave

Fresh Pizza

Grill Chicca

Best Bakes

Quick Deal

bakery name ideas

Bakery Name Suggestions

Visiting a bakery is a usual thing for everyone in day to day life. What customers expect is to buy all the bakery items in place. With the current competition having a bakery name that can easily be remembered is very important. 

Baked Good

Bread Lover

Snack Back

Bake Well

Art Of Bake

Bake House

The Dough

Bake Corner

Cookie Club

Bake Me

Bakers Time

Just Baked

Bake It On

Delight Corner

Bake On My Way

Happy Bakers

Perfectly Baked

Dough On

Muffin Love

Heaven Of Bakers

Bread Met

Yummy Hub

Making And Baking

Toast Bread

How To Name Your Bakery Business

  • Choose a unique bakery name.
  • Make sure the bakery name is simple.
  • Better to have a name that can easily spell and write.
  • Say the users about your business through the logo, not the name.
  • Do not choose a name that is only suitable for a bakery.
  • Choose a bakery name that has not been used before.
  • Don’t use a name that misspelled intentionally.
  • Make sure that the bakery name you chose is a single word
food app name ideas

Food App Name Ideas

At present ordering food online is very popular in the world. Everything can be available at your fingertips. These brand-name ideas are best for your Food App.

Click Food

Door Step

Food Click

Swipe Drop

Click On

Fast Food

Food Swipe

Mood On

Food App

Clean Swipe

Download App

Takeout App

Click Take Away

Yummy Click

Swipe Once

Dine Out

Food Knock

Deliver It

Food Like


Express Dish

Any Recipe

Yummy Ship

Lunch Box

Most Popular Food Apps In The World

  • UberEats
  • Zomato
  • JustEat
  • DoorDash
  • Food Panda
  • Deliveroo
  • iFood
vegan food business name ideas

Vegan Food Business Name Ideas

Nature Taste

Green Foods

Curry Leave

Go Vegan

Yummy Foodo

Green Land

Vegan Recipes

We Vegan

Healthy Mix

Full Protein

Vegan Menu

Banana Tree

Grain Bar

Vegan Hut

Hello Soya

Greeny Diet

Green Bean

Vegan Wrap

Vegan Eatery

Full Protein

Rice And Curry

Tree House

Mr. Potato

Pro Vegan

vegan food business name ideas

Pizza Business Name Ideas

Hub Pizza

Pizza Go

Cheesy Piz

Pizzo Hub

Dad’s Pizza

Piece Six

Yummy Piece

Pizza Deli

Pub Pizza

Yum Toppings

Your Taste

Hundred Pizza

Pizza For U

Pan Van

Pizza Bank

Say Pizza

Street Food Business Name Ideas

Street Food Business Name Ideas

Street foods are very popular today as we all love tasty treats on the way. There is a favourable demand for street foods so we decided to list some brand name ideas to inspire street food entrepreneurs. Here is the brand name suggestions list our brand name specialists came up with.

Stry Foods

On The Way

Yummy Traffic

Tyne Treats

Traffic Foodies

Food Buddy

Food Stop

Tasty Secret

Savory Dose

Spice And Sweet

Way Sweets

Peppery Hut

Road Deli

Ginger Sip

Crispy Eats

Surgery Bites

cake business name ideas

Cake Business Name Ideas

Here are the brand name ideas from our brand name consultants for your cake shop, cake business, cake delivery service.

Cake Bakery

Bake Good

Cake Mix

Secret Recipe

Cuppy Cakes

Icing Queen

Sweet Cakes

Cake Recipes

Cake Crave

Miss Cakes

Cake Plus

Yummy Secret

Bake Sweet

Cacky Palace

Yum Mix

Glitter Gate

Free Brand Naming Guide

If you are interested in creating your own brand name for your food and beverage business, here are some special points for your consideration. Creating a brand name can be difficult for you. But as we want you to create a successful food/drink brand name, follow this brand naming guide from our brand name specialists..

How To Come Up With A Food And Beverage Brand Name Idea

  • What is your business niche? The business niches in the food industry are uncountable. So know what niche or niches you are going to cover from your business. Knowing your business is very important when it comes to naming your business. because the brand name represents what you are doing. We have already covered some famous brand niches in this article. 


  • Who are your customers? Before selecting a brand name you need to know your customer crowd. For that you can conduct a proper market research. The customer crowd varies according to the business niche. So have a clear idea about your customer and shape your brand name to attract them. Your brand name is the representative of your food/beverage business. 


  • Brainstorm brand name ideas-  you can use brand name generators, you can study existing food and beverage brand name ideas in the industry, you can come up with your own brand name ideas , you can study trending words in the food industry and you can study brand naming trends. By these ways, brainstorm brand name ideas as much as you can.


  • Ask your friends and family-  ask your friends, colleagues, family members to select some good brand name ideas from your brand name list. 

  • Selecting the best food brand name idea- consider what others have to say about your brand name, and also think about which brand name you think suitable for your food business. Here our brand name specialists suggest to consider the brand name qualities as it is better to get the best food brand name idea.

  • Make sure your brand name is not available in social media- social media marketing is a very successful way to promote your brand. So most of the businesses have their own accounts / pages for their businesses. So check whether your food brand name is not already taken. 

  • Trademark your brand name- to protect your brand name from copying by other businesses, register your food/beverage brand name in USPTO.


  • Is your domain name available?- a domain name is important to open a website for your business. So confirm your domain name is not taken by any other business already from
how should your food name sound

How should your food and beverage name sound?

As our brand name specialists suggest based on their expertise in the brand naming field, a brand name related to the food and beverage industry, needs to sound relaxing, fresh and calm. Most people prefer to have/ buy their food in clean and relaxing places. So use your brand name to attract customers more by using words that generate these feelings such as cool spot, food break, banana leaf etc. So consider this fact also when naming your food and beverage business.

Trending Words

foods logo

Here are some popular words in the food industry we are using to create brand name ideas. With these trending words, you can create catchy food and drink business names.

How To Create A Catchy Food / Beverage Brand Name?

To create a catchy food/beverage brand name, it needs to be easy to pronounce and easy to memorize. According to our brand name specialists, a brandable brand name needs to be simple enough to read and spell for anyone who reads it for the first time. You cannot create a brandable brand name with confusing wording patterns. The vocabulary score of a pronounceable brand name is more than 6. The memorability of your brand name can be measured with the phonological loop value. If the phonological loop value of your brand name is more than 60% your brand name is easy to memorize for any human being.

Naming Trends In The Food And Beverage Industry

It is important to study the naming trends in the food and beverage industry before entering the brand naming process. Studying the brand name trends will help you to get the best idea about which name trend you can follow for your food and beverage startup. Here are some famous naming trends in the food industry.

  • One worded brand names- Nestle, Mars, Cargill
  • Acronyms- JBS, ADM, KFC
  • Generic Words- Pizza Hut, Subway

In Spite of all these startup naming trends, the latest and the best startup naming trend so far is including brand name qualities.

Do not include numbers/special characters in your brand name...

Imagine a name with numbers or special characters… The researches have proved the fact that brand names with numbers or special characters are hard to memorize and it causes mispronunciation issues. And imagine your brand name is Foods 4 U  and one of your customers texting to his friend mentioning your brand name. He confuses how to spell your brand name, is it Foods for you?, is it Foods 4 you? Or is it Foods for U? The same thing happens when someone tries to google your brand name. So this is why our brand name consultants do not accept numbers and special characters in a brand name.

When To Use Keywords In Your Food/Beverage Brand Name?

According to our brand name specialists, one word is enough as your “brand name”. And you better avoid keywords in your brand name. You cannot make a unique and distinctive brand name with a keyword. Keyworded brand names do not function effectively with search engines. But you can use keywords for your business name. For example, “Fedixo Foods”, “ Moonul Beverages”, using keywords for the business name is acceptable because it reflects the industry.

How To Avoid Negative Connotation In Your Brand Name?

To confirm your brand name idea does not generate any negative connotations you can easily google your brand name idea and check. You can even use google translate to make sure your brand name ideas do not generate negative meanings in any other language. And you know what the easiest way you find out, use our free food and beverage brand name evaluation tool.

.com or .food?

Actually we know many entrepreneurs do not have a clear answer for this question. It is because most of them do not have enough knowledge about the domain name field.

Although ICANN has introduced some domain extensions for the food industry such as .recipes, .kitchen, .pizza, .pub, .restaurant, .cafe, .bar our brand specialists highly recommend .com domain name for your food and drink business. We know all the mentioned domain names are cheaper than .com domain names, but read the following facts and know why choosing .com becomes a business decision.

  • .com is trusted by nearly 50% of the world’s businesses.
  • Many Internet users assume that a business domain name ends with the .com domain extension.
  • If you buy a .com domain name, you become the legal owner of your brand name. You cannot get this facility with any other domain extension. 
  • .com domain name is the most recognized domain extension for businesses.

Kings In The Food And Beverage Industry

Pepsi logo


subway logoSubway

Wholey logo


Nestle logo


Pizza Hut logo

Pizza Hut

Mooyah logo


Kraft logo


KFC logo


Danone logo


Foodora logo


coca cola logo

Coca Cola

Mac Donald logo


Foreign Words You Can Use Instead Of Using “Foods”...

You can include these words or partial words in your food brand name. Foreign words add your food brand name a fresh appearance. Confirm there will be no pronunciation issues when you use these words in your brand name.

  • еда(Yeda) – Russian
  • Livsmedel- Swedish
  • Shíwù – Chinese
  • Shokuhin – Japanese
  • voedingsmiddelen – Dutch
  • yiyecekler – Turkish
  • nourriture – French
  • Trófima – Greek